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Zauberwelt EN Part 2

Zauberwelt EN Part 2

Zauberwelt English Edition Silvia Hartmann 2004

Part 2 - Chapters 11 - 20


Zauberwelt English Edition Silvia Hartmann 2004

Part 2 - Chapters 11 - 20


11 Silk Scarf

energy psychology, conference, EMO, feeling, emotion, personal problem, unhappy memories, energy healing, old pain, healing hands, channels, Therapeutic Touch

Thankfully, there are now many nurses and carers who are learning to restore the energy body too, via Therapeutic Touch and other forms of energy healing.

12 Energy Consciousness

energy consciousness, invisible energies, shields, barriers, energy field, old pain, energy antennas, energy hands, heal, energy head, unconscious, subconscious, energy eyes, energetic realities, consciousness, gut instinct, energy matrix, energy person, illusion of power, energy bodies

When our eyes are beginning to open and we begin to see the absolutely visible effects of these invisible energies for ourselves again, the world becomes a world of wonder.

13 Re-Unification

sick, fat, dying, anorexia, bulimia, flying cars, science, destroys us, eternal beauty, youth, invisible influences

It has now become critical to take that which was broken apart and to re-unite it at last.

14 The Orphans

people bread alone, babies cried insanely, stimulus deprivation, secret language, dead universe, energy system, living universe, unnatural, unholy, sin

it is understood that this energy system needs tremendous quantities of rich nourishment in order to not just survive, but to thrive and become a powerful, fully functioning adult organism.

15 Energy Nutrition

energy bodies, energy food, healing energies, nature environment energies, ocean of energy, animals, snail shell shieldings, creative energy

What kind of types of energy food could we use, right now, to feel much, much better, more satisfied and more fulfilled

16 Shells

energy source, human beings, potential energy sources, love, attention, people energies, shield, shields, shell, shells, energies, starvation diet

We have made shells to protect ourselves from these energies, veritable snail shells into which we have withdrawn.

17 Human Love

other states of being, in love, starving systems, human energy, healing power of love, human love

When we are in love, then the world changes overnight and in an instant.

18 God Energies

god energy, energies, enlightenment, shields, shells, energy world, people energy, energy ecology, oceans of energy, plant, stone, animal, energy

It’s a fact that just anyone at all can sit in a monastery, or on a nice mountain top in Tibet with their eyes on God energy, and fall prey to the delusion that they have reached enlightenment.

19 Drinking Colours

snail shells, eat drink energies, different colours, energy colour, pink, homosexuality, colours of the rainbow, healing hands, colour healing

Different colours have different energies, and even the old scientists have allowed themselves to notice that different colours produce different effects on different people.

20 Resonance

sound, sounds, resonance, voice, music, energy, living energy, transmission, matrix, consciousness, data, symbols, metaphors

I have learned more about the nature of music, resonance and energy in that one afternoon than I did in ten years of studying music at school


11 - The Lady With The Silk Scarf

Time Lines Illustration by Silvia Hartmann

At an Energy Psychology Conference, I am explaining how EMO works and how simple and elegant it all is. A lady from Canada has agreed to be my demonstration person.

She is in her seventies; the fabric of her dress is printed with many colourful flowers and around her throat there is a turquoise silk scarf. She is a little nervous at the idea to work on a personal problem with me in front of all of these people.

I smile at her reassuringly, stand next to her and ask, “Do you have a feeling or an emotion that you have had for a long time and which you might like to release today?”

She nods earnestly.

I am glad that I don’t have to ask her about any of the details, that I don’t have to press her for unhappy memories or unfortunate incidents from the past.

This is a good demonstration for the participants; they can see for themselves that you don’t need to know anything at all about the “why”, or the “who”, “when”, “what” and all the rest, and so I just ask her the standard question, ”And where do you feel that old pain in your body? Please show me with your own hands.”

The lady nods and places both hands around her own neck, just exactly where the turquoise silk scarf is wrapped around. I cast a glance at the spectators – did they notice this too? Some are busy writing in their note books, others are pointing and whispering to their neighbours.

As we are dealing only with energy, I don’t have to tell her to remove the scarf. Energy healing works on different planes, you don’t have to get undressed and the scarf itself may well assist us in the healing process – both the colour and the material, as well as the way she wrapped it around herself are not coincidence, but the work of her own energy consciousness, which was always trying to help her, whether she knew this or not.

With both mine and her healing hands at work the injury in her throat is repaired easily and swiftly, and the flow of energy through these channels is restored. The energy flows from her head through her throat into her body, and then it enters her legs.

“Oh!” she cries, “I have a pain in my left knee! The energy is flowing out through the right one, straight out of my toes but on the left feels all stuck and painful!”

I explain to her and the other participants that this is most likely an old injury in her energy knee which needs to be healed before everything can flow on that side as well. I kneel down in front of the lady and as she cannot bend down that far, I tell her, “I’ll do this with my hands from the outside, and you do the healing on the inside with your will and your intention to make it better, make it right.”

A few short minutes later and all is well.

And we get to test whether the original old pain has now really been healed.

I ask the lady to think of that old pain which sat in her throat for all that time. She smiles and sighs happily, rubs her hands together and takes a few small dance steps on the spot, then she says, “No, no pain at all. It is – electric! This feels so wonderful, I can tell you I feel twenty years younger!”

“You know what?” she adds in a rush, “The knee, that was so interesting. I hurt my knee when I was ten years old and I fell from my pony. I have had problems with it ever since – and that’s over 60 years ago! I don’t know how many times that knee has been x-rayed, or how many doctors have told me that there’s nothing there and it’s all in my mind!”

Well, this is the thing, isn’t it.

When the lady fell from her pony, her visible knee was repaired by the doctors back then but her invisible one was forgotten. And so the invisible knee remained unhealed and in pain ever since.

I couldn’t help but think about mothers who blow on a small child’s injury and say, “There, now it’s better, now it’ll heal, you’ll see ...” Totally uneducated people do this quite naturally. Because it is NATURAL. And correct, and extremely important!

If this doesn’t happen, the wound hasn’t been healed properly, and only the half of the total body which can be seen, cut open with a knife and sewn back up again has been “repaired”.

Well, that is NOT enough!

This lady had pains in her knee for over 60 YEARS!

That is simply disgraceful, unacceptable even.

I do sincerely hope that slowly more people who work in hospitals re-learn these basic facts about human healing, really re-learn to understand how important this is for a person and their long term fate and happiness.
Thankfully, there are now many nurses and carers who are learning to restore the energy body too, via Therapeutic Touch and other forms of energy healing.

Perhaps the day will come when absolutely EVERYONE who enters a hospital will receive these invisible treatments too. It doesn’t cost a thing, it is so fast, it feels good and natural and it HELPS PEOPLE TO HEAL properly and completely.

Half an hour after the demonstration was over I noticed the lady from Canada taking off her turquoise silk scarf, and watched as she folded it with great care, then she placed it into her bag.


12 - Energy Consciousness

When our eyes are beginning to open and we begin to see the absolutely visible effects of these invisible energies for ourselves again, the world becomes a world of enchantment.

Hands paint shields and barriers into the air for all to see; they show us where someone hurts, where they keep the memories of their old pain in their energy field.

The energy body doesn’t stop at the skin barrier, of course.

It is much bigger than that, but the further away something is from the physical body, the more subtle the sensations and feeling it produces do become.

The physical sensations, that is.

We have energy antennas only we haven’t really learned properly how to use these to our advantage. We don’t just have energy hands which can heal, but we also have an energy head.

The scientists used to call the energy head the “unconscious” or “subconscious” mind and thought that it was insane, totally illogical, unreliable and full of mad monsters that would drive us all into never ending delusion and misery.

The poor energy head!

So many misunderstandings. So many prejudices. It is really a very sad thing indeed.

There are even people and entire religions who actually believe that the energy head is stupid because it doesn’t know how to lie!

But that is not stupidity, but in the contrary, it is a sign of the purity and wisdom inherent in our energy consciousness.

The thing is that our energy head has its own version of energy eyes, which can see the truth about energetic realities immediately. It also has energy ears which can hear things you have never dreamed of, and other senses we don’t even know as yet.

This is why it doesn’t understand the concept of a lie.

For example, take such an energy consciousness and show it a place where a week ago someone was killed.

Now there are many people there, standing about and lying to each other with their respective “consciousnesses”, some are crawling about in the grass with combs in order to find a single hair which will then become a “piece of evidence” as to what happened here.

But the energy consciousness can SEE immediately where everything is and where everything was – there are the tracks, burned into the fabric of the landscape where the victim tried to run, and there, by that tree, there it was that they died. The energy consciousness can see the murderer and it knows where to find this person as time and space are not important to its functioning, and every single piece of evidence is right there, day glow bright amidst the patterns of the grass and the land below.

The best detectives don’t really work by logic or by evidence. They have a bit of contact with their energy heads, and they get a sort of “gut instinct”, an “intuition”, “a sense” – or in other words, they are receiving their information from invisible sources. Such highly esteemed and decorated law enforcement officers will be able to rely on the fact that they might just be wandering around “randomly” in the woods and, as they bend to pick a little flower, will amazingly “discover” the bloody knife which would have escaped detection by other means forever.

The best policemen also know if someone is lying to them.

That is because it really IS ALL THERE for someone to see who knows how to really look – every deed and every thought is literally engraved into the energy matrix of an individual, an incredible book of the most complex and accurate data imaginable. It is all there and best of all, any other who uses their energy eyes and their energy head can read this and understand it.

Our problem is that we have detached ourselves from our “energy person” because our thinking consciousness got in the way. And the further away we are getting, the more difficult and the harder every little things becomes, and the harder we have to work to try and compensate somehow.

Our energy person knows exactly what is poisonous and what is good to eat. They don’t have to learn this the hard way by studying lists of plants in books because they can simply SEE it.

And as you can’t hide anything at all from a system that can see EVERYTHING that is there, you can’t keep secrets and of course, there is no more use for lies.

Lies, like the attempt to hide the fact that someone’s skin is unhealthy by covering it in concealing paint.

Lies, like buying a big car and a young girlfriend to create an illusion of personal power and success.

For humans there are as many lies as there are stars in the skies above. And as many liars who can’t get to sleep at night for fear that one day, people will re-discover their energy bodies and in doing so, rediscover their ability to see straight through them.

Then the days of the lies are over.

13 - Re-Unification

We read it in the newspapers every day, and every day we see it on TV.

The people of the Western World are sick. They are either too fat or dying of anorexia and bulimia, or of cancer and strange mutated infections that are entirely unknown to poorer and less developed civilisations.

They have all this wonderful food yet they suffer from malnutrition and heart attacks.

Many kill themselves, especially the young ones amongst them, and there are more mental diseases than ever before.

That’s how it is.

When I was a small child, and that’s about forty years ago now, they said in the year 2000 we would all live in beautiful houses in perfect, green landscapes. They said we would have flying cars, would never get sick and hardly ever age.

Forty years of unbridled science, full steam ahead, and I think that I have a right to say that the results of these approaches are not just not convincing, but actually speak for themselves – very loudly and VERY clearly, at that.

Science as it stands can not help us.

Not only can’t it help us, but it actually destroys us and through us, the world around us too.

The scientists keep saying, “Give us more time! More money! Then we’ll make that dream come true!”

But I am very sorry, I cannot allow for example plastic surgery to stand for “progress towards eternal beauty and youth”.

That is a lie. Nothing more, and nothing less.

We need MORE than that, and we need something OTHER than that.

It has now become critical to take that which was broken apart and to re-unite it at last.

The body and the spirit, the Hard and the Invisible.

And it is now absolutely critical that we should finally behave really logically, and properly scientifically, and instead of crawling away and hiding in the illusions of sterile, reality-reduced laboratories, to come out into the open and to start exploring the world for REAL.

When we do that, we find a reality in which invisible influences exist, and further, where it is these very real influences which actually determine and rule our entire lives, from the moment of conception to the very last breath we will ever take.

14 - The Orphans

It is said that people cannot live on bread alone.

But what else might there be?

Many years ago, scientists came to an orphanage in order to conduct an experiment.

Newly born babies were fed and changed, but the nurses had to wear gloves whilst doing this, were forbidden to hold the children or to play with them, or to smile or give them eye contact.

The babies cried insanely for a couple of days, then they became paler, and quiet.

Then they ceased feeding, and then, they started to die.

To this day, “science” cannot explain what happened there.

Words like “Stimulus Deprivation” used in exhaustive dissertations and even more exhaustive books are nothing but a secret language to keep people from discovering that absolutely nobody has a real answer at all.

Such things simply make no sense in a dead universe, where everything is made of granite and if we can’t measure it, then we pretend it isn’t there at all and we can go on as though everything was quite alright like that.

In a living universe, on the other hand, one in which a small child has an energy system that is starvingly hungry, just the same as its little body; in a world where it is understood that this energy system needs tremendous quantities of rich nourishment in order to not just survive, but to thrive and become a powerful, fully functioning adult organism in the end, it is immediately completely LOGICAL that if you cut off one of the main supplies of these energies the baby cannot help but starve to death.

The child MUST starve to death, regardless of how much physical milk is being pumped into its stomach.

Well, this experiment with the orphans happened a long time ago, but even though it was such a long time ago, the nurses back then went on strike and told the scientists that they would not participate any longer.

Feelings, you see.

These ladies had these unscientific FEELINGS about what was happening to these children, they had the sense that something UNNATURAL was taking place, something UNHOLY, a sin, you could say.

These feelings became so strong, so overriding that the nurses could do no other and had to revolt against the authorities of the day.

15 - Energy Nutrition

Cornucopia Illustration For Energy Nutrition from Enchanted World

Now let us, dear reader, you and me, just take a break and a moment to consider what our own energy bodies might be needing, or lacking, right here, right now.

What kind of types of energy food could we use, right now, to feel much, much better, more satisfied and more fulfilled, if you will? What kind of nutrients are missing which, if we added them to our diets, would produce fine, soft skin, vibrant glossy hair from the inside out, and not because we have covered all the blemishes over with all sorts of stuff to make us look AS THOUGH WE WERE HEALTHY?

Some people really “blossom” when they are allowed to step into nature.

A blue, wide sky, an ocean shore when the sun goes down, the fresh, moist air, that tastes a little of salt and sea; the fine old Sand beneath your bare feet which once was stone and mountains strong ...

Or perhaps to stand in that incredible clarity and purity you find in the high mountains where you can see so far, you could think you touch eternity?

Or an old, deep dark green forest, like a living cathedral, with shafts of golden columns made of dancing light?

Endless grasslands over which the wind whispers and hushes, and they move in soft, slow waves like the most beautiful of living oceans?

Can you feel this?

Can you feel this power, this clarity, this strength – even when we just THINK of such things?


These nature-environment energies are a base nourishment that people really NEED – and not just for a couple of weeks on holiday per year, but all the time, every day.

Two weeks of holidays may be just enough to keep someone barely alive and functioning until they can be “retired”, but that CAN NOT be anywhere near enough to allow someone to live a full life, a vibrant life from the cradle to the grave.

But nature energies are just the beginning.

There are so many other forms of energy, so many tastes, so many flavours – we are living in a veritable OCEAN OF ENERGY, and this is so for everyone, whether they know this, or not.

For many people, animals are a life saver.

Animals don’t have the capacity to withdraw into snail shell shieldings of their own making, because you need a consciousness to do that awful thing, and so any animal at all, even if it is just a goldfish in a bowl or a hamster in a cage, is a pure reactor of clear, living, original creative energy.

In old folk’s homes, animals and pets cause humans to become happier, more active and to complain less of pain and symptoms.

But animals alone cannot provide all the energy a human needs. That would be the equivalent of eating nothing but Vitamin A.

The proverbial “old lady with the 500 cats” is a good example of this. There comes a time when other energies are required for sheer survival and the situation becomes critical. Adding even more cats cannot then solve the problem any longer.

16 - Shells

Shell man illustration - Energy Shields like snail shells ...

The first, foremost and most important energy source of them all for human beings is of course – OTHER HUMAN BEINGS.

That is good news indeed, because there are billions of them.

Billions of potential energy sources for you, for me and for each other.

One should really expect that with such an incredible abundance of energy we would all just roll about in it all day, so full of joy and happiness that you can’t sit still but must dance and celebrate from dusk to dawn!

So many people – so much love, so much attention!

But – wait a minute ...

Did I just hear someone say that this is not at all THEIR experience?

That they feel totally unloved, neglected, always alone, and the more people are around, the worse it actually becomes?

That they feel BETTER when they sit all by themselves on a mountain top, and there isn’t a single soul anywhere to be seen, heard or felt?

HOW is that possible?

It is simple, really.

We all have too many unhealed wounds and disturbances in our energy bodies. Way, way too many. And we have had them for a long, long time. People energies kick into these old wounds because they were originally MADE BY PEOPLE, of course. So, in order to being able to even exist in the same room with other people without going insane with the pain of it, we have made shells to protect ourselves from these energies, veritable snail shells into which we have withdrawn.

One shell over the next, one shield after the other, layer upon layer, like an oyster grows around a pearl.

And now we sit inside our shells, and all these energies that hurt us, yet are the very same energies that we need so desperately if we don’t want to sink into lethal depression just as the starving orphans did, are on the OUTSIDE and they cannot reach us any longer.

When no other people are near who can threaten us with their energies, we can extend our feelers very cautiously and that way, get to suck in a little energy from nature, from pets or from our gardens, from stones and minerals even.

And when we do, we feel a little better, a little less sad and desperate, and for a time, we can function again.

But that is no life, but only an endless starvation diet which shortens our days and makes us angry, and hopeless.

17 - Human Love

And still we know, orphans that we are, that there are other states of being.

When we are in love, then the world changes overnight and in an instant.

Everything becomes – enchanted.

Our feet have wings and our steps dance with lightness.

Everything around us is simply beautiful, and the most boring, hardest labour simply flies from our hands. No matter how old we are, we feel ourselves to be young and beautiful, our hearts beat strong and powerfully and our backs are straight and strong.

Our eyes are wide open, and we smile.

So, we met someone by accident. We extended our feelers beyond our shells and human energy cascaded into our starving systems.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the healing power of LOVE.

Human love is a form of energy, absolutely real and incredibly powerful, which does not just heal, but it RAISES US UP.

It shows us who we can be and what we can become when we function as we were designed to function.

And this is why it is so essential that we should heal our oldest injuries so that we can drop our shells, leave our self made prisons and emerge into the true reality of the world.

Human Love Illustration from Enchanted World

It is only then we get to live real lives, experience what it is REALLY like to be a human being in the true enchanted universe.


18 - God Energies

God Love Illustration by Silvia Hartmann

One of the most beautiful, powerful and purest forms of energy is what I call “god energy”.

It is so amazing and feels so fantastic, it is like Heroin.

And to a desperately unhappy person, just like Heroin, god energies can be dangerously addictive.

But in the same way as Heroin cannot be a replacement for a real life or real healing, god energies cannot replace people energies. It is on a totally different frequency altogether and serves very different purposes.

It’s a fact that just anyone at all can sit in a monastery, or on a nice mountain top in Tibet with their eyes on god energy, and fall prey to the delusion that they have reached enlightenment.

There is nothing there that could trigger the pain from the old wounds, and one doesn’t need to invest energy to keep all the old shields and shells in place.

You can sit there thus on a mountain top and get to be 100 years old – but is that a real life?

Did the creator make us for the purposes of sitting cross legged in a corner and say farewell to life?

I don’t think so.

I think that it was just simply too difficult to live correctly without being consciously aware of the existence of the energy world and that people thus made a choice – either to move in with god and become a non-human or semi-angel, or to live like a human amongst humans.

I do believe this to be a tragedy of unknowable proportions, and that in order to work as we are designed to function we should be doing BOTH and AT THE SAME TIME.

We need god energy AND people energy.

And not just those two, but also animal energy, plant energy, stone energy – we were MADE to swim in the oceans of energy and to breathe in and out, deeply and profoundly, all our lives long.

We are a part of the universal energy ecology simply by being here, just as well as we are a part of the air ecology, each one of us, absolutely, and by default.

19 - Colour Healing

To step right out of our snail shells, naked and shivering, that is a birth into a whole new life, into a totally different way of life.

That’s a little radical, I grant you, and also not necessary.

Let us instead begin with something very simple, so we get to learn how to eat and drink energies again.

Here is an example.

Different colours have different energies, and even the old scientists have allowed themselves to notice that different colours produce different effects on different people.

It is not the case, you see, that EVERYONE gets predictably depressed by living in a room painted black from floor to ceiling. This is so for many people, or even most people (not all but more than half), but not for everyone. In a hospital for the chronically ill someone decided to paint all the rooms pink in order to make the atmosphere more friendly, and the result was that the patients became very distressed and some even suicidal.

This tends to happen when there is a disturbance, shields and injuries between a person and the energy of a colour.

Colours are in principle absolutely pure. Everything in the universe is absolutely pure and absolutely innocent – the only time this goes wrong is the in the consciousness of people, a species who is in the process of developing a consciousness and hasn’t got a clue as what to do with it.

There are many men who are terrified of pink.

It seems insane but it’s true – pink represents being a sissy, weakling, even homosexuality. And that is BAD.

But only for men. For women, and that’s the same species (we know that because men and women can mate and produce live offspring) pink represents beauty, sexuality, and softness. And that is GOOD!

Now let us simply play a game and presume that pink is the equivalent of Vitamin C for the energy body. Women may consume this, but men must stay away from it at all times.

Whose hair and teeth would fall out first?

That’s a good question and just in case there’s something in this observation, let us now slowly cycle through the colours of the rainbow, one after the other, and ask the question, “Where do you feel this pink in your body?”

If it doesn’t come in at all, make a hole in your shell so it can reach you. If it hurts or causes discomfort, use your will and your healing energy hands to repair your wounds and get rid of blockages and contortions.

Just have a go.

Black, Grey, White, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Violet, Ultraviolet.

Each colour is a brand new feeling, an amazing experience, and apart from that, an excellent training device for the reality of our enchanted world.

20 - Resonance

Not long ago, I bought a new microphone for my computer. At first, I only wanted to record my voice but then I began to notice interesting things about sounds.

I was fascinated.

I played all afternoon, deeply immersed and oblivious to all else, just as a child would play, with sounds. I threw rice into a wooden bowl, then salt, water, frozen peas, nails. I drummed on steel pans and on an unpainted linen canvas, and brought every piece of glass, plastic, porcelain from around the house to find out what it would sound like.

It was fantastic.

Every single thing has its own resonance, its own voice, makes its own music, speaks to you and tells you of its nature, who it is.

And when you combine more than one, one can create the most amazing experiences and learnings, and such feelings!

I have learned more about the nature of music, resonance and energy in that one afternoon than I did in ten years of studying music at school.

Music is a most wondrous source of living energy for us human beings, and more than that, we can learn directly through the transmission of energy in sound.

People say something “goes into one ear, and out the other”, and when they say that, they mean that it passes through and nothing is retained, nothing was learned.

But that is only the case for “words” and such human constructions which have no consequence because they are meaningless or irrelevant.

When energies enter our energy body and flow through it, they RE-WRITE THE MATRIX.

The matrix has become DIFFERENT after the energy has passed through it, and that is the meaning of learning something.

This is no surface learning, make no mistake.

As the matrix itself has become changed, like a clay tablet that was changed forever after the writing hand passed over it, this kind of learning cannot ever be forgotten.

In this way, our entire LIFE EXPERIENCE is stored and written in our energy bodies. Our energy consciousness can look at any time directly into the matrix and read back what THERE IS, no matter how long ago this change experience took place.

This is a truly amazing and incredibly useful function of the energy system, and it works a treat. Everything we need in order to keep all our life experiences always within our reach, always at our fingertips is then to re-learn how we can contact our energy consciousness, how to ask for the data we need, and how to interpret that data correctly through symbols and metaphors when it is being delivered.

And that is only a matter of deciding to do this, and then to practise it, every day.


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