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GoE 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference Full Report & Feedback

GoE 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference Full Report & Feedback

On the 12th and 13th November 2011 over 130 Energists arrived at the Europa Gatwick Hotel for the Energy event of the year - the AMT's 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference!

With beautiful November sunshine for the whole weekend it was easy for everyone in attendance to radiate positive energy and absorb the vast array of superb presentations of offer...

Conference Group

Just a small number of the 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference delegates and presenters!

I thought the new format for the conference was great! I've encountered this at other conferences and think that having break-out presentations in different rooms really gives people a chance to sample what's on offer and choose what's most relevant and interesting to them. You had some very good speakers/presenters as well.

Overall impression? Very enjoyable and interesting. So well done!

Sally Topham - 2011 Delegate

Thanks for a great 4 days. Some real magic. I particularly booked because I have been using some of Sandi Radomski's work & was keen to meet her, as well as experience some of her training. On Friday evening I was checking out the layout of the hotel & working out quite where my room was. Sandi suddenly appeared, offered some guidance & was taken aback when I addressed her by name! I attended her workshop. On Tuesday we walked to the Frogs Hole Farm as a group, for a field trip & lunch. We ordered, then they came back & told us that there would be a 20 minute delay on the food. As a group, lead by Sandi, we did the "Ask & Receive" process, sending love to the kitchen & asking that the food arrive in a quick & timely manner - & it did! We were hungry - magic!

Alan Balfour - 2011 Delegate

Tons of information and interesting presenters. The GoE people did a great job organizing the conference. Everything went smoothly.

Ute and Harold Holcombe - 2011 Delegates

I really enjoyed the conference.  The first two days with Silvia were fascinating and have led to lots of reflection.  I am now going to read the manual in earnest.  As to the Saturday and Sunday, so much stuff that I would have liked to spend much more time on.  Just great.  Thanks for all your hard work in organising it.

Dr Angela Streather - 2011 Delegate

FAB! The best conference yet, so much of interest. I have learnt loads and have already shared some of the techniques with my meditation and self development group. The speakers were excellent and the balance of practical exercises and listening to their expertise and experiences was just right. I was sorry that some of the speakers I wanted to hear were on at the same time but the manual is a good resource for information on their subject. Unfortunately I cannot attend the EMO Conference in April as I am already teaching myself that weekend so please let us know well in advance when the next Energy Conference is next Autumn so that I can book now!

P.S. I was the demonstration model for Sandi's Ask and Receive and as she said my back was a lot better on Tuesday after lots of heat and strange shooting pains. I am continuing to use Ask and Receive, it feels right!

Allison Walker - 2011 Delegate

What a great 5 days ending with Silvia's Trainers day, full of inspiration.

Thank you to Alex for all his organisation skills, a great success all round I think.

Barbara Saph - 2011 Delegate

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. I learned loads, I'm committed to learning Sandi Radomski's Ask & Receive technique. I bought her Allergy Antidote phials 12 months ago I haven't used them as much as I should, so I'm also hell bent on re learning this technique.

Sean Grey's sport performance talk was brilliant. I do a lot of horse riding & I lost my confidence which is not a good place to be!! I went about treating myself wrongly s I discovered because what I did didn't work now I know what to do.
I thought Silvia Hartmann was great as now I know what to say I specialise in!!

Vera Malbaski's talk on children was the reason I went to the conference as I want to work with children, I've not done so to date but listening & talking to her pointed me in the right direction. This is what I really want to do, to help children.

Thanks for organising a great weekend it was over too soon for me.

Rose Taylor - 2011 Delegate

I have to say that I am still buzzing from my trip to your event.
I met some fascinating people and the whole thing has raised my personal energy levels.

The dedication and sincerity of the speakers was obvious, but some in particular just blew me away by their strength of purpose.

I think that the concept of split sessions was absolutely correct and contributed to the raised levels generally and to my personal ability to absorb information.

Great stuff - looking forward to the next.

Michael Brent - 2011 Delegate

I have been practising energy therapies since 2000, when I began training in crystal healing; and was then led in turn to NLP, EFT and EMO.  So it was really exciting to be at the Conference this past weekend and hear such varied and inspirational presentations by energy therapists from very different backgrounds and orientations, all speaking the same language and sharing the same spiritual beliefs.

Thank you to Alex, Josh and Stephen and all who make this Conference possible.

Maeja Raicar - 2011 Delegate

The Conference was fabulous!!... they seem to get better and better each year and I personally also brightened up a lot during these great days and did some healing while I was there. The content and excellent speakers show what a great field we are in and all the many ways we can make a difference to help people have happier lives.

It was also so great to connect with friends and colleagues old and new.

I am inspired once again and looking forward to caring for my guests next week at my retreat :-)

Sandra Hillawi - 2011 Master of Ceremonies

I was really impressed by the whole conference. Inspiring speakers and such an engaged and knowledgeable audience!

It was a real privilege to be a part of it, and to have my message so well-received.

I thought the venue was excellent value for money.You did a terrific job organising it.

Thanks for it all - I learnt a LOT and had a fab time.

Shelagh Jones - 2011 Presenter

Thank you for inviting me to share with you and quench our thirst at the sacred watering hole.

Dr Thornton Streeter - 2011 Presenter

We are just getting our feet back on the ground since returning to France.

What a great welcome you gave us it was wonderful to discover the GoE community of talented "Energists" who made us feel immediately at home.

I take my hat off to Alex, Steve and Josh who always had a smile and a creative solution for any challenge.

We both came away with jewels of information from the talented presenters.

And for me it was a real pleasure to present my technique in English for the first time and not have to worry about making a mistake in French, of course the drum speaks a universal language and takes us to places where we don't need words.
And  we really enjoyed the opening presentation of the third field by Silvia we are already sharing these new ideas over here in France while holding the intention that the time is coming when all therapeutic approaches work side-by-side in mutual respect.

Mark Robertson - 2011 Presenter

I am finally properly back at my desk after a whirlwind couple of days!

Just wanted to say thanks again on a great event.

Lovely speakers, great delegates, very well organised, accommodating hotel, and fun party to round off the Saturday night.

Congratulations to all for a job well done!

Marilyn Devonish -  2011 Presenter


The 2011 GoE Energy Psychology conference was a wonderful event. It was great to meet up with so many old friends and make new connections. The varied talks were inspiring and informative, bringing many new concepts from leaders in the Energy Psychology world. I have attended many conferences over the years and without doubt this was the best organised I have yet experienced. The GoE team went way above and beyond what you would normally expect from such a conference, to make it the huge success it was. I look forward to attending nexts years event.

Karl Dawson - 2011 Presenter


2011 was a landmark year for the GOE's Conference, with record numbers of attendees and a brand new format. Instead of the standard "one room, one presenter" format of years gone by we used a"breakout session" system, in which delegates could choose the presenter most suited for them and attend that presentation, with everyone piling back in the main hall for the keynote presentations from Silvia Hartmann, Karl Dawson and Thornton Streeter.

With 20 presentations spread out over 2 days and in 3 rooms it would take quite a long time to give a detailed account of each one, so the GoE would just like to say a big thank you to Silvia Hartmann, Karl Dawson, Dr Thornton Streeter, Peter Delves, Kim Bradley, Lesley Michelle, Rabbi Immanuel Yosef Legomsky, Mark Robertson, Sean Grey, Marilyn Devonish, Ray Manning, Dr Martin Luthke, Sandi Radomski, Dr Terry Lynch, Irene Lambert, Monika Denes, Vera Malbaski, Tom Wynn and Shelagh Jones!

And a big thank you to you, our fantastic Conference Delegates. Without you it would just be a group of very lonely presenters standing on stage. Your vibrant, exciting, enthusiastic energy made this the best event we have ever had the pleasure of organising.

Thank you!

The GoE Team.

Conference Report by Anne Sweet:

Highlights of the 4th European Energy Conference - Day one

This was the biggest conference yet. The content sounded great, with good speakers and interesting and varied subjects. I have never heard of a conference where over 70 volunteered to speak! Neither had my husband who is a seasoned conference attendee and speaker. Booking the conference was easy. A simple phone call and all sorted, even the accommodation. The organisers did a fantastic job. Thank you.

We began and ended each day with one of the main sessions. Sandwiched in between were Break Out Sessions, which provided something for everyone.

Day one kicked off with an inspiring talk from Silvia Hartmann about The Third Field, which is our energy system and how this neglected and little, understood system is vital for our overall health. It was a challenging and thought provoking talk. Silvia has a great vision for the future development of the Third Field and how we can work together with other health care professionals in a common desire to “Care for the citizen“.

Other highlights included a talk by Ray Manning on Releasing Trauma from Scar Tissue. As a nurse and patient I understand the pain and suffering caused by scar tissue and have clients who suffer great discomfort emotionally and physically. I learned a lot from this session and will be trying this technique on clients. Hopefully I will be able provide positive feedback on the results.

The session on the Emotion Code and EFT was so popular that we had to change to a bigger room. The look of amazement and joy on Lesley Michelle’s face was great and I still smile when I think of it! Her presentation, which was her first one ever, was good. It was helpful to see the Emotion Code in action especially as I was already half way through the book.

Dr Thornton Streeter rounded off the first day showing us, with the help of the PIP system, how it is possible to see the body’s energy system and use it to detect disease before symptoms appear in the body. It was wonderful to see the Chakras and the live demonstrations of how healing produces change in the energy systems.

The Buffet and Energy Disco was great fun. At what other conference would you have the opportunity to dance with a Nun?!

Day Two.

Completely energised from the Disco the previous night we started with a series of short sessions from five speakers. I can only describe Tom Wynn’s meditation as exquisite, sensitive, deeply moving and healing. He is an amazing person.

Each of these talks was excellent. It was good to hear about the continuing Adventures of Tappy Bear and how combining him with EFT provides relief to both children and their parents.

Break out sessions included Drum Circle Meridian Tapping. I did not attend this but heard it. It sounded amazing. So many choices. I have heard a rumour that it may be part of the EMO Conference. I hope it is true, as I can’t wait.

The afternoon session by Sandi Radomski on Ask and Receive provided another take on things. Based on the concept that we all have within us the answers to our emotional and physical problems. This was accompanied by a simple demonstration of Muscle Testing. Not something I have done but I am willing to learn.

Karl Dawson delivered the final talk on his ground breaking Matrix Reimprinting. A great end to a great conference.

A final thank you to Sandra Hillawi who was Master of Ceremonies who pulled the whole conference together, you did a great job.

Did I enjoy the conference? Yes.

It was great to catch up with friends and contacts.

It was great to make new friends.

It was great to explore new techniques with an open mind.

Where else could you have a good inspiring learning experience, Drink Champagne and dance with a nun?!

Anne Sweet


Conference Report by Kim Bradley:

What a fantastic conference yet again. I always enjoy meeting old friends and making new ones at these very special events. This years line up was exceptional. My highlights have to be Ask and Receive with Sandi Radomski because I have already put that to great use with a client and her cat allergy. I hope Sandi will be coming over to the UK again to do her training as I really want to go on her course. The second highlight for me was the Drum Circle Tapping with Mark Robertson because I had a monumental shift in an area of my life that is still reverberating the changes even now. I felt moved by Vera Malbaski and her heart about helping children with Tappy Bear.  I felt inspired by Monika Denes to really help my clients tap in to their true feelings about the problem in a very Juicy way! Shelagh Jones has finally got me off my Marketing phobic perch and I hope to do some wonderful work with her over the coming months as she teaches me spiritual marketing.

I always enjoy talking to enthusiastic energy workers and my group were wonderful.  It was a really interactive session as we blasted through many ideas to bring energy work into the public domain and community group work. I plan to stay in touch with many of the conference goers and see what ways we can support each other going forward.

After Silvia Hartmann's talk about healing in the third field of Energy I am very proud to say I am an Energist now. Many that know me will know I am not an "in the closet" sort of person! However, I can at least look someone in the eye and say "I work in the field of energy and human emotion" without wringing my hands, apologising and staring at my feet!

I look forward now with baited breath for another super conference next year - EMOTRANCE 2012 - 21st and 22nd April.  Hope to see many of my old friends and make more new ones there

Kim Bradley
Master Trainer of EMO

Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann Presenting The Third Field

Sandi Radomski

Sandi Radomski Presenting Ask & Receive

Karl Dawson

Karl Dawson Presenting Matrix Reimprinting

Terry Lynch

Dr Terry Lynch Presenting Inner Awareness Method

Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson Presenting Drum Circle Tapping

Martin Luthke

Dr Martin Luthke Presenting Psychoenergetic Healing

Immanuel Yosef Legomsky

Rabbi Immanuel Yosef Legomsky Presenting The Ultimate Personal Peace Program

Thornton Streeter and Silvia Hartmann

Keynote Presenters Dr Thornton Streeter and Silvia Hartmann

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