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Free Downloads on EFT, Energy Psychology & Meridian Energy Therapies Provided by Theamt

Welcome to the Free Downloads section at The AMT where we have been providing free downloads on EFT, Energy Psychology, Events Psychology and Meridian & Energy Therapies MET worldwide since 1998.

Please feel free to pass these documents on to others to spread the good news about modern energy work to all.

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A Brief History Of Meridian & Energy Therapies

A Brief History Of Meridian & Energy Therapies

Adrenalin Allergie Auf Deutsch

Adrenalin Allergie Auf Deutsch by Silvia Hartmann - komplettes selbst hilfe program gegen Stress, Angst und zu viel Adrenalin im Koerper.

Attractor Field Technique AFT Introduction & Charts

Attractor Field Technique AFT Introduction & Charts Free Download - Comprehensive document with many different tapping points and sequences. Based on Thought Field Therapy.

BSFF Flow Chart Diagram

BSFF Be Set Free Fast by Dr Larry Nims session flowchart diagrams

EFT & Events Psychology

Sample cases and instructions how to use Events Psychology with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT - MET Chakra Protocol

Clearing & Re-Vitalising The Chakras The MET Chakra Protocol by Nicola Quinn

EFT Animal Proxy Protocol In English

How to help companion animals with training and behaviour problems using EFT by proxy, also for animal bereavement and other animal related applications. More info at www.animal-EFT.org

EFT Complete Introduction - Swedish Language

EFT Complete Introduction - Swedish Language

EFT for Animals in German: EFT Fuer Tiere auf Deutsch

EFT for animals in German: EFT Fuer Tiere auf Deutsch

EFT For Animals Spanish Language

El Protocolo de EFT para Animales - EFT For Animals Spanish Language

EFT Gary Craig Interview With AMT Trainer Sue Sawyer Audio

EFT Creater Gary Craig interviews AMT Trainer Sue Sawyer about her use of EFT in the treatment of asthma.

EFT Kundalini Chakra Tree Of Life Paper

Complete paper on kundalini chakra treatments with EFT by Dr Michael Millett

EFT On A Page Indonesian Language

EFT On A Page Indonesian Language

EFT On A Page Portugese Language

EFT on a page - Portugese Language - EFT Numa Pagina

EFT On A Page Swedish Language

EFT On A Page Swedish Language

EFT On A Page: Italian Language

EFT On A Page - Italian Language

EFT: Classic EFT Explained

Classic EFT fully explained, includes full Classic EFT Protocol and FAQs. From Adventures In EFT by Silvia Hartmann

EFT: Energy EFT New EFT Diagrams

Download new EFT diagrams featuring the Energy EFT "Heart & Soul" EFT Protocol. Includes two EFT Diagrams for adults, three for EFT diagrams for children and high quality printable versions.

EmoTrance BeauTyT For Animals: Healing With Love

EmoTrance BeautyT protocol for animal healing by Silvia Hartmann

EmoTrance Primer: The Principles Of EmoTrance In Brief

The EmoTrance Primer - EmoTrance explained in simple words so there can be no misunderstandings. More translations are available at www.EmoTrance.com

Energized EFT: Creating Events Of Healing Audio Recording

Audio recording of EFT & EmoTrance Master Trainers Silvia Hartmann & Sandra Hillawi discussing the power of healing events, the energized end state, and the danger of settling for too little in modern energy psychology and healing. You can also find a transcript here: Energized EFT Transcript

Energy & Forgiveness Exercises by Marilyn Devonish


Energy & Spirituality

Energy & Spirituality exercises with Sister Margarita Foley. Suitable for Christians and other denominations/faiths.

Energy EFT: Energize Your Life! FREE DEMO

Goto Energy EFT: Energize Your Life! FREE DEMO Download Page Complete first part of the 2012 essential new EFT book by Dr S Hartmann "Energy EFT." Contains full instructions and complete new EFT Heart & Soul Protocol.

Energy In Every Day Life - The Enchanted World

English translation of Zauberwelt by Silvia Hartmann. Illustrated 3mb ebook about the effects of energy in every day life.

Energy Metaphor: The Gift

How to give The Gift that only you would have to give - fabulous energy healing method based on Project Sanctuary by Dr S Hartmann

Energy Psychology & Events Psychology

Introduction to the uses of Events Psychology for practitioners of Meridian & Energy Therapies & Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology Anxiety Self Help Protocol

Complete self help program for anxiety and stress by Silvia Hartmann

Energy Psychology Caduceus Article

Caduceus Article about Energy Psychology

Energy Secrets Of Love, Sex & Relationships

An introduction to the reality of energy exchanges in intimate and love relationships by Sandra Hillawi

Heart of Gold EFT Protocol - Dutch Translation

The Heart of Gold EFT Protocol by Silvia Hartmann. Translated by Jacqueline Besseling

Let's Get Naked with Matrix Reimprinting - Penny Croal's AMT12 Presentation

Download the full slide from Penny Croal's AMT EFT & Energy Conference 2012 presentation, Let's Get Naked with Matrix Reimprinting.

Logosynthesis: Restoring the Flow

Logosynthesis: Restoring the Flow by Dr. Willem Lammers & Andrea Fredi 23 page report on Logosynthesis

METs Auf Deutsch: EFT & BSFF In The German Language

METs Auf Deutsch: EFT & BSFF In The German Language

Zauberwelt Der Energie

Fully illustrated 3mb ebook Zauberwelt Der Energie in the German language by Silvia Hartmann

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