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Ice Tides

This piece was written to help us clear blocks and anything hinders our experience of pleasure. 

I watched a girl dance to a song the other day, completely sober, not being an exbitionist, that stepping into the pleasure of the dance. The sad thing was that the first thing that came to my mind was that she must have been home-schooled, I've never seen anyone so free who has been through our standard education system. 

This piece is to help us clear all of our experiences of pleasure, so that we have a completely innocent experience of pleasure, so that falling in love with whatever is we are falling in love is just like the first time. 

Every listening will take you deeper into a journey of pleasure, deeper, profounder and more beautiful pleasures. No judging the journey, opening you to the beauty in the very threads of the universe. 

Draw the song into your hearts and feel the music pulse out from your heart and fill your entire being. 


Posted May 13, 2014   
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