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The Emotion Code & EFT - Raising Our Glass Ceiling

by Lesley Michelle

The Emotion Code & EFT - Raising Our Glass Ceiling

We are pleased to announce that EFT Practitioner Lesley Michelle will be presenting The Emotion Code & EFT at the 2011 European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference.

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Therapists and Practitioners join me to Raise Our Glass Ceiling to health, happiness and joy filled lives.

With a demonstration group on stage and the audience tapping along and borrowing benefits, we will use EFT and The Emotion Code on different issues – from weight and negative image to not being able to say no or work stress, whatever you need to work on.

I want to do a useful session for therapists while showing you the beautiful synchronicity of using EFT and The Emotion Code together. First we use EFT to help the client take responsibility for their health and life they have created, and then use The Emotion Code to speed up the removal of trapped emotions.

My mission is to help inspire people to live the life they desire by helping them resolve problems of their past, worries of their future, and focus on living for now. Using the Energy Psychology tools of EFT, NLP and The Emotion Code, to assist people to resolve their past traumas and move forward to a lasting personal change and positive future...

You will gain an understanding of The Emotion Code, and how it can be incorporated into EFT sessions, making for a powerful technique to use for clients. Using The Emotion Code and Muscle Testing is an effective way of releasing trapped emotions and even genetic emotions that have been passed through your family, from generation to generation.

Please join me for an EFT & Emotion Code Practitioner group session.

About Lesley Michelle

Lesley Michelle has been a homoeopath and massage therapist for 30 years but found EFT nearly 5 years ago when her son became ill. She has a Natural Science Honours Degree and has trained in EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, NLP and Life coaching and has recently found fast success with The Emotion Code.

Lesley works part time in learning disabilities and mental health patients and has a one to one telephone therapy business and does group presentations, and weekend retreats in France.

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Lesley Michelle

About Lesley Michelle

Former GoE Professional Member in Messe, Deux Seures, France.

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