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The Star Matrix Course - Take YOUR Life To The NEXT Level with Silvia Hartmann

Online | 11 November 2019

The Star Matrix Course
Take YOUR Life To The NEXT Level
Starts 11.11 at 11am

Created by Silvia Hartmann

10 Units plus 1 Additional Mystery Bonus Unit 

Star Matrix with Silvia Hartmann - Starts 11th November

Watch Silvia Hartmann announce Star Matrix "Project 11" in this live stream recorded for GoE members:

Introducing Star Matrix "Project 11" with Silvia Hartmann

Dear fellow energist!

I am Silvia Hartman - I come to you today from beautiful Eastbourne by the sea and I am scared and blown away in equal measure to be telling you about what I want to tell you about today.

Modern Energy has been a long road - it's been a long road getting from here to there! - and many of you have been along on this amazing journey for many years; others of you are still fresh and new to it but really, the heart and soul of Modern Energy is the Modern Energy Chart.

The Modern Energy Chart tells us what our energy bodies are doing and how that creates our reality.

  • Our energy bodies create our reality.

They decide whether we are happy or sad; whether we are intelligent or stupid; whether we can talk fluently or stumble over our words when we must do our public speaking.

Our energy bodies create our reality - now to me that was news, real news, I have to say, I never heard anybody say that so directly that it is not your conscious mind that creates reality, ancient symbols that are secret and if only you knew them then you'd be alright too, but that it is our living energy bodies which create our reality.

Now that's amazing and it's such a different way of looking at the world that one might say, “Oh perhaps this is not true? I've been checking this out for many, many years now; I've been really careful, scientific and very, very methodical and it is true:

It's simply true our energy bodies create our reality.

Now, in years gone by, every year in November I would present my latest research to the annual conference and also present the latest training that was associated with the latest research, because the fact is that what we are doing here in Modern Energy has never been done before, not by anybody else ever and if they did, they did not leave any charts or traces behind so we are exploring this new world that we've been given through this simple insight that it is our energy bodies that create our reality.

Now, many years ago, in fact ten years ago I wrote a book called Events Psychology at the time and this is the book about how events work in our lives; not just trauma events, indeed the trauma events are the least of it! During the research into the events (especially the good events and also the Guiding Stars, which tried to be good events but something didn't go quite right and they got stuck somewhere in the energy body), during that research I found one piece of information which shocked me to the core.

This one piece of information has been sitting on my research table and has been worked with for the last ten years.

This one piece of information came from my research with the survivors from airplane disasters who had their life flash before their eyes - but what flashed were not trauma events, it was only – only! - high positive events, high positive memories.

Now if you think about the industry of psychology and the general industry of the Western world
and the ideas of the Western world, where everything is always and only about trauma, that simple fact is such heresy, it is so outside of what we have been taught, brainwashed into, all our lives that I didn't really know what to do with it.

  • The only things you remember just before you are about to die are your high positive memories.

For the last ten years I have been gently step by step steering the GoE towards the power of the positives, the power of love, to use high positive energy to overcome the problems in our energy body.

In order to do that I had to move the GoE out of psychology and into its own field - the Third Field - because what we are now doing isn't anything like psychology anymore. To get people to understand that the positives, high positive energy - love by any other word - is healing has been a long slow and arduous journey.

It has taken literally years to turn this gigantic waterwheel of wrongness into the right direction at long last, and now we have people who are starting to understand that the positives, that love is the healing we've been seeking.

But - and here's the big but - there's that other thing: the Star Events, the high positive events, the high positive events on the positive side of the scale, and the entire positive side of the Modern Rnergy Chart is totally unexplored.

There aren't any books about it. There aren't any courses about it. There aren't any trainings about it, nobody is looking at that, so I have been looking at that carefully for the last years.

I have begun to build in the foundations to understand what we are about to do now in every training that I have produced since 2011 and you may have seen exercises about the Treasures & Riches - the treasures, the true treasures of your lifetime; the treasures that you will be taking with you when you die into the other world - high positive memories, the Star Events from this lifetime and nothing else.

The trauma doesn't make it, the boringness doesn't make it, the only thing that makes it across the big divide are the high Star Events.

So I began to direct people's attention to their own high positive Star Events, their own Treasures & Riches of their lifetime and wonderful things happened.

Wonderful things happened – even in my short isolated tests people found strength and power inside themselves.

Strength and power inside themselves that they had forgotten they had, that they didn't realize they had, because their attention has been misdirected all their lives in the wrong direction towards trauma!

So I present to you this year Project 11 – it was originally called Project Plus 11, turn it up to Plus 11.

So, what is Project 11?

In essence Project 11 is to direct our conscious attention on the Star Events of our lives.

These Star Events, when they come back into consciousness, will completely transform your self-concept, completely transform the way you think about your life (whether it was good or bad), what you've learned from it instead of Irish Alzheimer's, where you only remember the insults!

We already know that in the moment of death all you remember is the good times, the best times of your life, your treasures and riches.

This is a fact. It's not a supposition, it's not a religious idea - it's a simple fact that the only thing
that matters, the ONLY thing that matters is the love.


I'm getting very moved by this, because it is just so contrary to what we've been taught, it's a one hundred eighty degrees the other way around, so what I want to do with Project 11 is to deliberately, with a lot of different exercises, to redirect our attention on our star moments in our lives.

What that does is that it literally creates new train tracks in the brain.

It will change the neurons in your physical brain because we are thinking in a direction that we have never thought in before!

There are so many other things to this; I am just trying to give you a light overview now.

What people have done is that they have connected with their trauma aspects in order to heal them. If we had connected for every time we've done that to our high positive aspects instead, our power aspects and I've started calling them assets, these are our real assets – if we connect to those, we wouldn't have had the problems in the first place that we tried to cure with the trauma stuff!

It's an extraordinary thing!

Now what happens when you actually systematically and properly access high positive memories is that you are creating a STAR LINE - instead of our time line full of all sorts of things, you are creating a star line and when we connect the dots between these experiences that you've had - oh WOW!

We start to learn the actual lessons of life that we've been wanting to learn all along, we're starting to understand what life is all about, what our place is in the greater scheme of things, what our talents are, what our contribution is and the whole thing is incredibly, incredibly empowering!

So that's Project 11 in a nutshell. It's a ten week course plus one mystery unit that I'd like to put in to keep with that 11 theme - it starts on November 11th at 11a.m. and my idea is this is that
when we put these positive aspects together, when we put those positive energy events together, they become together something more than the sum of their parts and that's the 11 in project.

This is what we need to do as people. We need to reclaim our real power – not some imaginary power, not somebody else's power.

We need to reclaim our own Star Events. Those moments when we did something amazing, when we did something magical - in order to understand how to do amazing, how to do magical, how to do powerful, that's how we learn this!

So what I'd like to put to you is that you have spent a lifetime collecting positive memories and the time has now come to gather in the harvest - to literally gather in that harvest of positive events and experiences, and take your intelligence, your energy system, your ability to create reality to a
totally different level.

I have looked for the way how this is done and connecting us up with our own Star Events and our own star aspects – that's how to do it.

It isn't hard; it isn't difficult; it's natural! We had to be beaten with sticks and constantly yapped at to stop doing it and to start looking for trauma instead!

So I would love to just now do a quick exercise with you so you get a sense of what I'm talking about here.

It is just so beautiful and so amazing and I just love you to have an experience of that!

Please join me in the heart position!

Let's take a deep breath in and out and let's just say, “Dear beloved energy mind, please connect me with a powerful positive moment from my life now!”

If you have not gotten a flash from your energy mind just yet, we can simply ask what was the time of day, what was the time of year, what was the weather or the atmosphere, what was the surrounding, the environment and who else was there?

And now, let us all take a moment to connect with the energy of that experience of that real-life event.

It's not a hallucination, it's not somebody else's magic moment, it's yours.

Connect to the power of that and let the power of that event, the energy of that event flow through your entire energy body, really invited in, breathe it in and isn't that just wonderful?

That's just one moment!

One moment of your life!

There are so many people out there who think that their lives were boring, pointless and stupid or full of pain and suffering because their attention has been directed in that way.

With a simple positive memory exercise like that you can literally (and I am so serious about that!) start gathering in the harvest of all those extraordinary experiences of your lifetime!

I am beyond joyous that we got to the point, that we can do things like this now, that you understand why this is so important especially in this crazy shifting world we're in!

It is so important that we find this extraordinary source of strength inside ourselves that we need to help other people - to be a joy for other people too.

This is so first time this is ever going to have been done on planet Earth!

I am sincerely hoping you will join me on this journey because this is going to blow you away on so many different levels!

This is going to blow your old self-concept out of the water like some old fancy dress costume that you just rip away and out comes this brilliant radiant being that finally understands their own power their own abilities!

Once we've achieved that, we can go further from there - we can be topic-specific.

We can find star memories about when you were able to do magical things - be it our psychic abilities or just heal somebody with a simple touch. See, the lessons on how to do these things are inside your memories!

You've experienced how to do this, you know how to do this!

The NLP guys were right about that we need to model excellence but they always thought like everybody else you need to model somebody else's excellence!

We do need to model excellence - we need to model our own natural powerful excellence and that's
what Project 11 is all about.

It's been a long time coming; it's probably also called Project 11 because it's been 11 years since I did that study with the plane crash survivors and realized that the only thing that matters in life is

Love is energy is power!

I am thrilled with this - it is the next step in obviously the next step for the GoE to move us forward into the new, but in a way more importantly it is the next step for each one of us.

A lot of people only go on courses in order to help other people – imagine how a person who has really connected with their highest healing experiences (and there are more than you think there are there are! So many more!) would do it!

As you can tell I get very excited about this! I can't wait to start this course - as always for a GoE
course it is going to be a ball of light and I'm going to be inside of it. I can't wait to go on that journey and finally find out who I really am when I'm at home, so I want to thank you so much for
listening today, for being here with me, I want to thank you again of being a part of this what is really a revolution. It really is to turn those old water wheels around and bring back the love, bring
back the light, bring back the power of the positives to raise us all up, and the people that we touch, the people we work with, the people we talk to to – literally, even when the darkest clouds are in the sky, let's spread a little happiness as we walk by!

That's what the GoE is all about, that's what Modern Energy is all about and there may be few of us right now but I know there will be more because it's beautiful, it makes sense, and empowered people work together in a totally different way.

So I'm going to send you my blessings today - thank you for listening, thank you for you!

Just thank you for you.

With all my love,

Silvia xxx

Silvia Hartmann
President, GoE

Creator, Modern Energy

Project Leader – Project 11

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Silvia Hartmann
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Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann says:

I am nearly beside myself with excitement! This is going to be AWESOME! And ... so, so valuable, so so needed!

Oct 7, 2019

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