GoE Energy Conference

GoE Energy Conference 2018 Presentations

Conference DelegatesEastbourne UK | 10/11 Nov 2018

There's nothing like real interaction in the real world.

Touch and be touched.

Love and be loved.

Be present, be real, FEEL the power of heartfelt people coming together to lift us all!

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The Conference Program 2018

Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann

The Future Starts NOW! (Keynote & FEARLESS! Workshop)

A BETTER Future For YOU - A Better Future For The World!

Keynote Workshop with Silvia Hartmann, President, Guild of Energists

Experience the extraordinary power of being free from fear - and take YOUR life to the next level!

Susan Kennard

Susan Kennard

The Light Of Energy

Energy is light, shines light into any darkness, dispells it, and brings a flowering of possibilities and opportunities.

Let your light of energy shine out into the world and transform not only yourself, but all who live in your light.

Ilka Wandel

Ilka Wandel

SuperMind Soul Healing For The Angel Child

What if your soul was the Angel Child - young, in need of love, in need of play so it can learn, grow and evolve?

Discover wonderful, truly magical lands that bring endless joy, healing and enlightenment for our precious souls.

Alex Kent

Alex Kent

The Energy Of Leadership

Leadership is not about being domineering or tyrannical - The Energy of Leadership is a dance where one person leads, and another chooses to follow.

The most successful people can comfortably assume both positions, understands both from the inside out, and with the magic of Modern Energy we can really step into the "dance of leadership" - an awesome and incredibly empowering experience.

Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi

What If God Was On Your Side?

With Modern Energy, we can repair and restore all kinds of relationships, improve the energy flow and when we do, our lives expand in every possible way.

Whether we like it or not, each one of us has a relationship with God.

What would happen if this was a truly unconditional love affair? What would happen if God was on YOUR side ..?

Jorge Vence

Jorge Vence

The Sacred Male, The Sacred Female, The Sacred Human Being

Tap into the most powerful energy flows in our living energy bodies and come home to your true power as a sacred human being by embracing the sacred male and the sacred female.

We can own it all and use these sacred energies to heal and to grow strong and powerful.

Silvia Hartmann

Your Stories Of Enlightenment (Special Silvia Hartmann Workshop)

How do we learn? How do we know what is true? What stories describe our lives?

Stories Of Enlightenment is an awesome personal experience, and a shared experience that goes to the very heart of the connections we human beings make with each other.

Teresa Lynch
Dr Theresa Lynch

Dancing Into Health With Loving Movements

Your body knows best!

Learn to listen to your body's messages and find out how the magic of movement can bring us back to flowing health in mind, body and spirit.

Join us for AMAZING energy experiences

that can't be had in any other place, in any other way!


Join us for the 20th Modern Energy Conference

in beautiful Eastbourne by the sea.


Bring your beautiful self,

and take away life changing experiences.

As well as seeing presentations live in November, you'll also have full access to watch last years presentations.

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