Christa Nebel Curran, Student of GoE Trainer Ber Collins I absolutely LOVED the Modern Energy Tapping Professional Training in Limerick with the wonderful Ber Collins and a fantastic group of women! Thank you, Ber, for being such a brilliant and motivational teacher, and thank you, Silvia, for creating this beautiful, exciting and uplifting new course!

Christa Nebel Curran, Student of GoE Trainer Ber Collins

Joyce Bunton, GoE Trainer I have just completed a wonderful weekend of training with the amazing Wendy Fry. Although I am certificated in the precursor to the GOE Energy Tapping Professional I am so glad I invested in the upgrade. Wendy Fry is an amazing trainer and her preparation, dedication and knowledge are second to none. A truly wonderful experience. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone pursuing GOE training or anything else she would offer. And be prepared for FUN.

I love being a member of GOE and my plan is to focus more fully on sharing its programmes. Silvia has done an amazing job of creating, sharing and updating all of the content. A true inspiration. Thank you.
Love & hugs

Joyce Bunton, GoE Trainer

Modern Energy Tapping Professional The Answers speak for themselves!

‘’If you want to evolve and find Tapping/EFT effective, then give yourself the gift of this training. Wendy is exceptional as a trainer. Everything was valuable on this training’’ Joyce

‘’Yes, yes, yes, Wendy was adept at tailoring the training to our specific settings and needs. She explained everything really clearly and in depth and was able to add her own examples to further advance the learning. All the practical work with the supported learning was the most valuable.’’ Fran

‘’Update skills/learning/abilities to advance knowledge. The most valuable thing for me about this training was the experiences and being able to tie them into the theory and gain deeper understanding of possibilities and to ‘dance’ ideas, experiences and other training.’’ Heidi

MET Pro Students, Sept 2018

Kelly Mayne, GoE Energist Trainer Wow, what a stunning course this is! I've been tapping for 15 years now and yet there is still so much to learn. It is truly wonderful that Silvia is such a forward thinker and yet again she has taken Tapping to a whole new level with this ground breaking training called Modern Energy Tapping. As a trainer it is a lovely course to teach and watch students make profound shifts using enlightening protocol's and I am so glad to be able to share this training with my students. I highly recommend taking this training and being one of the first to move away from the old 3d therapies and into sparkling new 5d energies. This course has so much scope and I for one have been having a wonderful time using it to increase my capacity to hold higher light energies such as living in gratitude. Thank you Silvia Hartmann and Sandra Hillawi (for training me)

Kelly Mayne, GoE Energist Trainer

Helen Ryle The 3-day MET Pro course helped me to really understand the true power of the positives. I was astonished by how easy it was to take myself or my practice partner up the SUE scale quickly and reliably without ever having to delve into the problem. Instead we focused on and encouraged the positive energy needed to evolve and transform the problem.

Our trainer Sandra Hillawi was superb, she illustrated the learnings with case stories and examples from her own experience and I learned so much more about modern energy than I understood before.

As well as learning and practising how to use the positives with a wide variety of issues, we learned about the aspects and entity models in depth and also enhanced the energy with techniques from EMO and Supermind.

Sandra helped us to form a connected and supportive group energy bubble although we were attending from different time zones and countries all around the world.

The techniques and tools I've learned on this course will be put to good use with clients and also when I offer trainings in this course in Ireland.

Many thanks to my fellow energists for a lively and energy raising 3 days and to Silvia Hartmann for making this excellent course.

Helen Ryle

Corné Jooste The Modern Energy Tapping Professional training was such a high energy, profound training and I feel very blessed to have been a part of this amazing group!

A star-sparkled, huge thank you to Silvia Hartmann for creating such an inspiring course, bringing clarity and simplicity to working with the energy body and raising us up to experience amazing healing events. You connected dots over a vast array of topics, both in modern tapping and wider metaphysical practices, making much of the old irrelevant as you push the boundaries into true r(e)volution.

Sandra Hillawi, you blessed us with deep understanding, inspired us with your high energy and delivered the course with superb elegance. You are an excellent trainer and your personal experiences brought the coursework to life.

Thank you to everyone in the group. You each contributed to brightening my energy and know you are each cherished in this journey.

I cannot wait to expand my knowledge into other areas of modern energy and bringing this to my own clients and community.

Highly recommended!

Corné Jooste

Darlene Two Trees Cannon What a fantastic experience!

Sandra Hillawi was a wonderful instructor, a shining example of the Positives.

My ‘partners in crime’ were a delight to work with and assisted me in making some wonderful evolutions.

I’m soooo looking forward to bringing this to my tribe.

Darlene Two Trees Cannon

Evon Thornton Amazing 3-day course! This program topped off the Masters Program and brought so much clarity to all the different modalities of Energy Tapping. Very excited to be sharing these techniques with clients, friends, and family.

Loved working with everyone in this group very transformational.

Sandra Hillawi thank you for this training I gained so much understanding insight, knowledge, and experience in this program.

Thank You, Silvia Hartmann, for the new manual and developing this life-changing program.

Evon Thornton

Aisling Killoran What a great 3 full days, with a SUPER Sandra Hillawi😊 and wonderful colleagues, filled with positivity and lightness, which allowed for great learning, evolving and healing.

We navigated with ease through 12 modules, each module building and bridging on another, from treatment flow to protocols to relationships and solutions. A new beginning using POSITIVES is the ART of Modern Energy.

I decided to take my new-found learnings today and worked with some clients by introducing positives only, as I guided them through change in a newer way than before.

I have to say it worked magically and the clients were surprised and left uplifted and lighter! And high up on the SUE Scale which was quicker then what they would have experienced before.

If you have already taken Master practitioner trainings then I absolutely recommend that Modern Energy Tapping be the next step for you and or your clients as a lighter way through healing that works!

Aisling Killoran

Dominick Flarey Modern Energy Tapping Professional is an evolutionary and transformative course and experience. It continues on where the EFT Master Practitioner course left off.

I hate to spoil the surprise, but it is all about reaching the Mountain Top! --- getting to the Healing Event!! The course takes you on a journey of learning and skills development to bring clients to the Healing Event quickly with grace and ease!!

The learning and the experiences were transformative and my colleagues in the course made it a very high energy environment in which to grow. They were just great!

Sandra Hillawi was just fantastic! Hats off to her! A highly intelligent, passionate and gifted Master Trainer! She presented the course/training with such skill and passion and moved us to think "outside of the box!" Thank you Sandra!!!

To Silvia Hartmann ..... you did it again!!! Another brilliant creation, a gift to us all to help make the world a better place ...... Thank You!!

Dominick Flarey

Julia Lee Transformative training - powerful energy healing at our own fingertips!

Julia Lee

Modern Energy Tapping Professional I am so pleased to have taken the Modern Energy Tapping Professional Training with Maria LiPuma. She is so knowledgeable and an excellent trainer.

I have a therapy practice where I use both hypnosis and tapping (EFT), and I have found that using both modalities gets great results, and I have used this new training (MET) with several of my clients. They found it easy to use, gentle, and they loved the positive focus.

As a practitioner I think this way of Tapping will truly help clients get the results they want.

Even if someone isn’t a therapist, this training is excellent to help them improve their lives.

Nancy Walsch CHT

Modern Energy Tapping Professional Maria LiPuma introduced your programs to our community with passion, patience and encouragement.
All along the way, this work has been evolving into a wonderful service just in the short time she has been working with us.

This is amazing work and more power to you, your family, staff, and organization.
There is so much potential in this.....and such a great service.

Thank you so much Silvia, for all your work and devotion.


Lynne Taft Dolan, MET Pro Graduate

Katerina Kalchenko
GoE Trainer I am so deeply in love with Modern Energy Tapping! The best investment I have made in the last five years!

Katerina Kalchenko GoE Trainer

Jorge Vence
GoE Trainer Thank you so much silvia Hartmann for being such a pioneer in the modern energism world and personal development, with your work you have helped thousands of people understand the importance of Energy and energy work AND working with positives which for me is fundamental and much more exciting than working on the 'negative stuff'. Modern Energy Tapping is the way forward.

Thank you Silvia Hartmann x

Jorge Vence GoE Trainer

Helen Ryle
GoE Trainer In the days of teaching Classic EFT Introduction course for the GoE, we used to print our own manuals and I added in a section at the back about Pat Carrington's Positive Choices method and showed a fun video by Brad Yates called Tap o' the morning. We'd work with the classic negatives in the morning and bring in the positives in the afternoon. The rise in energy and enthusiasm in the room was palpable, everyone just cheered up!

I've always used positives after clearing with EFT on negatives first, but to use positives from the start is a paradigm shift which feels soooo right.

In the few days since I read the pre-release of the book and started using only positives when tapping for myself, I can feel my energy baseline rising and have begun using only positive tapping with clients too. Many thanks Silvia for the wonderful gift that is modern energy tapping.

Onwards and upwards 💖😍🌈🌟

Helen Ryle GoE Trainer

Lauren Rosenberg
GoE Modern Energy Tapping Professional Energy work is amazing, I love it and my kids too. It has helped us dealing with unthinkable and tragic events.

Lauren Rosenberg GoE Modern Energy Tapping Professional

Maria LiPuma, GoE Trainer, United States 📺 VIDEO REVIEW - Experienced GoE Trainer Maria LiPuma shares her excitement and enthusiasm she has after taking the Modern Energy Tapping Professional course.

She explains the difference between Modern Energy Tapping Professional and other tapping techniques.

After the course Maria has been enjoying new techniques for helping her clients reach higher energy states on The SUE Scale quicker and more effectively than was possible before.

Maria LiPuma, GoE Trainer, United States

Jorge Vence - GoE Trainer, England I loved Modern Energy Tapping in the fact that it is elegant, non intrusive and you get evolution every step of the way. Also, working with someone you like and trust, in a very strong couple bubble, is the perfect recipe to have healing events. I worked with two beautiful energists who helped me have 2 healing events and it was pure magic. The use of the nose point was also a great addition.
All-in-all a course I will enjoy training in. Get ready to train with me or any other of the wonderful energy trainers in 2018 and beyond!

Jorge Vence - GoE Trainer, England

Wendy Fry - GoE Trainer, England Modern Energy Tapping was magical, the energy journey is far different from Energy EFT. A whole new level of exploration and modern energy experiences.
Much beyond words as the exercises are felt deeply and are profound. I found energy points and had experiences I never knew could be gained. I love the depth of change and energised state this training brings. Highly recommended!

Wendy Fry - GoE Trainer, England