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GoE Energy Conference 2017

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15 Minute Presentation: Spiritus - Spiritual Marketing

by Shelagh Jones

15 Minute Presentation: Spiritus - Spiritual Marketing

Here is another of the 15 Mintue Presentations which will be taking place on the Sunday morning of the main Conference. Shelagh Jones will be presenting Spiritus - Spiritual Marketing at the 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference.

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There is so much I would like to share about Spiritual Marketing that I can only pick out a few points which I hope will inform, inspire and intrigue you.

I will talk about:

  • What exactly Spiritual Marketing is – and, more importantly and maybe surprisingly, what it is not.
  • Are there “good” and “bad” values? And does it matter?
  • Why Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are a gift to Spiritual Marketers.
  • I will be at all the sessions on both Saturday and Sunday, so if you have any questions do find me and let’s talk!

About Shelagh Jones

I am the owner and CEO of Spiritus, the Spiritual Marketing Directory.

I created it because I saw how business owners weren't communicating their business' underlying values, principles and passions to their customers...who in turn didn't 'get' what the business owners or their businesses were all about...ending up in lost sales, revenues...and disappointment.

So I started Spiritus, an arena in which like-minded people whose values come first in their personal and business lives can connect with each other, forge exceptional relationships and create outstanding ideas, products and services - and marketing that works.

I live in Yorkshire in the north of England, and delight in welcoming Spiritus members from around the world   - currently mainly North America, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong and India.

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Shelagh Jones

About Shelagh Jones

Former GoE Professional Member in Goole, North Humberside, United Kingdom.

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