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The Guild of Energists

 "For modern people who LOVE energy!"

Lots of Modern Energists - Members of the Guild of Energists

 EVERYTHING works better and makes more sense -

with modern energy!

 Everything works better - with modern energy!

Everything works better

- with MODERN Energy!

Energy is the NEW Third Field!

 Reasonable, rational, logical but most of all, practically useful:

MODERN energy is the NEW Third Field!


Energy is REAL. 

Energy is IMPORTANT.

Energy is EXCITING!


Modern Energy is "The Gift that keeps on giving!"

If you understand just how important energy awareness is;

If you love how the "energy inclusive paradigm" helps us make sense of the world;

If you are curious, excited and fascinated by the power of REAL energy work ...

You have come to the right place!

Established in 1998 to create the first official certification trainings in modern energy,

The Guild of Energists has members, pro members and trainers in 67 countries now. 

Become a member of The Guild of Energists today!

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Stay up to date on the latest research and development, ask questions from the world's finest and most experienced energists, gain professional practitioner and trainer mentorship, be inspired by amazing energists from all around the world!

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The fabulous GoE trainers organise not only the best MODERN energy trainings in the world, but also get togethers, barbecues and energy parties, focus groups and other inspirational events!

Receive the unique GoE local news - Who's doing what in your area?

Find out what's happening in your country, in your county, in your city! We help our members network and publicise their events, trainings and activities globally, internationally and locally!

The new GoE Library is under construction!

Gain access to GoE Member Documents & Printable Files

The GoE is in the process of building the finest member's library available on Earth today, and there are lots of useful documents for GoE members we have assembled over the last 18 years.

Secure your member's discounts on books, manuals and courses

As a GoE member, you qualify for considerable discounts and are always first in line for anything new.

Gain Pro Membership through outstanding courses and trainings

GoE Certified Modern Energy Trainers provide fantastic, advanced courses by distance learning, via Skype and live - brilliant, esssential energy information, skills and techniques that transform lives.

Professional Certification Courses

Participate in the brilliant global GoE Energy Conference

The GoE's awesome Modern Energy conference is open to members only, so that our presenters can share freely about modern energy and share their latest discoveries.

Enjoy our awesome journal, The Energist, delivered to your door

Your GoE membership entitles you to receive "The Energist" four times a year. We invite you to contribute and we also have special rates for members advertising in The Energist.

The Energist and happy GoE members

Connect with other energists who do what you do

Our members include healers, teachers, therapists, artists, professional speakers, authors, musicians, success coaches, cooks, gardeners and many people who live more exciting lives because they know that energy is REAL. As A GoE member, you will be among the people who "get it" - and that's a joy!

Good morning! My name is Sam and I am an energist! 

Be proud to be an energist! :-)

The GoE is all about bringing MODERN energy to the people of the world. Our energy work is reasonable, rational, logical and hugely inspiring and exciting. Come out of that energy closet, stand up and be proud to be a MODERN ENERGIST!

The world needs more modern energists!

 The Energy Dimensions

The world needs more energy awareness. 

It's all about energy! Pyramid Model Energy Chart

Energist (n): A person who doesn't "believe" in energy, but instead, knows that energy is real through their own personal life experiences.

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