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Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Lauren Rosenberg

Online | 7-14 November 2021

Sunday 07th November 2021 and Sunday 14th November

2pm UK, 11am EST, 8am Pacific Time to 6pm

Module 1  The Basics of Modern Energy Tapping  

  • The SUE Scale – How To Check And Measure Your Energy
  • The Heart Position – Connect and Stabilise Your Energy
  • The Energy Tapping Round –  How To Boost Your Energy
  • The Love Elevator –  Power Up With Positives To Reach +10

Module 2 The Energy Billionaire  

  • The Resilient You – When To Tap and The Energy Menu
  • The Nature Tap – Draw in Nature Energy Nurture and Regenerate
  • The Animal Tap – Power Cocktails and Shortcuts
  • The Colour Tap – Draw in Colour Remedies for Any Occasion

Module 3 Problem Shrinker Solution Builder Kit 

  • Real Problem Dissolving –  Raise Above Your Problem into The Solution State 
  • The Rescue Mission – Empower Your Past And Change Your Present
  • The Future Guarantee – Empower Your Future For Success 
  • The Distant Healer – Help Others not Present

Module 4 The Energist in Your Community 

  • Helping Friends, Family, Relationships, Groups
  • Tappy Bear for Children’s Stress and Creative Magic
  • Your Heart of Gold
  • Course includes:
    • Vibrant full colour manual 
    • Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Self Help Certificate Accredited by The Guild of Energists emailed to you after the training 
    • 1 Year Standard Membership of The Guild of Energists  
      • Monthly news by email
      • Member files & Documents, slideshows, diagrams to download, tapping protocols in many languages to use and share
    • GoE Library Access 
      •  Video trainings from the Energy Conferences you missed
      •  Videos, Audio Downloads, Articles for Inspiration from Around The World 
The Energy Course

What's Included

By purchasing this online video course (see: How To Purchase) for just £47.95 GBP you'll learn the core skills and techniques of Modern Energy. Certification is also included (see below). The course units are:

  1. Why Your Happiness Matters: An Introduction to Modern Energy (42 mins)Watch Free Sample Unit
  2. EMO Energy in Motion (38 mins)
  3. MET Modern Energy Tapping (41 mins)
  4. SM SuperMind Enhanced Creativity (51 mins)
  5. MSM Modern Stress Management (30 mins)
  6. Bonus Unit: The Energy of Relationships with Silvia Hartmann & Alex Kent (49 mins)

Each unit of this course contains instructions, exercises and practical tips for transforming your life into the positive with Modern Energy.

This course also comes with three months of GoE Standard Membership, so you'll have access to all the member support forums plus the incredible amount of learning resources available in the GoE Digital Library.

Course Units In Detail

Unit 1

Unit 1: Why Your Happiness Matters - Introduction to Modern Energy

What is MODERN Energy?

  • The "Invisible Something"
  • The Love Connection

Energy is REAL

  • Emotions: The Language Of The Energy Body
  • The Modern Energy Chart
  • The Undiscovered Energy Body
  • YOUR Unique Energy Body
  • Energy Body Sign Language

The Structure of Modern Energy

  • The Highest Taste Principle
  • Swimming Towards The Light

Energy Nutrition

  • Energy Vitamins
  • Positive Energz
  • The Heart of Gold

The 6th Sense

  • The 16.7% Advantage

The Aspects Model

  • The Loving Understanding

The Third Field

  • The 0% ➡ 100% Rule
  • The Power Of The Positives

Your Happiness Matters!

Unit 2

Unit 2: EMO Energy in Motion

Real Energy Channels

  • The Storm Drains
  • Re-Discovering Your 6th Sense

The EMO Energy Technique Step By Step

  • Where do you feel that in your body? Show me with your hands!
  • Location Location
  • Unsubte Energy

From "Emotion Words" To Clean Energy Work

  • EREA: The Energy Reality
  • Energy Wants To Flow
  • The Water Metaphor

Soften & Flow!

  • Increasing Energy Flow
  • Energy Is Information
  • The Energy Of Learning
  • The Threshold Shift: The (Healing) Event

The Energized End State

  • Energy Body Events
  • The Positive Energy Principle
  • The Emotion Scale
  • The Need For Emotion (And Purpose!)

The EMO Energy Magic Exercise

  • Knowledge & Wisdom Through Energy Learning

Modern Energy Healing

  • Healing Hands of Energy
  • Real Energy Healing For The Real Energy Body

Energy Shields

  • EMO Heart Healing
  • The Heart Of Gold
Unit 3

Unit 3: MET Modern Energy Tapping

The Journey To Modern Energy Tapping

  • From EFT To Modern Energy Tapping
  • Going Beyond Zero
  • Energy EFT
  • Tapping With The Energy Hands

ENERGY Tapping With The 6th Sense

  • Tapping With The Loving Touch
  • Tapping Positives

Tapping Evolutions

  • Future Orientation
  • A Different Treatment Flow
  • We Evolve Together
  • Modern Energy Tapping Foundation
  • Modern Energy Tapping Professional

Modern Energy Tapping Demonstration

Unit 4

Unit 4: SuperMind Enhanced Creativity

The Energy Mind

  • Stress & The Energy Mind
  • The Energy Mind PLUS The Conscious Mind Equals SuperMind

The Transfer of Consciousness

  • The Classic Game
  • The Sension Method
  • Discovering The Energy Worlds

Tapping Into Your Infinite Creativity

  • The Modern Energy Symbols
  • Treasures & Riches
  • The Gift
  • Sleep Habitats

The Three Super Heroes

Unit 5

Unit 5: MSM Modern Stress Management

The Global Stress Pandemic

  • The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution
  • The SUE Scale

Modern Stress Management Programs

  • Measuring Stress, Measuring Success
  • Generative Stress Solutions

Improving Relationships

  • You're Not Crazy, You're Just Stressed
  • MSM For Everybody

Raising The Energy Average

  • The Self Healing Energy Body
  • Discovering Your Own Energy Body
  • Love & Logic

The +10 Future

Unit 6

Unit 6: Bonus Presentation - The Energy of Relationships with Silvia Hartmann & Alex Kent

Energy Relationships

  • Human Relationships
  • Communicating about Emotions

Positive Emotional Interactions

  • Being More Attractive
  • Break Up Energy
  • Logical Relationships

Dating From The Energetic Point Of View

  • The Energy "HOW???" To Be More Confident
  • Saying The Right Words At The Right Time

The First Circuitry

  • Power For Life, Love & Everything!
  • Being Old AND Being Loved

The Energy Of Attraction

  • Soul Destroying Modern Dating Methods
  • Absolute Clarity In Energy Dating
  • Luck & Opportunity

Becoming Better Connected

  • It Takes A Village To Love A Person
  • The Human Connection

Course Includes Certification!

Once you have completed each course unit you may optionally complete an online test. Pass all of the core units and we'll email you your personalised certificate for printing out at home plus add you to the course alumni list.

Sample Certificate

How Is The Course Delivered?

After purchasing the course, you'll receive an email with a link for watching and completing each unit online. We recommend you do the course units in order, as each one builds upon the last.

This course features exercises and examples for you to try on yourself. No practice partner is required, however if you want to learn these techniques with a friend then you can pause the videos at anytime, or watch again as needed.

If you are not already a GoE member, then you'll be awarded three months of free GoE Standard Membership which is perfect for The Energy Course students. It includes full access to the GoE Digital Library plus access to the support forums.

Purchase Information

To purchase for £47.95 GBP, please choose whether you would also like the GoE Money online course for free:

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation Wonderful course! Lots of valuable information and, especially so, valuable exercises to practice and take forward into everyday life.

Ari Astor

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and was struck by the concept of using positive energy to raise an individuals physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. Rather than, concentrating on negative experiences which often do not raise one's energy, but keep people stuck in the past with negative vibrations. Thereby, not allowing people to move on from their difficult pasts. I would recommend this course to others and feel it would benefit many people. Regardless of their, age race, gender culture or sexual orientation etc. The course was easy to follow and represents good value for the price I am looking forward to studying this topic further.

Loretta Crawford

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation Useful and certainly good value for money!! A good reminder that raising our energy and functioning better in life is, after all not that complicated. Life is on our side! Thank God!!!

Paola Vallino

Richard Hyams Absolutely wonderful! This course gives a very clear concise overview of the foundations of EMO and Energy EFT (Modern Energy Tapping) and Modern Stress Management. It is great to be given and overview of these techniques that are all grounded in the same logical underlying principles and models. This overview is practical and provides some immediate applications so that the interested person can begin right away to explore was is a baseline of valuable information.

Richard Hyams

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation I've just re-watched this course as a prerequisite for the StarMatrix Course and - being now both more energy sensitive and of higher energy levels than I used to - I heard from it this time so much more than before. I've - finally! - got the idea I've heard and read so many times before - of Energy Body being separate from Physical Body and Energists working on that, rather than "trying to fix Physical Body through it" like acupuncturists do.

Yes, I'd DEFINITELY recommend it to others.

Yana Burmistrovich

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation This course is my first step into the amazing work of Silvia Hartmann, and it feels like I have come home. I love how empowering this approach is and how we can own our experience. The exercises are powerful and I'm looking forward to working extensively with them. Thank you Silvia for dedicating your life to this work!

Sarah Holland

Martina Konecna I enjoyed the new information with gratitude and love. I applicated working with the Modern Energy Chart, Positives and Star Memories to more times for me - excellent shining experiences!

And today to my client. Lady was very stressed - Relationships at home, health problems, we worked together for 1 hour and she went home like a sun! With Modern Energy Chart and clear understanding (her own experiences during session) what to do to be better and better. Thank You Silvia! I´m back :) 5 years took it to me.

Martina Konecna

Voon Chun Loh The pandemic caused a lot of stress to our bodies. In these different times, managing stress became a primary concern to all. Modern Energy is the best modality to heal us. This course is fantastic, clear, concise and full of new ideas. The vaccine will end the pandemic, but Modern Energy will energise your life.

Voon Chun Loh

Gillian Grace I have thoroughly enjoyed this Modern Energy Foundation course. Although I already work with Energy modalities in positive ways this course has given me further insights and tools/methods for raising our energy into a more consistently positive and elevated vibration.. I particularly enjoyed Silvia's tapping on Miracles demonstration - so uplifting. I would definitely recommend this course and consider it to be very good value for money. Thank you, Silvia for your ever continuing research in the realm of energy - I love it all.

Gillian Grace

Lori Bryson-Harbin Excellent course that teaches, in a practical way, an active means in which to deal with the stresses that have plagued individuals for centuries. It provides the practical applications of dealing with the "curve balls" that life can and does throw each of us.

I personally, have never had any classes with Silvia Hartmann that have not been genuinely authentic. She speaks from a place of years of experience, academically as well as personally. I know that if anyone were looking to take this course along with the many others that she has written, would be receiving a deep bargain at the price asked.

Don't wait for decades! In my prior capacity of lives being held in my hands everyday, minus these miraculous tool(s), presented in this course, I would have been able to perhaps save the stress that I entailed.

Lori Bryson-Harbin

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation What a magnificent find?! The New Age movement has brought about a wealth of misinformation, inflated egos, 'selfie' yoga poses & spiritual bypassing. There's finally a real, honest and genuine alternative to such a disastrous movement that beckons to those with eyes to see. I can't wait for the next step, and I'm absolutely grateful that I took heed, followed my intuition and enrolled in this soul-enriching course.

Francis Dams Konkol

Irene Wolf Loved the course. I was already an EFT Master from 2011- but this new and evolved, and this positive way of approaching Modern Energy is very enlightening and I can see highly effective.

Irene Wolf

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation I enjoyed this course. I learned many things from a modern perspective on the Energy Body and how to work with it. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants a better understanding of Energy and how help others more effectively.

Sheila Bradshaw, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation Love the course, I still have lots of questions. Super interesting stuff, really goes into the same things that I have been doing, raising energy and building your positivity portfolio - now I need more.


Paul Smith, GoE Member I have known Silvia's work for sometime now, i.e emotrance and the snow globing etc, which comes in very handy. I had no hesitation doing this course because, I needed a kick in the pants, and a wake up call!

I was really amazed about how much I had forgotten about energy states, and indeed how to emotionally feel better about myself again. This course is brilliant and quite affordable, I recommend it, Silvia is a breath of fresh air. It made me laugh in a great way, especially how she explains things with her examples. but you've go to be there and do this course you'll not regret.

Paul Smith, GoE Member

Erica Weeda, GoE Member Uplifting and inspiring! Very good value for money.

Erica Weeda, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation This is a great course to learn about how energy affects us all. Silvia is very good at explaining how important energy is to humans. Yes, I am learning more about my energetic body and how to manage my stress levels to be better at life. Yes, I still have more to learn, but I'm off to a wonderful start thanks to Silvia. Thank you for creating this for us all. 😁

Stephanie Hudson, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation The course was very useful as an introduction - more like a look through some small windows into very large spaces - to the learning and work available in GoE. I come away with far more questions than answers and some concrete skills to practice right now, which I find a very satisfying combination. The value for money was excellent, but it came as part of a package which includes a year of GoE membership and access to the library so it's hard to say where it falls or how to calculate its particular worth among such riches.

Cate Radebaugh, GoE Member

Fadwa Ibrahim Radi, GoE Professional Member A real good value course, hitting all the main areas to be a better person and lead a happier life..I'd definitely recommend the course if you want to be a new happy stress-free person

Fadwa Ibrahim Radi, GoE Professional Member

Linda Kinsella, GoE Professional Member I’m so pleased I finally set aside time to partake in these modules. As always, Silvia‘s grounded enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise shines through, which is hugely inspirational and motivational. I’ve always loved energy, but modern energy brings an empowering and simplistic method to move into magical possibilities with positive intention. Thank you

Linda Kinsella, GoE Professional Member

Pauline Tsukamoto, GoE Professional Member Taking this course I understood that Modern energy tapping is the tapping I have really wanted to do and include in my coaching. The five units have shown me this through Silvia's very inspiring and passionate teaching. So happy about that. I have used traditional EFT for a number of years and it has been a lifeline helping me with the effects of my own history. I see it as a preparation for how it can now be listening to Silvia's message. The EFT I learned initially for which I am very grateful gave me the chance to clear so much on the 'minus' side deeply seeking release. I used to think of it as my private telephone box. The 'positives' were always waiting there patiently, waiting for their time. The power of them named my coaching practice Pathways to Joy. So glad I took this course and grateful for the opportunity.

Pauline Tsukamoto, GoE Professional Member

Margarita Foley, GoE Energy Trainer I really enjoyed this course as I saw the unity of the Energy Mind and The Energy Body and how these work together to raise our energy levels and allow our energy to flow through our body without obstruction. This allows us to live at raised energy levels and live happier lives and create a better world. The old ideas about some stress being good for performance are being gradually replaced. There are also many fun and profound strategies such as the Energy Symbols to helps transform our states and create a total new experience even from negative experiences, One unified course that the average person could experience would enable many more people to discover the richness and joy of everyday living. This course is a great introduction and with a lttle expansion can be available to more and more people all over the world in many languages, Great Course that I can highly recommend. Thank you.

Margarita Foley, GoE Energy Trainer

Christa Nebel Curran, GoE Professional Member A wonderful and highly motivational course, which also greatly helps you decide which other GoE trainings will be beneficial and inspiring for you!

Christa Nebel Curran, GoE Professional Member

Alice Shield, GoE Professional Member Fabulous course! Felt like coming home. Everything resonated with me and was pulled together in a positive way. Thank you.

Alice Shield, GoE Professional Member

Cristina Rodriguez Ostria, GoE Professional Member Beautiful course !! + 10 ❤️ Thank you so much Silvia Hartman your teachings are so powerful, With love and gratitude

Cristina Rodriguez Ostria, GoE Professional Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation This was fantastic. I love the simplicity and power of Modern Energy. I have already noticed some positive shifts and experiences doing some of your exercises.

Diane Alida Bouwman, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation Very happy to have done this course as someone who had been introduced to the concept of Modern Energy through tapping. The ideas and concepts discussed here are simple and jargon-free, and relatable. I especially enjoyed learning about the energy mind and the super mind.

Vani Viswanathan, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation The course was very entertaining and informative. I had a lot of AHA experiences and a lot of fun watching the videos, the content has been presented in a very understandable and comprehensible way. I can recommend the course to anyone.

Helga Günthner, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation This is a very practical course that helped me build the understanding of the energy bodies and their essence. It changed the way I now see myself and others and more importantly I now treat myself in more gentle way. I stopped being harsh on myself as I now understand that there is only energy and the lack of energy.

Alyona Krymskaya, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation I had really deep insights and deepened my learning for Modern Energy. It is a clear reliable path to feel better and better:)

Frank Braun, GoE Standard Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation An thorough and insightful overview of what Modern Energy is and what great potential it has to truly change the world. Very clearly and simply explained. Lots of great exercises and tips to practice straight away. I thoroughly recommend this course.

Annemarie Wilson, GoE Professional Member

Prabha Nagaraja, GoE Energist Trainer Each unit of the course encapsulates key concepts around which various stand-alone courses have been built, giving the student an excellent taste of the courses.

Thank you Silvia Hartmann and the GoE team for this well-rounded introductory course! I am eager to do the Super Mind course after this introduction :)

Prabha Nagaraja, GoE Energist Trainer

Juliane Luhs, GoE Member This course gives a wonderful overview of Modern Energy. I learned and understood a lot and will recommend it. Thank you very much.I am looking forward to dive into it deeper much more. And it was good value the money.

Juliane Luhs, GoE Member

Daniela Ziehn I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to all ,who would like to know more about modern Energy work .

Daniela Ziehn

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation I found this course very insightful with lots of information and great examples. I found it easy to follow and will use the information in every aspect of my life to.

Wannitta Lalach, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation Great introduction to modern energy, very interesting. Gives good food for thought and generates further interest in other areas of modern energy.

Leisha Trail, GoE Member

Lisa Bundfuss, GoE Professional Member A fabulous opportunity to revisit and update knowledge, and clarifying modern energy.

Lisa Bundfuss, GoE Professional Member

Oliver Peltier, GoE Member This course is absolutely essential to our personal development. Everything is explained thoroughly and during the learning experience we can test things out for ourselves.

Oliver Peltier, GoE Member

Pamela Owen, GoE Member A thought provoking and inspirational course. Thank you Silvia for sharing this.

Pamela Owen, GoE Member

Sonia De Juan Gonzalez, GoE Professional Member I recommend this course as it generates a great awareness about the purpose of Modern Energy. Although I am a professional in some of the techniques I have continued to learn with this course in which I have specified many concepts.

Sonia De Juan Gonzalez, GoE Professional Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation It was very interesting and I enjoyed the course as it gave reconfirmation that the work I do is going in exactly this direction. It was very valuable, as I got through the charts material I did not have before that will help my work with people.

Definitely good, especially when someone still struggles with believing that the positive energy of love shifts the world around. Thank you very much for your work and dedication making this world a better place.

Angela Lichtenauer, GoE Professional Member

Emanuele Soranzo, GoE Member Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very interesting and effective. Silvia has excellent skills in delivering energy concepts and explaining how we can improve our lives to better ourselves and others. Nice!

Emanuele Soranzo, GoE Member

Helen Hurmson, GoE Member This course offers a clear, comprehensive and inspiring introduction to the core principles of the modern energy movement. I had some experience of the techniques and principles already, but this course has expanded my understanding significantly. Actually I feel this was essential to my next step. Easy to listen to and understand, and good value for money.

Helen Hurmson, GoE Member

Christine Walker, GoE Professional Member This course is out of this world. Modern Energy is the vital ingredient to living a happier, healthier, plus 10 life.

Silvia is a fantastic teacher, funny, knowledgeable, compassionate, honest and open. We don't know what we don't know, BUT WHEN WE DO KNOW, we have the golden ticket for living a limitless life and we have a sense of humanitarian duty to life everyone from #DoomToZoom

I enjoyed this course immensely and wrote reams of notes, translating Silvia's brilliant concepts into my own language for helping people to learn, grow, evolve. Thank you so much Silvia, this course was outstanding and I would recommend this to anyone who feels like they're struggling and juggling through their daily lives, feeling stuck and without direction. Stress begone!

Christine Walker, GoE Professional Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation It is a great introduction and invites you to dive deeper into the world of modern energy.

Ruerd Visser, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation Lots of fun and a lovely romp through the energy worlds. I would certainly recommend it to others.

Irma Hudson, GoE Professional Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation A great overview about Modern Energy. After taking the course, you've got lots of energy-tools to work and play with.

Michaela Thiede, GoE Member

Julie Wright, GoE Professional Each module was exceptional, so inspiring and empowering, I definitely plan to take this further and spread word. People don't have to be stuck anymore. Silvia presents each module very clearly and comes across with such passion, an excellent course, would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone. A huge thank you Silvia for this great opportunity

Julie Wright, GoE Professional

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation The course is a very useful and interesting introduction to the various areas of Modern Energy taught by the GoE. I enjoyed it and would recommend it. I'm now thinking of learning Modern Stress Management!

Catherine Chisnall, GoE Member

Darlene Two Trees Cannon, GoE Professional Member It's a wonderful introduction to the world of our own personal energy, how it functions and how to make beautiful lives using it. Highly recommended to everyone.

Darlene Two Trees Cannon, GoE Professional Member

Samuel Mansaray, GoE Member The course was very informative and practical. The tools embedded in the course to help us raise our energy levels are great and easy to use. There is a lot to read, but it's worth the reading. Good value for money. All modules were very relevant and pertinent to both my professional and personal development as a modern energist aspirant. I enjoyed it throughout and I would recommend it to anyone, who dare to know thyself. Many thanks to Silvia Hartmann.

Samuel Mansaray, GoE Member

Ruthy Baker, GoE Member A brilliant introduction and very clearly explained to what the energy body consists of and how we can work to raise our energy to access higher states, which in turn will improve our overall emotional and mental state, increase logic and creativity.

Ruthy Baker, GoE Member

Janet Anderson, GoE Member This course is a great overview of the various programs available of the Guild of Energists. So if you are wondering what the next step is in your growth as an energist, this course will give you the insight you need to make an informed decision about your course selections.

Janet Anderson, GoE Member

Tanya Isdale, GoE Member Fab course, learned a great deal about how modern energy differs from the original EFT. Silvia is an engaging presenter. Thanks

Tanya Isdale, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation Thank you for this Brilliant course ! Much of it has been revision for me as I have had many of your books for many years.... I particularly love EMO.....and use it often effectively. I feel the course is at a great price as it also includes the second Money course as a bonus... This encouraged me to buy it and I will now move on to enjoy that course which will be new for me... Thank you also for the White Rose Gift Of energy...I felt it 💝 Christine

Christine Taylor, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation I loved this course. I experienced the simplicity of understanding right away, as I learned about the energy body, the energy mind, the SuperMind, and other concepts. I felt a great joy when I did the tapping exercise with Silvia Hartman. Thank you, Silvia!

Positive thoughts do raise energy and do help the energy body experience star events. I worked with the Genius Symbols and got the starlight symbol. I have learned something new, this is going to help me, and others I assist. I'm glad I followed through and took this course. My arms and legs are still buzzing with lovely energy. Yes, I am going to definitely recommend this course to others. And, I look forward to teaching my son about the energy body.

Marlene Taylor, GoE Member

Corné Jooste, GoE Professional Member Such a great overview of modern energy! A must for beginners and practitioners alike and an inspirational reminder of why we are doing this.

Corné Jooste, GoE Professional Member

Janet Anderson, GoE Member I like the perspective the course has on the energy body, and energy healing. It is positively focused, rather than trying to just get rid of distress. As a result it is more playful, creative and fun to do.

I definitely recommend the foundations course to others. Having studied EFT and other energy healing courses, this course extends our knowledge of energy healing and offers a new perspective.

Janet Anderson, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation I learned so much from this course. I would certainly recommend it to others. It is very powerful.

Ruth Morgan, GoE Member

Jerome Johnson, GoE Member I've learned a lot from this course. It has put the books that I have read into a more concrete form....things make a lot more sense now! As I have gotten older I prefer to do video courses in addition to the ebook/book material.

This course was a delight which has made me hungry for more!

Jerome Johnson, GoE Member

Hulya Samhili, GoE Professional Member I liked it very much. It gives new ways to understand energy body and mind, and how important it is to raise energy.

Hulya Samhili, GoE Professional Member

Dr Morris Leon Berg, GoE Professional Member This course was an excellent refresher for me (I had already done several other GOE courses). It helps to get back to the basics especially when explaining Modern Energy to people new to it.

The course helps you see how all the facets of Modern Energy fit together. And I learnt a few points that I had missed! Finally, the course prompted an interest in me to do the Modern Stress Management training in the future, to add to my portfolio of GOE qualifications.

Dr Morris Leon Berg, GoE Professional Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation This course has opened my mind to find the answer why despite many efforts and applying various healing methods situations do not change permanently. Raising the energy average is the solution.

The course also helps to understand what being human means and be able to use our given faculties, know ourselves, improve our lives and many more. Thank you.

Sehay Alem, GoE Member

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation I have been following and experiencing Silvia's work since first finding her Harmony Program, way back when she began working with animals. As a Psychologist that also holds a Doctorate in Integrative Medicine, I see the nuances in her work and it's critical importance to the world now.

She is someone I infinitely respect. Having taken Genius Symbols and other courses, as well as reading virtually all that Silvia has written. I have found her work of critical use with my clients and with myself. This course is a good overview of several of Silvia's key techniques, as well as giving a beginner thinking and work that they can begin immediately. It will be of great benefit to all.

Shoshana Savyon, GoE Member

Roberta Greene , GoE Professional Member If you are an Energist Practitioner using techniques from before 2014, this Online Modern Energy Foundation Course is a more than excellent introduction to the updated and evolved vocabulary and techniques in all the for major Energy modalities.

You will discover sparkling new descriptions and exercises that incorporate your beloved favourites such as Events Psychology, Energy EFT, EmoTrance, and Project Sanctuary. You will be re-energized and excited to update your practitioner certifications, from the new experiences you have from this course, so you can share these with your clients.

Whatever your expectations were, you will be surprised and delighted with so much more. I can whole-heartedly recommend it.

Roberta Greene , GoE Professional Member

Carole Ann Catterall, GoE Member I found this course to be very beneficial. Having embarked on ‘self-help programmes’ in the past which promised much but delivered little in the way of content or desired outcomes, this one differs in that it very straightforward and makes sense from the start.

Very practical, logical and straightforward, in both sequence and practice. Given the actual content, it is very good value for money. I’ve had some real shifts in perspective, moments of clarity and increased sense of inner-well being.

Working with the power of POSITIVES - aiming towards +10 isn’t an arduous process - and it can actually be great fun! Everyone and anyone can benefit from following the procedures set out in this course. Thank you for bringing this to the world, Silvia.

Carole Ann Catterall, GoE Member

Lauren Rosenberg
  •  Fear Busters
  •  Hendon, London, England
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