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Association for Meridian Energy Therapies 2012 Conference and Pre/Post Conference Trainings Terms & Conditions

Agreement Version: V2012.170612

Booking Agreement

The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies will be subsequently referred to as "The AMT".

The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies Conference and associated pre and post conference trainings will be subsequently referred to as "The Conference".

The Britannia Gatwick Europa Hotel will be subsequently referred to as "The Hotel".

Any contract between yourself and The AMT is subject to these booking conditions and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

Any correspondence between you and us should either be sent by registered post or by printing off and keeping emails, including our replies to ones you have sent us. If you do not keep replies then we may be unable to validate having received any communication from you.

Hotel rooms booked through The AMT are also subject to the terms and conditions of The Hotel:


Registration Information

We use the information you have given us to calculate the correct price for you to attend The Conference. If you have accidentally or purposefully entered the wrong information to register for the conference or training days at a reduced rate then we will contact you to correct the error.

Cancellation Policy

We are unable to give refunds on training tickets to The Conference but may be able to transfer you to an alternative training or defer your place to the next annual conference. Such a decision is discretionary by The AMT.

Your tickets for The Conference may be transferred to another individual up until 7 days before the start of the conference. An admin fee of £10.00 (inc VAT) will be charged because we'll need to send out a new welcome and registration pack. If you've got a physical ticket to the conference itself then you must give this to the person you are transfering the ticket to. The person getting your ticket must be entitled to the same discounts as what you have received. For example, a trainer given an 80% discount for retaking the trainers day can not give their ticket to a practitioner who would normally have to pay full price.

There is a admin charge of £10.00 (inc VAT) for changing a name registered to a ticket

Hotel rooms booked through The AMT can be canceled as late as 24 hours before you are due to arrive. Any payments made for your hotel room will be returned in full.

Ticket Touting Policy

The number of tickets available to The Conference is strictly limited therefore is expected to sell-out. Whilst we urge delegates to book early to avoid disappointment we also do not condone profiteering by reselling tickets at a price above the event RRP (£249.00). If after all the tickets have been sold a person is caught selling their registered tickets above this value then The AMT reserves the right to ban that person from registering for future events. Any victims of profiteering should follow the complaints procedure below.

Training Tickets & Badges

Upon booking, you will be emailed or posted a receipt which you can bring along to the conference if you wish. You will also be posted out a registration pack, including welcome letter, badge, any tickets to the conference (if applicable) and also information about the hotel/travel.

The 2012 EFT & Energy Conference is a ticketed event, however tickets are only valid once the registration number of the ticket has been registered with the office. Resellers are given a number of tickets which they may sell on to delegates, but they must then register the delegate & ticket number with the office to make that ticket valid.

If you have lost your ticket then you can still attend the conference, it will just take a little bit longer to register you on the door.

Pre/post conference trainings and workshops are ticket-less events where you will be asked to register upon arrival by either the trainer or a member of staff who will welcome you and issue you with a badge and any due workshop manuals.

Badges are sent out alongside your ticket. Please do keep your badge with you at The Conference to gain access to halls/rooms without having to re-register.

If you need to have a badge made or reissued, please see our terms and conditions on "Certificates & Badges" below.

The cost of each training ticket includes entry to the event, appropriate training manuals, refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits, hot/cold water) at specific times during the day and certification/licensing where appropriate. Tickets do not cover food, drink, travel or hotel costs you may incur.

Hotel - General

The Hotel is the venue for The Conference and rooms may be booked through The AMT whilst ordering your Conference tickets. 

The Hotel has a swimming pool, gym, hot-tub and sauna which they charge a small fee for using but is perfect for relaxing before or after the conference training days. A weekly pass (approx £5.00) is available from The Hotel reception.

The Hotel operates a Gatwick Airport shuttle service which offers door-to-door delivery to/from the airport. This is free to get from the airport to the hotel, but a nominal fee (approx £4.00) is charged returning to the airport. This fee is paid direct to The Hotel reception and  you may need to book a seat on the bus during busy times.

The Hotel does not charge delegates to use the car-park whilst the conference is in session. Availability of car parking space is offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Neither us nor the hotel accepts liability for any damage or loss occurring in the car park. For more information, please see the hotels terms and conditions.

Hotel - Rooms

We strongly recommend that you stay overnight in the hotel for the duration of the days you are attending. Not only will this ensure you begin each day refreshed and alert but you’ll also be able to attend any optional evening events that we may put on for you. The Conference is a chance to network with other practitioners and trainers so staying in the hotel gives you ample opportunity to make new friends and contacts.

For your convenience, you are able to book your hotel rooms through us as we have negotiated what we believe to be exceptionally good room rates which include breakfast.

You are also able to book direct from the hotel or via one of their affiliates, but we believe this will be a more expensive option for you and often does not come with the delightful Europa buffet breakfast.

If you do not book hotel rooms through The AMT then you need to say to hotel reception staff that you have booked separately to The Conference. Failure to do so will delay you at check-in because reception staff will begin to search through the names on our group booking before establishing you are not on it.

Delegates who have checked-out of their hotel room on a day of the conference or pre/post training days may store their luggage at their own risk in the conference training hall provided it does not get in the way and is not a safety risk. The hotel does offer a ‘left luggage’ facility if you are asked to move your luggage by us or a member of the hotels staff.

Hotel - Rooms Booked Through Us

If you book through us you must read and accept the hotels terms and conditions, which is available here:


If you would like the hotel to be made aware of any special requirements you have, then please do contact us as soon as possible after booking.

This service is offered by us to you as a convenience. Whilst we are in regular contact with the hotel, we do not know exactly when they will run out of each type of room, hence early booking is advised. Whilst we will take every care to resolves any issues that may arise to the best of our ability, we can not accept liability for them.


Ticket affiliates and resellers may quote prices in other currencies than £GBP which in most circumstances will be based on the going rate of the Sterling currency. However, it is up to the delegate to check the exchange rate they are being charged.

If you feel you have been charged too much for your tickets then please use our complaints procedure.

You may not combine discounts offered. The highest of the discounts you are eligible for will apply to the full price of the ticket.

AMT Trainers and Practitioners retaking either the AMT EFT Professional Practitioner Training or the AMT Trainers Day will not qualify for new training manuals. If you would like to purchase an additional manual for the nominal fee of £10.00 each then contact a member of staff. We do keep some spare at the training, but unless you book a training manual in advance then we cannot guarantee one will be available for you.

Certificates & Badges

Any certificate or badge issued during The Conference will have your name as is spelled in the information you have given us. If we need to reprint a certificate and it isn’t our fault then we may optionally charge a £10.00 re-issue fee. Because of the limited office equipment we have available at the conference it may take us up to 28 days to reissue a duplicate certificate.

If we need to reissue a badge, then we might have to resort to normal white sticky labels or hand-written badges. The conference staff do not guarantee that their hand-writing is either beautiful or elegant. You may of course write your own name on your badge, at your discretion.

Delegate Conduct

We reserve the right to ask you to leave the conference if we deem your behaviour to be detrimental to a good atmosphere and learning environment for the other delegates. If this exceptional situation does happen then we will not issue a refund.

The AMT Conference has a great reputation for friendliness and openness. We have never had to remove anyone from the training and would very much like to keep it that way!

If you need to make a complaint, please do so in writing to our address given at the bottom of these terms and conditions.

Delegate Responsibilities

You are responsible for your own safety whilst at the conference and are strongly advised to take up insurance to cover the full length of The Conference and travel to and from the venue.

If is also your responsibility to inform us at least 7 days prior to the commencement of the conference about any physical, medical or psychological information or special needs about yourself that you deem important for us to know about to ensure that you have a safe, pleasant experience. Any information given will be held in the strictest confidence.

If something happens that you are displeased with during the conference then it is your responsibility to inform a member of conference staff as soon as possible. Complaining after the event means that we can't help address the issues (and that is what we are there to do).

Training Programme and Schedules Alterations

We reserve the right to change the training schedules before or during The Conference. This may include changes to the schedule, presentations, presenter line up, post-conference trainings, optional evening activities and start/end times.

Please visit the website http://AMT.com/conference/ for up-to-date news or contact us for more information.

Conference & Pre/Post Conference Trainings Cancellation

In the extremely unlikely event that the conference itself is canceled or has to be relocated to a different location, you will be offered a refund on training tickets and hotel rooms booked through us. If a refund is offered then it may take up to 90 days to have this returned to you.

Pre/post conference trainings may be cancelled at short notice by The AMT for reasons including but not limited to: low attendance, trainers not turning up & trainers feeling unwell to train on the day. If we do cancel your pre/post conference training then you may either request a refund in full, or transfer onto another applicable training at your discretion.

By default, we'll notify you of a cancellation via your email address so please do contact us in advance if you prefer to receive important notifications by phone. We'll also post the most up-to-date information to the website (https://goe.ac/conference/) which you are advised to check regularly before, during and after the conference.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint to make, please address it to us in writing and send it to:

AMT Conference Customer Services
3 Eversfield Court
14 Eversfield Road
East Sussex
BN21 2AS
United Kingdom