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EMO BeautyT by Silvia Hartmann 2007

EMO BeautyT by Silvia Hartmann 2007

EMO Beauty T Complete Parts 1-4 plus Addendum.

EMO BeauTy T

Silvia Hartmann


First Edition 2007

ISBN 1-873483-90-2


Published By


EMO BeauTy T

True Ageless BeauTy From The Inside Out


Silvia Hartmann, 2004


First Edition 2006

ISBN: 1-873483-90-2

ISBN13: 978-1-873483-90-9


Published by:

DragonRising Publishing



All Rights Reserved in all media, including future media.






Table Of Contents


Editor’s Note

This book contains a transcript of the original one day training in BeauTyT, a specialist application to deal with changing the autogenic body image of a person.

BeauTy T belongs to the EMO system and the participants on the day were familiar with the basic principles of EMO.

It is suggested to the reader to familiarise themselves with Oceans of Energy and Living Energy, EMO Vol. 1 & 2, in order to be able to appreciate the theory and application of BeauTy T.

Some footnotes have been added to aid the reader and some minor changes were made in the transcript. The editorial team have otherwise endeavoured to keep strictly to the text and spirit of Silvia Hartmann’s words as they were spoken.


The Editors,

DragonRising Publishing

2005 - 2007


Part 1: Samurai

Welcome To BeauTy T


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and all others.

I am very gratified may I say, that you have taken the time and trouble the intentions and expense, the journey time and the preparations it has entailed to be here today.

Many of you have come a very long way, and that’s not just in physical kilometres.

This is a pretty special occasion and a pretty special day.

We are going to do some things today which will require some courage.

What can I say?

Most of the best things in life do, and it is indeed a special kind of courage, that you cannot get by shouting or waving a gun in the air, but that has to come from within.

There was a time in my life when I did not have the courage to stand up in front of a group of people and say, “I believe in beauty.” because I would have been too ashamed, too scared, too freaked out to say something as naff as that.

I would have been afraid that people would laugh, and it is really quite extraordinary that something as straightforward as that should indeed require so much courage.

And yet, it does.

Now luckily, for us, we will have something to help us, and it is known as EMO. Without this, we could not be here at all nor attempt to do what we will attempt to do today.

That is an extraordinary thing in and of itself.

Many people have tried to do what we are going to do here today over the centuries, millennia, even, with years and years of meditation and hard work, with deprivation, and we are going to have a go at waltzing in here, having a good time, and doing not just the same, but better than they ever did.

Isn’t that something?

I would advise you that today is not a day for writing, but for listening, and hearing, and just allowing things to flow in. All the best things in human endeavour are transmitted by oral tradition or energetic tradition, and they are not found in books as you probably know, so this is one of those days where we will hear some things, and do some things, and experience some things.

I am going to keep my chat to the absolute minimum and the essential things, for this is like sex.

You can talk about it forever but eventually you have to get down to it and really experience it to understand the meaning of it, and you have to practice it in order to get really good at it. Well, it’s just one of those things. Like so many other things, horse riding, typing, cycling, therapy, healing, hypnosis ... and all those many other things.

Now, you all know about the autogenic universe and the autogenic body, which is the construct the conscious mind has placed in between the physical body and the energy body, which distorts the energy body first and then through the energy body, distorts the physicality.1

  • The autogenic body or the body image of a human being is the first and most basic map everyone makes of the universe.

It is the first contact with the processes of reflexive thinking, so rather than just being, all of a sudden to stop and think, “Oh! my hair!” Rather than just walking through the street and being there, being with the birds and the bees and whatever is actually there, to start saying, “Oh what are people thinking of me? Oh oops, are my flies undone? Is there something stuck on my back?”

The autogenic body map is the very first map we make, and for most everyone, the distortions that live in the autogenic body map cause a lifetime of suffering and are at the root of about everything else.

  • All those things, like low self esteem, failure to feel attractive or to feel loved, feeling unworthy and all the rest of it, are rooted in the autogenic body map, which is distorted in so many ways.

Beyond the distortions of any one individual, as in, “My hair’s too straight, and my eyes aren’t blue enough, my feet are too big, and what else is wrong with me? Oh, my nose, obviously!”


EVERYONE can see that it is at least 8 feet long, in fact I can prod the people in the back row with it.

Well that’s the thing with the autogenic body map, isn’t it. Clearly, my nose is nowhere near long enough to prod people in the back row with it, but as long as I think it is, it might as well be, mightn’t it.

And my poor nose has responded to this with skin problems, localised to the nose. It’s red, got a spot on it, all sorts. Poor nose! But I’m lucky it’s only my nose. Imagine it was my penis.

Just imagine! That would be terrible, wouldn’t it.

But that brings us to the idea that autogenic body maps are not just self-madness, but also genetic madness, and male-female madness, because for a woman it’s ok to be skinny and frail, but for a man, it’s wrong as a male. He is not just wrong as himself but he can’t be a decent man because he’s too short.

So we’ve got those sort of distortions on it, then we have the racial distortions on it.

Societal distortions. In our societies, you have to be really, really skinny, in fact so skinny that you can stuff an entire person through a very skinny thing. Words fail me there.

Societally, I am therefore way too fat. For a white woman, my eyes are way too brown and my hair’s too dark, and you could make a list as long as the human genome project which is the longest thing I know to make a list of.

So I’ve been doing psychology for a good long time, and frankly, without having some form of decent relationship with your own body image, not only personally, but genetically, family-ly, culturally, historically, genderly, you have frankly not a hope in hell to be getting any of those things that are advertised in personal development.

Peace of mind, self esteem, the sense that you are good enough to achieve something in this world, that you deserve love and attention, that you are good enough to contribute something, all of these things are all coming right down to that original body map, and whilst that map is still an autogenic monstrosity, everything else just becomes this imposterish thing that people paint over the top.

You know when they have in the newspapers these things like, “Star X unmasked!” because they were wearing a tracksuit.

The other day I saw something which just blew me away. They had loads and loads of pictures of movie stars and celebrities who had put their arms up and – they had a sweat stain under their arms!

It’s true. It was in the Daily Mail. They made a collection of “Sweaty celebrities unmasked,” I swear to God, it’s true.

And that sort of thing comes about when someone has this pretend perfection image, with the airbrushing and the curling and the make up, because they know they’re as crap as we all are, so they put this other thing over the top of it. And as soon as the first crack appears, the smallest chip such as raising your arm and there’s a sweat stain, the pretend universe falls to pieces and we’re right back where we started.

  • So I gave some thought how we can as people affect our own autogenic body map, and that of other people, when we want to help other people in healing and in therapy.

And you’d be surprised at quite how difficult that is and what that takes.

The most basic thing it takes is this.

Right, has anyone ever said to you that you are beautiful?

No? No, nobody has ever said it to me. It’s true. Nobody. Absolutely nobody. I’ve had the odd, “Oh you’ve got great eyes,” kind of line, or, “Great tits!” but nobody has ever called me beautiful.

But even if they had, who would that have been?

With women, mostly some guy who wants to sleep with them. Or they’ve just slept with them, in a moment when they didn’t quite contain themselves, the barriers weren’t quite back in place yet, and it slips out, “Oops, told that babe she’s beautiful. Damn!”

  • In order to tell someone that they are beautiful, and have them believe it, what would have to happen?

Just check that internally.

What would have to happen for someone to come up to you, look you straight in the eye and say, “You’re beautiful.” – AND FOR YOU TO BE ABLE TO BELIEVE THAT?

For those amongst us for whom that would take a MIRACLE, raise you hand.

[Most if not all audience members silently raise their hands.]

Yes, I’m one of them.

It would take a miracle.

So, if we want to have this work, we will have to create a miracle.

And we will.

And not just one, but 23, at the very least.

Now that’s a magical number, 23. There are 23 of us here, on the day that Venus is closer to the Earth than it has been for 500 years. Last time that happened, there was the Renaissance. Oh but we pick our dates and our venues with such care, you know. Really, we do. You might be wondering why we are here on a Monday, but Venus doesn’t care for weekends much, does she.

So, in order to deliver this phrase, you are beautiful, and have this other person actually take that in, we have to speak not as our usual muppety selves, we have to BE OTHER THAN.

  • In fact what we have to be is to become a representative of the Creative Order.

I’m sorry to have to put it straight like that, but there is no other way.

Against everything else, people have their barriers and their boundaries and their bad experiences, and their shields upon shields upon shields upon shields.

You can do EMO until the cows come home – they have shields against men, and against women. Against people where they’re not quite sure whether they are either. Shields against your race, against your age, against people with your nose, with your haircut, with your accent, with your heritage – shields upon shields upon shields. Against therapists, against religious nuts, against women in sparkly jackets, you name it, they have it.

These shields are as thick as they can be, and you can’t get through them; so what we are going to do is to side step them altogether.

And in order to do THAT, you will have to learn just TWO THINGS.

Number One, to be a Samurai Champion, and Number Two, to be VERY good hypnotist.

And this is my task today.

This easy if you want to learn it.

And do you?

[Audience assents]

Good. In that case, there will be no problem at all.

I will briefly explain the theory behind it.



Thoughtfields are energy constructs created by individuals, but when we get more than one individual creating one together, then we get thoughtfields which are fed FROM MORE THAN ONE SOURCE. You get five or six people making a bizarre idea, and when one of them dies, the bizarre idea survives and continues to poison the next generation.

That is known as a POWERFIELD.

So, what a man is, what a woman is, what a young woman is, what an old woman is, is collected in these huge big powerfields, known as archetypes. They are incredibly limiting, but they are old as the ages, and very powerful.

These things normally represent the heritage of a human being.

Now, we have got to get OUT OF these powerfields in order to have any chance at all to make ourselves work as we should, because in for example in the male and the female archetype, there are qualities locked up, that a HUMAN BEING desperately needs to be a COMPLETE HUMAN BEING.

This has nothing to do with wearing pink, poncing around, or sticking your breasts into an iron metal thing, waving your sword and singing the Valkyres – that is classic NONSENSE whilst these powerfields are being kept apart with their various resources inside them.

There are qualities in those powerfields that both men and women desperately need to have all of them working together.

In order to do that, we need to side step the powerfields of the ages.


Right back down to the first monkey who went, “Ugh, ugh, I’m dominant.”


What can I say.

Time to step across that monkey business.

  • So what we can do, and what I might like to do just before we start, is to just simply evoke a different timeline.

Indeed, I shall do so, right now.


Evoking The Creative Order Timeline

The truth is that

although we came through our parents

they did not create us.

The Creative Order created us.

As it created all the people before us.

And then, way back into the monkey men.

And before that, back,

back down past the dinosaurs,

and back, back to the first creatures

that ever crawled out of the mud,

and back to the first oceans,

that gave life to this planet,

and back further still,

the time of the volcanoes,

back further still,

and still further back,

to the very moment

the universe itself

came into existence.

That, ladies and gentlemen,

is your true heritage.


That is your true timeline,

your only true timeline.


Your relatives are the stars in the skies,

the trees outside, and everything

that lives in the oceans,

that is our true heritage,

that is where we have come from,

in truth.


No-one who sits here can really know who their father was. Mummy might say one thing, Aunt Betty might say another. You can do a genetics test, but how far will that get you?

How far will that get you?

I am not saying for us to completely reject our Celtic or Ayurvedic heritages and traditions, not at all.

But there must be a part of us that must be completely aware of the fact of where we really came from, who we really are, and where we are really going.

  • And that line back, that true heritage back to the moment of creation itself, that true timeline is the timeline of the Samurai.

Some thousands of years ago, some guys got their heads around this, and that is the Bushido code, the vow they take, where they say, “I have no home, I AM my home.”

I have no mind, I AM my mind.”

I have no body, I AM my body.”

It’s the Samurai Bushido code.

Interestingly, Samurai stands for “servant”.

It is an extraordinary thing.

[Audience Member: “Could you use Beauty like that?”]

Yes, of course. “I have no beauty, I AM beauty.”

Now you see, the Samurai were all men, and Japanese at that, so they wouldn’t have thought to include that. And that’s a perfect example of what happens when you put the male and female powerfields back together, you get something that is much more than just the sum of the parts.

I have no beauty, I AM beauty.”

Very good!

Would you like to have a little go at that, with a bit of EMO?

I have no home, I am home.”

How was that? By all means, soften and flow if it gets stuck anywhere.

I have heart, I am my heart.”

I have no body, I am my body.” Isn’t that nice and straightforward?

Can you feel the energy flow when you do this?

And this brings us straight to our first exercise.



The Representative Exercise

[To Demonstration Person]

Could you assist me, please?”

[Demonstration Person joins Silvia.]

This is a very simple exercise. We will do this in threes. One person will be the observer, and you can be that third person for now.

  • All I want you to do is to hold out your hand and to say to the person you are dealing with, “Good morning. My name is Silvia, and I am a representative of the Creative Order.”2

Now make sure you don’t say, my name is “Silvia” because that could lead to much confusion.

There is two parts to this.

There is what I have to do in order to bring it off, so that he believes it, and also his response to it in return.

His response is your feedback.

I don’t think I was 100% there yet, so let’s try it again.

My name is Silvia, and I am a representative of the Creative Order.

Still not 100%. But we can work on that some more, later, at my house.

You can see the challenge of this, as well as the opportunity. And we need to do this quite quickly. So what we shall do is to move you around so that you get to practise it with everybody, because practise makes perfect.

So the first one we do in groups of three, and I want you to help each other out on this, do some EMO if you need to, and then we’re going to do it where everyone just goes around the room and does it to everyone.

Get that state of the Samurai, “I AM a representative of the Creative Order”, because that is WHO YOU HAVE TO BE in order to be able to tell somebody that they are beautiful and have them believe it, but not just believe it, have them KNOW IT IS TRUE.

[Audience works on and completes this first exercise]3


Touch Exercise

Now please form a circle around that middle segment of chairs here please.

We are doing it again, but slightly differently. This time we are not going to say, “I am a representative of the Creative Order.” We are going to say, “Good morning, my name is Silvia,” and THINK the bit about the Creative Order and all the rest. Then we are going to reach out and lightly touch the other person on the cheek with the back of your hand, FROM THAT STATE.

The other person must do their thing from their end, because as a representative of the Creative Order, you absolutely have the right to touch another part of the Creative Order lovingly, and bless it with your touch.

As a weasel and a worm you don’t have this right, you might well get punched in the face if you do this. As a representative of the Creative Order, not only do you get away with it, it is for the person who is being touched quite some experience.

Turn towards you partner.

Hold out your hand.

Say who you are.

Touch the person gently on the cheek.

Let go.

Take a deep breath.

You may bow to each other, we are Samurai, to complete the movement and move on to the next partner.

[Audience engages in the exercise]

That was very good indeed. You did very well on your very first attempt. Please know that to just jump on people in the street and just touch them on the face takes confidence, it takes courage and it takes practice.

And most of all, it takes STATE.

That “Creative Order representative” state handles PERMISSION as well. As a representative of the Creative Order, of course you have the right to bless, touch, heal, bestow your love upon another.

Who had problems with being touched?

[A participant responds with raising their hand]

Did you manage to overcome this?

Mostly, but not always?

Did it have to do with what the person was like who was doing it?


Right, see that’s the thing, isn’t it.

Our clients are possibly not going to be EMO trainers, and it is YOUR state, and how good YOU are at attaining this state, as how far people will let themselves go with you.

It is like, if you want to do a Beauty T treatment, and you get that state, that Samurai state 30% right, then the treatment will be 30% effective. It is completely direct cause and effect. If you get it 50% right, the treatment will be 50% effective.

If you get it 5% right, that person will be better off with you than with 99.9% of all therapists and healers on this planet.


So give yourselves some credit and remember that practice makes perfect.

One other thing I might like to point out is that at one point I became aware that people were being very serious about this.

And that is good in its own way, but actually, you can be a representative of the Creative Order and be quite chirpy as well at the same time.

It’s true.

You can be light and joyful, indeed, and one might say perhaps it would be a good thing if you were, because the Creative Order is not dour.

It’s not. It’s just not.

It is always marvellous, even when you are being a zebra being eaten by a lion, it’s not dour and never, ever miserable.

It’s practice, you know? As you are learning to flow this energy more, this idea of, “Oh wait a minute, I’m not here as my usual wormy self, but simply there to re-affirm some facts of life, such as, this person’s hands are beautiful,” and that all the things that have been said to somebody about their breasts need to be removed from the very tissue of their autogenic body, of their memories ...

As you get the practice of it, you find that you can laugh and cry, and laugh again, IN THAT STATE.

It doesn’t mean that you’re just on that one level and you’re that holy thing that floats. The representative is a base state, and from there you can be very very serious or very very joyous. It is very flexible like that.

This is a basic basic thing for you to know that in order to bring any of this off, the healing, EMO, whatever you do actually, including meeting the bank manager, “I am here as the representative of the Creative Order. Good Morning, Mr. Smith ...”

You shake their hand and they have an electric shock go up their arm and all around their body, feel younger and more beautiful than they have for 55 years in your presence, and I’ll guarantee you that your application will go more smoothly.

Practical side effects of all this holiness and stuff. You make people feel good, and they will respond to you quite a lot differently. It sets up a kind of a feedback loop and that lifts YOU - higher.

[Can you really do that in public, with people?]

Oh I can bring that of. I have the nerve to bring that of. I have done much, much worse than that in the past.

[Audience Member calls out, “Yes, I’ve seen it being done!”]

Thank you for testifying, brother!

You can say it in practice out loud first.

When you are learning to waltz, you start out with, [counts loudly and slowly] 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 ...

Then you go on to the next step [speaks faster and softly, under breath] 1, 2, 3 ...

Then you just think it.

And THEN you waltz.

You just waltz.

This is the way to get into this state. And if you have to think it quite hard in your mind, before you meet somebody, “I am here as the representative of the Creative Order,” first, that is the anchor, if you will, I’ve given you here.

It is a very unusual sentence that you won’t hear under any other circumstances, that will remind you of all we’ve done here, of the energy we’ve done here, and that will help you EVOKE THAT when you think it in your head to yourself or you just whisper it to yourself.

But it will lead you to being able to just jump into the state of being a true representative of the Creative Order without thinking about it, and the words we’ve been using just a practice device to that end.



Part 2 – BeauTy T Pinpoint

A True Alternative To Plastic Surgery

A quick back-up of what we have done so far.

I said that if you want to make changes in the underlying autogenic universe of a person, you have to start with the autogenic body.

In order to do that, you can’t appear as a person they are familiar with, because if you do, because you will run into all their shields, and anyway, whatever you’ll be saying will be running through your own prejudices and weirdness filters and will be just as weird.

So we side step this by evoking the state of being a representative of the Creative Order.

I have called this the Samurai state, because that is a much better description than being a priest, which is the other kind of description for that.

  • When you are talking as a representative of the Creative Order, that gives you an enormous amount of authority.

But the nice thing is that when you really ARE in that state, you can hardly go wrong with what you are saying, because it is then very difficult to either take advantage of a person, or to tell them lies, or to do anything at all actually that is not in their best interest.

So this is actually a very neat thing. It is a powerful state to evoke which has safety actually built in to its very own structure, which is quite remarkable really, in and of itself.

Often with hypnosis and authority, you have this problem with abuse. But it actually doesn’t happen with this, it can’t. Once you have aligned yourself with this and you are speaking on behalf of the Creative Order, and you lie in that state, I don’t know what the hell is going to happen to you. I wouldn’t want to begin to imagine. Nothing good, I would have thought. Anyone wants to try it out, let me know what that does to you because I personally wouldn’t even want to touch that.

So now that is our first step and I want you to practice your ability to access the state of the representative throughout the day in the exercises, and when you are the treatment partner in the exercises.

Also, when the other partner is treating you, LEARN SOMETHING about this state and how not to do this state.

So, if someone does this state and you’re not quite comfortable with it, by all means learn. How you can do better than that, if you will.

The next thing we need to do in order to put the autogenic body back together and to reconnect it with the physicality and the energy system properly, is to deal with the very worst ereas4 of disruption.

Now these ereas of disruption would be the things that people would take to the plastic surgeon.


Where they will literally go and say, “My breasts are destroying my life. I have no chance of happiness. I will kill myself unless you put some heavy bags in my breasts so they get to be bigger.”

Don’t laugh.

To these people this IS THE REALITY.

Or, “My nose is destroying my career as a singer.”

  • The underlying idea is that there is a body part, or a part of their body, that is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for their failure to be happy in this life.

And this is quite common, would you believe, and that is why people go to plastic surgeons in the first place.

Most people don’t go there out of spurious stupidity and vanity. They go because they think it is the way for them to become happier, to become lovable, to get good things flowing towards them, admiration, attention, love.

So anybody to any degree has parts of their body that they dislike. Not to the degree that they would run to the plastic surgeon.

The idea of glamour models going, “Hihihi, I’m gonna have my breasts chopped off,” that is just not true.

People are driven to something like that by desperation, and it is a sad thing. It is true that after a relationship I’ve had with a plastic surgeon recently, I said, that does it.

I absolutely have to have something, a proper holistic spiritually correct approach that is strong enough, that is powerful enough, that is lasting enough, that is REAL enough, that we can offer a TRUE ALTERNATIVE to this form of plastic surgery.

Hence the Samurai state. Hence the reconnection to the Creative Order.

This is powerful stuff. It HAS TO BE if we are to offer a real, working alternative to people going under the knife.

This is why I have to teach you to be very, very good hypnotists, very good state controllers in order to do this; but when you can, you can change people’s lives in ways that you probably never ever begin to dream what that can do for them.

But it goes further than that, and I shall briefly mention this.

See, tone and texture of your skin, what your hair is like, is all improvable tremendously through autogenic exercises, right?5

  • However, you can only CHANGE THAT WHICH YOU LOVE.

So if you wish to change your breasts by instructing your autogenic body to actually change your shape, the only way for that to work is if you love your breasts unconditionally – then they will respond.

Believe it or not.

Now I’m not saying to even suggest this to clients.

They will find this out after the fact, they come running back to you after that fact and they’ll say, “Oh my God! I don’t believe this! What has happened since I’ve started these treatments! How is it possible?!”

It is possible because you can only change that which you love.

Even if you cut off your breasts completely, you will still have your autogenic breasts left. So it is even possible that you might be dealing with transsexuals who had operations and now regret it, or those who haven’t had it and want one and can’t get it and regret THAT – these forms of relationships with your own body are the very heaviest of disturbances humans can experience at all.

Things that never ever go away, that you can’t run away from, that you go to bed with, that you get up with, you know?

That is the highest end of disturbances we are dealing with here in Beauty T, and hence I’ve brought out things as powerful as the swords of the Samurai, and that state of speaking on behalf of the Creative Order, to do something about it.


Pin Point Treatments With EMO

So now, the first aspect of Beauty T is what we call Pin Point.

  • And Pin Point is designed to heal the very worst ravages in the energy body, the autogenic body, that the person has caused, or had it caused to them by various abuse from the outside.

And it is always abuse from the outside.

Whether it is society comparing you to a skinny thing, whether it is society comparing you to a six foot four big muscle bloke, whether it is your mother that tells you your hair’s untidy, or whether it is a girlfriend who starts laughing when you drop your trousers for the first time – it always abuse from the outside, that is where it comes from, that is where it starts – because no child in its rightful mind will start beating its own foot.

Not UNLESS it has been taught that the foot is bad, by somebody else from the outside.

And there are absolutely no exceptions to this.

  • No child can know something is bad unless it has been told that this is so.

So I would propose that all of you have some part of their body they are not altogether 100% delightfully joyfully hopping around with happiness happy with, some of these things might be worse than others, so what we’re going to do is a simple Beauty T pinpoint exercise.

This is in essence an advanced EMO exercise which I would suggest to do with a client who already knows what EMO is and can do EMO, and has experienced some EMO on the worst disturbances themselves.

So if you’re doing this with clients, the first interview I would suggest to teach them EMO and to get the top level disturbances OFF, because as soon as they start talking about their nose, their thighs, their ears they are going to be IN HELL.

So we need to stabilise them a bit before we can go any further at all, and they need to know how to do EMO so when you say to them, “It’s only an energy. Where does it want to go? Soften and flow!” they know what that is, that they have the stability of knowing that and having had an experience that it had worked for them.

Remember this is serious stuff.

It doesn’t get any more serious than this.

People think it’s bereavement but it’s not, you know.

Wow. I’ve never seen such emotions as people have about themselves, their own bodies, their own loss of life, it is extraordinary.

[Invites demonstration person]

Let’s say for example that this lady here doesn’t like her ears. That is just a spurious example. Hello ear. Hello Silvia! See the ear talks back. All the body parts do.

So first of all, we deal with what’s there. What does it feel like, what does the energy around your ears feel like?

It feels hot, and where does it want to go? Downward.

Ok. So that’s the first thing we do, regardless of what kind of body part we are dealing with.

We will start with that.

I want you to do the simple original EMO and we’ll clean it to the point where it actually doesn’t feel so painful anymore. Then we take the next step after that.

So, we ask the person, is there a part of your body that you are not happy with, not as loving towards as you would like to be? And they say yes, my stomach, my buttocks, my eyes etc, then you do there is an energy of dislike around that erea, and work on that until the erea is reasonably clear.

[Audience engages in the exercise for 15 mins.]

Very good. Let’s come back now and finish up if you can.

For those who were interrupted in mid process, I might just say that the instruction is that the process will continue under its own steam now that it has been set in motion, happily and quietly AND continuously, until it is all done, and no sooner than you are happy to have it be so.


Insults: Matrix Clearing Exercise

Now, this next exercise has to do with deep level restoration of the autogenic matrix. Every time anyone sends some negative energy to this body part, the owner or someone else, they are imprinting something in it.


Pointing and laughing.

This is why small children in the Western world are taught not to point with the bare finger. “Mummy, look at that ugly man up there!” [points with finger and makes a whooshing/shooting sound as though a magic gun had been fired]

Like an arrow it gets stuck in the matrix, and the more arrows there are stuck in an erea, the more noticeable it becomes and the more likely it is that peope go, “Whoa! Look at that ugly face over there!” until you end up like the Elephant man.

This is a nice fun little exercise which is also for people very, very moving.

[Invites demonstration person]

This is really nothing more than plain energy healing, for which we use our energy hands, our healing energy hands, which are usually in the same place as our physical hands, but they can also leave altogether and go somewhere else, which is when they become the hands of ghost, that is how that works.

  • But it is the energy hands that are doing the healing, let us remember, not the physical hands.

The physical hands shovel. And they touch, and create sensations, but it is the energy hands through which the energy mind does the healing. And we don’t know how they do that, but in this particular case, we are going to do more than just healing.

That is taken for granted.

We are also going to talk about something, and we are going to make the INTENT, [to demonstration person] and I would have that be so for you as well to take every insult out of the matrix, every unloving thought, every unloving energy that has ever been imbedded here.

[As Silvia talks, she makes long, fast, downward sweeping movements with her hands starting from above the person’s head down the body}

Every single bad thing that has ever been done to this tissue which is Creator given, holy in all ways, all the insults of a lifetime, let them flow away.

Take them out and have them go away, every one of them, every one of them, layer upon layer upon layer of them, have them get out of here, OUT!


They have no place in this pure matrix, beloved, given by the Creator.

Wherever they came from,

whoever may have spoken them,

anything that was not from a place of love,

have it be GONE.

When it is OUT,

when all those things are OUT,

your matrix has a chance

to work again as it should,

and it has a chance of recovery,

a chance of re-balance,

you know?

All those operations, have you seen people perform medical operations on people?

All those loveless hands.

Loveless thoughts and loveless voices,


Including our own, when we looked into the mirror and parrotted back these loveless things we had experienced at the hands of others.

[Demonstration person relaxes visibly and begins to brighten, sighs with relief]

Yes, that’s good.

That’s very, very good.

[To the audience]

You might have to do this more than once with a client, this is a demonstration remember, and also a very extreme example.

But it is ONLY AN ENERGY and energy moves in quantum time, with our will alone. This is not plastic surgery. This is much better than that.

How do you feel?

[Person: I feel beautiful.]

Yes, you are, it is true.

They will never hurt you again.

[Person: I feel sorry for the little me] 6


And that’s what the Beauty T is actually for, it’s the words we should have heard when we were little children and no-one ever told us. That’s what BeauTy T is.

We’re not quite there yet, not quite ready to hear it yet.

A few more bits, more work to do before we can do a full BeauTy T treatment.

What you just saw is a pre-treatment to clear the matrix of an individual who has been particularly severely traumatized because of a physical situation, something they were born with perhaps or the result of an accident, or illness.

But the truth is that this applies to all of us just the same.

The wording is to take all the insults, all the negative things, all the bad things, all the bad thoughts, the bad looks, everything, all the unkind hands if that is applicable, all those bad things, take them out of the matrix so that it is fresh and clean by the time you are done.

Yes that is how you feel when that happens. That’s the pain. What we are taking out is the looks, and the words and the comments and the thoughts, and the comparisons, those things, you bloody know what they are, when you are a little kid and someone said to you, “Blahdiblah”, and you know how you felt.

Off handed comment, and you are wounded to the quick. And those things are energetically stuck.

They’re stuck and they’re not healed and they’re always there, energetically bitching in the background, and they become YOUR OWN INTERNAL DIALOGUE so you are repeating the same when you look into the mirror.

Even in that same tone of voice.

They need to be pulled out, EXORCISED.

  • The insults removal exercise is actually a mini-exorcism of these evil shards and BANISHING them out of the person’s energy system.

The person pushes from the inside, and you do your best to take that stuff out from your end.

See the energy matrix cannot re-form correctly whilst all this stuff is still stuck in there.

All the healing in the world is not going to help if you’ve got a whole heap of old broken arrow tips stuck in the back of your hand.

It’s just a mess, and they’ve got to come out.

And with some clients, you will have to have more than one session, at that.

However, this is worth doing, is it not.

[Demonstration person and audience assent most strongly]

God yeah.

We will talk about self help and what you tell the client to do at home later on, but it is important that we get this exercise with the shard removal in.

Careful with the wording.

Slow yourself right down and repeat the basics,


Take out the insults,

take out the bad thoughts,

take out the bad glances,

take out the unkind touches, unkind words.


Nice and simple.

Keep it honest, nice and simple and steady. And encourage the client to do the pushing from their end as well, it is not an operation.

Both of us have to do this at the same time.

[Audience Member: Is this EMO?]

This is actually different. Well this is actually closer to an exorcism than to normal EMO. This is a specialist application.

You are literally cleaning the energy matrix with will.

You are actually saying that the memories and these things, the voices, the thoughts, the splinters, the energetic shards of those things are taken OUT of the energy matrix.

Unless you are doing that, there’s nothing softening and flowing, it’s just a mess. Dresden after the Second World war. You have to take that out to give a space of freedom where new things can grow.

It’s like, let’s say you wanted to work with sight stuff.

All those horrible things your eyes had to see, take them out. All those things your eyes never wanted to see, take them out.”

All those horrible things your ears had to hear, take them out. All that people have said to you, or that you have heard people say, take it out!

Thats a very specific energetic move, it is literally like pulling arrowheads out of someone’s energy system.

It is straightforward enough.

People feel that automatically, they know what you are talking about as soon as you start.

Evoke the representative of the Creative Order first, then the rest comes naturally and your client-partner will get such a lot out of this.

Find a practice partner and be brave.


Are we having some wonderful energy experiences here or what?

[Audience is buzzing and excited after the previous exercise, and assents strongly]

Hell yeah! Freeing too, isn’t it, like a weight leaving.

I don’t have to ask how that exercise went, I saw it as I was going round the groups. You did some amazing work there, very powerful.


Questions On Pin Point Treatment Flow

Some questions were asked which I’d like to address.

Let’s say someone comes to you for a Pin Point treatment and they have a problem with their left breast.

Do we treat the breast or do we treat the place where she’s having the problem?

Now, and before we do anything else, we treat the feelings ABOUT the breast, that is step 1.

Where do you feel that in your body?”- “It’s here there, it’s everywhere, it’s hideous!”

This is what I call the “First Storm” and we have to deal with that first when we deal with people who have serious disturbances with their bodies. Their whole system is blown up when we even get near that subject. Their consciousness enters INTO the disturbance, and the disturbance becomes all there is.

That is the First Storm and it’s quite common in many EMO treatments.

When that happens, we need to stabilise the person and remind them we are only dealing with energy here, so their consciousness can back up and out of the disturbance, take a meta position OUTSIDE the erea of disturbance, and from there, we have conscious leverage over the disturbance, and we can heal it.

This is the reason I advised earlier that before we start with a disturbance as intense as body Dysmorphia, the client should have had a prior experience of the EMO process, so they know what to expect and they’ve learned at least the basic principles of energy causing sensations and emotions, so they have something to hold on to when the First Storm strikes and you can get them out of that just by saying, “Remember this is only an energy …”

That’s the normal, everyday EMO procedure, “When you think about your breast, where do you feel that?” – “It’s here, it’s destroying my life, it is choking me up the neck ...”

Heal that erea in the neck. Soften and flow.

Now that is flowing quite nicely but we are still left with a hideous breast, right?

We are still left with that client’s hideous breast although you will already notice a big shift after the first intervention, the feelings about the breast.

Step 2 of Pin Point is to ask. What is the energy around that?

That was the first exercise you practised in this session.

When we have done that, what can flow is now flowing.


There is these really deep injuries, the really bad shards, where things just can’t flow until these shards have been removed.

Which is step 3, and the exercise we just did a few minutes ago, clearing the matrix.

Taking out all the negative foreign energy which has accumulated here. Taking it out, taking it all out. That’s a very, very moving thing to do, and it is a very moving thing for the one who is doing the removing as well, isn’t it.

To stand up for that person – and here is our concept of the champion!

A hundred thousand people may have kicked the fuck out of you your entire life, but I am standing here by your side today, and I am saying, “NO!” to all of them.

And with you here, side by side, we stand up to all of that and we say NO to that, and OUT WITH THAT, we don’t want any of THAT. It is against the Creative Order, it is a sin, and we don’t want any of it – OUT.”

That is the concept of the Champion.

We are not operating on these guys.

We are standing by their side so that right should be done at last.

So that what once went wrong, is finally put to rights.

Now that is a bit heavy duty, but that is how I feel about that.

It really is.


Questions On Family Fields

There was the resonance to your hole family. That is, as we have talked about this morning as one of the very first things, a powerfield.

You can have powerfields with families, with tribes, with races and beyond that.

You will find these troubled powerfields very much with women, for example. They’ve been treated like ANIMALS for the last 185,000 years and it is still going on today for the overwhelming majority. That is a hell of a powerfield of anger and suffering and disrespect. Disrespect. Dishonour.

It is appalling. And that is so for many people and for many reasons.

If I had a Native American here, they could sing a song or two. I’m German and if there were any Jews present, I’m sure we could all sing a chorus. I wasn’t even born then and I’ve been suffering from the whole Holocaust perpetrator inheritance, enormously, my entire life. To the degree I had to leave the country because I couldn’t stand it anymore.

These powerfields are huge and they are powerful. If there is a particular problem in that area, take right back to the beginning, right back to the dawn of time, and tell them the story of how although they came through their parents, they were NOT CREATED BY their parents.

Take them the way back, past the Romans and the Greeks, back to the first settlers in Africa, back to the dinosaurs, the ferns, to the beginning of the universe, to stabilise us in the knowledge of who we are, and where we came from, and what our true history is, and to allow us to have something to step up to this whole chaos and confusion that derives from these human things.

In order to transcend them, we have to side step them for a while.

Then we can come back and change them.


Questions On Pin Point & BeauTy T

Pin Point deals with the place of the worst disturbance, and when this is cleared, then we can go into Beauty T proper.

This is where it is becoming interesting.

See, if someone doesn’t have particularly horrendous disturbances about their personal image, you can just do Beauty T with them anyway – and that would then be anyone in the whole world!

But as people are progressively more disturbed in their body image, these exercises from Pin Point are the backups to get them to a place where they can ALSO do Beauty T.

I don’t know who gains the most from this.

But it is reasonable to assume that the ones who are coming from the furthest back will have the best results. They are really going to be singing and dancing.

But Beauty T is – aha! – really gorgeous, and I can’t wait for you to do the whole thing, which we will this afternoon, after we’ve done a little bit of hypnosis.

Everybody – every body! – needs BeauTy T.

But only the severest forms of body image disturbances need Pin Point.



Question What Is A Shard?

It’s just a technical term for something that got flung into the energy matrix and got stuck there, like a little thoughtform or an evil look or something. See the thing is this.

In most cases, you have ONE perpetrator, doing one thing one time.

One IDIOT goes up to one little kid and says, “Your nose looks like an Aardvark.”

Right. That one perpetrator, that one time.

This gets stuck in the energy matrix and, being a part of the energy matrix, as though it belongs to you now.

As a part of your energy matrix, shards have the same protection as all your energy system, for they are inside now.

But it gets worse.

The shard gets READ as BEING OF YOU, a TRUTH *ABOUT* you, but who is the perpetrator for the NEXT 76 years who thinks it every time when they look into the mirror?

When we are talking about these evil things that have been said, what we are talking about more than anything else is all the evil YOU have perpetrated upon YOURSELF.

Only, with clients, there is no need to state this.

We know that. Deep down we know we are our own worst enemy. The perpetrator did it that one time, and WE have been doing it ever since. Thank you.

It’s not our fault, it’s a structure, it’s a system, it happens – shit happens, as they say, but that shard removal is a hundred times more about what THEY were thinking, all the unkind things that had ever been said about it, thought about it, been implied in looks and actions, all the unkind hands.

The example I gave was someone with very curly hair, and they hate their curly hair, and they take the brush and they go, krrrk, krrk, I hate my curly hair, I’ve seen someone do that, pulling out handfuls and handfuls of hair, doing that.

But yeah, it’s really about what they’ve done to themselves, much, much more than what anyone else has done. To give – well it’s a form of absolution, really. Ending that thing, that guilt as well, you know that thing, you shouldn’t be so horrible to yourself.

There was a time you didn’t know that you shouldn’t be so horrible to yourself and you were – horrible to yourself. We all had that time, didn’t we, rolling around and hating ourselves and shouting insults – eeoowh.

Thinking bad things about ourselves.

And that is a weight of guilt, and being ashamed all the time, and all those things come under that heading of, “All the nasty things that have ever been done and said, all those unkind and hurtful hands, unkind hurtful thoughts, and unkind hurtful actions.”

  • And that is a redemption exercise which includes the person themselves.

It is acknowledged that this has been done, and we’re taking it out now.

End of story.

No writhing around with shame and guilt.

It is done, we don’t want to have it continue, we take it out, yeah?

It is pre-supposed in the structure of it that it covers what you did to yourself as well. But if someone feels they want to talk about it more, or do something more with that, by all means, this is what I said, we follow with the process. But this very simple thing of taking all the unkind things out, you’re handling that whole shame and guilt deal of a lifetime’s worth of kicking the shit out of yourself.

Which is as we know, a tragedy.

Now as the next step, we are going to deal with energy hypnosis, which will be useful and fun way beyond the concepts of Beauty T in the session after lunch, so we will be back here at two o’clock. Bring your hypnosis hats, put them on before you enter the hall, and have a lovely lunch, guys.

Thank you.



Part 3 – Energy Hypnosis

Ok, could all the representatives of the Creative Order move to Gate 11 please?

Board the ship, take a seat.

Please fasten your seatbelts!


We are going to be changing people’s autogenic templates and bringing them back to the Creative Order, and when we do that, and step into a state which I’ve called a representative of the Creative Order, a Samurai if you will or a champion which is my term for that ...

A champion.

Isn’t that a great term?

And I really do have that warrior aspect in that.

I really mean that. Sometimes you’ve got to get your hands a little dirty. Sitting floaty on a cushion all day long is one thing, but it’s not what I’m about.

I’m about real life, down here, in the vales, not up there in the monastery, but right here, trying to make a better life for people whilst we’re actually living proper lives, with families, and neighbours, and dogs and cats and all the rest of it. And trying to earn a living – the hard way, as they say.

Ok. So, can I have a show of hands who’s a hypnotist already?

[About a quarter of the audience raises their hands]

Thank you.

Ok, so we’ve got some people who have already some experience with hypnosis, and others who don’t, but what we are going to do is to work with state. 7

People who do EMO quite a bit find that they are getting MUCH BETTER at finding, knowing the STATES they are in, because they recognise the feelings, what they feel like.

When we were doing the exercise about being a member of the Creative Order, or a representative thereof, even, did you notice that that felt differently when you were saying that, in your body, thought differently from that state, felt different energy processes taking place all at the same time?

Now, that’s a state.

  • When we do hypnosis, what we do is to step into a state and invite the client to join us there, so there’s a match of resonance.

It is really quite a simple thing to do, because people, especially when they are seeking out a therapist, or a healer, they are more than three quarters the way there to assist you in that.

It’s slightly different when we go up to people in the street and do to them whatever it is that we want to do to them.

But let’s start with the easier option where people come to you and say, “Please, do something to me.”



1st State Exercise

Just for a little exercise in state, just close your eyes for a moment if you would, and just breathe for a while, if you would, just in and out, and just allow yourself to relax on the outbreath.

Just go aaah ... on the outbreath. And step down with each outbreath until you feel yourself becoming quite trancey, just like that.

Breathe out, drop down the state ladder, hold the state as you breathe in again, and drop down even further on the next outbreath.

Let the outbreath guide you downwards into very pleasant hypnotic relaxation.

Note how you state changes as you do that.

And how easy that is.

And how every step on this state ladder down into trance has its own body sensations, how your attention changes, how your thoughts change in response.

Very good.

That is very good.

Hold it right there for a moment as you continue to breathe in and out and remain there where you are for a moment as you explore this state you have arrived at, how easy that was and how nice it feels, and of course, you can remember this and know how easy it really is to access trance states to any depth you choose, any time you want to.

[Leaves audience to explore and enjoy the state for a couple of minutes]

Now, we’re going to rise up again, and this time, we rise on the inbreath.

So, rise on the inbreath, holding the state, and on the next inbreath, rising even further, hold the state, note the state, and the next inbreath is another opportunity to rise even higher, towards more clarity and awareness, and really feel the energy building up as you are rising even further still, and then you can open your eyes!

You are back here with me, and sort of energised, yes?

Did you notice the difference between these two things?

The rising state on the inbreath, and the dropping down state on the outbreath.

[Audience is delighted and assents strongly]



One Body, My Body Exercise

So what we’re going to do is a little exercise so you get to play with another person, and you’re going to see how deeply into a trance you can get them, without them falling over of course but if they do, try and catch them so they don’t hurt themselves in any way, because as the hypnotist, you are actually in charge of the well being, both physiologically, energetically and psychologically of you client.

Could I have you for a brief moment and I will show you what I mean by this.

[Audience member joins Silvia on stage]


[Silvia addresses demonstration person]

This is simply an exercise in energy hypnosis, and what we are going to use is one of the very basic body Beauty T movements which is where we make long sweeping passes over the body, you remember this from “Living Energy”, and just do, “One body, your body.” 8

And what you’re going to do is to kind of make a little mini chorus here, because when I say, “One body, your body,” I want you to think, “One body, my body,” as an echo, alright?

And all I want to you guys to do who are going to do the hypnotist thing here, is to keep a little eye on how this person is breathing.

If you can’t see how they are breathing, or they are breathing too shallow, we tell them to breathe, “Come on, let’s have breath, in and out, ahhh ...” and then we know when they are breathing, and we can match that “One body, your body,” to their outbreath 9, as you are doing the passes.

One body, your body ...” and just feel how that energy is going into that trance state so elegantly, and so quickly – whoa!

Just three passes, and we’re weaving, right?

This is a very, very fast hypnotic induction without touching.

Kinaesthetic inductions are even faster than that, and Beauty T is actually, when we put the bits together in the last session, is with touch, so that’s even deeper trance states than this, and this is quick.

So as you’re doing this, learn something about your state either way, “One body, your body,” and if you can feel it going down too deep, you can also steady it because both of you unconscious in a pile on the floor is fun, but not what we’re trying to achieve here.

If your person is very tense and they don’t want to follow into the state, keep at it, keep at it until they go.

That is very, very hard to resist, even if you have all sorts of blockages, and you can’t do anything wrong because all you’re saying is, “One body, your body.”

And in the meantime, we’re also doing some nice energy healing and learning something about hypnosis.

We’re going to do this in teams of two, please, and then we’ll come back to go onto the next little exercise.

Thank you.


Trance Exercise 2

Now if we can raise our friends back up who are still in the trance exercise and call them back ...

A nice thing is to tell people to take three deep breaths, rise on the inbreath, feel the energy raising and to return to reality feeling nice.

How was that?

Nice. Quick?

[Audience is amazed at their experiences]

Nice, isn’t it. No waving of watches. No complicated language, just good feelings, it’s lovely, isn’t it.

Exciting, isn’t it, hypnosis. It really is exciting.

Now what we are going to do next time around, because we are going to do this again with a new partner, and this time, we’re going to say, “Your body, your perfect body,” and the partner thinks the chorus.

Remember to give them enough time so they can think the chorus, or the echo.

You have to give your person time to echo the whole statement before you say the next one. It is better to be too slow, rather than to be rushing them and breaking in when they are still saying the statement in their own heads, “My body, my perfect body.”

Do it with a different partner this time, so you have someone you haven’t worked with before.

[Audience goes to the exercise for approx. 10 mins]

Ok, very gently and lovingly, come back home, bring your partner back in a very gentle fashion to full waking awareness, tell them to take a deep breath and open their eyes, come back into the room.

When people drift into these very drifty, very relaxed drifting states, be the eyes open or be the eyes shut, they become according to standard hypnosis theory suggestible.

  • What it is, is that these states are less protected by energy shields than the ordinary conscious awareness.

It is in the ordinary awareness where all these onion shields exist. When you drop down below or you rise up above your normal state bandwidth, you have got much more flow between the individuals, in and out, and things that are said, and projected, not just said, but also projected in that state, have much more chance to enter that person’s system and become a part of it.

Now it is very important to note that what you send in has to be direct, honest and truthful.

  • So you have to think in terms of an image, and an energy, as well as the word.

You can’t send someone, for example, a no frog.

It doesn’t work.

You’d have to send a frog first, and then put a cross through it.

You have to send them something positive, you can’t say to them, for example, “You don’t hurt anymore.” What would you be sending them if you were sending that?

Hurt. Right.

So if you want less hurt, then you send them healing, which is positive, or love, or resources, or light – that is something you have got to be very aware of when you are doing hypnosis with people, so that what you are sending them



and directly that, because the energy system doesn’t lie, and it doesn’t understand jokes, and it doesn’t understand language patterns like, “Now you won’t be afraid and terrified anymore.”

What you are sending there is terrification and fear. Instead we say you have to feel secure and you have to feel easy.

You’ll get used to it. It’s just something to know about hypnotic states, and the deeper people get into it, into hypnosis, the more important it becomes that what you say is absolutely true, absolutely aligned, literally like a laser, no incongruency there, you really mean every word you say, because what you are putting in is what is going in, and it’s up to you to make sure that it is really as good as you can get it.

It is the simplest thing, and with knowing that with those two things, that it is about states you can feel in YOUR OWN BODY.

What I was saying earlier to someone here was that when you are doing Beauty T, and you have someone who is very nervous of hypnosis, and they find it very difficult to relax, well we’re not telling them that we are doing hypnosis, just EMO, right?

Soften and flow.

Go deep within.

It’s not hypnosis, right?

It’s called EMO!

It’s not as though I’m hiding this.

But one of the nice things about this is that if you’re telling the clients upfront, “All I’m going to say to you is, Your body, your perfect body, and that is ALL that is going to be said.”

That gives them a lovely platform of security, and allows them as you’re going through this, and you’ve said it five times, and they’re beginning to get it that you are NOT going to say anything else, you’re not going to stuff some “good old suggestions” about eating less or giving up smoking in there whilst you’re at it, but just really stick to the contract, stick to the programme, and say WHAT YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO SAY, that then builds trust in that person for when we get into the real Beauty T stuff.

You don’t have to do this One Body exercise with everyone, although I would suggest you do, in the beginning with every person you get your hands on, because the better at this you get, the profounder an experience it becomes for the client AND for yourself, for your abilities to go up and down in states, and having it be just right for you and that client, because people are different.

It gets better with every person you’re doing this with.

And it’s a lovely experience, isn’t it.

Very relaxing.

And it teaches you a thing or two about hypnosis, doesn’t it. It should also help you go into trance yourself, for meditations and such, a lot easier from this day forth, really literally at will and on the outbreath ...

Ok, that was very nice. I think you can give yourselves a real pat on the back for that, it was really well done.

But I would like to now and while we’re at it, do a real EMO exercise, right now, whilst you’re still all fresh and bright after this lovely energising one body, my body, my perfect body and that is to do a nice EMO session with each other on the whole topic of being a hypnotist – hypnotising others, being responsible for what you say to them, being good at it.

I am a great hypnotist.”

Note, I’m saying hypnotist, not hypnotherapist.


A hypnotist is someone who can get someone into a state of hypnosis. What they do when they got them in there, that is a completely different topic, ok?

So hypnosis is just about the ability to hypnotise people, not hypnotherapist, hypnotist.

We’re EMO practitioners, remember?

I’d like you to have a go at this, “I’m a GREAT hypnotist,” with a partner.

And don’t come back until you really are!

Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist?

Someone asked me why I said hypnotist and not hypnotherapist and I found the following example which I thought explains this quite well.

A hypnotherapist gets put into prison and he stays there.

A hypnotist, unless he’s gagged, is out of there 15 minutes later – and the guard won’t even remember he was ever there!

What is it they say about dogs?

Dogs are for life, not for Christmas.

Well hypnosis is for life, not for the therapy room.

It is something that people do to each other all the time.

And in my opinion, it is of the essence to know – when it’s happening to you, to your children, to your loved ones, when someone is attempting it, to recognise what that FEELS like, when someone starts to speak, and all of a sudden, their voice makes this strange little shift, and you are having this sinking feeling as you’re sitting deep down, and mysteriously, becoming more, and more relaxed ...

It’s good to know when people do that, isn’t it.

Because when you notice it in the first slide you can call a halt, you know, and it is good to know who you can trust, who you can’t trust, and for the clients who come to see you, it is fair enough that this question is established – they need to trust you.

And funnily enough, one of the greatest things for trust building is – to be honest.

Which ties in so beautifully, because the deeper the trance, the more honest you must be.

Just stating FACTS. Things that are true, things that are incontrovertible, that you can’t argue with, where you cannot be wrong, that’s the key thing, were we stay with the truth.

Like the “One body, your body” exercise, that’s a real truth, a real fact. It would stand up to any argument, any scientific testing, any theology in the world – they couldn’t argue the fact that this is one body, that this is your body.

Saying that it is your perfect body is a little bit of an extension of that, but funnily, when you’re honest, people start to trust in you.

Isn’t that the strangest thing ...?

The more honest you are, the more people start to trust you. And the deeper the trance can become, and the more you can help them.

Isn’t that another amazing thing.

When we come back, we will do one more specific exercise to warm up, and that has to do with your voice.

Because voice is one of those things that carries a great many more things than just words, or information.

If you get your voice right, or if you get out of your own voice’s way, more like, you have a thing there that can just reach across the room and touch people.

Which is a wonderful thing to have.

And as voice has everything to do with expression in life in general, it is a metaphor for speaking up for yourself, for telling your true story if you will, this is also a wonderful exercise that will help us be a lot more honest with our clients, meaning that they will go much deeper into trance, which in turn lets us know that we are much better hypnotists, and we can help them more.

So it’s a virtuous upward spiral for all concerned.

So, we’ll take a 30 minute coffee break, we’ve done a lot of trancing, have a run around in the garden, get some fresh air, play with the ducks.

Now guys, you’ve done some sterling work.

I’ve said this before but what you give returns to you threefold. And this is particularly true of this training, - as I will, so shall it be. Not only will you get your money back threefold, and your travel expenses, time and interest, but this effort you’ve put in here today, every one of you, and you really have, as a group.

I’ve not seen one person who has been holding back all day, and this is going to pay off for you big time.

Not here, but out there, when we’re out of the magic circle, using these things every day to good effect.

So well done, guys, and we’ll go for the final run of the full Beauty T thing after the coffee break.

Thank you very much.



Part 4 – Beauty T

The Voice

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, champions all, great hypnotists.

Now you do realise that being a great hypnotist is only the beginning.

To become a MASTER hypnotist, you'll have to practice.

You have to practice on yourself, on your friends and family, innocent people you meet in the street.

That’s when the fun really starts.

You just stand next to someone, and you let yourself shift into that state, and you say nothing at all, and just see what happens to THEM.

It’s interesting ...

And something that has a lot to do with state and energy is, of course, ...


And something that should be quite an interesting little exercise for all of us ...

Do you like the sound of your own voice?

You know what they say if you don’t like the sound of your own voice? No? Well how is anybody ELSE going to like the sound of your own voice!

Now we all know from doing our EFT apprenticeship how inordinately your voice reflects the states you’re in.

Someone gets upset or uptight, the very first thing that breaks down is their breathing patterns and their voice. This is why they have an entire technology, that of “Voice Technology” to detect disturbances in the energy body.

Voice begins to flow smoothly when there are no disturbances ...

... in the energy body ...

... that get in the way and constrict the muscles and the tissues in the physicality, to produce your true voice.

But there’s one more little interesting thing about this.

Who of you has heard of Milton Erikson?

Who has heard an induction by Richard Bandler, or Paul McKenna, or even me, for that matter?

Have you noticed that their voice sounds a little unusual?

What is unusual about their voices?

They are kind of low, and gravelly. Very unusual.

And what that is is the effect of an interesting thing, and that is known as “speaking in chorus”.

That’s not one person speaking, that is all of you speaking.

This is all your parts, speaking the same words together, at the same time – and including your higher self.

Isn’t that interesting?

Would you like to be able to do that?

In order to do that, you have to get all of you to agree as to what will be said.

And all of you must be in agreement that it is a good thing to say, or it won’t work.

If there are any parts that are holding back, anything that is reversed on that topic, you can see that there’s something drops out, there is a restriction.

If you were to measure this, you would find someone speaking in chorus has this big bandwidth. And the more lies come in, where parts don’t agree, the less bandwidth there is, and when you’re really lying, it gets tight and squeaky.

Very simple, spiritual as well as practical and neurological.

Let’s try a word.

Which word shall we use?

I know a nice word I use a lot.

Let’s say, “The universe.”

Can you say that?

Ok. Put your hand on your chest, in the center of your chest, and as good EMO practitioners, let’s pay a little bit of attention to both the resonance you can feel, the actual physical sensation in your hand, as well as energetically as to what happens when you say,

The Universe.”

Who can feel blockages as they are saying that?

So if you’d just like to soften and flow that. Try it a little bit lower, because people’s voices get higher when they are stressed. Let’s do a bit of breathing down, relaxing down, shift down, one, shift down one more, two, let’s say it again,

The Universe”

Did you feel that chorus of voices resonate better?

Let’s have it one more time,

The Universe.”

[Audience chorus becomes resonant, compelling]

Very nice.

When you are doing this kind of work as a champion and as a representative of the Creative Order, it must be your desire to speak with all your voices the same words at the same time.

Now, we can’t quite reach that when we begin as yet, but we can make this our intention, and that is a very, very powerful thing to do.

And what I’d like you to do in the following exercises is to have that intention.

  • To speak only words of truth, to speak as a representative of the Universe, and speak with all your voices at the same time.

You will notice a difference in the response of your practice partner. Even just five percent, ten percent, 15 % kicking in of that makes a hell of a lot of difference to the experience of your client, it’s a wonderful thing.


Beauty T

Very briefly, BeauTy puts all the things together that we have talked about today.

We are with a client who has had their most urgent problems cleared if they have any, and what we are going to do is that we are going to re-affirm simply

the beauty

and the perfection

of their physicality.

The beauty and the perfection of their physicality.

Not beauty and perfection according to any form of human derived “beauty standard” but …


Just simply because

the physicality

was made

by the Creative Order itself,

and as such is a thing that we should

worship in every way

love in every way

respect in every way

and seek to understand

its functionings

its workings

and its purpose

in EVERY way.


And this is regardless of whether you are dealing with someone who is in the last stages of dying with AIDs, or a beautiful 17 year old woman, with not a blemish, not a scar.

The physiology is a design, it is functioning, it is holy.

We should have been told this, but we were not; so now we have to be the Champions who will tell other people these words.

And these words are so very, very simple.


Exercise – The Hand

[To Audience Member]

Would you be so good as to be my person?

Thank you.

A very simple start is, if may I have your hand?

And this is the first one we are going to do, just as a little entrance exercise.

You can relax and be at ease.

See, this is your hand.

It is perfect.

Strong, flexible fingers, just as the Creator designed it to be.

Strong, protective skin, hard working hand, beautiful.

This are your wrist, flexible, beautiful, allowing your hands to perform their functions, given by the Creative itself, perfect, and beautiful.


This is your arm, strong and powerful, lifting and raising, serving you its entire life, perfect, beautiful and beloved.

How was that?

[Audience Member: Unbelievable. Amazing. An amazing experience …]

Yes, it was, wasn’t it.

Somebody should have told you this a long time ago.

But they didn’t, but today I did, made up for it.

[To Audience]

That is an example of that.

  • When we do the full Beauty T treatment, we will cover the entire body in a session that doesn’t last for much more than twelve minutes, and that is an extraordinary and powerful experience, not just for the person who receives it, but also for the person who gives it.

It is literally a wonderful thing to be allowed to do, so [To Audience Member] I thank you very much.

[ Audience Member bows and leaves the stage, visibly moved]

It’s simple enough, isn’t it.

Isn’t it actually horrifying how simple that is?

And to think that there are 9 billion people on this planet to whom nobody has ever done that.

Nobody’s ever TOLD these people that they are beloved by the Creative Order, and beautiful?

The Beauty T full treatment, as I said, is not very long, probably 12 minutes, ten minutes, but you would have a lead-in, by speaking to the client so that they are comfortable; getting yourself in the state of really becoming the spokesperson of the Creative Order on this occasion; moving into the state where you can say, “Are you ready?” and then deliver this what I can only describe as an enormous gift of healing and recharge.

This does more for people, I will tell you, than a hundred years in WeightWatchers.

And it is the structural BASIS for a lot of other things, such as weight loss, prosperity work, self esteem work, even parts integrations – you know?

It’s a very, very powerful thing.

Are you looking forward to giving and receiving this?

[Audience assents strongly]


It also comes with a self help device, so that people can go home and you will all be receiving a CD where I do a Beauty T self help treatment on CD, and you can copy that freely and give it to your clients. That’s part of the course.

But the idea is that you should give this full BeauTy T treatment first. That sets it up right and then the client affirms it at home with the self-help afterwards.

Now I said that BeauTy T is addictive, and this is rightfully so.

How many times do people go to the hairdresser in the course of their life?

How many pairs of shoes do they buy?

So they’ve repaired themselves good enough and they’re feeling great, and then something horrible happens like they’re losing their job, or their boyfriend’s buggered off with someone else or I don’t know what, and then it’s PERFECTLY OK for someone to come back for another treatment session!


If you’ve got an injury or a scar, you go to the doctor, don’t you?

This treatment is perfectly ok to do ten sessions, fifteen, until the client is perfectly happy and really is no longer in need of your personal services for that, but they can come back any time they need a refresher.

If they had a downer, they can come in, have this thing for ten, fifteen minutes with you and leave and feel a lot, a lot happier and a lot better. And it’s a wonderful over all groundwork for any problem, or any thing.

And I thought that this was such a wonderful thing that I really wanted some people to go out there and do it with each other.

So, find yourself one partner. You can stand or sit. Just do the hand for now, because that's a good practice object.

<looks at hand> You don't mind, do you? Are you looking forward to it? Okay. Yes, he's looking forward to this! He likes this a lot – this one does too! In fact, ALL of me does, if all parts could do this they would because it's really nice to be appreciated.

The wording is simple enough. Just say something NICE that is true.

Hard working hands, the Creative Order gave them to you, beloved and beautiful.

Protective skin, strong arms - just let something come to you. My wording is on the CD if you really feel you need to learn what I would say, but for now just let something positive come to you.

Nice and positive and remember, honest. And notice also while you're at it how deep the trance is. You might not – I didn't while we were doing this, we were both gone and completely inside the process itself.

But now I can look from the outside and watch it!

It's quite straight forward but you need the courage to take someone’s hands in yours and actually just start and do it.

All of the things we've done all this day long is to this point where you can take, what amounts to a stranger’s hand, and as a representative of the Creative Order tell them that this is beautiful, perfect and beloved, beloved indeed, beloved.

Find yourself somebody you haven't worked with yet and just do one hand of one person each.


[Audience engages in the Hands exercise for approx. 5 minutes]

Okay Guys.

Let’s finish the stroking of the hand. As much fun as it may be, we have a whole body to see to which is dying to be told that it is beautiful and beloved. And I'm not kidding actually, and I'm going to say that again - it is dying to be told that it is beautiful and beloved.

People will put themselves under the knives for it, but really what they're after isn't that kind of beauty so the knife can never really fulfil it, can it? The botox wears of, but this does not, this grows and gets stronger over time.

More deep, more profound. And it's a marvellous thing.

Can you imagine that there's a world full of people that have never been told they're beautiful and beloved?

And imagine that you're the only one person who ever said that.

The one counter example.

The one seed upon which the whole revolution grows.

  • The one counter example is all it takes for most people, for one single person to believe in you wholeheartedly – just ONCE.

And what a gift that is we are holding in our own hands, right here, right now.

It's mind-boggling that it is within our power to give this. You wouldn't believe it, would you.

But the truth is, we all are representatives of the Creative Order – only some of us are getting to know this and others don't, yet.

They will learn.

And they will wake up to their ability to make a difference, really make a difference to people just with a few words, a smile even, state shift.

As you get better at this you will know that you will be able to send this to somebody across the room without saying a word.

They won't know where it came from but somehow all of a sudden they're beginning to wonder if they might not be a great deal more beautiful than they thought they were.

But for now we stay with the actual practise of the thing itself, and that would be the whole thing.

To take a person and to just go all the way through - your beautiful hands, your beautiful arms...

Would you like to see one, top to bottom? Yes? Especially the bit with the beautiful perfect genitals? Indeed. It's a good point to mention, made from the same material and with the same love as the galaxies and the stars above, incorruptible, incontrovertible by the hand, deed or thought of men.

  • You can only corrupt things that are NOT of the Creative Order.

A lot of people don't know this but it's actually true.

Try and corrupt an ant – go for it, try.

The best you can do is squish the thing. You'll never ever be able to corrupt an ant or a body or a sunset, or an ocean.

No matter how much poison you pour into it you can not corrupt anything that is of the Creative Order.

You can do horrible things to it with beatings and with sticks and insults and pain but yet you can never ever corrupt it, it always remains pure and that's true of the physicality and when people begin to understand that, really, then very tremendous things happen and not just for those who have been sexually abused as children, and in a way, everybody has.


Now then, who would like to be my Beauty T person?


[One participant literally jumps up and down]

You would?

Okay, come!

[Audience Member joins Silvia on the stage]

[To Audience Member]

Hi, my name is Silvia and today I'm speaking to you on behalf of the Creative Order.

It's an amazing thing really and the thing is this.

You don't need to believe me, but I want you to listen to me and that's all we're going to do.

May I have your hand please?

And can I have your other hand?

[Silvia takes both hands in hers, and takes a moment to smile at the participant]

These are your beautiful hands.

Given to you by the Creative Order itself.



So hard working, every day of your life.

Perfect, always in flow as the creative intended them to be.

Perfect and beloved.

And these are your beautiful wrists – flexible, hard working and so strong, allowing you to do the things you want to do and need to do in this life. Perfect, beloved and beautiful.

These are your strong arms. Strong powerful muscles that raise and lift, that wave and greet, perfect, beautiful and beloved.

And here is your strong straight spine, all the way up and down, carrying messages, supporting you everyday of your life. Your strong perfect spine, holding your head, your flexible, beautiful neck, just as the creative intended it to be so that you can freely look in all dimensions, all directions.

This is your beautiful hair, beautiful, perfect. As the creative designed it to be for you. To protect you, to be with you.

And this is your perfect head, protected and containing your perfect forehead, and your perfect face with its beautiful perfect skin.

Your perfect eyebrows and your perfect, perfect jaw, your chin, your cheeks.

Your perfect ears that hear the sounds of creation itself.

Your perfect eyes that see so much more, beloved, beautiful.

Your perfect nose and your beautiful perfect hard working mouth that forms the words you speak, that helps you be nourished in all ways. Your perfect throat and your beautiful chest where your strong lionheart beats, day by day, through out your life.

Your perfect breasts, beloved, beautiful, as given to you by the Creative Order itself that made the stars in the sky.

Your stomach, beautiful and perfect, helping you to digest things, always in flow, in beauty, and in love, and in absolute perfection. And we have your beautiful genitals and your buttocks, beautiful, beloved, perfect, given to you by the creative itself, perfect, incontrovertible and always, always beloved.

Your strong powerful buttocks, the strongest biggest muscles that allow you to move through life and your beautiful powerful strong hips, flexing and moving.

Your perfect, perfect legs with their perfect skin, strong and powerful muscles, and your knees, flexible, perfect and beautiful.

Your strong strong bones and your beautiful calves and then your ankles, flexing lightly up the hills and down the vales of life, perfect and beloved.

And finally there are your wonderful hard working feet that walk you through life, perfectly beautiful, so hard working, always there to support you, always there to be by your side, working for your everyday, helping you find your way.

This is your body, one body. Your body. Your perfect body given to you by the Creative Order itself, beautiful, perfect and beloved.

[Participant whispers, “Thank You …”]

You're welcome.

It's okay, you go sit down.

It's a trip. I could ask her for feedback and stuff but I won't because it's a hell of a trip.

Let her take a moment to re-assemble.

If we were in privacy, we would now talk about this, both of us enjoy it, enjoy the energy of it and perhaps we would talk about the future and how things are going to be different now.

I am sorry I don’t have the opportunity here to do that, but perhaps we did do all those things when we were there together …

[Audience Member asks: How can I remember the words?]

They will come to you, they really will.

It's always the same simple words – beautiful, beloved, given to you by the Creative Order, hard working. You know? I've embellished a few things here and there, but it's not necessary.

Just keep it simple, keep it straight.

You'll be fine, you'll be surprised how it comes to you as you're doing it.

May I borrow another person briefly?

Okay, I just wanted to show the path in which we're going.

I've worked this out in numerous experiments because we've got the front and the back of a person to cover.

We start with the hands, work your way up the arms, when you hit the neck we do the spine, up and down, so we do the spine, down to the buttocks back up the spine and it gives you a chance to talk about this strong spine, standing up, this whole thing – hard working, flexible, nice sort of suggestions for spine health if you will.

Do whatever you like there - information flowing freely, energy flowing freely as you're going up the spine.

Then you get to the neck and the main thing about the neck is what?

Freedom of movement and flexibility, right.

Your flexible neck is holding your perfect head and then we do the hair and by all means really stroke the person’s head, stroke the persons hair and say their beautiful hair.

This is very reminiscent of somebody stroking a child, it's the sort of thing we didn't have as children and we should have.

I'm not kidding, I'm serious. It's essential, absolutely essential that that should have been experienced back then.

And so then we go forward over the head and we have the face next, haven't we.

The forehead, the ears, the eyebrows and the eyes, the nose - bearing in mind that a lot of people have nose problems – beautiful perfect nose, the cheeks, jaw, a lovely beard in this case, given by the Creator as designed to protect his face and then we've got the mouth with hard working teeth, jaw, you know, we've got the throat and it's quite natural going down.

Chest – you can talk about lungs, the breath of life, and whatever comes to you.

You can talk about the heart, the lionheart, beating everyday of your life, absolute truth all the way through.

Remember this is really not talking but delivering healing, TRUE energy forms to counteract all the lies and insults and misconceptions that have arisen over the years and decades. You are STREAMING HEALING towards this person, and the words just BECOME as a direct result of that intention, and in and from the state of the representative of the creative order. That’s where the words come from, they’re not a poem, they ARISE.

Now in the chest area, if there is a lady in question then she has beautiful breasts, we don't hesitate, we touch10 them just the same as any other part of their body.

How you square that with your practice insurance, I leave that entirely up to you but it is essential that one should not hop over these areas as they need it most of all, they really do.

So, no difference in the inflection in your voice.

If you have to do EMO on yourself when you get to certain parts of the human body because they bother YOU, then make sure you really do that and get it clear and clean. Your touch has GOT to be the same touch for breasts, buttocks and genital areas that you would give a stomach or a neck, or a shoulder or a hand and not for once make any distinctions there between these areas.

Then we get to the beautiful genitals and just a light touch will do just fine, bearing in mind that that's a good point at which to go on about the Universe for a bit because people really have been entrained from the earliest time Mummy opened the nappy and went 'urghh – dirrty!' that this is all horrible down here, so it's a good point to make a little break and go on about how its the same as the stars in the sky, incontrovertible, incorruptible, can't be made dirty in any way, you know, whichever words you wish to choose there.

Buttocks, hips, then we've got the legs and the knees – main thing about knees, flexibility again, then we've got the calves, shins, nice straight legs, flexible ankles, finally the feet and the we go all the way up -

One body, your beautiful body, beautiful and beloved.

And that's the end of it.

[To demonstration person]

And I thank you very much for putting up with that! This is sort of nearly doing it, but not quite, isn't it?

If you have problems with the people you're doing this with then just float your hands and don't touch them at all – it's a good start.

If you're a psychotherapist or you have any sense at all that you might get into any trouble then don't touch, just float your hands above.

If you get your own state right then your clients will be completely relaxed and they will know that you're not doing anything untoward. Really, you shouldn't have any trouble with this any more than a massage therapist would.

There's a lot of negative conditioning going on.

This is not sexy in its nature, is it? You've done the hands and you know it's not, it's more than that, it's other than if you will, it's not sexy in nature and if you have the right state then it's very difficult for another person to make anything else out of it.

But if you're worried then float, don't touch. I'd like you to touch if you could. If there is anybody here who doesn't want to be touched, by all means then go and huddle in a corner but I think you probably all will.

It's a light touch so don't put any more pressure on the shoulders or on the head than you would be on the genitals so you keep it the same all the way through, for once, no prejudice.

One body, my body.

It doesn't matter if you don't do it perfectly, Rome wasn't built in a day, this is a safe environment, we're all professional together, we're here to practice and help each other out, yes?

It's important that you get to practice this at least once.

We're going to go around and see if anyone needs help, if you do need help then put your hands up because this is it, this is where we're putting it all together and having a jolly good old go at this.

I want everybody to have at least given it once and received it once because that's very important because you can't know what you're doing unless you've felt what that is like when it's happening, because it's quite extraordinary

Right, well, come on!

If you have fears then Soften and Flow but I think you'll be fine, we've done all the work we need to do to get us up to this point so that you will know how to this very beautifully.

What's most important is that if in your heart you really want to help this person understand that they are beautiful, you can't go wrong, you can't go wrong and if you're honest then they will believe you.

You really can't go wrong, this is not brain surgery - this is basic human courtesy 101 really.

Find yourself a partner you haven't worked with before and have a go.

[Audience begins the full BeauTy T treatment exercise]


BeauTy T Client Treatments

Okay ladies and gentlemen, if we could finish up.

I must tell you I was surprised how fast this day went. Did it feel quite fast to you? Isn't it amazing how time passes when you're enjoying yourself? It's probably because we've been doing rather than talking, isn't it?

Okay, I 'd like some feedback of what that was like for you.

You liked it?

[Audience assents strongly]

You liked the giving part especially?

[Audience assents strongly]

More time? I don't know, there was wild hugging going on just 10 minutes into it from what I saw!

But seriously how was it?

[Audience: Amazing. Wonderful. Awesome.]

Do you think that might be valuable for people?

[Audience assents strongly]

What I'm suggesting as to how you use this at the moment is to offer BeauTy T as an add on to to your existing psychotherapy/therapy/healing clients, offer it as a bonus, something that will make you feel better, a boost.

But in reality, the BeauTy T treatment is a basis for whatever other work you're doing anyway and what their problems are.

What you will find is that there will be some structural differences when they come back from their original problems.

BeauTy T makes a lot of difference to people on many different levels.

It's quite extraordinary.

Question: BeauTy T & Sex Abuse Victims

[Audience Member: Is it safe to use with sexually abused persons?]

Yes, I've used BeauTy T, the full treatment, with a sexually abused person not long ago and it was really quite extraordinary.

When I got to her throat I got a real shock of energy travel into me, it was that profound, which is quite unusual and once that was gone, something else happened and I just put both my hands spontaneously on her breasts and she started to cry but I just kept doing it and went all the way through, down to the stomach, the whole thing with the genitals and the stars in the sky and she was just completely overwhelmed by this.

Nobody has ever, ever gotten anywhere near her breasts in 50 years without getting their face punched and she said, that they had been dying for the touch.

  • There's that phrase again, dying for the touch.

I leave this to your discretion, how you handle that with your individual clients.

If in doubt then just float your hands, yes? And then we're just doing plain energy healing and nothing more. But it would be nice if at some point a little bit of touch could come in because that is what reunites the totality.

Until the point of touch and feeling it at the same time as the words are being spoken and the energy is being worked on, it can remain an intellectual exercise.

  • It is when the touch joins as well that there is uncontroversial proof that this is no longer an intellectual exercise but it is reality and becomes a full totality memory.

And this memory in and of itself becomes the antidote to all that nonsense that people have been fed and all their fears about being ugly and unlovable and unworthy.

A seed if you will, for different kinds of memory from now on.


Question: Emotional Overwhelm

[Audience Member: The treatment was very emotional for me. Could it become emotionally overwhelming for a client?]

Remember that at any time a person becomes “too emotional”, you can just stop and do some more basic EMO.

Today, we did have a progression of First Storms, removing shards and of course, it is absolutely required, a pre-requisite that the person should be able to do EMO in the first place.

You have to remember this.

  • These wonderful experience that we've all had today, and I include myself in that, would be absolutely impossible without EMO.

If we didn’t have EMO, we'd all be writhing in embarrassment, freaking out, abreacting, crying, howling, God knows what - running from the hall with migraines.

Especially on the topic of the autogenic body map, people have their worst reversals there, remember?

If these things aren't addressed, if you're scared to do this or if you have fear, you have to have a method to straighten your energy system out to come to this point, or to even start on a healing journey into this territory in the first place.

I think this is why nobody has ever told us that we are beautiful and beloved - simply because their own energy systems are still in such a mess that they can't. They physically can’t because it would hurt them too much to even try because of all of their reversals.

I want you to look upon what you have done here today and the courage you have shown to do these things and have these things done to you as well, I want you to look upon this as a sign as to how far you have actually come.

You might not notice any great differences in your life as you might not have bigger cars yet, or more horses, or however you measure your progress as a human being.

  • But the very fact that you can stand here and tell some stranger that you are a representative of the Creative Order and that they're beautiful and beloved and make it so that they believe it is extraordinary progress.

You ask that of a bunch of people from the street and they wouldn't be able to do that. They'd be too scared, too ashamed, feel too weasely - you know that they could simply not do this.

You here have done a lot of work today to get yourself to this point where YOU can really actually do this now and I want you to give yourself credit for that, really give yourself credit for that.

It seems so normal because we're all doing it here but it is extraordinarily courageous, to even put your hand on the cheek of a stranger and have it be a loving touch without dying with embarrassment and shame and reversals, is it not?

So really, allow yourself a little bit of self satisfaction here, that you have come this far and that you know that you're representatives of the Creative Order and you have a right to speak on behalf of it especially.

Are there any more questions on this whole process, something you really need to know, or have me know as well?

Question: BeauTy T For Sick People

[Audience member: Can you give BeauTy T treatments to people who are sick, ill or dying?]

Of course you can, yes.

Let’s say someone has cancer of the pancreas, by all means give the whole series of BeauTy T treatments for the “worst case scenarios” first – starting with teaching them EMO so they know what’s going on and THEY can do their bit “from the inside”, then going on to Pin Point for the pancreas location, and finally the real BeauTy T treatment you have just done.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're not offering healing, we're just offering love and I would like to remind us that we can only change that which we love.

This is a law of nature.

You can hack things to bits that you don't love, but you can't change them, you can't have them work with you and follow your will and instruction, if you will.

So, although I can't possibly say that we can create miracles of healing with this system, I can certainly say that it will make a lot of difference in how the physiology responds to certain things from a more loving approach.

Let’s say someone wants to be fitter and they have a more loving understanding of the processes of their body and they start to work together with their body to archive this mutual aim of being more flexible, more fit, more in line with what the Creator designed them to be.

They then have so much more of a chance to make that work for them, from weight loss to substance abuse, so much more of a chance to make it work for them. It will really, really help. Hating and fearing your own pancreas is not ever going to be the answer to anything.

And although I'm not saying that EMO BeauTy T can reverse cancer, what I am saying is that whatever else is going on then at least your giving the thing a chance and your not blocking it from your side, so that will definitely be very, very helpful.

  • BeauTy T is a very unusual and highly personal blessing experience that is in YOUR power to bestow on everyone – old or young, sick or healthy, sad or angry, and it will ALWAYS make a HUGE difference to their lives, of that you can be sure.

Are you going to be sharing this with your clients?

[Audience assents strongly]


You don't have to charge much, or you can charge a lot, but I tell you, BeauTy T very, very beneficial.

Do we have any massage therapists here? It's a shame we don't.

Can you imagine a full body massage with aromatherapy oils while the masseur does 'these perfect shoulders'?

I'm going weak in the knees at the thought!

That would be really something, wouldn't it? Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing to have?

[Audience assents strongly]

The sad rich people of the world would pay a fortune for this, they really would. And rightfully so!

I can't believe we have actually come to the end of this training.

We have covered a lot of things today, you have done a lot of things today. I really do want you to go out and pass it on – just pass it on.

You don't have to charge for it in anyway, just pass it on a little bit so that it can start to spread out a little bit because BeauTy T isn't difficult.


The Champion’s Vow

Would you like to do the champions vow before we go?

Yes? I think I would, certainly.

Please, champions you may rise!

I'm going to say the line and then you repeat the same words and if you wish, you can put your hand on you heart so we can be sure that you mean it.



I have no home, I am home

I have no security, I am security

I have no life, I am life

I have no death, I am death

I have no heart, I am the heart

I have no mind, I am the mind

I have no body, I am the body

I have no soul, I am the soul

I have no creativity, I am creativity

I have no beauty, I am beauty

I have no truth, I am truth

I have no magic, I am magic

I have no desire, I am desire

I have no sword, I am the sword

I have no words, I am the words

I have no love, I am love.


Champions, it was an honour.



Addendum – BeauTy T Articles

BeauTy T & The Autogenic Beast

What is a self concept?

What is a body image?

Let us start right there, for the ability to make a reflective idea of what you look like, and how you appear to others, is a uniquely human ability that is little understood and has caused our race a great deal of problems.

It is said that chimpanzees are the only creatures (apart from ourselves) who have the ability to recognise themselves in a mirror.

This is a step into the direction of reflexive consciousness; however, recognising yourself in the mirror is NOT the same thing as then to go ahead and make a myriad of judgements on how one may or may not appear to others, and then to base behaviour and emotion upon this.

The entire process of creating the autogenic body is unique to human beings – to you, and to me.

Often, people confuse their energy body (which is something that all creatures have) with their autogenic body.

The energy body is a functioning meta-system from the Creative Order; the autogenic body on the other hand is a collection of IDEAS and CONCEPTS which have been randomly assembled over the period of an individual’s life time.

Ideas and concepts can also be called “thoughtfields” and just like the energy body, thoughtfields are invisible, are being produced by human consciousness, and the unfortunate side effect of thoughtfields is that they have the power to impact the energy body.

For example, if a person constantly “thinks” that the lower half of their body is bad, unwanted, evil and dirty, the resulting thoughtfields absolutely have the power to influence the energy body – to disturb it, to disharmonise it, to create blockages and reversals in the many systems, some of which are excruciatingly subtle and fragile, others of which are essential to survival itself.

  • Disturbed thoughtfields, especially relating to the body itself, cause disturbances in the energy system.

The autogenic body is the total sum of the collection of all thoughtfields relating the body – every idea, every judgement, every realisation, every conclusion and especially also, every external comment, judgement and criticism from others are stored together, like many ill fitting pieces which produce all together the “autogenic monstrosity” or the autogenic beast.

You could also call it the autogenic Frankenstein’s monster, constructed from random parts.

Before a person becomes “aware” that they “have”:

The wrong kind of hair;

The wrong body shape;

The wrong skin colour;

The wrong features;

Etc. etc. etc. etc.

there is only a sense of congruent existence within the environment, acting in accord, together and “unconsciously”.

In essence, this is how animals and very small children move about in the world and in essence, this is a form of “Even Flow” – the way it is supposed to be.

Human consciousness, being a radically new evolutionary development, causes havoc in such a system.

No longer is it the totality body that unconsciously meets the environment; instead it is the “map of the body”, the autogenic body which walks into a restaurant, takes their clothes off in a swimming pool or in front of a waiting lover, or stands in front of a mirror and views itself.

With most people, this is just a process that we all suffer from; high end disturbances such as body dismorphia, where someone will look into a mirror and actually “see” the autogenic monstrosity overlaid in the looking glass instead of “what is physically there”, show us how it works however, and the fact is that we all of us, do exactly that.

The autogenic body comes into existence utterly randomly.

Chance remarks from a parent, a sibling, a stranger that “strike home” and are then internalised, never to be forgotten, “You’ve got such big feet!” – “Your nose looks like that of a pig!” – “Your hair is such a mess!” and all the hundreds of thousands of events, shape the autogenic body.

Societal ideas of beauty, and comparisons to that ideal also shape the autogenic body.

Too tall, too small, too fat, too thin” or “Not tall enough, not small enough, not fat enough, not thin enough” are the expressions relating to a comparison judgement to something outside.

As a person grows up, they develop the ability to shield themselves from such comments under ordinary circumstances. But there are still moments of stress, trance, shieldlessness in general where it is possible to stick yet another shard into the autogenic monstrosity; and so, as life progresses and as time goes by, more and more layers of disinformation, disturbed thoughtfields accrue, getting more unfortunate the older the owner becomes, until the autogenic beast is more or less complete by the time a person is 75 years old.

This autogenic beast has no longer any relationship of truth, co-operation or Even Flow with the actual energy body, which is the template for the physicality.

The disturbances of the autogenic beast disturb the energy system, and from there the disturbances reach into physicality, manifesting there many years later, and thus the cause-and-effect is to time delayed for people to realise what has been happening.

In order to tame the autogenic beast and to bring it back into SOME FORM OF RESEMBLANCE to the actual existing body, energy body human totality, it needs to be CHANGED.

Luckily, the autogenic beast consists of nothing more than a huge collection of thoughtfields, and these are nothing more but JUST AN ENERGY FORM – they are available to be changed AT WILL, using exactly the same mechanisms by which they first sprang into being, namely energy, and intention, the weapons of the human reflexive consciousness.


The Frankenstein Factor

The very first thing we need to do to change the existing autogenic body thoughtfields into something much more resembling the TRUTH of the physiology and the energy body in action, is to overcome the artificial DIVIDES set into place by language and consciousness.

Children are taught to name their body “parts”.

The very act of doing this tears the autogenic body a-“part” – and creates divides which impede the smooth flowing of energy and attention across the WHOLE.

The EMO II exercise of “One body, my body” is an energy-consciousness device to bring back flow across these old divides.

It is worth remembering at this point that certainly the energy body, but in fact of all of the systems a human has, have an INNATE DRIVE TO FLOW.

This is lucky for us; if this wasn’t the case, to try and re-establish flow across these diverse and separate thoughtfield constructs of “arms and elbows, knees and toes” that have existed for many decades without anyone challenging this, ever, would be near impossible.

As it is, people experience a huge sigh of relief at the rightness of this assertion – “One body, my body.”

Of course!

We are not animated skeletons with bits stuck together on strings, we are ONE OPERATING TOTALITY where everything needs to move and flow TOGETHER, for each and every subsystem has a function for the whole.

It is in fact quite WONDER FULL that it only takes a few repetitions of this idea in action, “One body, my body,” to overcome a lifetime’s worth of entrainment of partition, exclusion and rejection.

This is, indeed, a testimony to our inbuilt drive towards rightness, towards expressing the designs of the Creative Order IN CONSCIOUSNESS.

There is another really fascinating aspect to this type of work.

EVERY THING that brings the consciousness CLOSER to reality itself has immense benefits – and instantly so.

When consciousness learns that it was mistaken in thinking of the body as separate and broken into many parts, and adjusts towards actual reality, many disturbances simply disappear and life becomes easier.

Movement becomes freer and easier; energy flows more profoundly, leading to feeling better and more positive; thought, action and emotion becomes easier and less troublesome; and reality itself responds kindly as well.

For the consciousness, this is a great incentive to continue to work in that direction – and one might consider that this is one way in which we might succeed in bringing the consciousness home, not just to the body, but to the Universe itself, where for so long it felt lonely, separate, and helpless.

EMO BeauTy T is a design for a process that may be performed by one person upon themselves, but in preference by two people who align to play certain roles to bring about a new autogenic body.

BeauTy T is a reunification process, a clearing process and a process that helps to structurally dismantle the autogenic monstrosity, and in its place, creates a new autogenic body – one that is cohesive, flowing, and most of all, unconditionally beloved.


BeauTy T In A Nutshell

Beauty T is a special session of 30 minutes which is given by an EMO practitioner to a client outside of ordinary treatments or counselling.

It is a PREMIUM SERVICE that is entirely positive and uplifting; in fact Beauty T is what you might call some serious icing on any human's cake.

When an EMO practitioner first begins to offer this service, I recommend that they pick some of their favourite clients and offer a 'Try Me!' treatment at a special offer price.

This is for the practitioner to gain confidence and delight in conducting this unusual but so very wonderful treatment that is more of lifetime's experience than any kind of therapy or form of healing.


The Process of Beauty T

Very simply put, the ETP spends five minutes of the 30 minute session in rapport with the client and briefly explaining the idea of the treatment.

For the next 20 minutes, the ETP will simply go over the clients entire body and affirming the beauty of any and all of their physicality.


As the ETP affirms the beauty of the physicality, they will also seek to dispel with their words, with their touch and with their attitude NEGATIVE ENERGIES THAT HAVE INFESTED the energy systems.

Beauty T thereby represents a form of totality massage whereby:

* The ETP addresses the conscious mind in words;

* the energy systems with their own energy and intention;

* and the physicality with their touch,

... all at the same time to produce a heightened state of lucidity across the client's entire existence.

This experience, even with a total novice, is unlike anything the client has ever been given, or has ever received.

It is intensely emotional for both the client as well as for the ETP and the benefits are simply incalculable.

Here are just some of the benefits a client can confidently expect from a Beauty T treatment:


Benefits Of Beauty T For The Client

  • a radically new and different viewpoint on their bodies and all their bodies functions and appearances;

  • a reconnection of physical sensations, emotional energies and ANOTHER HUMAN BEING which represents a MILESTONE EXPERIENCE that for many people has been sadly lacking all their lives;

  • the beginning of a deep, profound and immensely healing change in their AUTOGENIC BODY and thus, their own relationship to their own selves for the better;

  • a form of deep energising, renewal and celebration of the self that leaves the client clearer and more balanced than they may ever have experienced before.

Working towards acceptance and celebration, if not worship, of the CREATOR GIVEN PHYSICALITY IN ALL ITS UNFOLDMENTS is a radical departure from the general paradigm of 'fault finding and fault removal'.

  • Beauty T is the long missing antidote to feelings of dislike of the self, unworthiness, ugliness, and depression or anger.

It really works like an injection of positivity, unconditional regard and indeed, beauty energy into our depleted systems and brings them back to life.

But there is more than just the client soaking up energies they have been sorely and desperately lacking their entire lives.

It is impossible to do Beauty T as a practitioner and not also to feel the benefits of calling in and handling positive and unconditional energies of admiration, regard, love and worship.

  • Giving is as powerful and perhaps more powerful still than the receiving.

We all have so much love inside of us, and so few opportunities in the rigid structures of our societies and in our own personal prisons of entrainment to let this flow out and through, for the practitioner this also is a way to become far more powerful with every application of this, with every practice on every client.


It becomes easier and easier with just a little practice to step into that place of unconditional regard, and this is a REAL FEELING and a REAL EXPERIENCE, not some pretend 'I see the light within' if there isn't yet any light to be seen, BECAUSE NO-ONE HAS EVER BOTHERED TO LIGHT THAT PERSON'S CANDLE FLAME as yet.

Beauty T is addictive

That is not a bad thing, but indeed a WONDERFUL state of affairs, and not just for the practitioners who can't help but wanting to do this more, with a wider range of people, more profoundly and more deeply.

It is a wonderful thing for the client too, because they will seek the validation and REALITY CREATION of these new states of being.

When someone comes along and looks at this client and thinks or says, 'Ooh you're so old, fat and ugly,' the client has now and for the first time ever COUNTEREVIDENCE to fall back upon, and an answer to this - 'I am as the creator made me. I am beautiful and I know this. How sad that you cannot appreciate this yet.'

The client will begin to ACTIVELY SEEK OUT people who reflect this new order of being in their environment very practically - this is a practical AND an energetic effect, as perpetrators are magically attracted to the perpetual victims.

One ceases to be a victim and the perps stay away because there is nothing to feed on, nothing to stoke, nothing to be gained for them but defeat.

There is also absolutely no harm in a client who may have had a number of Beauty T sessions to return for more, after a break-up of a relationship say which left them vulnerable to the old self doubts, just the same as one would seek a headache pill for a headache, or a massage after a strenuous game of sport.


Beauty T Self Help

For both practitioners and clients and indeed any human being, the self help version whereby the person tells their own body directly how beautiful it is, how beloved by the creator itself, and how grateful they are for its services is a secondary device which brings the true power of Beauty T really into focus for long term.

I hold that it is too hard to expect from someone who has NEVER BEEN TOLD BY ANYONE that they are beloved and beautiful to pull themselves out of the swamp by their own hair. Especially if it has been said to be the wrong colour, thickness and texture and is entirely rejected ...

Make no mistakes.

Just as you can depress a child to the point of self mutilation by throwing endless hatred, negativity and fault finding at it, and then beyond into a state of dumb suffering where suffering is all there is and indeed all attempts at life have stopped, you can do this to your very own body, body parts, and many of us have done that too.

Renewal and healing cannot progress under such desperate circumstances.

The parts must be brought back to life, back into the light and ONLY non-conditional acceptance and positivity can EVER accomplish this.

This is the first Sleeping Beauty kiss to wake up parts of us, all of us, and once awoken even ever so slightly, these parts will begin to operate differently.



That's how it works, and it can't work any other way.

You cannot grow a good plant by withholding water, and you cannot grow a beautiful and flexible body by withholding love, admiration, support and the cheers of a victory parade to make it work extra hard for you.

Beauty T self help treatments come AFTER the practitioner has broken the ice and turned around a self destructive system of mechanisms that have caused so many problems over so many years.

This is one of the times when the inherent POWER AND AUTHORITY of the healer may be used to its full effect.

People have come to you for help.

They respect you and accept you as an authority.



The Client Practitioner Dance

The true hallmark of EMO is the dance between the practitioner and the client, the fact that both work together and both gain immeasurably from this cooperation.

They gain different things in different ways, but both gain from the dance of giving and receiving.

For a practitioner who may have issues with their own nose, the challenge of reaching for and FINDING that reality where someone else's nose is indeed, creator given and because of that, simply beautiful is intensely healing in its own right.

Their own prejudices and disturbances sigh with pleasure and resolve at the same time; or at least are so challenged by this NEW INFORMATION, these NEW EXPERIENCES that they can no longer run their automatic self destructive spirals as once they did.

If this is done wholeheartedly then the world does become a different place as we are retraining ourselves to see the beauty and perfection in all things, and strive to encourage that beauty and perfection in its attempts to flower and unfold, wherever we see it, wherever we find it.

That is the Even Flow, and that is a truly holy thing to be doing.

I believe it is the core and the key of all true spirituality.

The challenge of finding this love and adoration for the physicality of other humans is profound and the rewards are equally profound in every way.

Beauty T is the first of a whole new breed of energetic healing strategies, one that works ONLY with the power of joy and the beauty of the creative order, and makes EXACTLY THAT AND ONLY THAT the antidote to the existing suffering.

The more damaged something is, the more unhappy it is in appearance or expression, the more love and unconditional regard it needs to be restored to its rightful functioning.

It is very simple really.

Frighteningly simple.

Now all we have to do for ourselves and for each other is to TRY OUR BEST to make it happen.

Wholeheartedly means simply that we give everything we have.

If that everything isn’t very much, it doesn’t matter because it is ALL THERE IS AND WE HELD NOTHING BACK.

It is the best we could do and every time we do it, we deserve a medal.

And we do get it, in the form of results and new feelings for ourselves, new and better and simply DIFFERENT experiences than we were led to believe were even available to us as human beings.

Beauty T As A Benefit For EMO Clients

As usual, Beauty T could not even have arisen if it wasn't for EMO FIRST.

To be able to accept the beauty of something that one has hated and blamed for one's entire life's problems for many years (such as the hair, the nose, the weight, the cellulite, the sex organs et al) one needs to do major energetic and emotional as well as neurological repair work.

One needs to be able to understand that the nose is not the problem, but the injuries pertaining to the AUTOGENIC NOSE and all the decisions and ideas and bad experiences that have cascaded since then from that injury (or those many injuries, as these things become self affirming and more and more real seeming over time, and of course, ever more painful and hurtful).

For clients with major well defined 'body image problems' it is therefore essential that they are either treated for those specific problems up front and the energetic contortions that exist are cleared up BEFORE a full Beauty T treatment is even a possibility, OR that they are able to DO EMO well and in the field already to do their part on the other end, that of being able to receive the incoming information/ sensation packages from the ETP.


Beauty T PinPoint

You can therefore offer special Beauty T pinpoint sessions that deal with 'the fat', or 'the ears', or, 'the hair' before a full Beauty T session becomes the first goal to have reached in the treatment flow and progression.

More than one such pin point session may be scheduled, and you can treat this entirely as a plastic surgeon would - start with the 'worst parts' and work your way through in consultation with the client until they are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY - at which point the real Beauty T treatments of total re-unification into ONE BEAUTIFUL TOTALITY may begin.

This is truly a breakthrough set of treatments and strategies that will produce so many benefits to both the clients as well as the ETPs, the potential is breathtaking.


Plastic surgery has severe and mostly un-acknowledged long term consequences. People in their desperation don't understand that in 30 years from now, the scar tissue formed back then is going to cut their life short and lead to so much pain and suffering that they wish they'd never undertaken this.

You are bringing years of optimal functioning and the possibilities of that to your clients. And indeed, your clients will easily understand this once they are able to look beyond the length of their own nose, it being no longer a big autogenic issue that blocks their view of real and true reality after your treatments of them.

As to increased joy, libido, sense of lightness and pro-activity, better energy, better digestion, less risk of addictions, heart attacks and so much more, Beauty T is the perfect tool for a world that has gone insane with the quest for Beauty with the knife.

Beauty T is an enormously powerful concept.

It is incredibly easy to sell because those on the quest for Beauty will 'try everything'.

If they try THIS, and you get it right as the practitioner, they will have finally found what they have been looking for - a beauty that no age can take away, something that will be with you until your dying day, and that actually FEEDS AND SUSTAINS ALL YOUR FUNCTIONINGS, from mental clarity to physical recovery and immune system functioning.

The desperate quest for beauty is here, and we have with Beauty T a product that is not only fantastically holistic, but also DESPERATELY NEEDED BY MILLIONS.

  • BeauTy T is safe.

  • BeauTy T is a completely new and entirely surprising experience.

  • BeauTy T works.

  • BeauTy T heals, it helps and it uplifts.

  • BeauTy T is self sustaining and NOT tied to the practitioner.

BeauTy T is a healing star that passes right into the client's own hands as soon as they are ready and THEY IN TURN MAY AND WILL PASS IT TO OTHERS IN THEIR PATH.


Charging For Beauty T

BeauTy T is endlessly flexible and you as the practitioner can do what you like with it.

You can pick your target audience and set to work - teenage girls, rich middleclass bored women, models who have just turned 23, football players. Anyone and everyone will benefit from BeauTy T to increase their self confidence, self love and relationship to their own body.

You can advertise BeauTy T for 'long term weight loss'.

You can keep BeauTy T as a premium service for your best EMO clients.

You can run groups, workshops, retreats based around a progression of Pin Point Beauty T and the whole spectrum of BeauTy T treatments.

You can charge what you like for a set of 21 sessions, or for one, or for ten or three - please remember that a breast reduction or a 'tummy tuck' cost thousands of pounds and carries a penalty of long term health and psychological problems in its wake.

You can save your clients years of suffering and thousands upon thousands on quick fix or quack services and solutions, so charge what you want to charge for this, and if you don't want to charge anything at all, then don't.

I'd love to see at least some of you advertising along the lines of, 'Thinking of Plastic Surgery' Try Beauty T First! First treatment at a special offer price!?


In Conclusion

Beauty T is truly new and revolutionary in its concept.

It is in full keeping with ALL true spiritual traditions and celebrates the Creative in every way.

BeauTy T is completely positive and totally healing in its application, and it is simple to do.

We have the tools and we have the experience to make it work, and to make a real change to the people who we treat with Beauty T, as well as to ourselves.

Please let us not waste this opportunity to do some REAL GOOD, and make a LASTING DIFFERENCE not just to ourselves and our clients, but by example, to everyone we come into contact with.

Beloved be,

Silvia Hartmann

13. 04. 2004



BeauTy T Self Help CD Transcript

When an EMO practitioner raises the energy required and enters the state of the representative of the Creative Order to deliver the reminder and blessing of BeauTy T, words begin to flow just like the energy itself flows – the words we speak arise from the underlying energy that is being transmitted, and not the other way around.

Like the very best of spontaneous declarations of love, given in the moment and unsurpassed in their intensity, truth, honesty and also beauty and impact, practitioners are astonished to find themselves speaking in a way they didn’t know they could when they enter this state and speak from within it.

Stuttering, searching for words, feeling blocked up, uncomfortable and all of those symptoms of speaker’s block are simply reversals in the energy system; an EMO practitioner notes when these arise and clears them immediately to deliver an Even Flow of events, actions, energies AND words that are all harmonious, resonant, and very powerfully aligned.

This having been said, beginners and those who haven’t actually attempted to do BeauTy T with another can’t know yet that this is so and they are often comforted by seeing an example of what might be said during a session.

The BeauTy T Self Help CD has a dual purpose whereby it contains a sample wording and simple ten minute session of basic BeauTy T which one may immerse in as the client, and which one may also use as the practitioner as an inspiration from the other side, to get some ideas for delivery and to learn the state by example.

The transcript of the Self Help CD is included here for the same reason; not that it should be learned, or copied, but only to demonstrate that the words in BeauTy T are very simple, honest and true and no-one needs to be afraid to speak them from the heart.


Find yourself comfortable

and at ease.

Sit down, lie down,

and simply relax for a moment.11


I am not asking that you

should believe me today,

all I'm asking is

that you should listen,

that you listen and that

you hear the words I say.


As you are breathing

ocean tides, in and out,

calmly and regularly,

and as you are becoming aware

of your brave lionheart

that beats

and beats

and brings you life

and strength, endeavour,

you can become aware

of your entire body,

a beautiful creation,

always in flow,

connected to

the deepest realms,

given to you

by the Creative Order itself.


Your relatives are

the stars in the sky,

the grey mountains,

the green vales,

the deepest oceans,

you are

as they are

children of the universe.


And now, I will speak to you

about your beautiful hands,

about your beautiful, flexible,

hard working hands, that may

draw symbols,

carry loads,

may stroke your own skin

touching and receiving both

your beautiful perfect hands,



Your beautiful perfect fingers,

and your hands, and your wrists,

strong yet so flexible,

and the skin above them

sensitive to the slightest

touch of air, the slightest

breath of wind.


Your strong, beautiful arms,

your flexible elbows,

beloved all,

all a part of this your one body,

stroke your arms with your mind

and express your gratitude

for all that hard work,

for all those years

beautiful you are, and perfect.


Your strong arms,

and your strong, strong shoulders

and back,

your powerfully flowing spine,

all the way from the bottom up

across your back,

carrying the most essential messages,

flowing every day,

in absolute perfection,

beloved, beautiful spine,

strong, powerful,

all the way up your back

and into your strong, strong neck

that lovingly holds your head,

flexibly, all directions, all



And there is your hair, beautiful,

as the Creator has given it to you,

of the self same structure

as the stars in the sky,

and with loving hand,

and loving gratitude,

stroke your hair all the way down

to your neck and shoulders.


And there is your beautiful face,

perfect forehead, perfect skin,

exactly in flow

as the Creative wanted it to be,

perfect protection,

perfect love.

Your eyebrows, your lids and your

beautiful eyes,

which do not only let

you see the world,

but in return allow

you to touch those things

you give attention to

with your stroking attention of love,

you nourish those things

you wish to grow around you.


And then there is your perfect nose,

perfect in all ways, just as

the creator designed it to be,

your cheek, your jaw, powerful

and strong,

ever working for you, ever working hard,

your perfect lips that shape the

words you speak

and give the kiss of love

to those things

that you most admire.


Your chin and then your perfect neck

and throat, your voice,

gently sliding down across

the one body

to your beautiful strong chest,

where your brave lionheart

beats with regularity and power,

and such ease,

where your breath is the tide of life,

flowing through and out,

always, always,

beloved celebration of taking in

the life from the universe,

and releasing

your contribution in return.


Your beautiful breasts, perfect,

absolutely perfect

as designed by the Creator

and beloved;

your strong chest,

and your stomach,

digestion moving,

keeping you alive,

giving you the power and the energy

you need to do your work in this world,

to dance with joy here in this world,

beautiful, beloved.


Your beautiful beloved stomach

and your beautiful perfect genitals,

made by the creative order,

that made the stars in the sky above,

the galaxies in all their glories

and sunrise too -

perfectly beautiful,

pure and incontrovertible,

always, always

and regardless of what

the will of man might think

or do decree.


And then there are your powerful hips,

flexible and strong,

and from your powerful hips

we might stroke lovingly across

your beautiful buttocks,

such powerful strong muscles

beneath your skin,

so sensitive,

so perfect and as beloved

as your strong powerful thighs

and your strong straight bones,

and your wonderful flexible knees

that lightly move with every thought,

with every breath.

We slide with love and admiration

down towards your calves and ankles,

your flexible ankles

that keep you balanced

regardless of

what other things you might find,

or whether you go up a steep incline,

or down towards a perfect valley,

your perfect ankles support you.


And then there are your trusty feet,

oh so hard working,

oh so necessary

and so deeply beloved.


Now feel a breath of life,

of wind, touch you from your toes

that slides all the way

across all of your body,

through your hair and out -

and hear it, feel it know it -

your body, one body,

your beautiful body,

given to you by the Creator,

always in flow,

always perfect,

always beloved and





BeauTy T For Animals

All animals are extremely sensitive to all forms of energy occurrences.

Further, as they cannot lie, when one applies energy healing or energetically based changework with animals, the results are clean, powerful and a total eye opener to those who are still not quite sure that yes, there is an energetic continuum, and yes, we can make REAL changes when we work in those realms.

BeauTy T, an EMO Level 2 techniques set, is about love and attention to heal all manner of injuries in the energy system.

It is amazing to do with people, but it's just as amazing when we apply it to animals, and especially beloved companions.

Here is a full but simplified protocol so you can try BeauTy T with your animal companion too!

Earlier this year I did an advanced EMO seminar called BeauTy T for people.

The core idea is for people who would go to a plastic surgeon because they hate a part of their bodies so much, to CHANGE THAT part of the body and their relationship with it using this "magical alternative".


In order for something magical to work on a par or BETTER than actual plastic surgery, it had to get pretty heavy duty, as you can imagine; those sort of disturbances for people are so dramatic, you need something very powerful to take it on, and it really needs to work and to be seen that it works.

When I got home from the seminar, I was still buzzing with energy and later in the evening, I saw that my old dog needed exactly THAT thing we'd been doing all day with people, and I did it with the dog.

It was very moving, so INCREDIBLY MUCH simpler than doing it with a person, and the old dog just blossomed in front of my eyes. My rather tearful eyes, at that, so also it changed MY attitude to the dog in the process.

As it is so very much simpler to do it with animals I thought I'd write up the basics so you can have a go with animals.


1. The Representative From The Creative Order

In order to make it work and get yourself in the right state for this, you CANNOT BE your normal self. You have to step into a different state of being and we practised this by saying up front, "Good morning, my name is Silvia and I stand before you today as A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE CREATIVE ORDER."


You need to try this a few times until you can really mean it and get a feel of this, if necessary tap on reservations or bad feelings in the body until it all flows smoothly.


2. The Truth About Beauty

Now, look at the animal, not as you but as the said representative of the creative order, and simply become aware that we are confronted with a SYSTEM THAT WAS MADE BY THE CREATIVE ORDER, directly, the same as the stars in the skies and mountains, clouds, ants and sunsets.


Completely regardless of what has happened to this creature, it is an example of the functional design, a work of art made by the Creator itself, doing the very best it can and doing this most fantastically.

That is THE TRUTH in all ways, about any creature, any manifestation; and even though you might like to try and hurt a creature, or poison an ocean, fell a tree, you could never ever CORRUPT it - no system from the creative order can be corrupted BY MEN.

Damaged, yes. Destroyed and defaced, yes. But never CORRUPTED. It always retains its original perfection, its innocence - and its BEAUTY.


3. Delivering The Energy

Now, and no sooner than we have seen that BEAUTY that exists in every system the Creative Order designed, we tell the creature, reflect that beauty back at them, because it is THIS which heals so many people inflicted ravages of judgement, pain, insecurity.

With an animal, we do this simply by going from snout to tail, touching if possible, and saying, "You have a perfect nose, perfect teeth, perfect head and perfect ears. You are beautiful, and you ARE BELOVED."

Work your way all the way across the creature - perfect feet, made by the creative order so that you can walk, perfect, beloved - until the entire animal has been covered.

That can be moving, but it can also be funny - "Perfect beak, perfect feathers" can make you laugh and smile and that's a GOOD THING.


4. A Blessing To Complete

The last thing we do, after "your perfect tail" , is to straighten up, draw back the focus so you can encompass the entire creature, hold out your hands to it and say/send an overall blessing along the lines of, "One body, one perfect body, one perfect creature, beautiful, and beloved."


I'd like to finish up by saying that you can also do it just as a bye the bye, so rather than the full ritual, to just pat the creature on the head and think, "Perfect head, perfect intelligence, designed by the creative order ..." in passing, or at any time at all.

But to really the hang of WHAT THAT IS, and HOW THAT FEELS when you even try it for the first time, I recommend trying a whole treatment with an animal that needs it.

They probably all do, they've all been judged and mistreated as we all have been, just as a side effect of living in these strange conditions as we and the creatures now do, so ...

BeauTy is a very powerful thing for change, for those who do it and those who receive it just the same.

It's not that difficult either and I think that by doing with animals first, it is a lot easier all around; we have far less barriers to really getting our heads around the truth of these very basic things that then allow for really amazing and powerful energy healing experiences.


BeauTy T Further Information


BeauTy T Self Help Session

Heal your self concept with this concise Self Help BeautyT healing treatment delivered by Silvia Hartmann. Restore your autogenic body image, remove and reverse damage to your self concept and experience the beauty, joy and love of unconditional healing regard for your physicality.

This recording is recommended both for BeauTy T self help users, as well as being an example for EMO practitioners offering live BeauTy T treatments.





BeauTy T Live

This unique and exclusive set of 4 Audio CDs includes the complete range of hypnotic energy learning, examples, explanations and exercises of the BeauTy T Training. A complete and truly mesmerising learning experience as cannot be found anywhere else, or with anyone else, recorded in high quality digital stereo LIVE for accuracy and depth, the BeauTy T LIVE Audio Set is suitable for practitioners of Silvia Hartmann's EMO system and self help users who have a good grasp of the principles and practical applications of EMO.





1 For a detailed explanation of the concepts relating to the Autogenic Universe, please see Living Energy, The Patterns & Techniques of EMO, Vol. II

2 This statement is an energy evocation. This means that the person who evokes the words and state engages in EMO to clear any reversals or blockages present to evoking this correct frequency of energy that is being “sent” to the recipient.

3 Readers should try this exercise now in front of a mirror. The test is to convince the person on the mirror that the statement is true. As long as reversals are present, this will not be the case; once the energy of the statement flows smoothly, correctly and powerfully, note that the statement is accepted and believed.

4 EREA = Existing Energetic Reality.

5 This is a reference to the fact that the body responds with physical changes when attention is applied in a focused fashion.

6 In a therapy setting, this would be the perfect time to work with this further by asking where this feeling was located in the body but as this is a demonstration, Silvia performs a fast stabilisation with words and energy instead.

7 State is a term denoting “the state a person is in”. There is an endless variety of matched states with their corresponding and linked physical, intellectual and energy system occurrences. Whether it is possible to perform any action is dependent on whether this action is available to that state.

8 One Body exercise fully documented in The Autogenic Universe, Living Energy, The Patterns & Techniques of EMO Vol. II

9 One body is one outbreath, your body the next outbreath in this exercise.

10 Silvia says “touch” but is in fact referring to the touch of the healing hands of energy or ghost hands. BeauTy T can (and really should) include physical touch, but with the difficulties and dangers inherent in therapeutic practise, healing hands “touch” is being demonstrated here where the physical hands “float” a few inches above the surface of skin or clothing..

11 BeauTy T is usually performed with both parties standing up so that the ETP has full access to their partner. This is not essential, however, and any comfortable position may be assumed.

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