Corné Jooste, GoE Professional Member Such a great overview of modern energy! A must for beginners and practitioners alike and an inspirational reminder of why we are doing this.

Corné Jooste, GoE Professional Member

Janet Anderson, GoE Member I like the perspective the course has on the energy body, and energy healing. It is positively focused, rather than trying to just get rid of distress. As a result it is more playful, creative and fun to do.

I definitely recommend the foundations course to others. Having studied EFT and other energy healing courses, this course extends our knowledge of energy healing and offers a new perspective.

Janet Anderson, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation I learned so much from this course. I would certainly recommend it to others. It is very powerful.

Ruth Morgan, GoE Member

Jerome Johnson, GoE Member I've learned a lot from this course. It has put the books that I have read into a more concrete form....things make a lot more sense now! As I have gotten older I prefer to do video courses in addition to the ebook/book material.

This course was a delight which has made me hungry for more!

Jerome Johnson, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation I liked it very much. It gives new ways to understand energy body and mind, and how important it is to raise energy.

Hulya Samhili, GoE Professional Member

Dr Morris Leon Berg, GoE Professional Member This course was an excellent refresher for me (I had already done several other GOE courses). It helps to get back to the basics especially when explaining Modern Energy to people new to it.

The course helps you see how all the facets of Modern Energy fit together. And I learnt a few points that I had missed! Finally, the course prompted an interest in me to do the Modern Stress Management training in the future, to add to my portfolio of GOE qualifications.

Dr Morris Leon Berg, GoE Professional Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation This course has opened my mind to find the answer why despite many efforts and applying various healing methods situations do not change permanently. Raising the energy average is the solution.

The course also helps to understand what being human means and be able to use our given faculties, know ourselves, improve our lives and many more. Thank you.

Sehay Alem, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation I have been following and experiencing Silvia's work since first finding her Harmony Program, way back when she began working with animals. As a Psychologist that also holds a Doctorate in Integrative Medicine, I see the nuances in her work and it's critical importance to the world now.

She is someone I infinitely respect. Having taken Genius Symbols and other courses, as well as reading virtually all that Silvia has written. I have found her work of critical use with my clients and with myself. This course is a good overview of several of Silvia's key techniques, as well as giving a beginner thinking and work that they can begin immediately. It will be of great benefit to all.

Shoshana Savyon, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation If you are an Energist Practitioner using techniques from before 2014, this Online Modern Energy Foundation Course is a more than excellent introduction to the updated and evolved vocabulary and techniques in all the for major Energy modalities.

You will discover sparkling new descriptions and exercises that incorporate your beloved favourites such as Events Psychology, Energy EFT, EmoTrance, and Project Sanctuary. You will be re-energized and excited to update your practitioner certifications, from the new experiences you have from this course, so you can share these with your clients.

Whatever your expectations were, you will be surprised and delighted with so much more. I can whole-heartedly recommend it.

Roberta Greene , GoE Professional Member

Carole Ann Catterall, GoE Member I found this course to be very beneficial. Having embarked on ‘self-help programmes’ in the past which promised much but delivered little in the way of content or desired outcomes, this one differs in that it very straightforward and makes sense from the start.

Very practical, logical and straightforward, in both sequence and practice. Given the actual content, it is very good value for money. I’ve had some real shifts in perspective, moments of clarity and increased sense of inner-well being.

Working with the power of POSITIVES - aiming towards +10 isn’t an arduous process - and it can actually be great fun! Everyone and anyone can benefit from following the procedures set out in this course. Thank you for bringing this to the world, Silvia.

Carole Ann Catterall, GoE Member