Brenda Dutertre, GoE Trainer I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and am satisfied that I definitely received value for my money. I really enjoyed the experience of creating my symbol sets - I have plans to create more in the future! I would recommend this course to friends as a marvellous way to learn how to get in touch with your Energy Mind, easily and with no stress attached!

Brenda Dutertre, GoE Trainer

Dieter Maas, GoE Energy Trainer I enjoyed the course, yes. The value for money is obvious for me, as just talking about it to a training participant, made them immediately interested, and this course into a business product for me, and the reason being the actual "child like" "hands on play" magical activities in the course.

As to the practical use of the course, yes of course, as it's connected to the realm of handy craft in so many magical, even primal ways, looking forward a lot to how this gets expanding, when doing it as a trainer with participants. I got totally exploded with surprise with the application of story telling with fairy tales. To an energist friend I would tell, this course is the connection to the practical material world, the world of actual practical magic, in household, healing, using your energy hands in practical ways, and so much more.

Dieter Maas, GoE Energy Trainer

The Energy Symbols Masters Oh my goodness. The Energy Symbols Course has been mind blowing. Have loved every part of it. Silvia is able to explain, what could be perceived as complicated concepts, in an easy to understand, practical down to earth way. Such generous sharing - so much information and exercises have been packed in for us by Silvia making this course fantastic value for money. I have gained such a lot from The Energy Symbols Course it is full of positivity, creativity, playfulness and joy and am super happy that I signed up.

Denise Godfrey, GoE Professional Member

Barbara Burgess, GoE Professional Member I thoroughly enjoyed the Energy Symbols course and would recommend it to anyone. I found it enlightening and fun to do. I found the course excellent value for money.

What I have learned from this course will serve me well for the rest of my life and beyond. The energy symbols have so many uses. I found doing the Symbol Reading for Silvia the easiest thing to do and this did surprise me. The stones showed themselves to me and so did the meaning of the stones show themselves to me. Amazing! The course helps you to be creative in choosing your stones and boards as well as showing you how to connect with your energy mind. So a dimensional course.

Barbara Burgess, GoE Professional Member

Corné Jooste, GoE Professional Member Thank you Silvia, for another life-changing experience! Your very special insights and enthusiasm is electric and unlocks worlds of understanding with simplicity. Words cannot express what your teachings have meant for me personally and with this course you have reached into a very deep and very primal aspect of the energy worlds. I've again grown leaps and bounds as I'm sure others on the course have done as well and for sure made energy magic, creativity and so much more real, practical and easy!

Corné Jooste, GoE Professional Member

Morris Leon Berg Silvia, I would like to thank you (and your Energy mind) for a beautiful and transnational learning experience. I know that this course will never "end" as I will take its learnings (and the symbols) forward.

Altogether, the various GoE courses I've done have been the best thing that has happened for me in the past few years as I emerged from a bad period in my life, and I am proud to be an Energist. A few years ago, I discovered that I was autistic and was diagnosed with Asperger's. This started me on a journey of self-healing from the effects and stresses of being misunderstood all my life, and GoE learning was a key part in this healing process.

Morris Leon Berg

Katerina Kalchenko, GoE Energy Trainer Modern Energy Symbols is one of my favourite! It creates an infinite flow of creativity an energy that one can channel to any area of the life! You can chose to work hard to live paycheck to paycheck, you can think hard to wind a solution from survival mode. Or you can touch an Energy Symbol and receive a flow of perfect ideas, energies and positive Star Events!

It never was so easy to get a creative solution! Just pick up a Symbol, than another one, and one more.... 1-2-3! Magic is done! So easy, so logical!!! Working with my creative project I have created many opportunities in my business - it was a "nice bonus" which I did not expect! All the video lessons are clear, logical, easy applicable and deeply positive! Thank you Silvia!!! Thank your Energy Mind!!!

Katerina Kalchenko, GoE Energy Trainer