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Zauberwelt EN Part 1

Zauberwelt EN Part 1

Zauberwelt English Edition Silvia Hartmann 2004

Part 1 - Chapters 1 - 10




01 The Invitation

Zauberwelt, illusion, fantasy, reality, real magic 

The true world is logical. It is elegant, dancing lightly in perfection and most of all, totally OTHER than we were taught to believe.

02 Love & Logic

love, logic, love and logic, feelings, emotions, animals have emotions, animal jealousy, jealous, sad, angry, depressed, a matter of energy

Feelings and emotions are the cries of pain or joy from our energy bodies.

03 Liquid Emotions

energies, energy body, emotion, stop having emotions, energy flow, liquid energy, invisible wounds, injuries, pain, physical illness, physical body

Emotions are absolutely logical, and just the same as the physical sensations and feedback devices of the physical body, they are ESSENTIAL FOR LONG TERM SURVIVAL.

04 Only Energy

Reiki master, energy body, pressure, energy form, what are emotions

This block is ONLY AN ENERGY FORM, which got stuck somehow. We can move this with our will, with our intention!

05 Logical Healing

natural, no more pain, energy healing, overly emotional, healing process, healing, extreme abuse, old injuries, energy body, healing energy hands, energy matrix, energy wound, intuition

Just simple, beautiful, totally LOGICAL healing and repair of a system that requested this, and everything was in order once more.

06 Shields Of Protection

pathways, energies, energy, wall of energy, beautiful energy, energy form, shield

Even a large wall of static energy is STILL ONLY AN ENERGY and thus, can be moved with will and intention.

07 Psychotherapist Pics

Psychotherapist, energy flow, EMO, EMO system, play alone, trancing

There was this lady psychotherapist, around fifty years of age, and just as we were in the middle of the first excitement about EMO, she called me on the phone because she was very upset.

08 EMO Traffic

stressed out, energy, my heart is broken, pains, problems, shields, energy body

The whole body and including the choice of words we use are showing us CONSTANTLY the truth about the energy body - all the time, every person, every day.

09 Forgive & Forget

therapists, coaches, counsellors, love yourself, anger issues, forgive forget, only energy, healing hands, pressure in my head, energy injuries, energy wounds, flow free, old wounds, energy system, true forgiveness, forgiveness

You can only reach forgiveness AFTER your wounds have been healed - and then it comes readily, willingly, free of charge and simply as a bye-the-bye.

10 Invisible Wounds

system, totality, energy body, Father Christmas

Just as you can't walk around without your skin, you can't leave your energy body at home.


Zauberwelt – A Personal Invitation ...

Dear Reader,

I would like to welcome you most personally and wholeheartedly to our Zauberwelt – and this is a world which does not consist of illusion or fantasy, but of actual experienced REALITY.

In 1993, I experienced the fortune and blessing that a door was opened for me, and I began to see MORE, understand more about the truths of the world we really live in.

Although it is the truth of so many people’s experiences that our lives are indeed, hard and difficult, painful often and mostly just bewildering and incomprehensible, there are also other truths about our universe, and about trying to be a real human being, living a real life of endeavour, experience and reward.

I hope that this little book will become a key and an incentive, to have a new look at our Zauberwelt, a place where there is so much REAL MAGIC, it takes your breath away.

My own journey into this oldest world of all, and the newest of them, has been one of truly never-ending excitement and such delightful surprises, I often wonder how it is that it should be that I was allowed to discover these things.

And yet, just like you, I am only at the beginning, for the one true enchanted universe is endless in its beauty and splendour, and even a thousand lifetimes would not be enough to know it all, see it all, experience it all.

Our world, our universe is BEAUTIFUL.

The true world is logical. It is elegant, dancing lightly in perfection and most of all, totally OTHER than we were taught to believe.

A single human’s life is a fantastic journey in truth, and so let us not delay for a moment longer and simply get going.

And I would like to start with a topic that has driven humanity most practically insane, and for more than a hundred thousand years at that ...


2 - Love & Logic

What are feelings, what are emotions?

Everyone wants to control them, master them, delete them, make them simply go away – but no-one seems to know where these emotions really come from, or what they really are.

Women cry a lot. And men rage aggressively. Kids scream, and all of that are emotions.

Do animals have emotions?

The only ones who would still deny this are the scientists who have never made it beyond the neon lit confines of their sterile laboratories, because everyone else who has ever taken care of a rabbit, a cat or a dog will absolutely KNOW that an animal can get jealous, sad or angry, deeply depressed or happy and satisfied.

And so there came the day when I asked myself, “If the Creative Order who made the animals and us people too thought it important that we should all experience emotions, what was the purpose?”

The answer was really extremely simple, and as is the case with so many other things that don’t seem to make any sense to the “scientists”, it is simply once more, a matter of energy.


My girlfriend is on the telephone. She is crying because her man had yelled at her.

“It hurts so bad,” she sobs, “Oh, it hurts, it really hurts!”

“Where does it hurt?” I say, just so I’m saying something.

“It hurts in my stomach, my stomach hurts! As though he kicked me in the stomach ...”

You could say that I had a moment of enlightenment right there.

She feels real pain in her stomach. The pain is so bad, she has to cry. And yet, her stomach appears to be entirely untouched.

Is she insane?

Is she “just imagining” all that?
Well, no, actually.

There was REALLY something wrong, something was REALLY injured, and this REAL injury was producing the very REAL pain – but that something was INVISIBLE.

Invisible yet REAL. Invisible, yet talked and written about for at least 12,000 years in the scrolls and tablets of the healers of all civilisations, all ages.

This man did not kick my friend’s physical stomach, but instead, he kicked her energy body, caused her a real injury in that moment when he screamed at her – and it hit her right in the stomach, and right exactly there was where she felt the pain that made her cry.

When I saw that, and when I understood that, all of a sudden the world became a very logical place, and the behaviours and problems of humans of all kinds all of a sudden made perfect sense.

Feelings and emotions are the cries of pain or joy from our energy bodies.

Nothing more, and nothing less.


3 - Liquid Emotions

Energies must flow.

That is their nature, and when they cannot flow, then we have a problem on our hands.

And that is just the same kind of problem we would encounter if we very physically stepped on a rusty nail.

“Ouw!” cries the energy body, “Ouw! It hurts! I’m hurt! DO SOMETHING so it doesn’t get any worse!”

That’s an “emotion”.

For some unknowable reason, unfortunately now humans respond with doing something that is not just incorrect, but actually harmful.

Instead of taking note what the emotion is trying to point out, and to help it to flow forward towards a resolution, people decided that having emotions was not a good thing, and they tried *to stop having emotions* altogether!

They try and push these sensations and emotions back, through the medium of will power.

But the emotions will still try to flow forward, up and out, and so the pressure gets stronger and stronger, and then it will REALLY hurt now. The more the energy flow becomes compressed, the thicker and more stodgy does it become, and the more it hurts, as the natural channels are designed to flow light, fine and liquid energy.

If one is lucky, then some kind of pressure valve is opened – a person may cry to allow the energy to be able to flow out. But if that is absolutely forbidden, or someone has completely forgotten HOW to cry, or a person has become so detached from their own physical experience that they don’t feel anything any longer, then these energies will become harder and harder, and in the end these invisible wounds and injuries become pain, and then physical illness.

That’s how simple it all is.

And we have treated this system so wrongfully, a system which was designed in the first place to HELP US, to show us where the problems are, so we can solve them and avoid bigger problems in the future.

So, here’s the REAL truth, Mr Spock.

Emotions are absolutely logical, and just the same as the physical sensations and feedback devices of the physical body, they are ESSENTIAL FOR LONG TERM SURVIVAL.

But there’s more to it than that.

Without emotions, life is actually not worth living, and emotions are exactly the feedback devices we really need, in order to understand the really big truths about the universe in a most personal fashion, in our own individual experience as a human being.

4 - ONLY Energy ...

My friend is still crying on the other end of the telephone. She is a Reiki Master.

So I said to her, “You know, where you have that terrible pain in your stomach, just put your hand on it. I think you’ve got an injury there in your energy body, and that’s why it hurts so much. I’ll help from my end, because with energy it doesn’t matter where we are and intention is what counts, and we’ll see if we can’t make it better.”

I also placed my own hand on my stomach to get a better feel for what was happening; my hand was warm and pleasant, and I got the sense as though something was beginning to thaw, an old knot beginning to uncurl.

“How do you feel?”

The friend takes a deep breath, and she’s not crying anymore. That’s a good step in the right direction.

“Better,” she says, “It feels much better already. The pressure in my stomach seems to be lessening a bit.”

The word “pressure” immediately stands out to me.

Pressure must always be released, there must be a valve somewhere, something must be stuck or blocked somewhere – like a dam in a river.

“Where do you feel the pressure most?” I ask, “Where does that energy want to go, where should it be flowing out?”

“It’s upwards, it feels as though it wants to go upwards but it can’t go, like there’s a block beneath my heart.”

A “block” beneath her heart? But – it’s ONLY ENERGY! That isn’t a real block made from granite or wood, it’s an energy, and energy moves and flows when will and intention direct it. I know that for a fact and now I’m getting nervous, I am getting a sense of something impending, something is coming, something amazing is about to happen. The small hairs on the back of arms rise and my skin goosebumps all over.

“Listen up. This block is ONLY AN ENERGY FORM, which got stuck somehow. We can move this with our will, with our intention! Let us try to solve this block, to thaw it and to get the energy moving again.”

Not 30 seconds later and the friend calls out in surprise, “I can feel something! I can feel something moving! Oh my God, that is – unbelievable! It’s coming, it’s coming up, through my chest, into my throat and – it’s coming out of my mouth!”

“Let it go, let it flow where it wants to go!” I call back into the telephone, and then I can hear her shout, “Out, out with you, all of it, out!” and seconds later she starts to laugh, laugh out aloud and I am totally stunned, I can’t believe therapy could be this simple, but it is true.

It has happened, and I know EXACTLY that I now know what emotions really are, and how we have to deal with them to be successful in life and in all things.


5 - Logical Healing

Now really, I hardly know where to start with the sheer delight about this basic insight and experience.

Or what the best thing about this actually is.

Perhaps the fact that it is so incredibly simple. So totally natural.

Or perhaps that it feels so good – it isn’t just a question of “no more pain” at all! That would be “only” peace. But we got far, far more than just that. My friend was absolutely delighted, laughing, dancing with joy! And that was something neither of us had ever experienced in energy healing of any kind, ever before.

But there’s even more still. My friend wasn’t “insane”. She wasn’t “overly emotional” or “a cry-baby”, nor did she lack will power, morals or decency.

She had an injury that hurt her, and that was all.

And then, the incredible SPEED of the healing process! No long discussions about the man in question, about all the other men who hurt her in the past, about her parents or whether or not she fell from her pram when she was five months old.

No dramas or Greek tragedies about forgiveness, or “good reasons” as to why it might be better for her to go on being hurt so she can learn something or whatever other nonsense.

Just simple, beautiful, totally LOGICAL healing and repair of a system that requested this, and everything was in order once more.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

It’s true, I found it difficult at first to believe it could be that simple too. So once I got my friend to a point where she could sit still and stop laughing, I asked her what it was this man had said to her which had caused all this pain in the first place.

She giggled a little and then said, “He told me that he doesn’t love me anymore.”

“And – you think that’s funny??”

“No! but as soon as I think it, I feel it in my stomach, then it shoots upwards through my chest, into my throat and out of my mouth – and that tingles and it makes me laugh!”

And what did we do next?

We spent at least two hours on the telephone shouting extreme abuse at one another!

“You stupid cow!” – “Where do you feel that?” – “Here, in my throat, as though it was stuck in my throat.” – “Where does it want to go?” – “Downward, into my stomach, as though I had to digest it properly! And then on, down and out, through my legs and my feet are tingling and they feel as though they want to dance!”

“You fat pig!” – “You are UGLY!” – “I HATE you!!” – “I am sooo disappointed in you ...” – “Shut your stupid mouth!” – “No-one could EVER love anyone like YOU!” ... for two whole hours did we trade the worst insults, the words and the energies we had feared all our lives, and ended up laughing so much, you’d thought we were drunk.

Sometimes, we had to stop and repair old injuries. But it was so very simple. All we had to do was to put our hands there and concentrate on the will to heal this, repair this old wound, make it right and make it whole ...

With the two of us working together and focussing in turn on what needed to be done it was incredibly easy.

But you can also do this all alone.

Each one of us has their own energy body, and we all have healing energy hands. I personally think that the 95% of our brains we’re not using yet are designed exactly for this kind of thing, including the complex repairs of our own energy matrix and that of others.

Consciously, we don’t even need to ask HOW our healing energy hands do this – we only have to tell them to START DOING IT, and all the rest happens automatically.

And what’s even better still is that we don’t have to guess, we don’t have to trust any spooky “intuition” and we don’t have to wait until some angel comes along and points with their wingtip at the energy wound that needs attention.

We only have to ask the simple question, “Where does it hurt?” You can ask yourself, and you can ask this of another.

And often, you don’t even have to ask, because they show you and you can just see it!

People clasp their jaws in their hands, cover their mouth with their hands, their ears, their eyes, their forehead. They rub their own necks and wrap their arms protectively about their shoulders.

The hands know where the pain is, and they go there automatically to help out, to make it better – but we are sitting far away in our conscious heads and don’t take any notice, don’t actually notice or fail to understand what it is that our own bodies are trying to show us so very eloquently.

6 - Shields Of Protection

Energy Shields Of Protection Get In The Way Of Communication

As we played with the insults, the pains resulting from these and the pathways that had to be restored to let these energies pass through us, it happened that my friend choose a sentence and I felt – nothing.

This was it: “You are beautiful.”

“Come on,” said my friend, “let’s have it, where do you feel THAT in your body?”

“Absolutely nowhere,” I answered honestly. “That doesn’t even come close. It doesn’t touch me at all.”

What was that?

My friend repeated the statement a few more times, and eventually I understood that there was something like a wall of energy which very effectively stopped this energy from reaching me – and that’s why I couldn’t feel anything in my body, because it never got that far.

We were quite surprised by this and at first, didn’t know what to do now. In the end, at least one of us had enough good sense to remember that even a large wall of static energy is STILL ONLY AN ENERGY and thus, can be moved with will and intention.

“Try making a small hole into that wall,” my friend suggests.

I have to admit that the very thought made me quite nervous, and the hole I made was microscopic. The statement was repeated, a small amount of this energy entered and – oh my God did that HURT!

Even this tiny amount of the “beautiful” energy hit me straight in the heart and the pain was like having been targeted and shot with a laser.

Which explained, of course, exactly WHY I should have thought to construct such a thick, strong shield to stop such energies from even getting close to me. If an energy form is experienced as painful, of course one seeks to protect oneself from it.

It seemed that unbeknown to me, I had sustained a severe injury near my heart, and just as would be the case with a physical wound, even the smallest, lightest touch caused me intense agony.

So the next step was clear – if I was to be able to handle the “beautiful” energy, I would have to heal my heart.

That sounds appalling, doesn’t it. Surely, it must be a long drawn out process, so much healing, one would need the wisdom of a lifetime’s worth of experience to do such a thing ...?

No, actually. It is there we learned that even the biggest, hardest, oldest pains and injuries in the energy body are still ONLY ENERGIES and they will heal just as happily and just as fast as any and all of their kind.

Just as fast, just as profoundly and without any further pain being necessary.

Without any drama or contortion.

That was the first time I or my friend had ever attempted such a thing and it took us five minutes, perhaps ten, and I didn’t need the wall any longer. I could let the “beautiful” energy into my heart, and from there it radiated into my entire body. I felt three times as tall and a hundred times more alive than I can remember ever having experienced.

And that was amazing. Priceless. And wonder-full.

7 - The Psychotherapist's Pictures

Now it is true that I thought that having energy flow into you, through and out and when you do, you feel much, much better, was something that you do IN THE MOMENT - there and then, as it is happening.

So, someone insults you and you just take it in, let it flow through and out, and then you feel much better; and should they do it again, you likewise do the same in direct response.

It's quick, it feels GREAT - what a wonderful method EMO is!

But there was so much more to it than we thought at the time, only we didn't realise this, not until the incident with the psychotherapist's pictures occurred.

There was this lady psychotherapist, around fifty years of age, and just as we were in the middle of the first excitement about EMO, she called me on the phone because she was very upset.

She had just taken receipt of a series of portrait photographs commissioned to support an article about her work in a national magazine, with the task to choose two of these photographs which would be used for publication.

"But I look absolutely IMPOSSIBLE on ALL of them! Old! Wrinkly! TERRIBLE!"

Aha! I thought, this is excellent! I found another volunteer for trying out our new EMO system!

"Listen up," I said. "I've a got a new method, where we find the feelings in your body when you look at the photographs, no talking, just focus on the feelings of blocked energy, and then you let them flow away. Would you like to try that?"

She immediately agreed; I took her through the basic process and then put the phone down to try it out by herself with the "terrible photographs".

About half an hour later, my phone rang.

It was the lady psychotherapist, and she was absolutely delighted!

"Oh but this is wonderful!" she cried, with laughter in her voice, "I fell in love with myself doing this! It was amazing! The pictures aren't terrible at all - they are GREAT! You know if I was a client and I looked at those pictures I would think, yes, she's lived, she can understand me!"

I was truly delighted and celebrated this personal breakthrough with her; but I was also delighted that she had been able to make it work all by herself and with just a minimum of instructions.

That was important to me, because there are so many things that we don't really want to talk about, and of course there are so many people who are the only ones in their family or environment who are interested in energy and healing, and who will have to play alone.

But there was one more aspect about this story which only sunk in some time later.

I had thought that if the pictures evoked a negative response, one would have to keep EMOing that energy through and out, every single time.

But something altogether different had happened.

The lady had done the pictures ONLY ONCE - and they STAYED CHANGED.

When she did her energy flowing with the pictures that day, she HEALED SOMETHING by moving the energy in, through the blockages and out - she changed her energy system permanently!

And that was the beginning of an extraordinary time of exploration.


8 - EMO In A Traffic Jam

This was a wonderful time. I played all day long with EMO and one of the best side effects of this was that I FINALLY started to become aware of what was happening in my body all the time.

Stuck in a traffic jam? Stressed out? Where do I feel this in my body? In my head, in my neck. Where does this energy want to go? It wants to slide down my back! Oh yes, and when it starts to slide and then rush away, it tingles, it prickles and you can't help but smile!

It was fantastic to all of a sudden have one's ears opened to all those many things that people say and to understand WHY they say that: my stomach turned, he's doing my head in, it's a pain in my neck, she's such a burden, my heart is broken, even "I'm so depressed ..."

People say these things all the time, and no-one has been listening!

And neither have we been seeing what people do to show us the invisible realities of energy in their lives.

Once you start paying attention, you can see this EVERYWHERE - people rubbing their heads, their eyes, holding their own mouths shut, brush invisible things off their shoulders, holding unpleasant things away from them.

Hands are SHOWING US where the pains are, where the problems are, where the shields are.

The whole body and including the choice of words we use are showing us CONSTANTLY the truth about the energy body - all the time, every person, every day.

What did we used to think CAUSED those gestures, those body postures?!

Did we think we were all crazy?

And how crazy is THAT?

And WHERE do we feel that sensation of craziness in our bodies ...?

9 - Forgive & Forget ...

Even though I've personally never been in therapy, I have spent years in the company of therapists, coaches and counsellors.

And it's a fact that they have their ideas, based on what they've been taught, and they can't help themselves, they have to recite the scriptures of their religion:

"You must love yourself more," they used to tell me.

"You must work on your anger issues ..."

"You must learn to forgive and forget ..."

I've heard it a thousand times and each time I would say, "HOW?"

What then happened was that a whole lot of muttering and talking would ensue, so much so, that they often didn't even notice that I had already left the building ...

One day, whilst spring cleaning, I move a cupboard away from the wall.

Behind the cupboard I find an old photo, I don't know what that is, where it came from.

I pick it out of the dust, turn it over.

In the same instance as I recognise his face a red hot fire shoots straight into my chest, I go to my knees and tears are shooting horizontally from my eyes.

It is only an energy.

Goddamn it, it is ONLY an energy. This is all so long ago, this is over, it is in the past, he isn't here now, hasn't been for so many years, he belongs in the past.

And these feelings, this pain, it is ONLY ENERGY, ONLY ENERGY, ONLY ENERGY ...

Slowly I can breathe again, breathe deeply, and I sit down in the dust with the photo in my hand.

I placed it carefully in front of me and put both hands on my heart, just there were that terrible pain still burned as brightly as it had ever done.

These are my healing hands, my hands of energy.

This pain I feel, and that terrible pressure in my head, there is no-one here who stands with their boot on my chest, no giant hands pressing on the sides of my head as though they are trying to crush my brain.

This all over, it was once but now, it is only energy, energy injuries, energy wounds, and I can heal this, can heal this with my own healing hands, I can put to rights what once went wrong.

Whatever has happened, now make it right, make it better, heal this, make me as good as new ...

And slowly but surely, under my warm hands I can feel the first movements of resolution, after all this time, and I'm crying floods but these tears are clean, they are cleansing and they are helping me to let all of that finally flow away.

I let my tears flow and concentrate on the feelings in my heart, where the energy slowly begins to rise, in two slow channels towards my shoulders, then over my shoulders and in V formation down my back and towards the base of my spine.

Flow, flow on. Flow free. It is only energy, and energy must flow. In and out, like breathing, in and out. You hold your breath and your life is over ...

Slowly, slowly the pressure in my head is beginning to ebb away and my thinking is becoming clearer, finer, wider.

I can breathe properly again, I can think again and I feel very calm, very lucid.

There is the picture, and it is just a man, a man who once I knew and with whom I shared many experiences.

I don't know if he is still alive or where he is, but it doesn't matter.

I wish him well, wherever he may be.

And so I'm sitting on the floor in my room, with my hands on my heart, and I can't believe that on this sunny morning a miracle did happen, and I could finally "find it in my heart" to forgive us both.

Here is, how it is.

When you tread on a dog's tail, it will turn around and snap at your foot because that's what hurt it.

It is natural. Absolutely reasonable, absolutely understandable.

Now we took the dog to the vet, and he bandaged the injured tail, and we tell the children, "You've got to be careful with the dog, don't touch his tail. It is injured and it hurts, and if you touch it, he'll bite you."

That's exactly the same with people.

Someone "trod on my tail", but it was never properly bandaged, it was never healed. Someone comes along and touches THAT, or starts stirring in the wound, and I'll snap to defend myself, a simple reflex in response to the pain.

People who are angry or sad have these old wounds somewhere in their energy system.

If they can still feel them and haven't been able or willing to withdraw deep into their own shells where they feel nothing at all anymore, then they will REACT with fury or with tears when someone touches these injuries even by accident.

This is simply a reflex and it simply CANNOT stop until the wound is finally healed.

When the pain is over, blissful peace reigns supreme.

That is the state of true forgiveness.

You can't "do" forgiveness.

You can only reach forgiveness AFTER your wounds have been healed - and then it comes readily, willingly, free of charge and simply as a bye-the-bye.


10 - Visible and Invisible Wounds

We have a visible body and an invisible body.

In the invisible energy body, much is amiss and these problems transfer DIRECTLY to the visible body, because they are one and the same in actuality.

One system, one totality.

Just as you can't walk around without your skin, you can't leave your energy body at home.

It is a part of us, and it is ALWAYS telling us what's wrong, what's missing, were the most urgent problems are - but we're not listening, not paying proper attention.

That isn't our fault - no-one told us that we even have an energy body, never mind how to look after it properly.

That's like Father Christmas, only the other way around.

The grown ups told us that Father Christmas exists in reality and we believed them, because children don't understand the concept of a lie.



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