EMO Distance Learning Course Online


Practitioner Of EMO

by Silvia Hartmann

Unit 1

Energy & Emotion

Introduction & Welcome
The Unique Benefits Of Being An ETP
The Even Flow
Healing The Energy Person
Healing With The Creative Order
The Client Practitioner Dance
Understanding Feelings, Emotions & Sensations

Unit 2 - Energy Healing

The Power Of Your Vision For The Client
Evoking The Creative Template
Healing With The Energy Body
Healing Hands
Utilising The Conscious Mind In Healing
The Concept Of Innocent Energy


Unit 3 - Energetic Realities

Understanding The Nature Of Energy
Healing Pain In The Energy System
Starting To See Energetic Realities
Explaining Energy To Clients
First EMO Experiences
The Prime Directives Of Energy Work
The EMO Session Progression
The Energized End State

Unit 4 - Energy Nutrition

Energy Nutrition
Essential Color Exercises
Introduction To Working With Shields
Discovering & Dissolving Shields
Learning With Energy
Cognitive Changes & Information Flow

Unit 5 - Working With People Energies

Handling People Energies
Problems Without A Voice
Opening To People Energies
Getting Clear On People
Love & Hate Exercises
Miracles & The Energy System

Unit 6 - EMO In The Wider Energy Field

Inside The Human Energy Matrix
ThoughtFields & Ereas
The Rainbow Connection
Moving Stuck Thought Fields
Working With Guiding Stars
Working With Trauma
Thought Fields & Goal Setting

Unit 7 - Challenging Extreme Emotions

EMO Exorcisms
Freedom From Fear
Fear & Insanity
Flowing Stress Away
Resolving High Stress Situations
Thought Flow
Snow Globes Exercise
Dealing With Demons
The Deepest, Darkest, Oldest Burdens
Towards A New Life

Unit 8 - Working With Essential Energies

EMO & Essential Energies
The Sun Healer
Using Essential Energies To Heal Others
Crystal Healing With EMO
Energy Allergies
Allergies, Addictions & Weightloss
The EMO Evolution Model
The Higher Energetic Realites
Soul Guidance

Final Certification Assignments

Certification  Licensed EMO Practitioner ETP