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The GoE Event Terms & Conditions V2019.0325

Booking Agreement

The Guild of Energists Ltd will be subsequently referred to as "The GoE".

The Guild of Energists Ltd live events will be subsequently referred to as "The Event".

The venue for The Event will be subsequently referred to as "The Venue".

Any contract between yourself and The GoE is subject to these booking conditions and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

Any correspondence between you and us should either be sent by registered post or by printing off and keeping emails, including our replies to ones you have sent us. If you do not keep replies then we may be unable to validate having received any communication from you.

Registration Information

We use the information you have given us to calculate the correct price for you to attend The Event. If you have accidentally or purposefully entered the wrong information to register for The Event or training days at a reduced rate then we will contact you to correct the error.

Cancellation Policy

We are unable to give refunds on training tickets but may be able to transfer you to an alternative training taking place within 14 months. Such a decision is discretionary by The GoE.

Your tickets to The Event may be transferred to another individual up until 7 days before the start, providing the new person is eligible to attend. An admin fee of upto £10.00 (inc VAT) may be charged to cover our costs.

If you've got a physical ticket to The Event itself then you must give this to the person you are transferring the ticket to. The person getting your ticket must be entitled to the same discounts as what you have received.

There is a admin charge of £10.00 (inc VAT) for changing a name registered to a ticket.

Deposit Policy - All Events Except GoE Trainer Course (3rd to 9th June 2019)

All deposits made to secure your place on The Event are non-refundable.

The remaining balance must be paid off in full four weeks prior to the start of The Event, otherwise you may lose your deposit and place at The Event.

Deposit Policy - Only GoE Trainer Course (3rd to 9th June 2019)

All deposits made to secure your place on the GoE Trainer Course are non-refundable.

After you pay your deposit of £1,100 GBP you will be invited to choose one of three instalment plans:

Option 1) Pay the remaining balance of £4,400 GBP before the training starts on the 11th June 2018. In total you will have paid £5,500 GBP.

Option 2) Pay £369 GBP each month for 12 months, with first payment becoming due one month after the deposit is paid. In total you will have paid £5,528 GBP.

Option 3) Pay £199 GBP each month for 24 months, with first payment becoming due one month after the deposit is paid. In total you will have paid £5,876 GBP.

The total you will pay is less for Option 1 than it is for Option 2 or Option 3.

As a not-for-profit organisation, The Goe is reliant on membership and training income so please only register for this course if you are confident that you can meet the monthly repayments.

We understand that stuff happens though, so if there is a problem with your monthly repayment, please get in touch with The GoE ASAP and we'll do our best to work something out.

If we don't hear from you, or if we can't come to an agrement, then we may suspend your training and practitioner license, plus may take additional measures to be repaid the outstanding balance.

If you are scheduled to pay off the balance over 12 or 24 months, but instead wish to pay off the balance early in one lump sum, then you should be able to save a bit of money on payment fees. Contact The GoE for details.

Ticket Touting Policy

The number of tickets available to The Event is strictly limited. Whilst we urge you to book early to avoid disappointment we also do not condone profiteering by reselling tickets at a price above the event RRP. If after all the tickets have been sold a person is caught selling their registered tickets above this value then The GoE reserves the right to ban that person from registering for future events. Any victims of profiteering should follow the complaints procedure below.

Training Tickets & Badges

Upon booking, you will be emailed or posted a receipt which you can bring along to The Event if you wish. For smaller events we operate a register on the door and for larger ones we send out tickets.

When you register on the first day, you’ll be provided with a name badge. Please do keep this with you at The Event to gain access to halls/rooms without having to re-register.

If you need to have a badge made or reissued, please see our terms and conditions on "Certificates & Badges" below.

The cost of each training ticket includes entry to the event, appropriate training manuals, refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits, hot/cold water) at specific times during the day and certification/licensing where appropriate. Tickets do not cover food, drink, travel or hotel costs you may incur.

Hotel - Overnight Stay Recommended

We strongly recommend that you stay overnight in or near The Venue where possible, for the duration of the days you are attending. It is important to begin each day refreshed and alert. For some events, we also orgbut you’ll also be able to attend any optional evening events that we may put on for you.


Ticket affiliates and resellers may quote prices in other currencies than £GBP which in most circumstances will be based on the going rate of the Sterling currency. However, it is up to the delegate to check the exchange rate they are being charged.

If you feel you have been charged too much for your tickets then please use our complaints procedure.

You may not combine discounts offered. The highest of the discounts you are eligible for will apply to the full price of the ticket.

If you are offered a discount for retaking a qualification you already hold (ie “Refresher Course”) then you may not receive training manuals which you should already possess. Training manuals may be available for purchase on the day for a nominal fee of £10.00.

We do keep some spare at the training, but unless you book a training manual in advance then we cannot guarantee one will be available for you.

Certificates & Badges

Any certificate or badge issued will have your name as is spelled in the information you have given us. If we need to reprint a certificate and it isn’t our fault then we may optionally charge a £10.00 re-issue fee. Because of the limited office equipment we have available it may take us up to 28 days to reissue a duplicate certificate.

If we need to reissue a badge, then we might have to resort to normal white sticky labels or hand-written badges. The Event staff do not guarantee that their hand-writing is either beautiful or elegant. You may of course write your own name on your badge, at your discretion.

If The Event is a non-certified training, or you are doing a refresher course in a qualification you already hold, then we may offer you an attendance certificate which may be used to show CPD. Please do confirm this with us in advance of The Event so we may have this ready for you before you leave.

If we have printed you an attendance certificate that you fail to pickup at The Event then we reserve the right to charge a £5.00 administration fee for forwarding it on to you.

Delegate/Trainee Conduct

We reserve the right to ask you to leave The Event if we deem your behaviour to be detrimental to a good atmosphere and learning environment for the other delegates. If this exceptional situation does happen then we will not issue a refund.

The GoE has a great reputation for friendliness and openness. We have never had to remove anyone from a training and would very much like to keep it that way!

If you need to make a complaint, please do so in writing to our address given at the bottom of these terms and conditions.

Delegate/Trainee Responsibilities

You are responsible for your own safety whilst at The Event and are strongly advised to take up insurance to cover the full length of your trip, including travel to and from the venue and also your personal property. If you're coming to The Venue from a different country then it is your responsibility to make sure you have appropriate medical insurance in place.

If is also your responsibility to inform us at least 7 days prior to the commencement of The Event about any physical, medical or psychological information or special needs about yourself that you deem important for us to know about to ensure that you have a safe, pleasant experience. Any information given will be held in the strictest confidence.

If something happens that you are displeased with during The Event then it is your responsibility to inform a member of GoE staff as soon as possible. Complaining after the event means that we can't help address the issues (and that is what we are there to do).

It is important to keep your contact details up-to-date so we can update you regarding The Event and post out any appropriate documents to you. If you move home, change phone numbers or email addresses then it is your responsibility to let us know. If we have to re-post anything out to you because you've moved address and haven't told us then we reserve the right to charge an admin fee (upto £10.00).

We will also post key updates to our Facebook Page which we recommend you 'like'.

Filming, Photography & Audio Recording

Pictures, Audio & Video may be recorded by GoE staff or contractors at The Event. These may be kept for posterity, sold as a product, or given away for free at our discretion.

If you do not wish to be recorded then please consider your position carefully before gathering in public photos, asking presenters/trainers questions during trainings*, volunteering for exercises and demonstrations, or for any other purpose which is likely to be captured. If you suspect that you have been recorded, then do let us know within 7 days of the end of the event and we will do our best to comply with your wishes.

For copyright reasons, please do not record your own audio or video without written consent from The GoE in advance of The Event. Photography is permitted, but please do share what you have snapped with other delegates via our Facebook Page.

* Asking questions whilst the training is in session may mean you are recorded. If this is an issue, please ask your questions during the breaks or before/after the training day begins.

Your Personal Details

The GoE takes the safe custody of your data extremely seriously and will never sell or pass it on to 3rd parties including presenters and other trainees. The only exception is that if you are attending a training then your basic details may be made available to your trainer for the purpose of providing you with certification for the course.

If you are at all concerned, please do contact your trainer to discuss their own data security policy.

The GoE may add your contact information to our own mailing list software for the purpose of keeping you informed about The Event, GoE news and upcoming events. You may unsubscribe to these at any time, or contact the office and ask us to unsubscribe you ourselves.

We know that delegates make lots of friends at The Event and would like contact lists. We are unable to provide these due to our strict policy on personal data, but may point you to alternative The GoE channels such as our Facebook Page and Facebook Group.

Training Programme and Schedules Alterations

We reserve the right to change the training schedules before or during The Event. This may include changes to the schedule, presentations, presenter/s, optional evening activities and start/end times.

Please visit the website https://goe.ac/ for up-to-date news or contact us for more information.

Event Cancellation

If The Trainer of The Event is unable to take the course for whatever reason (eg: sickness, transport, etc) then The GoE will in the first instance arrange another trainer to take their place. If The GoE is unable to organise a new trainer then the event will be cancelled.

If The Venue is moved more than 3 miles (as the crow flys) away from the venue at the time of your booking, then you may either 1) Accept the new venue, 2) Transfer to a future similar training within 14 months of The Event, or 3) Request a refund of the price you paid for your training ticket/s and any hotel rooms booked directly through The GoE. 

If the dates of The Event need to be changed, then you may either 1) Accept the new dates, 2) Transfer to a future similar training within 14 months of The Event, or 3) Request a refund of the price you paid for your training ticket/s and any hotel rooms booked directly through The GoE.

If The Event is cancelled, then you may either 1) Transfer to a future similar training within 14 months of The Event, or 2) Request a refund of the price you paid for your training ticket/s and any hotel rooms booked directly through The GoE.

If you are offered a refund on the price you paid for Training Tickets and/or Hotel Rooms booked directly through The GoE then you have 30 days to accept or decline this refund. If you accept the refund, it may take upto 90 days to return the money to you. Unfortunately, we are not able to pay additional money to you apart from the cost of training tickets and/or hotel rooms booked direct through The GoE.

By default, we'll notify you of a cancellation via your email address so please do contact us in advance if you prefer to receive important notifications by phone. We'll also post the most up-to-date information to the website (https://goe.ac/), Facebook Page and Facebook Group which you are advised to check regularly before, during and after The Event.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint to make, please address it to us in writing and send it to our address using a "signed-for" postal service:

GoE Customer Services
2 Upperton Gardens
BN21 2AH
United Kingdom