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GoE Energy Conference 2017

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GoE Certified Energy Cone Technique Practitioner Training

by Ray Manning & Tom Wynn

GoE Certified Energy Cone Technique Practitioner Training

Come join us, and experience this gentle effective technique that is easily mastered by practitioners at all levels in releasing blocked energy quickly and effortlessly from the body.

Presented by Energy Cone Technique developers Tom Wynn & Ray Manning, this one day training will equip you with all you need to practice Energy Cone Technique.

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Energy Cone Technique is a unique way to access emotionally distressing blockages in the body’s energy fields. Physical sensations are triggered by gentle finger tip touches on cones of energy located on the palms of the hands or other parts of the body. The client and practitioner choose the treatment modality, intent, EMO, or other, needed to clear the blocks and psychological issues.
It is a unique simple approach, that touches to stimulate negative feelings and a healing modality to clear them; memories are retrieved, opportunities for lessons can be learnt, future pacing is a bonus.

Presenters: Tom Wynn – Creator & Founder of ECT and Ray Manning - GoE Trainer

Tom Wynn is a hypnotherapist whose quest for faster, more permanent healings brought him through most meridian modalities until he discovered and developed over 9 years the Energy Cone Technique

Ray Manning – of Accomplish Change Clinic in Dublin is an GoE Trainer and hypnotherapist and follows Tom’s quest and passion in teaching practitioners how to work and incorporate ECT and other energy psychologies professionally into there practice.  www.accomplishchange.ie

Upon completion of this one day workshop Participants will leave with the following understandings

1.Understanding the applications of ECT.
2.How energy blockages are caused.
3.Hands positions of ECT and identification of markings.
4.Be able to apply ECT for the elimination of negative emotions and the releasing of stored / trapped/ blocked energies in the body and mind.
5.Demonstrate the ability to do the Ten basic steps to ECT.
6.Be able to weave and apply own choice of intervention.
7.Practice sessions will be held in Dyads ( groups of 2)
8.Experience how to apply intention to influence the energy system in order to use
the Energy Cone Technique in your practice with confidence.
9.Learn how the cranial rhythm works with ECT and how to feel it.  

Workshop Content Outline:

  • General introduction and why one would want to learn ECT
  • History of ECT and how it came to
  • Palmistry, markings, fountains and dots on hands and palms
  • Bio-Colander / Energy in and Out
  • How energy Blockages are caused and encoded into the body, mind
  • Live Demonstration of an ECT session on a volunteer!
  • Ten Basic steps to ECT, hand positions, touch, vibration and skin
  • What Energy cones, cysts and clusters are about
  • Intervention options – intent, dialoguing, EMO, time lining, time trekking, etc...
  • Using the Cranial  rhythm as a feedback device
  • Using IMR Ideo-motor response as a feedback device for the unconscious mind
  • Practitioner’s maintenance and self care
  • Code of ethics and Bibliography
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