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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 96 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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Modern Energy Tapping Professional with Sandra Hillawi

Online - International (Zoom) | 2-4 December 2022

Modern Energy Tapping Professional

with International Trainer Sandra Hillawi

International Zoom Online Training  10 am - 5.30 pm UK time each day

Times may be adjusted to fit participants time zones

 MET Pro on Zoom Met Pro online

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Welcome to this new and exciting training from The Guild of Energists, presented to you by myself Sandra Hillawi. The Modern Energy Tapping Professional. This is a completely future oriented, solution focussed method, a positive energy training. No more are we diving into the past to pull out the roots of our problems in order to feel better. That may seem radical to you, but the paradigm shift is here with Modern Energy Tapping. Read on for more details...  

If we tune into how we are feeling and what we need, what we are hungry for, what the solutions are, we can use energy tapping to treat stress and emotional problems and bring our emotional state up fast. This leads us into feeling happier and more empowered without digging in the painful past. We can take our state through to a +10 healing event, experiencing love, freedom, forgiveness and spiritual states and create a threshold shift with a lasting change for ourselves and our clients. This training brings together many years of research and discovery in the field of Modern Energy.  This course is a must for all helpers, healers, coaches, stress management professionals, doctors, counsellors and ANYONE who wishes to find and follow a new career in bringing people safely out of stress and into a better place in their life, where people are functioning in a healthy and higher performance way. Watch my video introduction to the training and read the course syllabus below

Level 1

1 - The Gift Of Modern Energy

2 - The Power Of The Positives

3 - Future Orientation

4 - The Treatment Flow

Level 2

5 - The Story Protocol

6 - The EMO Energy Body Protocol

7 - The Energy Matrix

8 - Miracles Of Healing

Level 3

9 - Energy Relationships

10 - SuperMind Solutions

11 - Advanced Energy Tapping

12 - The New Beginning

Pre-requisites: Modern Energy Tapping Foundation or Energy EFT Foundation plus Read the book Modern Energy Tapping by Silvia Hartmann

Fee £ 645  includes training, full colour manual, 1 year professional licence and membership of The Guild of Energists 

Installments available for advance bookings Registration Contact Sandra Hillawi

Course Feedback Below

Corné Jooste

The Modern Energy Tapping Professional training was such a high energy, profound training and I feel very blessed to have been a part of this amazing group! A star-sparkled, huge thank you to Silvia Hartmann for creating such an inspiring course, bringing clarity and simplicity to working with the energy body and raising us up to experience amazing healing events. You connected dots over a vast array of topics, both in modern tapping and wider metaphysical practices, making much of the old irrelevant as you push the boundaries into true r(e)volution. Sandra Hillawi, you blessed us with deep understanding, inspired us with your high energy and delivered the course with superb elegance. You are an excellent trainer and your personal experiences brought the coursework to life. Thank you to everyone in the group. You each contributed to brightening my energy and know you are each cherished in this journey. I cannot wait to expand my knowledge into other areas of modern energy and bringing this to my own clients and community. Highly recommended! 

Helen Ryle

The 3-day MET Pro course helped me to really understand the true power of the positives. I was astonished by how easy it was to take myself or my practice partner up the SUE scale quickly and reliably without ever having to delve into the problem. Instead we focused on and encouraged the positive energy needed to evolve and transform the problem. Our trainer Sandra Hillawi was superb, she illustrated the learnings with case stories and examples from her own experience and I learned so much more about modern energy than I understood before. As well as learning and practising how to use the positives with a wide variety of issues, we learned about the aspects and entity models in depth and also enhanced the energy with techniques from EMO and Supermind. Sandra helped us to form a connected and supportive group energy bubble although we were attending from different time zones and countries all around the world. The techniques and tools I've learned on this course will be put to good use with clients and also when I offer trainings in this course in Ireland. Many thanks to my fellow energists for a lively and energy raising 3 days and to Silvia for making this excellent course. 

Evon Thornton 

Amazing 3-day course! This program topped off the Masters Program and brought so much clarity to all the different modalities of Energy Tapping Very excited to be sharing these techniques with clients, friends, and family Loved working with everyone in this group very transformational. Sandra Hillawi thank you for this training I gained so much understanding insight, knowledge, and experience in this program. Thank You, Silvia Hartmann, for the new manual and developing this life-changing program. Darlene Cannon What a fantastic experience! Sandra Hillawi was a wonderful instructor, a shining example of the Positives. My ‘partners in crime’ were a delight to work with and assisted me in making some wonderful evolutions. I’m soooo looking forward to bringing this to my tribe 

Dominick Flarey

Met Pro is an evolutionary and transformative course and experience. It continues on where the EFT Master Practitioner course left off. I hate to spoil the surprise, but it is all about reaching the Mountain Top!---getting to the Healing Event !! The course takes you on a journey of learning and skills development to bring clients to the Healing Event quickly with grace and ease !! The learning and the experiences were transformative and my colleagues in the course made it a very high energy environment in which to grow. They were just great !! Sandra was just fantastic !! Hats off to her !! A highly intelligent, passionate and gifted Master Trainer !! She presented the course/training with such skill and passion and moved us to think "outside of the box!" Thank you Sandra!!! To Sylvia Hartmann.....you did it again !!! Another brilliant creation, a gift to us all to help make the world a better place ......Thank You !!

Registration Contact Sandra Hillawi


Sandra Hillawi
  •  Passion for Health
  •  Chilcompton Radstock, Somerset, England
  •  Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
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