<a href="https://maryhirose.goe.ac">Mary Hirose</a> Get to know yourself more joyfully, expressively, creatively and more as you create art with the Modern Energy Art Course.

There are over two dozen videos, each video building on the previous one, each video providing inspiration, creative thoughtful suggestions and examples and an assignment, but the assignments are suggested in such fun playful ways that you will find your inspiration lifted to new heights and awarenesses as you chuckle and laugh and have ah ha moments.

I found myself branching off more into photography, painting, clay, drawing, pastels, digital art, as I enjoyed looking at things in new ways, and seeing more about the relationships and patterns and how interconnected energy connects them all, and how my art changed over time as my awarenesses expanded.

It's a wonderful thing to watch yourself grow as an artist month by month, and you get into the habit of creating art every day (if at all possible, that's the best way, to stay connected with the process) and this was an incredibly joyful experience, also I would say a nourishing and helpful one too.

Creating art can lift the spirits like nothing else at times when you might really need a lift, especially at those times when you think "I couldn't possibly do that today" and then you DO create something, you have this achievement that stays with you and lasts.

If you have an artist's heart, this course will delight you during its time and far far beyond.

An absolutely wonderful and highly recommended experience!

Mary Hirose

Wendy Fry What a fabulous year of exploring Modern Energy Art, thank you Silvia Hartmann for your guidance and tuition on this inspiring training.

At school I was told ''trees don't grow on mountains, and people don't have straight legs'' which in many ways stopped me creating art from the heart and increased the nagging voice of ''you've got to do things perfectly to be good enough.'' The beauty of MEA is whatever the problem, creating the solution with any form of art aids you in leaving behind hurtful words that were spoken, feelings felt and any doubts stopping you from being the best version of you.

I've thoroughly enjoyed being in full creative flow as well as evolving and solving many problems and challenges from past, present and future. I rediscovered my innate love of creating from the heart and revelling in full expression simply letting art do what it does best when you focus on and create the solution.

Modern Energy Art isn't just for artists and creative types, it's for everyone!

Wendy Fry

Ilka Wandel<br>
<a href="https://ilkawandel.goe.ac">Modern Energy Trainer</a> The Modern Energy Art course was bringing surprising, magical and amazing transformation on all levels.

Most of all it was easy and fun, albeit profound.

MEA came along creating a new life for me.

Thank you Silvia!

Ilka Wandel
Modern Energy Trainer

The Joy of Modern Energy Art I wasn't sure what to expect from the Modern Energy Art course especially as I'm no artist but I needn't have worried.

The videos guide you step by step through the creation of modern energy art beginning with symbols and then symbol hybrids. It was fun, it was relaxing, it was destressing.

Then came the famous "threshold shift" and I realised that what I had been doing was just art, that energy art came from deep within and just flowed from my energy mind, down my arm and onto the paper.

The difference was spectacular; the results amazing; and even better Modern Energy Art is an energy tool that we can use to achieve great things from destressing and assisting with health issues to - well the possibilities are endless as we explore further into the energy dimension and we discover more each day.

Silvia Hartman is a tutor par excellence and to have access to her training videos is a great gift. I would advise those with no energy experience to opt for tutor support; those already well versed in energy technques could manage alone but advice from one of the first students to take the course would be the icing on a very rich cake

Llanfairpg Johnes

Jorge Vence<br>
<a href="https://jorgevence.goe.ac/">Modern Energy Artist & Trainer</a> Before taking the MEA course I believed I couldn't do any form of art and that my creativity was only limited to the areas I was good at.

Taking the Modern Energy Art course was a journey of self-discovery and adventures where I found past selves, healed them, evolved them and learned from them. I explored what I thought impossible by me and now I feel capable of doing any form or art.

This belief translated into my art and how by growing and evolving I started to receive incredible feedback on my work, to the point that my partner stands in front of them and admires their beauty and even says what a creative artist I have become.

Modern Energy Art is much more than art, it is self-healing, allowing and a life-changing experience, I cannot recommend MEA enough.

Jorge Vence
Modern Energy Artist & Trainer