General Tapping Protocol and the Energy Body

Hi Everyone,
I began tapping the sequence of points after the Heart Position, trying different pressures and sequences of tapping, not really feeling any significant body sensations, although when I tapped a few rounds on stress and energy, I did feel lighter and more alert and energised.
Then I began to apply my attention to think in terms of tapping energy points with my energy hands, and this took my attention away from my physical body which I thought would help me better to actually feel the energies moving.
Subsequently it just dropped into my mind that maybe the energy body is non-local and surrounds the physical body, so maybe tapping slightly above the points (not touching the physical body) would be interesting.
When I did thus, I did feel more connected to the energy body, but at each point I tapped above, I got a picture of an event or a person, so I thought maybe these are energy events that have registered and lodged an effect on my energy body or are information-rich and need processing/evolving and moving through as they are bocks to my chest energy flow.
I also wondered if I could/should apply the Star Matrix patterns/protocols to sine of them.
Is there any benefit or detriment to tapping above not physically on the eft points?
Maybe it is the non-local asoect of the energy body is where our Beverly busted interact with one another.
Id be very interested in any responses to this
Cherrill (Dean)
Jun 7, 2023

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Hi Cherrill, it's great that you are experimenting!

It may be that by tapping above the points you are contacting a different layer in the energy system, which is super complex and unknown. The fact that you are getting memory flashes makes me think that this may stimulate what I call the "psychic circuitry" - where the energy mind is at, where Sanctuary works.

This might also be an invitation/indication that this is the level your totality wants to work at at this time.

i would add that you said no "significant" body sensations, which makes me think there may have been very subtle sensations, little shivers, light movements, and our ability to pick up on those is something we also want to develop, to become more sensitive.

I like your "tapping above the points" a lot!
Jun 7, 2023

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