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MET Practitioner (inc EFT Level2) Training

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The course in modern Energy Psychology, leading the successful student to Certification as Practitioner of Meridian & Energy Therapies contains core modules based on EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques PLUS other valuable modern energy therapy approaches. This gives the student a firm grounding in the theory and practice of modern energy psychology as well as in EFT.

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Energy Psychology Online Course

Energy Psychology Online Course MET Prac

Accredited Practitioner Of Meridian & Energy Therapies

Online Distance Training Course*

*Includes In Depth EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques training

PLUS other MET approaches for professional counsellors,

therapists, psychologists and holistic healers

Quality Distance Training Programme

Certification Through

The Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies The GoE

Researched, Designed and Written by Silvia Hartmann

Author of the Best Selling "Adventures In EFT" & "Advanced Patterns Of EFT"

The World Wide Web Based MET Practitioner Training Course

Energy Psychology Accredited Online Course by The Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies GoESilvia Hartmann designed the live GoE MET Practitioner training format and is also the author of this distance training version of the same course.

Dr Hartmann is a Founder and current Chair of the Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies, Author of "Adventures In EFT", "Advanced Patterns of EFT", creator of "EMO" and one of the most experienced Energy Psychology and Energy Therapies teachers today.

In this information rich training, new and added exercises were created specifically to impart the skills and understandings necessary to complete the modules. Also, added tutor comments and further explanations of the demonstrations were included for this format.


EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Plus More

The GoE Certification training is NOT an EFT training course, but was designed from the start to be an Energy Psychology training which teaches the underlying principles of mind/body healing using the NEW meridian & energy therapies.

This extremely comprehensive course which is unique because of the collaboration of leading teachers in the field represents a true grounding in all the principles of Energy Psychology and Therapies, thereby giving the successful student knowledge and skills to handle all the many variants available today with absolute confidence and state-of-the art in-depth knowledge.

Essential Knowledge For Energy Psychologists & MET Healers

Many excellent healers have come into the field of Meridian & Energy Therapies via other modalities, such as hypnotherapy, nursing, psychology, coaching and counselling, to name but a few.

With the addition of the METs, healers can now help people with high end problems and disturbances - but it is essential that a good grounding knowledge of the differences between the older healing modalities and the METs is fully understood.

This course does not only teach extraordinary healing with innumerable unique and outstanding protocols which are not published or available through any other sources, but it also addresses practical considerations and changes a healer might wish to make for themselves so that their abilities and mission may experience an unprecedented flowering.

Client care, safe guards and how to handle the immense power of change with the new METs is a central theme of this course.

Never before has it been possible to make such rapid, profound changes in self and others; it is essential that professional practitioners should understand the deep, underlying principles and the ethical approaches to safeguard their clients and in the end, themselves in their practice of the METs.

Superb Quality, Essential Training

The freebie protocols and articles on the web may be a start, but this is light years away from treating real clients with difficult and possibly dangerous problems in the professional practice of the METs.

Energy Psychology Accredited Online Course by The Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies GoENo amount of previous experience with other modalities or previous qualifications in older treatment approaches (i.e. psychological approaches developed in the absence of the possibility of making INSTANT, DEEP and LASTING changes to a client's neurology and mind/body experiences) can replace the essential training in these NEW approaches - this is a different paradigm with different rules and different modes of operation.


The GoE Practitioner Certification Training, created in co-operation between Willem Lammers, Peter Delves, Ananga Sivyer, Christine Sutherland, Silvia Hartmann, Chrissie Hardisty, Susan Courtney, Gary Craig, Tapas Fleming and Larry Nims are the first and most in-depth overall training for a new generation of mind-body healers, working under a whole new paradigm and with whole new possibilities, but also whole new responsibilities for the client's welfare and safe keeping.

Affordable Training In Your Own Time, In Your Own Home
Most of the GoE Trainers are resident in Europe and the US. To make this essential knowledge, these important skills, techniques and approaches available to dedicated students and researchers of the new Meridian & Energy Therapies as well as Energy Psychology worldwide, Dr Hartmann has created this special Distance Training version which contains:

All information, protocols and techniques from the Live GoE trainings syllabus as well as:

Special tutor instructions;

extra protocols:

live exercises;

extra information;

source documents;

treatment plans;

special protocols for medical and high end disorders;

... and much, much more in-depth content to make the GoE Certification Training available for home study at an affordable price, anywhere in the world.

* Beware Of Inferior Imitations!

A Warning: There are illegally plagiarized, inferior and out-of-date materials being sold on the web. Please check the list of Licensed GoE Trainers for trainers using up-to-date, legally licensed and correct training materials.

Only GoE Licensed Trainers trainings qualify a participant for GoE Certification and access to GoE Membership Benefits.


ThThe GoE Membership is an extremely valuable aspect of completing this course.



Training Contents -

Practitioner Of Meridian Therapies

Module 1

Extraordinary Healing Course Overview

  • A Brief History Of Meridian Therapies
  • Ambassador EFT
  • Therapeutic Applications
  • Teaching EFT
  • Circuit Work
Module 5

Health & Physiological Symptoms

  • Safety Procedures
  • Medical Protocol
  • Pain Protocol
  • Emotional Components In Physical Manifestation
  • Primary Gain & Secondary Gain
  • Chronic Pain
Module 2

Contacting The Problem

  • Statement Formulation
  • Global, Specific, Historic
  • Calibration Skills
  • Physiological Changes
  • Auditory Calibration
  • Telephone Consultations
  • Contacting The Problem Without Words
Module 6

Addictions & Addictive Cravings

  • General Addictions Protocol
  • The Anxiety Stopper
  • Pre-addiction Release Conditions
  • Addictive Cravings Protocol
  • Homework
  • Ecology, Future Pacing
  • Use Of Algorithms
Module 3

Aspects & Testing

  • The Concept Of Aspects
  • Simultaneous & Sequential Aspects
  • Switching Aspects
  • SUD & VOC; IE Scales
  • Testing
  • Imaginary Tests, Real Life Tests, Safe Tests
  • Treatment & Testing In Context
Module 7

Flexible Approaches

  • Client Centred Interventions
  • Add On Techniques, Other Points
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Muscle Testing
  • Psychological Reversal
  • Creating Personalised Algorithms
  • Short Cuts
  • Fail Safes
Module 4

Working With Memories

  • Safely Releasing Memories
  • Dealing With Objections & Client Resistance
  • Pin Point Work
  • Phobia Protocol
  • The Story Release
  • Sequential/Simultaneous Aspect Clearance
  • Preventing & Treating Abreactions
  • Disassociation & Client Safety
Module 8

Tools For Therapists

  • Therapist's Maintenance
  • Beliefs Protocol
  • Personal Development Applications
  • Transference & Projection
  • Structuring Treatment Sessions
  • Intake Forms
  • Homework Protocols
  • Presenting Introduction Workshops

Exam & Certification (Optional)


Entry Requirements & Conditions - Please Read Carefully

Please Note: This is a MET Practitioner training and pre-supposes at the very least, a full working knowledge of EFT.

If you have no previous experience with any form of MET, we strongly recommend you start with "Adventures In EFT" which is an excellent EFT training manual to familiarise yourself with the principles and pre-suppositions of METs and to gain personal experience with these unique forms of treatment.

Pleas also note that this is a practitioner training and not a self help device or personal development training - it is absolutely designed for those who practice healing with clients and to help OTHERS with EFT & Other Meridian Energy Therapy approaches.

The GoE Practitioner Certification training is entirely unique in so far that it does not just teach a single technique or work with single techniques, but the underlying principles of the FIELD of meridian energy therapies, thus allowing the practitioner at the completion of the training to be able to use many different, flexible approaches drawn from *all* major existing techniques in response to the client's needs - this is NOT an EFT training only, although EFT approaches are covered thoroughly and in a professional setting with many protocols and approaches.

This is a professional training and as such this course is unsuitable for anyone who does not have previous training in or experience with holistic or allopathic mind/body healing modalities.

In order to work with clients at the professional level, it is essential to have been trained in and to understand the mind/body healing professions requirements such as confidentiality, client care, referral systems, ethical conduct and so forth.

Therefore, please note that The GoE MET Practitioner Trainings concentrate on teaching the skills, techniques, theories and understandings of Meridian and Energy therapies but they do NOT train someone to become a therapist or that its completion grants licensure to practice psychology or psychotherapy.

Energy Psychology Online Course MET Prac

GoE Practitioner Training -

Web Based Distance Version


Leading To Full Certification & Membership Of The GoE


Enrol in Energy Psychology Distance Learning Online Course Today!

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