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15 Minute Presentation - Juicy EFT & Body Language

by Monika Denes

15 Minute Presentation - Juicy EFT & Body Language

We are pleased to announce the next of our 15 Minute Presentations that will take place during the Sunday morning session at the 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference.

Juicy EFT & Body Language with Monika Denes.

Read on for more information on this Conference presentation...

Most EFT is done sitting down and the set up phrase is said in a calm, level voice. Behaving ourselves.

Want to speed up the release? Try playing with the rules.

Juicy EFT works well in lots of cases, also for clients with physical discomfort. I usually invite them to give the pain a resonant name. Then invite them to communicate with the pain with gestures, for instance ‘What would it feel like to Kick this pain away, while you tap?’ (Kicking happens to release the lower back where many have problems.) Is kicking too much? Walking, moving the body and in particular, juicing up the language increases the flow. Just see the grins on their faces! ‘Strong language’ does help us feel more alive! Dare to try it?

After a brief introduction to Juicy EFT you can try a burst of dynamic EFT – maybe even using language our mums would not approve of!

I suspect that ‘strong language’ activates other parts of the brain. My mother, when towards the end of her life she found it difficult to find the right words, could use strong language without any problem, to get unstuck. Could it be that reaching more parts of the brain helps the release?

About Monika Denes

Meridian Energy Therapies Practitioner and Trainer (including EFT and TAT), Des. Grad; RTAG®, PCC (Professional Certified Coach).

Specialising in helping people fulfil their dream of having a child. Treatment of fertility issues in women and men, all round support for body and mind, with EFT, Acupuncture, Auriculo Therapy, Shiatsu and Solution Oriented Coaching. Monika has been practising since 1993 and has a wealth of experience.

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Monika Denes
Monika Denes
Monika Denes

About Monika Denes

Former GoE Professional Member in Amstelveen, Netherlands.

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