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star matrix 3

hi i have heard this morning that there may be a problem, with the fact that i cannot get onto facebook at all to do the star matrix 3 course.
could you advise me on what to do please
kind regards
Oct 19, 2020

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Hi Paul! Well, there isn't a problem as such as you can access the course units and the handouts through this website; I'm just sad you are going to miss out on the discussions and sharing of star memories with the other students. Any chance of making a "fake profile" just for this course?
Sep 13, 2020
hi silvia
no ive tried to but they say i need to prove who i am by sending them all my information ,then they will consider it ive done this 3 times now
but i think itll be ok because a freind of mine has also done star matrix 1 and is on facebook, so she will keep me up to date hopefully x
cheers silvia

itl all be fine
Sep 14, 2020
How weird! Nigerian scammers are allowed in but not actual real people. Oh well! We can communicate here and you'll get an email each week on Monday around 10 with a link to the next Unit. Tell me a little about yourself while we're here!
Sep 14, 2020
i know strange people and systems around oh well lol...
as you know from the Sunday live vids on you tube i got some different names (solarhawk7 which is the 737-800 flight simulator i have built ,and solar phonix is the name i use for when i compose my music..
i have done all sorts of differant courses ie reki oceans of energy etc so i would say i am pretty tuned in lol ( i feel lol )
Sep 14, 2020
i struggle from day to day with blackouts and falls. so i have medically retired so i fill my days up with positives, and i must say i have managed with the help of yourself, so you have saved my life, especially through the power of the positive exercises, so i really must send you a personal than you x
Sep 14, 2020
Ooooh!!! YOU are Solar Hawk! Fantastic!!! Welcome in a whole new way! :-) A person who thinks AND feels! My favourite kind!

You are SO going to love Star Matrix!!! Excited!!! (and with apologies for all the exclamation marks haha!)
Sep 14, 2020
im looking forward to this big time lol WOO HOO LOL
Sep 14, 2020
Any insights, Star Stories, questions or comments you have I'll happily pass on the group, as well as any relevant responses. It's a really small group so there's plenty of time! I wish you were on it tho. What did you do to get chucked off FB?
Sep 14, 2020
ahh thanks silvia much appreciated
they wanted my details and i wasnt prepared to give it to them ie
national insurance number a copy of my drivers licence etc
so no way mr zuckerberg are you having any of this lol
he would only sell it anyway lol
but i am on other things like instagram and watts app
strangly all owned by facebook which i feel is hillerious lol
Sep 14, 2020
We have a FB account once used by an ex staff member, would you like to use that? I just checked it and it still works.
Sep 14, 2020
ok we can see if it works .lets give it a go thanks
Sep 14, 2020
jay.major@emotrance.com pa55w0rd

No naughty acitivities please!!! FB.com/groups/starmatrix3/
Sep 14, 2020
haha fat chance lol
Sep 14, 2020
thanks silvia ill give it a go lol
Sep 14, 2020
hi silvia we tried this is the message i got back

Your account has been temporarily locked
Weโ€™ve detected suspicious activity on your Facebook account and have temporarily locked it as a security precaution.
Itโ€™s likely that your account was compromised as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like Facebook. This type of attack is known as phishing. Learn more in the Help Center.
Over the next few steps weโ€™ll walk you through a security check to help secure your account, and let you log back in.
Sep 14, 2020
Good Gods! Alright, let's give it up!
Sep 14, 2020
see what i mean
bloomin heck

ive tried and tried i think because of my routers address they can block it
all to technical for me lol
Sep 14, 2020
i can tell you on here if i have any insights and memories i can trade with you lol
Sep 14, 2020
The "Star Spark" effect, FYI

From Notifications
Paula Curtis-Burn
I started my Star Book after reading the first part of the Star Matrix book. Title is Fireflies, Magical. Age22. It was my birthday and my then fiancรฉ and one of our best friends tooke me out for drinks and dancing. It was dark when we were driving home and we rounded a bend and came upon a field lighting up with thousands of fireflies. We stopped to watch for awhile and I was awe struck. I had a moment of guilt for all the fireflies Iโ€™d caught and who had died in my jar, but that passed and I was left with the pure magic if what I was seeing. I can pull up that scene in my minds eye anytime I want and it still makes me smile, grateful for feeling the magic once again.
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Silvia Hartmann
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Beautiful, beautiful memory! Thank you for sharing - it immediately transported me to my one and only memory of seeing ONE firefly for real, in East Sussex, after a dog training class. I saw the green glow and couldn't work out what it might have been!โ€ฆ See More

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ยท 14h

Silvia Hartmann
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Oh my and now we've REALLY done it! Oh wow - this could be one of my top ten memories of all time (although one shouldn't judge, probably!)
I think the aspect must have been about 11 years old, on a summer camp in the Baltic Sea, and we were told that marine phosphorescence was happening in the water, but of course, it being night, we wouldn't get to see it, as we were all little squirts and needed to be in bed.
Well, the aspect did "Mission Impossible" ... creeping out of bed, doing forward rolls into the bushes to escape the camp guard's attention, and made her way in the pitch black night across the dunes, onto the beach and down to the water's edge.
You could just see a little of the green/turquoise glow on the waves as they broke on the shore; so the aspect took off all her clothes and went into the water.
And OMG with a capital OMG!
Swimming in that pitch black water, no moon, all black all around and every move you made created those long, shimmering streaks of turquoise lights and bubbles, it was the most magical thing EVER.
The most magical thing ever experienced in the Hard ...
Thank you so much for your Fireflies and bringing me back to that moment! xxx

ยท Reply
ยท 14h

Paula Curtis-Burn
Silvia Hartmann
Now you have just triggered a memory for my 22 year old aspect of a summer in California (on mission for the Presbyterian Church) when we spent free time ar the beach. The green phosphorescent was in the water and just walking barefoot at the waterโ€™s edge would outline oneโ€™s footprints in those beautiful green sparkles. Thank you for the reminder

ยท Reply
ยท 12h

Irma Hudson
That brings a Memory of just about a month after we moved to Albuquerque. I was 22. Our new house overlooked the city. It was the fourth of July. We could see thunderstorms, fireworks, and fireflies all over the valley. So lovely!

ยท Reply
ยท 7h

Silvia Hartmann
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Oooh Paula Curtis-Burn
and Irma Hudson
- you have just experienced the "Star Sparking" effect with me as we are telling our Star Stories!!! Isn't it wonderful???

ยท Reply
ยท 6m

Silvia Hartmann
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And Irma Hudson
s thunderstorm memory sparked for me a moment in a wonderful night when Martin and I went storm chasing all the way into Kent on the tiniest of deep country roads, and came upon a wide pasture, so, so green in the lights of the car, with the most unbelievable sky above, full moon, incandescent clouds and silver lightning ... pure Sanctuary in the Hard!
Sep 15, 2020
hi Silvia

my memory was my a car i bought really comfy car the red mk2 cavalier.
i had just bought it off of a friend and when i used to visit my grandmother. we would go out in it, she would be asleep in the back seat
i said are you ok? and she replied it is so comfy i fell asleep lol .
i feel such love for that car and that is my first memory in the hard lol
Sep 15, 2020
thanks for this idea Silvia
sending you many sparkly stars to you
Sep 15, 2020
You are very welcome! SMX is more fun when it is shared.
Sep 15, 2020
So! How did it go for you first time out?
Sep 21, 2020
Hi Silvia
i have done the mini course before i started this main course
i have got the idea now of how to ask and listen to the dear energy mind, and to recognize when it replies to the what do i need or please send me a star memory etc.
its all very very good and flows very well indeed.
looking forward to todays course lol

Sep 21, 2020
Hi Silvia
is there no course part 2 this week ?

Sep 21, 2020
Yes, of course, should be there at 11!
Sep 21, 2020
Good to hear you are getting Star Memories! That's the main thing at this point!
Sep 21, 2020
ahh it says at 10

ok as long as i havnt missed it lol

cheers Silvia

heres what alex wrote

Unit 2 will go live next Monday, 21st September at 10am again.

Any other questions, please write back.

Bon voyage!

๐Ÿ˜Š Alex

Alex Kent
Guild of Energists

just checking
Sep 21, 2020
thanks Silvia
wow that was a great one
stepping into the star memory was amazing for me because
my energy mind sent me the memory of when i first visited the house i am now living in for the first time, and wow it was totally
multidimensional, as if i had just walked into a 3d and 4d image. i could feel and smell, touch and taste etc and the extra info was that
my neighbor called Dot ..at the time or !old boot! lol as she called herself made me feel so welcome and bless her is still around today .but without form ..another piece of information that i have just got writing this is that she is around and protecting this wonderful home, i am living in i do chat with her on occasions,,,,lol
Sep 21, 2020
Oh that's brilliant! I'm thrilled that you had that experience of the "multidimensional reality" of the memory and also the additional information, oftentimes it's like fish and water with past aspects and what was important in their lives. Excellent! Keep up the good work!
Sep 21, 2020
Just commented on the group:

Wow ... I just did the Unit and got the moment when my aspect was sitting, looking at a blank word processing document, and wondering how to explain that thing with the worlds you create with your mind. I was playing Doors music in the background and at that exact moment, Jim Morrison said, "Can you give me Sanctuary ..." Everything changed, the whole room shifted and I knew exactly how to write that book, even what it was going to be called, and the aspect typed PROJECT SANCTUARY in caps lock as the title onto the page.
Sep 21, 2020
thanks Silvia x
Sep 24, 2020
A tip from the group repost:

Activating all six senses deliberately in our Star Memories, systematically one after the other, is the key to getting the most (energy, information, effect!) out of the experience. Which sense do you find the hardest to activate? Ask your dear Energy Mind for a Star Memory today that features this sense so strongly, it will really "come to life" for you!
Sep 26, 2020
How are you doing???
Sep 30, 2020
Hi Silvia
i was 11 at the time
my father had a phone call from the friends of the dc 3 club back in the 80s.
They told him that a DC3 was sitting on the apron at luton airport, and would i like to go and see it !!
so we went down there and saw the security guard.
i was then allowed, with just me, my dad, and the security guard to run around this gorgeous aircraft
i then entered the memory and held my own hand, and told my aspect to enjoy yourself.
i was running around it touching it feeling it
WOW it was such an incredible event that i said to my aspect anything is possible xx
comment image
Oct 4, 2020
those were amazing events heres the plane i ran around lol
Oct 4, 2020
That's an amazing memory - and a happy aspect! :-)

How can this aspect's energy help with the current situation and the future?
Oct 4, 2020
this aspects energy brings the message that i am allowing myself to enjoy the things i love and the release of turning worry into a positive but allowing the flow in through and out to activate automatically
Oct 5, 2020
... and that A-MAZING things can happen right out of the blue ... :-) ?
Oct 6, 2020
yes thats true ...
Oct 10, 2020
my start dream is being in meditation at the age of 30 and sat on a moonlit beach and the warm sand around my feet ..and then the warm clear sea comes rolling up the beach and rolls out again ,i look up and see the moon spreading its wonderful glow all around me.
making me feel so calm and safe ,the beach is glowing and sparkling with myriads of little sand particles,its nice to know that this is a star dreams and now an entry in the book of stars...very nice one that
Oct 10, 2020
the second star dream is again in meditation
i was 40 this time and was doing some shamanic work and was working with each direction
so i called my totem aspects in and it was glorious, i had all these different animal totems appearing right in front of me, and i greeted each of them individually, i could feel them, smell them ,hear them, it was an awesome star dream
Oct 10, 2020
Those are beautiful! And I am fair certain that's just the tip of the beautiful iceberg of Star Dreams! Thank you for sharing!
Oct 15, 2020
My 1st Star Power is CREATIVITY. What is yours?
Oct 15, 2020
MY 1st star power is building and creativity
my 2nd one is the ability to make people laugh
my 3rd is to do impressions of people i dont know how i do it but they are accurate lol
Oct 15, 2020
Oooh 3 Star Powers already! Stick with the 1st one for this Unit and find as many Star Memories relating to it as possible. As "building" is actually creating/making something that brings ideas into the hard (as opposed to just fantasising), you can just go for asking for Star Memories relating to creativity, and prepare to be surprised!
Oct 16, 2020
yes its a good one that is, lots of cascades on this one to
Oct 16, 2020
Unit 6 is on your OTHER Star Powers. I just posted the following which might be of interest in the context:

www.imdb.com/title/tt2872732/ I watched this movie LUCY last night; it's about increasing your brain activity from just 10% to more. This is done by pharmaceutical means; of course. Science and substances will make us super human ... Yeah ... right ... The point I wanted to pick up on is that as your brain activity increases, SO DO YOUR SUPER POWERS.

This is actually correct; and it finally answers the question, "Why would I ever want to be any smarter than I already am????" It's not a topic of primary interest to people who just want more money or whatever.

You want to access MORE of your inherent super powers? Let's activate even a little part of that 90% unused capacity of the human brain. Even a 10% increase would give you more POWER, and not only that, more SUPER POWERS, which are really delicious and quite astonishing across the board.

If you asked me in the past HOW do we do that I would have said, Project Sanctuary! SuperMind!!! Modern Energy Art!!! EMO!!!

Today I would say, start with STAR MATRIX.

You're building new train tracks in the physical brain when you engage with your own Star Memories. Ideas spark, connections become revealed, neurons make brand new connections, lighting up more of your capacity for intelligence.

It's simple, it's easy, it improves your memory, and when we come to the Star Dreams, really lights up functions of your brain that "normal people" just don't access, even if they have all the hardware ready and waiting between their ears.

Star Matrix also improves your mood, of course, and the higher the state, the more intelligent, insightful and wise we actually become.

There's no need for those clever folks to construct artificial whatsits to make us smarter.

We just need to play our (brain)cards correctly.

And Star Matrix is the start - it's a doorway, a star gate to your own intelligence, which means, to your own Super Powers.

You can get the book here: DragonRising.com/store/star_matrix/

The first ever Star Matrix Summit is here: GoE.ac/summit/ It's free to register for current GoE members and there's a low cost Star Matrix Summit package if you're not.

I would absolutely LOVE for humanity to get smarter!!! Not autistic smart, but re-discovering the real sacred intelligence we were all gifted with at the moment of conception.

#starmatrix #LucyMovie #genius #geniusidea
Oct 19, 2020

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