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GoE Energy Conference 2018

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Discover Silvia Hartmann's MODERN Energy Tapping!

Discover Silvia Hartmann's MODERN Energy Tapping!

January 18th 2018 marks the day a new energy tapping technique is born - Silvia Hartmann's Modern Energy Tapping!

Following two decades of research with classic tapping, Energy in Motion, Energy EFT and Positive EFT comes Modern Energy Tapping - a system designed from the ground up to get you and your clients to reach high energy states quicker than ever before.

Read on for more information...

When we have lots of energy we are confident, happy, make new connections and the world is a wonderful, vibrant and a positive place. By contrast, when we are low in energy the reverse is true - we suffer stress, anxiety, depression and shut ourselves down from the world.

Modern Energy Tapping is simply brilliant at moving us upwards towards high energy states, no matter how far down the scale you start from. If you're sad it helps cheer you up. If you're feeling ok then it helps you feel great! And if you feel great then Modern Energy Tapping helps you focus your mind, body and energy on making it almost effortless to take the next steps on what you need to do to succeed.

Silvia Hartmann writes:

Silvia Hartmann

18.01.18 - Today is the day of the official release of Modern Energy Tapping, which declares for The Power of the Positives. 18 years ago I told Gary Craig that we needed to work with Positives, but he would not listen. This is why I left EFT finally in 2002 and started the EMO Research into real modern energy.

Modern Energy Tapping does not leave tapping behind, because that works. Modern Energy Tapping leaves the psychotherapy approach of digging in trauma for roots, the pain and suffering, the negative, backward orientation into the past behind.

Modern Energy Tapping is about how we use the now to create the future; about empowering, about real healing, about real progress and real evolution.

Above all else, Modern Energy Tapping takes us out of the endless labyrinth of the past and asks us what we need right NOW to feel better. Stronger. Happier. Healed. Complete. Powerful.

It's Modern Energy. It's... wonderful.

I am so immensely relieved, glad and thankful that we've finally arrived here.

If you never wanted to go into therapy at all, or if you are tired of endlessly chasing trauma shadows in a never ending labyrinth and you want to start doing some living and some active DOING, Modern Energy Tapping can show you the way.

With lots of LOVE, and BLESSINGS, and JOY to you all!!! xxxx

There really is no limit with what you can do with Silvia Hartmann's Modern Energy Tapping. Follow the link below for more information and to purchase. 

Any questions, please do make a post in the GoE Support Group. We would love to see you there.

As a bonus for ordering Modern Energy Tapping, we're offering two months free subscription to the GoE with each download so you've got a fabulous support package:

  • Access to the Online Support Group
  • Access to the 🏫 GoE Library including 16 videos, 5 books, 3 special reports, 38 conference presentations, hundreds of articles, energy music, guided meditations and much more
  • Read the GoE subscriber magazine The Energist online

Wishing you a fabulous journey discovering what you can do with Modern Energy Tapping!

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