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15 Minute Presentation: The Screen Technique

by Tom Wynn

15 Minute Presentation: The Screen Technique

We are pleased to announce another of the 15 Minute Introductions that will be presented in the morning session of the Sunday of the 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference.

The Screen Technique with Tom Wynn.

Read on for more details on this Conference presentation...

The Screen Technique is the simplest and most natural thing ever. Not only can everyone do it for themselves, but to a large extent, are already doing it unbeknownst.

It started years ago when I was introduced to a breathing technique called "So Hum". It was to help me to get to sleep, but more importantly, to get back to sleep when I woke in the middle of the night. My "demons" would descend on me in droves, wake me up, and not let me go. So hours of tossing and turning ensued. Once I started the So Hum technique everything changed. The technique is Indian, thousands of years old, and is called "Hang So" in its original form. However I was taught So Hum, and it works perfectly. It was a way of focussing on the breath, breathing slowly and gently through the nose. It was startling in its effect, and I have been doing it for years. During the breathing I noticed that I was seeing dreamlike images. Nothing of a stimulating nature manifested, all soft, gentle, restful images. I took to doing the technique during the day in a wakeful state, and enjoying the images. Some of the images are quite vivid, and completely consciously unknown, amazing.

My friend Margaret Neylon, who is into Angel therapy, and is an international author of increasingly high repute, was found in a coma by concerned neighbours, and brought to hospital. She was seriously ill, and the hospital kept her in a "medically induced coma" for a month, to allow her body to heal itself. Since then I have heard of numerous cases of people being inducted into coma to allow the body's natural healing mechanism to do what it knows best. That was great!! It lent credence to what I was experiencing.

Last November at the GoE conference there was a wonderful presentation on stress management, during which it was stated that the body needs sleep to regenerate, reorganize, refurbish and renew. Sleep is a time of relaxation, the deeper the better. The brain and mind can get on with the task of rejuvenating the body, preparing it for the coming day. I had been giving the So Hum technique to nearly all my clients as the only homework necessary. It was wonderful. Great benefits were reported by those who used it. Since I muscle test using the Cranial Rhythm I knew they were not telling porkies. So I modified it into the Screen Technique.

At its most basic, all you do is:-

Drain the mind of all conscious thought, and look, like an interested observer, at the screen of the inner eye. Keep the conscious mind out of it. If feelings come up in the body, as often does, you can either [a]focus on the feeling, and it will go, or [b] continue to look at the screen, and the feeling will leave the body. I believe that what you are looking at on the screen is the brain at work. The brain prioritizes what "it" feels is the most important stress to address. It is synthetic dream state. And dream states is where healing takes place.

If a person has an issue they wish to work on, I ask the person to think about the issue, then drain the mind of all thought and involvement. Quite often the mind responds by addressing the issue, but equally often the mind has an agenda of its own. However the body feels different when the session is over, more positive, lighter or other indefinable sensual states. It is an incredible sleep inducer, and if a person wakes up in the night, it re-induces sleep quickly and easily. I have a protocol I use to give the Screen Technique the best chance. Make yourself comfortable, back straight, hands resting on the thighs, palm down, arms like a rag doll, and breathing normally in and out through the nose.

Feel the breath for a few breaths, normal, natural, easy breaths. Feel the way they come in, and then go out. Drop the shoulders, and when you think they are relaxed, let them sag even more, and more again. [there are 8 levels of tension in the shoulders--- the first 2 or 3 is enough for us] Let the whole pelvis droop [who hasn't heard of droopy drawers], relax the sacrum, and the perineum just below that, and feel the relaxation flow all through the pelvis, thighs, knees, shins and calves, ankles and feet. Feel the soles of the feet "glowing" Let the eyes droop woozily, completely relaxed. Let the cheeks and nose slump completely. Feel the huge nerve centre above the top lip under the nose sagging and glowing. [I call the centre the "tramlines"]

Feel the ears slumping and relaxing. Feel the throat droop, feel it swelling as the muscles relax. Feel the Thymus droop, and sag as the body goes beautifully loose, limp and relaxed. Now drain the mind of all thought and look at the screen of the inner eye. As if you were watching a lady bird walking across a white tablecloth, an interested spectator. It is natural for the conscious mind to intrude [that's its job] but move it back gently to the screen.           

Stay in the observer state for as long as is comfortable, for as long as work is felt to be in progress. The changes that occur can be very subtle, and may not be apparent when the session is over. However the positive nature of the healing done will manifest in the following days. It will show in the same way as a really good night's sleep does. This is the most natural, simple, easy and effective technique I have seen/heard about/read about. It is simply wonderful to experience, to practice and to participate in. The results can be in your face or, of such subtlety that no overt change can be felt. But the wonder of it is that healing "must" take place. That is the basic law of nature. The technique mimics sleep --- where the normal day to day healing takes place [or night to night]. Empirical studies have shown that without proper sleep, mental and physical problems develop which, in extreme cases cannot be reversed.

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