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Pre & Post Conference Training Courses

 GoE Professional Training Courses

We have three wonderful pre and post GoE Energy Conference 2017 training courses for you to take in Eastbourne this November, including a very special first preview training of Silvia Hartmann's Modern Energy Tapping Professional and the brand-new Modern Energy Coach course! Why not extend your stay in Eastbourne and obtain one of these shiny-new certifications?

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation - November 10th 2017

with GoE Editor Stephen Kent

One-day introduction course to Silvia Hartmann's Modern Energy Tapping techniques.

Suitible for those that are brand new to tapping and modern energy work, as well as experienced tappers* who want to refresh their skills.

More details TBC!

Existing GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioners get an exclusive 50% discount off the full price of this course!

* If you have completed Energy EFT Foundation previously you do not need this course to attend Modern Energy Tapping Professional

 Energy Coach Professional - November 10th 2017

with GoE Trainer & Course Creator Jorge Vence

In the brilliant, fast-paced second level Modern Energy Coach, written by Silvia Hartmann and Jorge Vence, you will discover...

  • How to attract high energy clients
  • How to work with high energy clients
  • How to help people achieve practical goals in the real world
  • How to use a huge array of Modern Energy techniques to help your clients succeed

Practical, highly focused and success orientated, The GoE's Modern Energy Coaching coach helps you expand your reach as a modern energist, and opens the door to a world of new opportunities.

Modern Energy Coach is an intensive one-day course, in four exciting course units, to expand the modern energist's reach beyond healing, therapy and counselling their clients, into the wonderful world of coaching successful individuals to become even more successful and make both their personal and business dreams come true.

 Modern Energy Tapping Professional - November 13-15 2017

with GoE President & Course Creator Silvia Hartmann

Modern Energy Tapping Professional (MET Pro), written by Silvia Hartmann, is the next level up and a true evolution beyond Energy EFT Master Practitioner. We’ve put all our experience, heart & soul into designing MET Pro from the ground up to be your go-to Modern Energy Tapping technique.

This special preview course on the three days after the GoE Energy Conference will be the one and only time that Silvia will teach MET Pro as a live training.

Course features:

  • Designed for people seeking to become professional practitioners and earn a good living from helping clients with MET Pro.
  • Practitioners develop skills working with a wide range of paying and/or charitable clients, from low energy states (fears, phobias, anxiety, etc) to high energy states (joy, creativity, coaching, abundance, attraction, etc).
  • Packaged treatment flows enabling you to sell three or more session packages to your clients for helping them with their problems, whilst also having the option of a long-term relationship afterwards similar to being their lifecoach.
  • Truly “Third Field” and free from the old counsellor and Freudian treatment flows.
  • Learn how to present MET at fairs, festivals, conferences, exhibitions, businesses, schools, etc.
  • The course comes with a full colour manual for students that matches the visual and energising format that you already love from Energy EFT Foundation and the re-branded MET Foundation.
  • Designed for GoE Rosetta so the course manual is easy to translate into any language that trainers would like to teach in.
  • MET Pro is free of the term “EFT” making it immune from legal and trademark issues that have engulfed Europe and Japan.
  • Differentiation from other tapping systems to avoid name confusion. For six years, we’ve been accidentally promoting other brands and this was confusing for clients.
  • MET Pro support materials.

Existing GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioners get an exclusive 50% discount off the full price of this course!

Read more about MET Pro here

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