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GoE Energy Conference 2017

GoE Energy Conference 2017

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4 Months To Go + NEW Energist's Certification!

4 Months To Go + NEW Energist's Certification!

Updates from the 2012 EFT & Energy Conference, including:

Dear Energists,

It is now just 4 months to go till Energists of the world come together in London Gatwick UK to celebrate, learn & share at the EFT & Energy conference!

Key dates & details:

  • 10th & 11th November 2012 – 4 months to go!
  • Britannia Europa Hotel
  • London Gatwick United Kingdom
  • Easy to visit UK as the hotel provides a courtesy bus from Gatwick International Airport for a door-to-door service
  • Registration Link & Hotel Booking: https://goe.ac/conference/register.htm

Presenter Line-up Online

The AMT’s conference provides a stage for new ideas as well as well-known presenters, and we had an especially difficult task choosing the very best of the best to bring you this year. For the full line-up see:

Note: We are still jiggling the schedule around, as we’d like to accommodate a couple more last-minute presentations – keep an eye out on our Facebook page for news: http://Facebook.com/TheAMTOnline

Launch-pad to Olympic London

Whatever the weather, London will look awesome later this month when the Olympics comes to town. If you are coming from further afield, then why not extend your stay and use the hotel for some sightseeing?

The EFT & Energy Conference takes place at a hotel just south of London, conveniently next to London Gatwick International airport and also main-line railway stations ready to whisk you into the heart of the capital.

Having been to International conferences before, we know it can be stressful if you’re not used to the foreign currency, language and navigating public transport! So instead, the hotel send out a free bus every hour to collect Energists from Gatwick Airport and deliver them stress-free to us. They do charge a small fee for the return journey.

Alongside this door-to-door service, you’ll also benefit from our excellent group booking room-rates of £45.00 per night (double bed, 1 person, including breakfast) which is only $70 USD. Using our online registration system, you can also book your hotel rooms at the same time as your conference and training tickets, saving you even more time and effort.

So – enjoy the Olympics and if you’re coming to the conference then look forward to visiting the landmarks at the same time!

Tickets Selling Fast – 85% Already Gone!

We have been humbled by the speed with which tickets for the 2012 Conference have sold. Staggeringly 85% of the tickets have already gone, so if you are planning on attending we recommend you book now to avoid disappointment.

If you would like to help us sell-out the remaining 15% then read on for some ideas & our affiliate scheme...

20% Affiliate Scheme Launched!

Our community conference has grown in size by 100% in recent years just from word-of-mouth endorsements, and we’re sure this leads to a happier, friendly and more energised weekend. If you’d like to spread the love because you’re enthusiastic about what we do, then we offer a 20% affiliate scheme on conference & pre/post trainings.

For instructions and your affiliate link, click reply to this email.

Of course, if you prefer to recommend this conference without the affiliate scheme then by all means do so, or you can also nominate a charity which we’ll donate to on your behalf.

First Certified Professional Energist Training by Silvia Hartmann

AMT trainings coordinator, researcher and chairperson Silvia Hartmann will be presenting the inaugural GoE Energist qualification. This fantastic new training features all-new material from the creator of EMO, Project Sanctuary, Events Psychology and Energy EFT, and focuses on what practitioners need to be a true Energist, with new techniques and advice.

This is a day of cutting edge research, advanced & powerful methods so is most suitable if you’ve already got a few years of practical (and preferably professional) experience working with modern-energy techniques. We are asking all attendees to have read the Energy EFT & EMO books before 9th November so everyone starts at the same level.

On successful completion of the day, you’ll be awarded the very first “Energist” certificates as issued by The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies. You’ll also receive full-membership of The GoE for a year, worth £35.00.

If you would like to be an GoE Energist Trainer and teach this course to others then you’ll need to be qualified as or attain qualification in:

  • AMT Energist (Inaugural training 9th November)
  • AMT Trainer
  • GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner
  • AMT Emotional Transformation Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner

The price of the course is £199 for the days training, certificate & membership of The GoE, however if you register in July then you’ll receive a 15% discount and only pay £169.15. To register, visit:

Post-Conference Trainings

Every year we aim to have not only the best possible presentations, but also the best possible post-conference trainings, so that delegates can gain new qualifications and learn new skills and techniques.

This year our current line-up of post-Conference Trainings include:

  • AMT Trainer's Training – Presenter TBA – Monday 12th November
  • Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Training – Karl Dawson – Monday 12th & Tueday 13th November
  • Biofield Imaging & Assessment Certification – Dr Thornton Streeter – Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th November
  • AMT Energy Healer Level 1 – Monday 12th November

There is currently a 15% discount on most of these trainings, which is valid till at least the end of July. To register, visit:

Note: You don't have to attend the full Conference in order to attend a pre- or post-Conference workshop. In fact we encourage those who can't make the full event to take advantage of these great trainings in a convenient location.

Looking Forward to the 2013 EFT & Energy Conference!

With this years conference only 4 months away, this means that the 2013 conference next November is only 16 months away!

Whilst venue & dates are still TBA, we are currently rounding on 9th & 10th November 2013 here in the United Kingdom. We know many of you work many months & years in advance, so please pencil this in your diary and we’ll let you know if it changes once we’ve confirmed a venue.

As our conference expands and grows, we are under pressure to move away from the Britannia Europa Hotel, whom has been our home these past few years. Our accountants are nervous that we are selling out the conference too quickly and suggest a bigger venue for next year.

If you have any suggestions for a venue that can hold 200 people, doesn’t cost a fortune for hotel rooms, is close to an International airport and has a good vibe then we’d love to hear from you!

For information on presenting at the 2013 EFT & Energy Conference, see:

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With last year being the most fabulous and successful conference we’ve ever organised, the GoE office felt the pressure of delivering again this year. Yet, the positive energy, excitement & support surrounding November has been so over-whelming that all we can really say is…


This is the official annual International gathering of Energists and whether you’ve driven up the road, or flown thousands of miles to be with us we appreciate your energy, time & efforts for being part of the movement.

We hope we can repay you with happy memories, new friends and learnings you’ll treasure forever!

With best wishes,


Alex Kent
Conference Organiser

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