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Zauberwelt EN Part 6

Zauberwelt EN Part 6

Zauberwelt English Edition Silvia Hartmann 2004

Part 6 - Chapters 51 - 60


51 Innocent Energy

Innocent energy, damned for all eternity, outsider, rain of mercy, healing power

You can allow this rain of mercy, this absolutely innocent energy to take away all bad things, all the sad things, all the negative things
you or another has ever done to your body and let it be fresh and new

52 Energy Dimensions

consciousness, energy dimensions, solve problems, mass hallucinations, propaganda, valley of the shadows, amazing states of being

It really only needs that one missing puzzle piece, the missing component of the energy dimensions of ALL THINGS.

53 Wonder Things

world of energy, energy dimensions, human consciousness, talents, energetic dimensions, remove stress, energy systems, energy form, multicoloured waterfall, healing shirt, table fountain, sparkling energy, transform environment

The conscious mind loves to be active, and such activities as to play with the energetic components of material objects is exactly what it was designed to do.

54 Canned Energies

canned energies, extremely depressed, the scream edvard munch, energetic dimensions, material representations, frequency, the hard, edvard munch, the scream kept on screaming, unlimited possibilities, reactor, broadcasting, device, artist, artists, edvard, munch, random circumstance, feedback loop, from the cradle to the grave

When the hard components and the energetic dimensions of any object, any song or even any word are aligned and resonate on the same frequency, an extremely powerful entity is born which can be resurrected at any time, anywhere this is called upon.

55 Art Solutions

art solutions, artist, artists, the scream, painting the same picture, energy dimensions, seeking a solution, ideas by magic, healing solution, music, scream for all eternity, sculpture, modality, melody, human, creation, pure magic

To create ART SOLUTIONS for the problems of the artists.

56 Magic Words

magic words, word, data, information, components, hercules, hero, pandora's box, real man, dominance games, character faults, human totality, powerfields

A word is like a can with a content, but we don’t know what’s truly inside.

57 Symbol Thieves

symbol, symbols, symbol thieves, totality, totalitarian, third reich, energetic qualities, hitler, ancient sun rune, symbol poverty, burning cross kkk, clean symbol

We may even learn something brand new about the universe through the clean symbol which was made by a human at some point, and belongs, like all symbols do, to ALL HUMANS

58 Energy Language

energy mind, words, living systems, complex ecology exchanges, survival systems, solar system, supercomputers, impoverished models, information rich dense, interface devices, metaphors, information, personal metaphors

In order to repair the essential bridges to the energy mind it we need to consciously understand that it is the job of our conscious minds to re-learn the language of energy, of metaphor so that we can begin to properly communicate amongst ourselves.

59 Metaphors

metaphor, metaphors, stories, dreams, energy information, data stream, personal metaphors, object metaphor

Behind every object, whether it is a red stiletto shoe or a $50,000 Rolex watch, there lie the invisible energy dimensions for which the OBJECT IS THE METAPHOR.

60 Gifts & Presents

gifts, presents, metaphor, playful format, energy forms, energy form, energy exchanges, healing

A moment of attention, of love, and the will to give SOMETHING from the heart, is enough.

51 - Innocent Energy

There is a story of a terrible man, a cruel man, who thought that he was lost in every way, that he was damned for all eternity and that God could never forgive him for all the dreadful things he had thought and he had done throughout his long life.

And then the day came where this man did not know what to do in his desperation, what else he might destroy or how else he might be able to punish himself, and he ran away, out into the wilderness, until he could run no more.

Then it started to rain.

And as the cruel man stood alone in the rain, he understood that the rain fell on him just the same as it was falling on the graves on his victim, and on the stones, the shrubs and grasses.

And for the first time in his long and bitter life he felt to be a part of something, not the outsider any more who wasn’t welcome anywhere, who was rejected and hated by all, but here beneath the rain of mercy his deeds had made no difference and it fell on him, and thus accepted his existence all the same.

Can you understand this?

Can you step under a shower, quite naked and quite as you really are, and let the warm water become your own rain of mercy?

To let it slide over your head, your face, your neck and shoulders, without boundaries and in absolute truth of the actual reality accept that it will fall and touch and clear your one real body, and in doing so, to understand that this really is only a body, one body, without judgement, without fail?

That it is YOUR body?

And if you want to, you can allow this rain of mercy, this absolutely innocent energy to take away all bad things, all the sad things, all the negative things you or another has ever done to your body and let it be fresh and new.

And what you feel when you do that is the true healing power of our enchanted world.

52 - Energy Dimensions

Energy Dimensions Illustration

The consciousness has created so much havoc simply because it sat down in its unknowingness and loneliness and tried desperately to make some kind of picture of the world out of all the many lies, misinformation, propaganda, wild ideas and mass hallucinations of the ages.

The resulting horror map, this “valley of the shadows” then became reality, and of course our poor consciousnesses couldn’t help but react to this insanity with more insane thoughts and behaviours in return.

But just as well as the consciousness is capable of making such a mess of things, it is equally well equipped to tidy it up again.

It really only needs that one missing puzzle piece, the missing component of the energy dimensions of ALL THINGS. When that enters the equations, they begin to work, and not only that, but we get immediately brand new ideas and solutions to our oldest problems.

And even the most insoluble problems of the ages become really interesting once again, because now we have a chance to actually solve them.

Once we get past the point of shock and horror, “Oh everything has gone so hideously wrong!” and start really exploring what there is and what we can do with it, the world becomes instantly fascinating and incredibly exciting, wide open for anyone at all who really wants to get out of their shells and their cages of entrainment, and wants to learn something new, experience different and amazing states of being – and have enormous FUN doing all of that.

53 - The Wonder Of Things

If indeed behind each and every thing there resides an entire world of energy dimensions, and if indeed the human consciousness can directly influence these energy dimension, then we can begin immediately to make some changes to our world.

There are so many possibilities to start playing with the marvellous talents of consciousness, it can be quite hard to decide just where to start.

Where shall we begin?

Perhaps we can start with our own dinner plates, with our coffee cups and drinking glasses, and arrange their energetic dimensions to transmit radiant health and the finest, brightest energy into every piece of food, every drop of drink that will ever be contained by them?

Perhaps we should turn to our bedding and our pillows first, and clear out all the old and stale energies that got stuck in there with a storm of joy that blows it all away, and when they are clean and fresh, to set their energy dimensions to be a most delightful, soft embrace, a gentle enfolding and support for those who sleep and rest here?

Or perhaps we should go and build a fine but strong mesh of energy across our own front doors, so that they may remove all and any stress, negativity or leftovers from our energy systems every time we enter our homes?

Perhaps you have things in your house that you can’t throw away because there is some energy form stuck to the object that is precious to you, and it would be extremely helpful to free the form from the object, take it inside yourself so you can throw the object finally out with the trash?

Perhaps a beautiful, multicoloured energetic waterfall in your sitting room would help to keep the atmosphere there always fresh and sparkling, bright?

Or we could go into a child’s room and there weave a field around the bed which will protect the child and safe guard innocence?

We could take an old T-Shirt from our wardrobe and turning into a healing shirt, or a beauty shirt, and we can wear it to really get a sense of what beauty sleep or healing sleep can really do for us?.

The shower can create a rain of mercy, but of course it can also help you to evoke a rain of joy, a rain of healing, or a rain of love. A luck shower is a fine thing too and can do quite a bit for the unfoldments of your day.

Energy winds and energy storms can transform the oldest, saddest rooms and they will blow all the memory forms away like autumn leaves.

Throw away that ugly rabbits foot because if we want to make a charm to bring us luck, we can make it out of something BEAUTIFUL that really appeals to us on all the levels, and in all ways.

The conscious mind loves to be active, and such activities as to play with the energetic components of material objects is exactly what it was designed to do.

Have a go.

Just start somewhere in your house or in your garden.

The next time your conscious mind wants to worry about something, set it to look around instead and reach out with your energy feelers to find out what lies BEHIND the material facade of your carpets, your books and your colours.

If you feel like it, start with something small – a table fountain perhaps of sparkling energy in your dining room. And if you like it, and you can really feel the benefits, then by all means go right ahead and transform your environment completely.

Practice makes perfect!

54 - Canned Energies

Scream Room Illustration

One time, I visited a lady who was extremely depressed. When I stepped into her sitting room, I nearly fell over backwards in shock.

Over the mantelpiece on the chimney breast, in pride of place, there was a huge poster which dominated the entire room.

It was a reproduction of “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.

Artists are people who know a bit about the energetic dimensions of material representations and who can “bottle” these energies in order to pass them on to other people.

When an energy AND THE MATERIAL OBJECT are broadcasting the same message on the same frequency at the same time, you have something extremely rare and very valuable indeed, because the majority of lonely consciousnesses could never produce such a thing.

In order to produce an object where the energy dimensions are in alignment with the Hard, you need to be in contact with your energy mind.

Edvard Munch managed to take a moment of deepest disturbance, to bottle it and then to pass this moment on to a million other people.

For him this was only ONE MOMENT, plus a few hours to paint that moment.

For the lady who hung that on her wall, however, it continued broadcasting – every day, every minute, even at night when she was asleep, the bottled scream kept on screaming.

This is not only horrific, it is extremely dangerous.

The lady who to put “The Scream” on her wall chose this one painting from all the unlimited possibilities of decoration and hung it up in her household altar position. She did this because she recognised the power and the truth in that painting, recognised it because she herself had a resonance to it, knew what it was like when you feel that in your own body and then you must scream, just like that.

And that’s the thing with real art, or you might as well call it real magic.

When the hard components and the energetic dimensions of any object, any song or even any word are aligned and resonate on the same frequency, an extremely powerful entity is born which can be resurrected at any time, anywhere this is called upon.

It is a REACTOR of these energies that doesn’t wear out but keeps on getting stronger, the longer it functions as a broadcasting device.

Such things are indeed, very rare in the world of people.

And interestingly enough, they are considered to be far more VALUABLE in the construct world than even diamonds – and far more beloved.

This is why all human civilisations, no matter how old or new they may be, celebrate those who can make such aligned power objects with the highest rewards and the highest status.

But the artists who attempt to make such things have grave problems.

They too are caught in the conscious cages of entrainment and their pathways between consciousness and the rest of the totality have been severely damaged. Their energy systems are in deep disarray, and they are rarely happy people.

Like Edvard Munch.

Who passed on his own unhappiness and his pain to millions and millions.

Whose painting is on a thousand walls of people who killed themselves, because their own pain and his eternal pain generator entered into a FEEDBACK LOOP from which they could no longer escape.

Edvard’s scream needs to be confined to a museum and should not be lived with on a daily basis.

And we must really, REALLY re-learn how to read these forms of energetic realities correctly, to understand exactly what it is that we do to ourselves, and we need to think seriously if we want to be just receivers, at the mercy of chaotic and random circumstances, or if we wish to finally take a bit of control over the energetic dimension of those things we surround ourselves with from the cradle to the grave.

55 - Art Solutions

I am an artist, and many of my dearest personal friends are artists also. When we first began to talk about such things as “The Scream”, the same words and experiences were expressed over, and over again.

“The strongest emotions are those of loneliness, unbounded sadness, desperation. But when I go there to get my inspiration, I am destroying myself. This is killing me. And further, what I produce may be honest, and it may be artistic, but frankly, I don’t wish this stuff on my worst enemies.”

A very talented painter told me, “I have stopped painting my own thoughts and feelings. I have been painting THE SAME PICTURE for 25 years ...”

If we take the energy dimensions into consideration, we can see at once that there must be clearly something for this gentleman that has been SEEKING A SOLUTION for 25 years – perhaps a major disturbance in his energy body, or it may even be a request from his young soul which was never answered, never fulfilled, and without which nothing else can happen.

One day I said to the painter, and the words just came out of my mouth before I had a chance to think about it, “The problem with you is that you keep painting the question. Why don’t you try painting THE ANSWER?”

His mouth dropped open, he stared at me for a time, then he jumped up and started to paint like a maniac.

And what he was painting were no longer screams, BUT HIS SOLUTIONS, the step stones OUT of that screaming hell.

To paint the answers rather than the questions or re-state the problem endlessly is such a simple principle that one can only shake one’s head and find it hard to believe that this isn’t taught to little children as their first lesson in art in kindergarten.

But that’s the deal with the enchanted world. Almost immediately, whole new approaches and new ideas arrive as if by magic and show us how we can solve our problems in a whole new way – not through even more misery and suffering, but the polar opposite indeed.

And as simple as it is to resolve an emotional problem that was carried for 50 years or more and let it simply flow away in five minutes flat, it is also just as simple to create ART SOLUTIONS for the problems of the artists.

A composer heard of the art solutions concept and ran to her studio, sat down before her keyboard, thought about her worst and oldest problems, her deepest pain and said out aloud, “And now, give me a melody that is my HEALING SOLUTION.”

She had not even finished the words when her hands had already moved on the keyboard and the music she created was the most amazing and beautiful she had ever produced.

Like the painter, this composer has thus found a rich stream of creativity, a truly extraordinary form of expression that has the power to awaken hope in the listener and to call them back towards life.

And what is even more encouraging is that the lady who had the Scream on her wall listened to this music – and felt it touched her just as deeply, and just as profoundly.

She never wanted to scream, and least of all for all eternity.

The new music of this composer DOES NOT LIE – it doesn’t pretend there are no problems, or that there is no suffering. That is the beginning but from this place of suffering we move forward and out, further and further into a whole new future.

Everyone has something they can use to try out this fantastic principle for themselves.

I often say, “Here, this is the problem, now please tell me a story that will be the solution, or which can help move the problem on and out of that place at which I’ve become stuck.” As soon as I do that, ideas and pictures begin to flow and the only problem that remains for me is to try and keep up and write it down fast enough.

In the same way one can sit with a lump of clay and say, “Now give me a form, a shape, a sculpture which is the ANSWER to my current problem of (sadness, illness, loneliness, etc.)!”

One does not have to be a professional artist to do this.

Anyone can do this, even a child, and to begin with simply find a modality for your art solutions which is the most natural.

A short sequence of sounds becomes a sound healing melody you can hum or sing if you need it.

Simply ask, give me that which I need right now, and simply allow yourself to draw or dance, to sing, or a story to come to you.

You can even use this principle for shopping and cooking.

The only challenge is to make sure that the consciousness takes a back seat just for long enough it takes your hands to start moving and not to get in their way.

And even in the beginning and with a first effort, the path to a true art solution becomes apparent. We can begin to notice that we are moving towards creating something which was designed by our energy minds, made by our hands, thoughts or voices and where form, function AND ENERGY are all in harmony together – a human creation of pure magic, from you, through you and FOR YOU alone.

Should you ever pass this on to someone else, then you can rest assured that you gave them something special, an attempt at a solution at least, something that goes BEYOND simply stating and re-stating the original scream over, and over again.

56 - Magic Words

Magic Words Illustration

A word is like a can with a content, but we don’t know what’s truly inside.

Generally people trust in the fact that those who sold you the can will have placed a small picture on the outside that tallies with the contents on the inside.

In this example the words are the cans, and the contents are the real energetic components, the actual information, the data BEHIND the word.

The lonely conscious minds, which cannot read the energetic data for and by themselves, never get to open the cans.

Some evil people noticed this and ever since then, dog food is being sold to the conscious minds in a nicely decorated can which boasts the picture of a tempting peach.

For example, let’s take a closer look at the word, “a man”.

What does the label show us?

From the outside it seems as though this describes a proud Hercules, a strong, healthy hero who with a brilliant smile spins the entire world like a basket ball on his finger tip.

But if we were to open that can of “a man” and release the true meaning like Pandora’s box, what would we find?

Instead of true power and strength which comes from the own heart, we find brutality and dominance games which would sicken any gorilla. There is no sensitivity, no intuition, no creativity and no compassion because of course such things are strictly forbidden for a “real man” and only weaklings would have such lamentable character faults.

And that’s supposed to be a man?!

It is worse still for women. I don’t really have to get into that for I’m sure we all well know just how much unfathomable misery and the degradation of the ages is stored up behind that single word.

And what about the word, “the child”?

A useless, stupid burden, worthless until it grows up enough to start doing some decent productive work ...


We can really spend an entire lifetime on the couch of the psychotherapist and still we won’t even have a half a percent of these insane contents under some form of control.

I propose therefore to do something different, namely to take the word and to DECIDE FOR OURSELVES what each and every word means, exactly what the true data content BEHIND the word SHOULD BE, and to make the words that we think and speak our own once more and to use them to help us, instead of allowing them to drive us insane.

When we take ANY word that gives us trouble and we simply re-define it to mean WHAT WE WANT IT TO MEAN, we rediscover the original magic of words.

That is extremely simple, as simple as to say, “From this moment forth, if I was to use the word, “a woman”, I will mean this word to represent a human totality of the female sex, and beyond that, I don’t yet know how a real woman works, what she does, how she functions in her perfection as a design of the creative order, or what such a human totality could experience, create and contribute.”

When we do this, something extraordinary and very powerful happens – namely that we are then no longer chained to the great powerfields of the ages, produced by the insanities of billions who preceded us.

That is how to break free of old entrained, enshrined roads, out of old prisons which are being re-cemented and re-created, every time we pray to them when we repeat the old words in thought, in the spoken word or in our written language.

Take the pen into your own hand and write your own dictionary.

And when you do, you get to write your own life.

57 - The Symbol Thieves

Anti-Vampire Illustration for Symbol Thieves

It starts with words, but this goes much further.

The German translators of my English books told me most earnestly that I cannot use the word “totality” because German speakers would immediately think of “a totalitarian state”, aka The Third Reich, and freak out.

I don’t believe it!

The word, totality, is as old as the hills. It means something complete, something where all parts are present. It is a very useful word and I won’t allow just any old thief to come along and to run off with this beautiful, useful word – because if we allow this, we will have LOST SOMETHING IMPORTANT that belongs to all of us – lost it for all times, and with it, the energetic qualities as well.

This must not be allowed to happen, and if a situation occurs where someone like Hitler runs off with a powerful ancient sun rune, the beautiful and potent symbol of the eagle, Greek temples and Hellenic beauty standards in general, then we must RECLAIM SUCH SYMBOLS immediately, because if we don’t, not only will we suffer a profound loss as a species, but also because our symbol poverty is already at critical levels and we simply can’t afford to lose any more of them!

To let the Christians run off with the cross, the Satanists with the upturned cross, the KKK with the burning cross, the homosexuals with the rainbow, the witches with the pentagram, the sado-masochists with the triplet, the Nazis with the swastika and Islam with the crescent moon is absolute insanity and destroys our cultures. It also breeds an ever growing sense of danger and stress as one symbol after the next is carted off by some sub-section of humanity.

Symbols, just as words, are supposed to be the servants of humanity and not the other way around.

I therefore propose that as an experiment we could try and draw some symbols, such as a swastika, pentagram, Star of David, a cross on a piece of paper and work with our own emotions and responses until these ancient symbols have been cleared of all contortions and they are bright and fresh once more.

Then, we need not fear them any longer, don’t need to hate them any longer and have not only freed ourselves from some serious restrictions in mind and body, but we may even learn something brand new about the universe through the clean symbol which was made by a human at some point, and belongs, like all symbols do, to ALL HUMANS.

58 - Learning The Language Of Energy

The energy mind does not think in words.

That is way too slow, way too linear, way too limited, one thing after the other, like pearls on a string, A B C D E .... and also, far too imprecise.

The energy dimensions are full of dancing, living systems which are all involved in incredibly complex ecology exchanges, and there are myriads of them – from the simplest survival systems inside a single human being to all the others in the environment, the animals, the weather, the plants and stones, the planet, the solar system and all the many other solar systems in our galaxy, and all the other galaxies, on all the planes and all the levels ...

ABC is not enough for something like that, or 123 ... and no matter how many numbers you lay end on end, and no matter how many supercomputers chug their yes/no operations for how many eternities.

It is little wonder really that our poor conscious minds can’t compute that.

It is little wonder that our poor conscious minds did such appalling things as to make incredibly crass distinctions and bizarre either/or judgements, totally oversimplified and deeply impoverished models and maps that lack any reference to the truth of the real systems, just so it had any chance at all to have some sort of illusion that it could understand anything, control anything.

The streams of data that are the domain of the energy mind are so information rich, so information dense and so manifold that the conscious mind cannot cope with this flood directly.

And just as Microsoft placed an interface called “Windows” between the millions of lines of computer code and the end user who doesn’t understand that code, which has “windows” and little “dust bins” into which we can drag unwanted “folders”, there are a series of interface devices between the super-information dense energy code and the conscious mind.

Often called “metaphors”, these are images and dream experiences, like living movies in which we ourselves are the actors. And all they really are is a TRANSLATION of the complex energy reality information into something less complicated which the conscious mind can just about manage to grasp.

The interface device of metaphor is the bridge between the conscious mind and the energy mind so that they may communicate.

By day this bridge is not at all available to the majority of people, and hardly any information at all flows between the energy mind and the functionally detached lonely conscious mind any longer.

At night, when the consciousness is used to being allowed to switch itself off, there is some connection through which a torrent of confusing energy data streams pours in wildly, and a lot of it is concerned with real problems in the energy systems at that; these turn up in the form of dreams, but the one who is supposed to take notice isn’t even there and hardly even remembers any of that when they awake.

It is actually quite understandable that the consciousnesses got together and said to each other, “This dream stuff is just a mess, insane rubbish, and I think we are better off if we ignore it altogether. Hopefully it’ll stop then eventually all by itself ...”

Sure. Until the nervous breakdown happens “unexpectedly”. Or Parkinson’s. Or panic attacks, depressions, totally unlived and unsatisfactory, pointless lives ...

In order to repair the essential bridges to the energy mind it we need to consciously understand that it is the job of our conscious minds to re-learn the language of energy, of metaphor so that we can begin to properly communicate amongst ourselves.

This cannot be done by studying a dream book in which someone else’s consciousness made a personal dictionary of single metaphor images.

That would be like trying to learn to speak Spanish with a dictionary, and that is only a conscious language which isn’t anywhere near as complex as the data stream communication from the energy mind.

The only way to learn a highly complex new language so that one may be able to understand and communicate successfully with the native speakers is via immersion.

To go to the country and instead of staring at the dictionary, to actively listen and surround ourselves with the living language.

Even if at first we don’t understand a single word.

Just as it is the case with emotions and the feelings of our bodies, now the conscious minds need to start right from the beginning and pay attention to what our personal metaphors really are, and how we are already working with and through them.

59 - Metaphor, Metaphors ...

Metaphor Illustration for Metaphor Chapter

Metaphors are not just strange old stories or dreams.

What exactly is an expensive red sports car with a two meter bonnet and lots of chrome?

A “practical, realistic” device for transportation?

Of course not!

It is a metaphor for success, for power, and for the virility of the dominant leader.

A car is a hard metaphor. And so is every house, every item of clothing in our cupboards, the colours of our carpets, every bed side table lamp, every piece of jewellery, even our hair styles and further out, our entire lives.

Before we start to try and understand the flood of energy information of our own dreams we should first get familiar with the metaphors we have already personally magically manifested in our own spheres of influence.

Behind every object, whether it is a red stiletto shoe or a $50,000 Rolex watch, there lie the invisible energy dimensions for which the OBJECT IS THE METAPHOR.

A red stiletto shoe is a shortcut for that energetic data stream, and those who wear these shoes are sending that data stream as unconsciously as other receive this.

When we begin to pay attention to these unconscious, real, absolute existing and sometimes even deathly metaphors, then we begin to engage in the act of learning to bring the language of energy back to the consciousness.

And when we begin to understand what WE ARE SAYING with our own personal metaphors, that is a good starting point to understand our selves a great deal better and then to change some things and get a whole new lease of life in turn.

60 - Gifts & Presents

The Gift Illustration for Gifts & Presents Chapter

The consciousness has to start at some point to try this whole metaphor deal out for itself; and to begin with it is usually best to conduct such experiments in a playful format, as that is how we learn the most.

Here is a truly enchanting game which even the smallest child can play and through which adults can learn a great deal more about the structure and nature of energy forms and the conscious creation and use of energy forms.

Think of a person who is dear to you.

Consider if they were to stand before you and you could give them a present, any present that you can conceive of, and even perhaps some things you can conceive of but have never consciously known or thought about.

Now wait a while, have the consciousness sit back and let’s find out if a gift “will come to you”.

This is of course not a question of thinking about it, because that would produce a typical conscious present and not something magical and enchanting; something that is in essence a real energy form, handmade by you most specifically for that person and given with love.

When something “comes to you” make sure that you don’t consciously and reflexively reject it – “Oh that’s stupid,” or, “Oh but that would never do ...”

The consciousness may be present but it must pay attention, is not allowed to interfere, and it may learn about metaphors, and energy exchanges.

As an example, let us presume I thought of a good friend and the gift that came to my mind was a spinning top, red with white spirals.

Now that I have it, I simply send it to my friend, with all my love.

It’s that simple.

At one time I gave a big bunch of carnations to an elderly man who stood in the rain at a bus stop, with many carrier bags and felt so sad even from across the street that I nearly burst out into tears.

At another time I send someone what I thought was a beach ball but it turned out that is was a whole world instead.

Sometimes I give ocean waves, tropical islands, ancient forests, and entire landscapes.

Every gift is a surprise to me, often so beautiful and there is such a delightful feeling connected with the activity that you want to do it more, and more often.

It changes the receiving one but it also and most profoundly changes the giver.

And not a single word needs to be spoken.

One can just sit somewhere on a park bench and give every person who comes by a magical gift, something special that only you in all the planes and all the times spent could possibly have given.

This is real healing, without making a song and a dance about it, without reward beyond the act of service itself and the knowledge that we do this BECAUSE WE CAN.

And as it is pure energy healing, we can give gifts to animals, to plants which are suffering, to landscapes that have been brutalised by hands of men, to sick poisoned rivers and oceans too.

There is so much we can do, each and every one of us, in this enchanted world of energy to make a difference, to make the world a better place, and we don’t need hands for this, not a strong back, not 20/20 vision nor even a heap of money.

A moment of attention, of love, and the will to give SOMETHING from the heart, is enough.

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