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GoE Energy Conference 2016

GOE Energy Conference 2016

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Forthcoming Live Trainings & Events - February 2015

Forthcoming Live Trainings & Events - February 2015

Here is this months handy guide to all the training events coming up in February 2016.

February see's a great offering of GOE's core courses, from the Introductory Positive EFT, to the New Modern Stress Management Training and the two Master Practitioner Trainings of EFT and EMO. If you are a current GOE Trainer and need to upgrade to the Energist Trainers Training (deadline Nov 2016), then there are plenty of options listed below.

Don't see a suitable training or course? Then please feel free to contact Trainers in person, as they often have other events on their calenders or offer individual trainings. And don't forget there's always the option of a Distance Learning Course! 

February 2016

MODERN Stress Management Training

Modern Stress Management
Istanbul Turkey
4-5 February 2016
Sandra Hillawi

Modern Stress Management Facilitator Training
Southampton, Hampshire
3-4 February 2016
Jorge Vence

Modern Stress Management Facilitator
Marchwood, Southampton, Hampshire, UK
14-15 February 2016
Barbara Saph

Positive EFT Training

Positive EFT
Salem, OR USA
6 February 2016
Karen Aquinas

Positive EFT / Introduction to EFT
Stillorgan Park Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
7 February 2016
Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning

An introduction to EFT with Positive EFT
Live Online Training
11 February 2016
Maria Chappell

Positive EFT Practitioner Training
Southampton, Hampshire
11 February 2016
Jorge Vence

EFT Master Practitioner Training

EFT Master Practitioner
Dublin, Ireland - Grand Canal Hotel, Dublin 4
7-28 February 2016
Sandra Smith

EFT Master Practitioner Training
Southampton, Hampshire
12-14 February 2016
Jorge Vence

AMT accredited and certified EFT Master Practitioner Training Belfast - 4 days
Life Therapies Clinic, 31 Saintfield Road, Belfast, BT8 6AF
13 February - 13 March 2016
Bridin McKenna UKCP Reg. Clinical Psychotherapist

EFT Level 1 & EFT Master Practitioner
Life Therapies Clinic, 31 Saintfield Road, Belfast BT8 6AF
13 February - 13 March 2016
Bridin McKenna UKCP Reg. Clinical Psychotherapist

EFT Master Practitioner
9535 Forest Lane, Suite 112, Dallas, Texas, United States
19-21 February 2016
Keren Shamay

EFT Master Practitioner
International Online Skype Video Trainig
24-26 February 2016
Sandra Hillawi

EFT Master Practitioner
Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan,Co. Dublin, Ireland
26-28 February 2016
Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning

EFT Master Practitioner Course 
Catford, UK
26-28 February 2016
Suzanne Zacharia

EMO Master Practitioner Training

EMO (Energy in Motion) Master Practitioner
St Catherines House, Doncaster, England
4-6 February 2016
Maria Chappell

EMO - Energy in Motion Master Practitioner
Southampton, Hampshire
19-21 February 2016
Jorge Vence

EMO Master Practitioner
Dallas, Texas, USA
26-28 February 2016
Patricia DancingElk-Walls

Energist Trainer Training

AMT Energist Trainer
Kayseri Turkey
1-2 February 2016
Sandra Hillawi

AMT Energist Trainer
Istanbul Turkey
6-7 February 2016
Sandra Hillawi

AMT Trainer's Training
Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, Ireland
19-20 February 2016
Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning

AMT Trainer Training
Southampton, Hampshire, UK
25-26 February 2016
Barbara Saph

AMT Trainer's Training
Princeton Area, New Jersey, USA
27-28 February 2016
Dr Teresa Lynch

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