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Zauberwelt EN Part 3

Zauberwelt EN Part 3

Zauberwelt English Edition Silvia Hartmann 2004

Part 3 - Chapters 21 - 30



21 Only Energy

EMO seminar, natural channels, pathways, energy nutrition, bad energy, bad energies, allergic, music, music flowing, form of energy, learning, flow

A person can be ALLERGIC to energies, but that this only happens when there were painful experiences with that type of energy that caused wounds we still carry around with us to this day.

22 Eat Don’t Hate

reject, hate, shields, barriers, bitter, disappointed, disappointment, envy, jealousy, deny feelings, envious, hatred, serious character flaw, free of

I stood there for at least ten minutes, my hands on my heart, and thought over and over again, it’s only an energy, that’s only my old wounds, I want to heal that, I want to be free of all that pain and jealousy and hatred and envy, I am better than that!

23 Connections

energy body, network, connections, sorcerers apprentice, crystal, master, pay attention, love the crystal, power, love

We only have true power over that which we love.

24 Potted Plant

power, love, pain and punishment, extreme prejudice, cruel lie, physicality, obey me, potted plant, attitude, dangerous criminals, psychopath, critical condition, creative order, system, nourishment, enchanted world

In the enchanted world, if you hate a thing, if you reject it, deny it, turn your back on it or judge it, you CUT YOURSELF OFF from it in an instant.

25 The Sun

starving for the lack of love, open eyes wide, catastrophe, care and attention, physical level, heart of energy, energy fields, psychic circuitry, energy system, powerful person

The radiation from the heart of energy, just like that of a sun, keeps the entire energy system CLEAN.

26 Heart Prayer

healing hands, heart prayer, heal heart, heart of energy, shine like the sun

The Heart Healing Prayer

27 The Emperor

emperor, heart, brainwashed soldier, conscious objections, doubts, insecurity, heart speaks, chinese, energy specialists, energy system

The old Chinese energy specialists called the heart of energy “the emperor of the energy system”.

28 Consciousness

heart, consciousness, will power, human consciousness

By itself, a human consciousness cannot function, cannot survive.

29 Reunification

reunification, consciousness, complete yourself, illusion of unity, illusion, unity, eternal, soul mate, heart of energy, message heart, intelligence, wisdom, super system

The need and drive for REUNIFICATION is so profound and so powerful, so incessant and impressive that it really shows us how incredibly IMPORTANT this is for every human being.

30 Factor X

soul, heart, energy mind, super system, heart of energy, human energy system

The soul is an energy system that HAS TO BE THERE structurally in order to catalyse the other two, in order to balance the logical, mathematical equations of the human energy system.


21 - All Energy, Only Energy ...

At the very first EMO seminar I ever conducted we had talked about energy nutrition and the concept that ALL energies one might encounter in any environment have natural channels and pathways for us to experience them, and to use them.

Of course, many of the participants got scared at that and began to wonder immediately if there weren’t bad energies, citing many examples of energies of people they found painful or disturbing, but I did not want them to go to lunch whilst still believing in a divided world of good and bad.

There simply are NO bad clouds, no good ones either; there are no good stars or bad ones, you cannot stand in the rain and go, “Hey look, there goes another bad one!” as the drops pass by, and in the same vein, there really are no good or bad energies.

There is ONLY energy. To divide things up with judgement is another one of these fatal operating errors of our consciousness, trained into a black-white delusion when even the small screen of my laptop computer here manages 12 million colours with ease.

One person asked, “But what of energies that hurt me, that make me sick?”

My take on this subject is that of course a person can be ALLERGIC to energies, but that this only happens when there were painful experiences with that type of energy that caused wounds we still carry around with us to this day.

I told them that salt water is great for your skin – but if you have an open wound, it HURTS like hell. That’s the same with energies, and it isn’t a bad thing, but a very USEFUL one instead – look! Now we know where there is an injury, now we can heal it, so I can get on with my life and have it work as well as it should.

When the group returned from lunch, excited, laughing and chatting, one told the following story.

He had entered a pub and ordered a snack lunch, sat down with some people from the course to wait when all of a sudden, music was blasted into the room, very loud and a kind of music the gentleman had truly hated all his life.

Normally he would have left immediately and without even looking back, but on this occasion he knew that if he did, he would not be able to get any lunch at all because it was already too late to start again somewhere else.

One of his fellow participants laughed and said, “Where do you feel that music in your body? Soften and flow!” which is the catch phrase of EMO, and so they got together for a practise exercise, right there in the pub, with the “awful music” as the constant reminder as to what they were working on.

The gentleman said, “It was really amazing! I have been running from this kind of music, this kind of culture for many years, it made my head hurt, badly. There was something stuck in my forehead, but when we got it to move and the music flowed right in, through and out, it was as though I was being charged with electricity, so much so I thought I’d explode with it! I couldn’t sit still, I had to get up and dance – right there, in front of everyone, in that pub! Me! It’s – inconceivable!”

Now, that may not sound particularly earth shattering, but it really is a very good example to illustrate our motto – “But it really is ... ONLY AN ENERGY!”

Since that day, I have personally used this music-flowing dozens of times. It really is a fine thing to be able to watch TV, be at a party, in a pub or club, in a restaurant or just have the radio turned on – and all the music has become simply AN ENERGY that can fill me with excitement and new experiences.

No-one can frighten me with jungle, opera, country, heavy metal, hard house, experimental jazz any longer, and even folk songs make me laugh and clap my hands in delight now.

It is really and truly, only a form of energy – and let us not forget that aspect of learning through the flow of energy as well. I have had experiences where by opening to a particular form of music I found myself far less estranged and more understanding of the cultures from which they came, and that is a particularly valuable enhancement and addition to my life.

22 - Eat, Don’t Hate!

There are so many things we don’t like, we reject or even hate outright.

Whenever we do that, we automatically create further shields and barriers between us and that which we don’t like – yet often the very things we most reject are the ones we really need the most.

A wonderful story comes from a lady author, who was most bitter and disappointed because she could not find a publisher for her works, no matter how hard and long she’d tried, for many, many years.

She had attended an EMO seminar and learned about energy, how that relates to our emotions and one day, on a visit to a bookshop in her home town, she became aware just how deeply that bitter pain of envy, jealousy and disappointment had taken hold of her as she passed the shelves with the “Top Ten Bestsellers”.

“I realised that I would have tried to deny these feelings, try and push them back because to be so jealous of other people’s successes is a serious character flaw and I don’t want to be someone who is like that.

“But this time, I faced the truth of it, let myself really feel it and admitted to myself, yes, I’m so bitterly envious, I could scream and cry and tear the whole shelf off the wall!

“I stood there for at least ten minutes, my hands on my heart, and thought over and over again, it’s only an energy, that’s only my old wounds, I want to heal that, I want to be free of all that pain and jealousy and hatred and envy, I am better than that!

“Slowly, slowly the knot in my chest began to soften up and I could feel the energy starting to move. And as it did, I could see the books on the shelf more clearly, it was as though the colours on a TV had been turned up, they were just books and I thought, wait for it, my friends, my colleagues, my fellow authors – one day I will stand here, and one of MY books will be on this shelf, right next to yours!

“And that felt so fantastic, I let the energy of the bestsellers run into me, get a taste of that, that’s what I want to write, that’s who I want to be, and I couldn’t get wait to get home to start writing something fresh, something new. I know already and with all my heart, this time, I am going to make it, I’m going to find a publisher and I WILL be successful!”

23 - Connections

Crystal Eye Illustration for Connections Chapter Enchanted World

In order to reconnect our energy body to the incredible network of universal energies, we need to make CONNECTIONS.

Through these connections, energy can travel to us, into us, through us and we get to experience and learn many things which simply can’t be known in any other way.

Imagine for a moment a sorcerer’s apprentice sitting at a table, and it is her task to make contact with a small crystal, to let the energy of the crystal flow right through her, so that she learns something about the processes of connection and so that she learns as well to understand something about the nature of the crystal.

The master has told the apprentice that this isn’t something which can be done with the head, and that in order to understand the essence and existence of the crystal properly, she would have to have a special experience, that she would have to FEEL the crystal.

Now, she is sitting at the table, looking at the crystal before her.

HOW does she make this contact?

How can she create a connection that will allow her to let herself flow into the crystal on the one hand, and on the other, let the crystal flow into her so she may learn?

Perhaps it is easier if we point out how it would ABSOLUTELY NEVER work.

If the girl just sits there, angry and fed up at such a stupid task, or looks at the crystal and thinks, stupid lump of inert dirt, then NOTHING can or will happen.

Should she start to contemplate all she knows about this type of crystal, the meanings assigned to it, about its colour, about the class of minerals from which it derives, nothing will happen either.

What she needs to learn to do is to PAY ATTENTION to the crystal, and the easiest way for a beginner to achieve this is to ADMIRE the crystal.

Let the entire world, the tower and table and the chairs, the walls, the master and all the rest just simply drop away, and now the crystal simply grows, becomes more and more. The more it becomes and the more it becomes the ONLY focus of attention, the more we can see about it – and the more we see, the more beautiful it becomes, the greater the mystery and complexity of such an existence, such a structure. So old, and yet still growing – the crystal is alive, it is stretching and reaching, it breathes and when we begin to LOVE THE CRYSTAL, then the connection is complete, and energy begins to flow both ways, and when it has reached a moment when we can no longer know the difference between us and the crystal because we share everything, know everything and ARE everything – then we have truly learned something important.

We only have true power over that which we love.

And how great our power is to change, or heal, is directly proportional to how great our power to love is.

24 - The Potted Plant

Potted Plant Illustration For Enchanted World by Silvia Hartmann

We only have power over that which we love.

This basic principle of the enchanted worlds of energy, namely that we can only understand, change or control that which we love is in direct conflict with most everything we have ever learned.

In the old dusty books of the ages, folk keep telling us that we need to destroy things, fight things, battle things, beat up on things with pain and punishment, to force things with brutality and to act with extreme prejudice against everything one hates and despises.

And that is a terrible lie, a cruel lie, a lie which has turned our original enchanted worlds into a living hell.

In the enchanted world, if you hate a thing, if you reject it, deny it, turn your back on it or judge it, you CUT YOURSELF OFF from it in an instant.

Then there is no connection any longer, and no matter how much screaming ensues, nothing happens in response, for there is no pathway through which intent can travel and all real, meaningful, lasting influence, power and control over the system has been irretrievably lost.

The only form of power left is physical – to beat up on the physicality is the only option left.

So people say to their bodies with which they’ve lost connection and over which they’ve lost control as a direct result, “You’re ugly, you are weak, you are always nagging me with pain and discomfort, you get in between me and god, and now I’ll punish you. You don’t deserve to feel anything nice, you don’t deserve decent care or food. FIRST YOU LEARN TO OBEY ME! And IF you do as you’re told, perhaps, just perhaps, I’ll reward you if I feel like it ...”

If one was to take this approach to a potted plant, the total raving insanity of such an attitude would become apparent immediately.

There is a little potted plant. It is wilting because it’s not getting near enough water. The pot is way too small, the soil long devoid of nutrients and on top of all of that, it’s standing in a dark and drafty corner.

“Damn you, plant! Look, just LOOK at the STATE of you! You are a disgrace! You call yourself a plant? Disgusting! All the other plants are three times your size, you should be ashamed of yourself! You make me SICK! I’m gonna teach you, once and for all. You’re not going to get a single drop of water until you bloody well learn to grow properly, stand up proud and straight, have decent green leaves and at least three flowers!”

And that, ladies and gentlemen all, is the attitude of humanity to – everything.

With that insane, pathological attitude we simply cannot go on any longer.

This attitude make us sick, drives us crazy and turns us into dangerous criminals to ourselves and all we touch in turn.

We really desperately need to learn, if we want to save ourselves, to think differently, to act differently, but most importantly, to FEEL differently.

It is nonsensical and absolutely counterproductive to sit down in front of the mistreated potted plant and to burst into tears of sympathy. Or, like so many do most practical, to glance at the plant and then to take off in a holy crusade, a vendetta and lynch party against the gardener, to beat him to death for his cruelty and neglect, and preferably with his own shovel, at that!

“You BASTARD! You psychopath! I’m going to teach you to treat that poor plant like that! How DARE YOU! Now say you’re sorry, you miserable excuse for a gardener, and you better bloody well mean it because if you don’t, I’m going to beat you till you bleed!”

Let me present an alternative approach – the only one which can still help us in the circumstances.

Let us return to the potted plant and look at it most closely.

When we do that and flow away our own injury responses of rage and compassion both, we will see that the plant is indeed in a critical condition. Yet, right at the centre, there is still new growth as the plant struggles to survive, as it directs what little energy it has left into pure survival and nothing more. We can observe that it stretched desperately to the left, to make the most of what little light there was.

This plant is a system made by the creative order, and when one sees what that is and what it does, one cannot help to admire it, regardless of how “unpretty” it may appear to others who don’t yet know how to really LOOK at the reality of things.

We need light. We need warmth. We need water, and we need room to stretch our roots so we can draw nourishment from the soil.

To obtain these things is nothing more and nothing less than to do exactly that for which the creator itself designed us in the first place.

Us, you , me, the potted plant, the gardener and all the others who share this life in the enchanted world.

25 - The Sun

So now, are we wilting pot plants, orphans who are sitting inside shells of their own making, sad, angry, lonely, slowly starving and dehydrating for the lack of love amidst the oceans of energy?

Sounds pretty terrible, doesn’t it.

Well, I could say, oh, it isn’t so bad, but frankly, it’s probably a great deal worse than that in actuality.

Yet we can’t begin to build a new house from the ruins of the old one as long as we’re still desperately clinging on to the illusion that the earthquake never happened.

There must come a time when we take a deep breath, gather our courage, open our eyes wide and say, alright then.

The catastrophe has happened, everything is a right mess, and now, let’s see where we can start to clear this up. What can we do? Where can we target our energies in such a way that a small amount of care and attention will make the greatest difference?

It has been said that if the heart is in the right place, all is well.

And even at the purely physical level, when the heart stops beating, then we know it is all over and nothing else can be done.

So let us move straight through the many contortions and injuries and let us concentrate directly on the core, the most important part of the system – our hearts of energy, the nuclear reactor at the very centre of our energy bodies, the most important and vital system of them all.

The heart of energy is not just the power source for our entire energy matrix, but also the central connector, a kind of main station where all paths cross and all levels come together.

From the heart of energy all layers of the energy system can be reached, because it radiates on all frequencies, and we don’t need to know whether these are meridians which are being powered, or the psychic circuitry, or the wider energy fields in all their complexity and beauty – when the heart of energy begins to glow as brightly as the sun it is supposed to be, then all things awaken, all things begin to blossom and unfold.

And not only does the heart of energy power all the many different systems of the energy body directly and makes them all work, but it has another function which is just as important.

The radiation from the heart of energy, just like that of a sun, keeps the entire energy system CLEAN.

It is the most powerful active defence device. Like a sun, it will burn up all stray nonsense and debris that enters the system – and thus makes shields, shells and barriers structurally superfluous.

This active defence system is exactly designed to protect us from outside influences and all forms of energies that don’t belong in our systems so that they cannot take hold on us.

And there is one more thing. The radiant glow of the heart of energy attracts others to us, like moths to the light, because this energy is beautiful and nourishing, and in fact exactly what other people need in order to catalyse their own hearts to function to its highest potential – especially if they are young, weak, or ill.

A woman or a man whose heart of energy shines like the sun is a POWERFUL person, someone who can inspire others, someone who will be listened to and who can be trusted. This is a person who doesn’t have to withdraw to hide who they are behind their barriers and shells. This is a person whose attention and presence others can feel inside their very own bodies.

It doesn’t matter if such a person is a great king, or a little old lady.

When the heart of energy shines like the sun, there can be no sadness left.

Heart Sun Illustration

26 - The Heart Prayer

We have our own healing hands.

We have our will and our intention can move our healing hands, place them on our own chest and we can use our voice to speak out aloud:

Heart Healing Prayer Illustration

“I wish to heal my heart of energy.

What ever happened in the past, it is over,

and all the power,

all the love I have to give,

I give it now to my own heart of energy,

so that it will grow strong and mighty,

so that it will shine like the sun,

the star I truly am.”


27 - The Emperor

The old Chinese energy specialists called the heart of energy “the emperor of the energy system”. And they called our thinking consciousness “the general”.

When our hearts speak, we obey.

That has nothing to do with obedience, with discipline or with will power, because we have no choice and no control over this.

When the heart speaks, we can’t do any other than obey.

And so the well bred, well trained housewife and mother packs a small bundle and runs away with a gypsy in the night.

So the honourable family father leaves his wife, his 14 children and his aged mother and moves into the monastery on the hill, regardless of how wailing this entails.

So the endlessly conditioned and brainwashed soldier throws down his gun, even though he knows that he will cause his OWN DEATH by his actions, and so it is that obedient, fearful nurses stood up and said, “NO MORE” to the scientists and doctors in the orphanage.

When the heart speaks, the conscious objections crumble in an instant and there is nothing left to decide. There are no doubts and there is no insecurity.

As long as there is doubt and insecurity, the heart has simply not spoken yet.

28 - The Lonely Consciousness

The heart commands the consciousness.

Now somehow the consciousness has to work out how these orders are to be fulfilled.

But it cannot do it all by its lonesome self.

The world is way WAY too complicated.

A consciousness cannot deal with the world, cannot ever understand it, and it is terrified, because it is absolutely aware of the fact that it cannot understand the world.

A lonely consciousness thinks things like ....

I am not intelligent enough.

I am not strong enough.

I don’t have enough will power.

I don’t have enough knowledge, experience, wisdom.

I don’t know what the future holds.

I am NOT ENOUGH to keep myself safe, to survive.

I don’t know what to do.

I am alone and I am afraid ...

And all these things are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.

By itself, a human consciousness cannot function, cannot survive.

It desperately needs support, it needs help, and it needs it NOW.

But where is the cavalry?

29 - Reunification Please!

Family Illustration For Reunification

Many consciousnesses think in their desperation that they can complete themselves by pairing up with other consciousnesses.

The need and drive for REUNIFICATION is so profound and so powerful, so incessant and impressive that it really shows us how incredibly IMPORTANT this is for every human being.

But here is the problem.

You cannot complete yourself through others. Not through children, not through a lover, not through a huge family, not by joining the liberal party. This only produces AN ILLUSION OF UNITY which tears apart the instant real reality interferes – the child gets run over in the street, the eternal soul mate runs off with their secretary, the family feuds and the liberal party throws you out because they don’t like your views.

And as soon as this happens, there we are again – the same lonely consciousness as before, as helpless and incapable as it always was to answer the questions of existence, to find solutions to life’s problems or to save itself somehow.

The consciousness needs help, and it KNOWS that it needs help. No host of psychologists can convince it otherwise, because the need for COMPLETION is a structural component of the consciousness, built right into its very fabric of existence.

The consciousness NEEDS some one to tell it what to do.

This should be the heart of energy; but if this lies silent, or the consciousness has become so detached that it can’t hear the heart any longer, then any old politician, emperor, Hitler, pop star, general, salesman, priest, prophet or guru can march right in and fill that dreadful silence with their own voices and their own commands.

And then the consciousness thinks itself not to be alone any longer, and it isn’t so scared anymore and it thinks it doesn’t have to worry any longer about the big questions which troubled it so profoundly – Who am I? Where do I come from? What am I doing here? What is my purpose? What should I do? What should I think?

The reunification the consciousness has been seeking all its life in such desperation is the reunification to the totality – to come home to the individual self, to become a complete individual human being.

If the consciousness becomes aware of the messages from the heart, it has a chance to finally come home and experience the reunification it has sought for so long. When these messages are received, then the consciousness knows again what it needs to do.

HOW to do what it needs to is the next question, and this is another question that is way beyond the realms of the conscious mind to calculate. And this is another thing which structurally was never supposed to be amongst its tasks.

The conscious mind is supposed to pass on the HOW questions to another – to the mind of energy, formerly and wrongfully known as the “unconscious mind”.

The mind of energy can perceive the complexities of the living universe, and it has the computing power to deal with the ever changing, ever flowing realities of the true enchanted world – and to come up with a plan of action that will succeed.

With the heart and the energy mind on its side, the consciousness is no longer alone and it has the support of immensely powerful systems that have so much more force, intelligence and wisdom than it could ever have believed to have right there for it to call on.

And we are nearly there, with a complete human being who is easily well enough equipped to deal with REAL REALITY and to thrive within it.

Nearly there.

But there is one more super system to complete the equation, and some hold it to be the most important of them all.

30 - Factor X

If the heart of energy is the emperor who gives the orders, then where does the emperor get THEIR orders from?

From where do they come, and HOW does the heart know, what we should do next?

One day I got my big white board out at home and on it, I drew the energy system.

I started with the two super systems, the heart of energy and the energy mind.

I drew them as large spirals on the board, and then I had a flash of inspiration – or you could say that my energy mind, who knows such things of course, simply because it can perceive them directly, TOLD me in that instance.

There is no better way to proceed than just to come out with it and say it – the human energy system CANNOT function without a third essential energy system, another super system which bridges between the heart system and the energy mind.

And this third super system is ...

... the soul.

Ladies and Gentleman, and all others, it is a fact that we actually really do have a soul.

This isn’t some mystical thing, some tale for the kiddies or some illusion, but a FACT.

The soul is an energy system that HAS TO BE THERE structurally in order to catalyse the other two, in order to balance the logical, mathematical equations of the human energy system, in order to make it work.

And when you put in the soul as the third super system, the equation resolves and the circuits light up.

And then we have a real human totality.

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