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PSIII 06 The Mineral Kingdom

PSIII 06 The Mineral Kingdom

PSIII 06 The Mineral Kingdom

6 - The Mineral Kingdom

Even people who scoff at the New Age fascination with pet crystals usually fall very quiet and reflective if you put a small piece of quartz, opal or gold into their hands.

It's difficult not to become thoughtful and reverent at their beauty and complexity, the sensation, feeling and weight they convey, their timeless age and purity.

One of the most amazing presents I've ever received was a small meteorite, which looked like a cigar end - brown, mottled and cylindrical. When I held it, I couldn't help but think that this little representative of the mineral kingdom had travelled amongst the stars, had seen the earth grow larger and larger on his approach, burning through the atmosphere and finally coming to rest on the downs not far from my home where he might have waited for hundreds of thousands of years before my friend found him.

I have the greatest respect for the mineral kingdom.

If you're ever stuck for strength, clarity, and a timeless patient wisdom, you might like to look to this kingdom for assistance; if you're after beauty and abundance, it must be surely amongst your first choices.

Once again, I would like you to consider approaching the mineral kingdom with an open mind and without prejudice; many are the book on "the meaning, properties and use" of the various crystals, minerals etc. and there are very few that agree on anything much past the basics.

Like any other relationship, what place you choose to accord to a mountain, a pearl or a rose quartz crystal for that matter, is a personal relationship between them and you; and like any other sanctuary relationship, they are there to support you, help and guide you - all you have to do is want it to be so.

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