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GoE Energy Conference 2017

GoE Energy Conference 2017

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10 days to go! Presenter One-to-One Sessions Now Available

10 days to go! Presenter One-to-One Sessions Now Available

We’re now just 10 days away from the biggest GoE conference ever. Read on for information about final details check, one-to-one sessions with the presenters & also some pre-conference FAQ!


Final Details Check

Thanks to everyone who has already confirmed their details. If you haven't received an email from us and are coming, then please check your spam/junk folders and if your detail check email isn't there then please contact customer services.


Personal One-to-One Sessions – Book Now!

A delegate emailed in asking if they could book a personal one-to-one session with Silvia Hartmann whilst they were at the conference, and we thought that this was a great idea. In fact, I was a bit miffed we didn’t think of this ourselves. 

So we’ve asked our presenters if they’d be up for it and already we’ve got a great selection of people/techniques available if you’d like to work in private on a stuck issue or for trying out a new technique.

To register for a session, visit our online booking form here and remember to un-tick the conference otherwise it’ll try selling you another ticket:

Note: These sessions may take place in the breaks or whilst workshops are going on. Once you’ve registered and paid, we’ll contact both yourself & practitioner to confirm the time & location. If a presenter (such as Silvia) is over-subscribed, then we’ll book people on a first-come-first-served basis, and return the money in full if we are unable to schedule a session.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve received a couple of emails with similar questions – so just in case there are more people out there wondering the same things, please read through the following…

Q) Conference manual is too big to print out

Conference delegates will be provided with a professionally printed and bound copy of the manual upon registration, so please don’t think you need to print out a copy yourself! At 204 pages, you’d need a pretty sturdy printer and lots of ink.

We’ve posted out an abbreviated 16 page information guide (taken from the conference manual) which contains details such as travel, hotel, schedule, etc. If you’d like a digital version (or to print your own copies) then the link is:

Q) The manual won’t download

We emailed out a preview link to the conference manual, so delegates can discover more about the workshops and presenters they'd like to see.

A small minority of delegates use email programs that literary cut long hyperlinks in two, making them unusable. For a shortened hyperlink to the conference manual, which should be compatible for everyone, please contact customer services.

Q) How to book conference workshops in advance

You don’t need to book workshops in advance. Head for whichever presentations take your fancy at the time.


Wishing you all a Safe Journey!

Whether you’re flying in from Timbuktu or walking down the road to be with us, safe journey and I look forward to welcoming you next weekend.

Thanks everyone!


Alex Kent
AMT Conference Organiser

Posted Oct 31, 2012 Read...
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