Denise Jacques, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, UK

  What a journey becoming an Energy EFT Master Practitioner has been from needing to cancel the live course and completing the final distant learning unit some 17 months later.  

Denise Jacques, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, UK

  I booked on the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course before the November 2011 EFT Conference. I was an accredited EFT/EMO Energy-in-Motion trainer and wanted to be able to teach the new syllabus. My partner became ill, however and I cancelled; beginning the distant learning course in January 2013 after he had an operation for biliary tract cancer. Initially I was only interested in completing the course because I wanted to be able to teach the new syllabus and generally used EMO Energy-in-Motion in preference to EFT. I wasn’t sure how useful re-learning EFT would be. When I began Unit 1, I was distracted because of Sean and quite intimidated about having Silvia as my tutor given her level of knowledge and experience.

I found Unit 1 to be really exciting and was really happy with the changes and the heart and soul protocol as it removed the aspects I no longer resonated with.

The concept of energy body stress was a revelation in Unit 2 and in my feedback I wrote that I seemed to have fallen in love again with the new super-charged EFT. My friends and clients (increased by a happy synchronicity) loved the new protocol and I tried everything out on Sean feeling so positive about being able to make us both feel so much better. I hadn’t expected such a quick response to my units or so much detailed feedback. This was at times disconcerting but it was such a learning experience and really did help my progress as I completed the units. I did put my heart and soul into it so took every bit of feedback to my heart: the majority was very positive and heartening but I of course learned more from learning pointers and when my own assumptions were challenged; this is not something I had experienced to-date in learning Meridian Energy Therapies.

Unit 3 about the story protocol took me a long time to do and I found it a rigorous unit. I had never really used this protocol after learning it so it was particularly useful re-visiting it and noting how effective it could be. One of the exercises involved me as my own client dealing with my fears about Sean’s cancer returning and it really did help.

Completing Unit 4: The Professional EFT Practitioner, was very enjoyable and brought me up against some definite reversals on the more structural/ business aspects of practice. It gave a lot of ideas and resources for a more professional practice which I was happy to use and still do. I found completing a brief report on the learning in the first 4 units really useful.

Units 5-8 were the second stage of the course and very exciting for me as I was introduced to a range of new concepts and amazing ways of working with energy. Unit 5 : extremely focussed treatments was a very informative unit for me and I was happy with my assignment answers until I realised I hadn’t really understood the concept of echoes and the energy body protocol when I received Silvia’s feedback. I was quite crushed about the latter as I teach EMO Energy-in-Motion and it should have been so evident. Although the Unit was passed, I did a bit of tapping, read the Unit again and stayed with it and practised until I understood.

I really resonated with Unit 6; Working with Aspects and it has been one of the most important units for informing and progressing my practice.

To be able to distant yourself from painful or dreaded events and act as a mentor to that past or future aspect of yourself as you evolve and transform their feelings is such an empowering thing to do. It makes it easier to deal with such matters when you don’t put yourself back there and re-live it which can act as a huge barrier to dealing with issues.

Unit 7: Energy and Emotions was another unit I really resonated with and validated my own beliefs about the importance of emotions as drivers of human behaviour along with increasing my level of knowledge and confidence. The exercise about psychosomatic pain allowed me to complete an exercise with Sean on his cancer-related pain. It was effective and really valuable and Silvia asked me to add to the exercise so she could use it for her web-site which I felt very positive about. This unit helped me to work directly with both my own and Sean’s frightening emotions about his illness and the future as well as his physical pain. It was like having an energy ‘rescue remedy’ when we needed it which as his illness progressed became more valuable.

Unit 8: Energy system Events was again an extremely valuable unit which allowed me to appreciate the power of energy body events and how effective working with them can be. It taught me about a lot of new concepts including Guiding Stars. It was quite a revelation to appreciate that not only traumatic events drive our actions in energy terms; I discovered I have so many guiding stars from my earlier years. This unit gave me the opportunity to do a really positive exercise with Sean about the first album he bought. It was so empowering not to focus on Sean’s current situation and I learned a lot more about the Sean before I met him.

Reviewing these 4 intermediate units allowed me to re-cap on my understanding of largely new concepts to me but ones which I knew I would be using regularly to inform and benefit my practice. I loved working on these 4 units which stretched and excited me and I really did put a great deal of energy into my work on them. Silvia’s feedback was positive and empowering and even though it wasn’t face to face, her detailed on-going responses felt like a real conversation. I was really looking forward to the next 4 Units but in the back of my head (and heart) I wondered if I would complete them before events overtook us.

Sean’s situation deteriorated in that his chemotherapy was stopped because it wasn’t working and we had turned to a natural programme. We increasingly used energy work to keep us positive and to optimise Sean’s chances of prolonging his life.

Starting the advanced units; Unit 9: Mind Changes was both very interesting and one of the quickest to do; testing and changing beliefs and developing skills. I also continued to enlist Sean in any exercise I could as an extra energy boost and in working on myself, the last exercise, acquiring a belief, was about curing Sean’s cancer and it was like losing a burden and the sun coming out.

Unit 10 was Energetic Entities; another unit I really resonated and had great fun with. We seem to have so many relationships with energetic entities which have such an effect on our lives. ‘Exorcising’ these can have the effect of an emotional detox. It is also very beneficial to evolve positive relationships. In one of the exercises, I was able to have a ‘conversation’ with the founder of Reiki and it was startlingly real and positive and embodied loving kindness. I misunderstood the group entity exercise and needed to repeat it but from Silvia’s feedback was aware what changes needed to be made and I was looking forward to doing this at my next support group meeting. The ‘re-vamped’ group exercise went really well. It was about putting the group on hold as Sean was so ill and despite the quite dire circumstances the energy still managed to flow extremely well. Our sad lonely little Angela (our group persona) became very vibrant, all singing and dancing and confident we would be re-forming soon.

Very soon after doing this exercise, Sean completed his time on this earth and passed over to something infinitely better. It took me some months before I felt able to complete Unit 11: Autogenic Realities. This, however, was my favourite unit and one of my favourite ways of working with energy. I love the magical way in which habitats evolve to become something entirely different; how it is possible to rescue an aspect and how even the most complex problems can reach a healing event. I particularly like using a metaphor and evolving it very directly in to something quite unexpected but always magical and very energised.

Although I was determined to complete Unit 12 by the end of 2012, I just could not bring myself to complete the review of the 11 units and basically review the progress of Sean’s cancer and my being left without him. Yes I could have flowed energy sufficiently to complete it but I had to respect the fact that I did not want to until I was ready. I did read and re-read the units along with my assignments and feedback. It was so useful and informative and added so much to my understanding. Little nuances I had missed became evident and facets I had forgotten I was able to use again. Every case study seemed to come alive again with startling reality as well as my reactions to each unit and the feedback. I found the exercise in Unit 12 about the client as an entity to be a beautiful and emotional experience. I chose my ‘favourite’ case study about rescuing an aspect but the truth is so many of those case studies were very special and very magical. It is such an experience to try out new ways of working with energy as an EFT team and so very positive. I was constantly buzzing with energy along with my ’team- mate’.

I began writing about the review of the units in March when I knew it was right to complete this chapter of my life. It brought back that time and the journey Sean and I had travelled on with such strong focus: so hopeful, so determined and so positive. I could sense his energy as if he were next to me which I know he was.

What a journey becoming an Energy EFT Master Practitioner has been from needing to cancel the live course and completing the final distant learning unit some 17 months later. It has been the most difficult, gruelling, determined journey of my life when my ability both to love and feel pain moved to new dimensions. It was also one of the most privileged, special times: when your senses are so keenly aware and your heart is flowing so strongly with protective love, everything is brighter and sharper and every good thing, however small, brings gratitude.

It was obviously meant that I complete this course with my particular tutor at this stage in my life and benefit from all the extra energy resources that were made available. During this time, I have been witness to so many energy manifestations that I would have undoubtedly questioned at an earlier stage in my life but came to accept and appreciate. As serious as they were, Sean’s symptoms were held at bay and he lived as full a life as possible until 2 days before he ceased to exist on this plane when it was evident his energy was withdrawing. That evening as we sat together with our little dog at his side, I asked him how he was feeling and he replied ‘I feel happy’. I then asked what he was thinking about and he replied that it was peaceful and not even frightening. I could see angels standing around him and when I asked if he could see angels he replied ‘Yes, but they just look like me and you’. I knew then that his loved ones were gathering around him and getting ready to guide him. Sean spent the next 2 days in the company of friends and family who loved him and wanted to see him before he left on his journey.

He had a peaceful and beautiful passing over in our home surrounded by those he loved best including our little dog at his feet. He had never looked more beautiful to me than in those last hours. When Sean had breathed his final breath, I opened the window to let his soul fly with the energies that had come to collect him.

Energy never dies it just changes and love is the purest form of energy. I constantly send love and little energy gifts to Sean and feel his love surrounding me. Several days ago I asked him if he would come for me when it was my time. His answer came back as clear as could be: ‘You bet!’ 

Denise Jacques, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, UK

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