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Special Reports

Yes, the world's gone crazy, it's full of stress and as a direct result, TIME is getting ever shorter.

Gone are the days when an expert had DECADES to work on an authoritative TOME of a book that contained all the wisdom of their lifetime.

Gone are the days when a publishing company could spend YEARS slowly preparing the gigantic manuscripts for publication.

Gone are the days when the readers had WEEKS to plough through thousands of densely printed pages containing a MILLION words.

Gone are the days when there was nothing NEW for ages - research is moving forward at a fast, FAST pace right now.

The answer to these problems is simple:
The GoE Special Reports

Concise and focused on NEW research and discoveries, right at the cutting edge

Produced in Electronic Document format for instant distribution

A fantastic way for researchers to share their CURRENT discoveries and what they are excited about RIGHT NOW

A fast, easy, information dense download of information for the readers, without filler, without wasting precious TIME.

A cost effective, practial way for everyone to access the LATEST information and not fall behind in knowledge, information and skills.

And of course, no trees have to die in the pursuit of human knowledge!

The GoE Special Reports are in-depth, additional information created by the Modern Energy researchers of the day.

Choose YOUR areas of interest, build up your personal library of knowledge, stay up to date with the LATEST research and discoveries.

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Available exclusively from The Guild of Energists.