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Positive EMO Training

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New! for 2013, Positve EMO is a one-day training which will teach you to play and work with positive energies, either personally or with paid clients. You'll gain the AMT's latest Emotional Transformation qualification designed by course director Silvia Hartmann.

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Introducing Positive EMO

In the beginning, Tapping (Positive EFT) is a great way to experience the power of modern energy work first hand, in your own body, even if you are a complete beginner and yes, even if you don't "believe in energy".

EFT is nice and slow and gives a beginner plenty of time to think about how they feel; the set patterns of tapping points creating a soothing ritual and having the tapping chart to look at alleviates stress and tells a person what to do, step by step.

Once you've worked with EFT for a while, you might notice that sometimes, you only need to think about something and there's a sensation that is very much like what happens when you're tapping ...

Hm ...

Curious ...

We can work with our own energy system - and we don't have to tap at all ...?

Positive EMO is the perfect next step for those who ...

... don't have to be convinced that we have an energy system any longer (you know you've got one because you can feel it!)

... have done EFT for some years and feel they are ready now for the next step in their own journey of discovery in the worlds of energy

... want or need an energy modality without tapping - something that is more natural, more spontaneous, or simply "invisible" to supervisors, bosses or the general public

... are simply curious - "What else is there? And what might be that next level of the Energy Hi-Rise really be ...?"

Positive EFT was reverse engineered from EMO, as were all the significant innovations which took Energy EFT forward from Classic EFT.

Thus, Positive EMO is like talking about a Water Fish - all EMO is working with high positive energy forms, and that's where we originally learned what they are, what they do, why we need them so very badly, and why they are the solutions to emotional/energetic problems.

EMO has a HUGE array of techniques and practices, accumulated in the last 11 years, all of which are powerful AND POSITIVE in nature.

As Positive EMO doesn't pause to tap and can be seamlessly combined with movement, with language, with metaphor, with actions, with any behaviour at all, there are literally endless possibilities to use instant, fast and tapping free energy movements to our advantage and to our delight.

This Positive EMO one-day workshop is an introduction to working with energy directly, through the sixth sense and mind/body/spirit all being in the same place at the same time.

It is an excellent opportunity for people who love energy to really get to play with the most modern, high end and state of the art patterns and techniques which can be applied to anything at all, from daily work in the real world, via understanding oneself and other people better, to old fashioned powerful hands on healing.

EMO also combines seamlessly and powers up ALL forms of existing real energy modalities, from Karate to Yoga, from Feng Shui to Quigong, and from Aikido to Akupressure.

EMO - The Most Advanced Energy Modality In The World Today.

Positive EMO - Now that is simply, JOY FOR LIFE.

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Positive EMO Trainers

This is a list of energists qualified to teach the Positive EMO course, many of whom may be able to offer you a one-to-one training session. Please click through to the contact details on their profile:

Patricia DancingElk-Walls Patricia DancingElk-Walls (Texas, United States)
Katerina Kalchenko Katerina Kalchenko (Ukraine, Ukraine)
Eric Robins Eric Robins (California, United States)

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