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The Freedom Process

by Dr Mark Atkinson

The Freedom Process

Unfortunatley due to family matters, Dr. Mark Atkinson has had to cancel his presentation at the 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference. Instead we are pleased to welcome Dr. Thornton Streeter who will be presenting Seeing Energy with PIP & EMO.

We are pleased to announce the first presentation at the 2011 European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference, in Gatwick, London.

Dr. Mark Atkinson, author of True Happiness, will be presenting The Freedom Process. Read on for more information...

The Freedom Process is a simple, easy-to-learn practice for shifting from a fear-based, effortful way of being in the world to one in which you live with ease and greater clarity, balance and vitality. It’s based upon a revolutionary understanding of human nature and new discoveries in evolutionary brain science that shows us how to move beyond self-sabotaging behaviours and into a deeply fulfilling life by living in alignment with reality. At the heart of the Freedom Process is its focus on bringing into balance the aspects of your mind and nature that are preventing you from realising your potential and then accessing and integrating the dualistic and non-dualistic parts of you that you have yet to fully embrace. This process is powerful, quick and designed to empower you with the skills to choose how you experience reality in any given moment.

Dr Mark Atkinson is an Internationally-renowned authority in the fields of emotional fitness, well-being and mind-body healing. As a trained medical doctor, co-founder of the British College of Integrative Medicine and developer of human potential coaching Mark is passionate about helping individuals to realize their potential and thrive and flourish as human beings. In 2008 he established a personal development company called the Academy of Human Potential through which he offers talks, workshops, consultancy services and courses in human potential coaching and emotional fitness training. Dr Atkinson is also the author of a number of well-being books including True Happiness – Your Complete Guide to Emotional Health, the Mind–Body Bible and Holistic Health Secrets for Women. His website is www.drmarkatkinson.com

Click below to watch a great video of Dr. Atkinson discussing his brand new book, True Happiness:


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Dr Mark Atkinson

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EMO Advanced Practitioner, EMO Practitioner & EFT Practitioner in London, England.

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