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Releasing the flames

Music to release judgment

A current theme which has been the focus of my attention during the last month or so has been judgement. I am as guilty as the next man or woman, especially when it comes to judging myself, which includes the music which I create. This is complete wrong, above all we all need support, and that support has to start at home, with our dear selves. 

So, this composition has been created to release all judgement. 

This includes:

  • Judgement directed at you by yourself
  • Judgement directed at your by others
  • Judgement you direct at other people


It's quite an interesting journey, and well worth sticking with for the entire duration. Please feel free to contact me with any interesting experiences you may have.

Thank you for listening and feel free to share my work. 

Warmest regards

William Taylor


"Releasing the flames" by William Taylor

To download the mp3 please click right click here

Posted Aug 9, 2013   
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