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Free EFT Self-Help Manual Published & Available Now

by Carna Zacharias-Miller

Free EFT Self-Help Manual Published & Available Now

A free self-help manual that teaches EFT, a cutting-edge mind-body healing technique, is available now at www.EFTfree.net. The EFTfree Manual  is a concise forty-four pages, but offers all of the basics and beyond for those who are interested in learning EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Read on for more details.

The authors, Jade Barbee, Betty Moore-Hafter, Lynne Shaner, and Carna Zacharias-Miller, are the creators of the site EFTfree.net, a website that offers articles and information about EFT. “Up until now, there have been few free resources available that teach EFT as it is currently practiced, “ says Betty Moore-Hafter “The four of us have been interested in creating a new manual for a long time,” she says.

Lynne Shaner, one of the authors, says “We’ve also felt that there is so much to be addressed, including some of the science behind EFT, which has not been explained well elsewhere. In the new manual, we’ve put it all together, so that a newcomer could read through and find out how to do EFT effectively, and also learn a bit about how it works."

The manual is tightly written, and includes an illustrated how-to section for anyone just starting to learn EFT, or anyone who wants a review, followed by chapters covering getting specific, core issues, variations on the setup phrase, the art of delivery, troubleshooting, and the science behind EFT. Newcomers and veteran EFT practitioners alike will find helpful tips and information.

Coauthor Jade Barbee notes “People who know EFT tend to be very passionate about it, and the manual is another way EFTfree can share in that passion and enthusiasm. We just love talking and writing about essential—and evolving—skills and strategies.

“This manual is the EFT guidance you’ve been waiting for,” says coauthor Carna Zacharias-Miller.

To download the manual, go to www.EFTfree.net and click on the information at the top right of the page.

Posted Apr 14, 2010 by Carna Zacharias-Miller More Information ->
Carna Zacharias-Miller

About Carna Zacharias-Miller

Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Tucson, Arizona, United States.

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