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Zauberwelt EN Part 7

Zauberwelt EN Part 7

Zauberwelt English Edition Silvia Hartmann 2004

Part 7 - Chapters 61 - 68 End



61 Piece Of Paper

piece of paper, active imagination, energy gifts, imagination, create illusion, data stream, lies, illusions, deceit, delusions, hallucinating, lunatic, psychotic outbursts, insanity, disturbances, nasty feelings, battlefield, thoughts, lucid, pathways

This is an exercise in allowing the conscious mind to step back, and the energy mind to take charge, and to let something flow quite simply, rather than to have to “make everything happen with will power”.

62 Gordian Knot

gordian knot, memories, memories stored, in consciousness, lest we forget, experiences, energy matrix, change, transformational, super experience, incarnation, resurrection, change

We really have to start to get our life lines into some sort of perspective and to get out of our own labyrinths, cut through our own Gordian knots, because if we don’t, we simply don’t have a future at all.

63 Life Perspective

life, perspective, psychotherapists, clients, data format, self healing, future

I know a good many people who are psychotherapists, their clients, and more often than not, both, and it seems that the following exercise is rarely, if ever attempted.

64 Life Experiences

life experiences, create memories, experiences, false memory syndrome, false memories, thought form, new goals

There are thousands of cases of “false memory syndrome” where such memories were practically, hypnotically and magically evoked and turned into reality.

65 Prejudices

prejudices, human consciousness, dreams, talking to yourself, invisible friends, demonified, denigrated, forbidden, crazy, stupid, real world, depression, migraines, brain washing, nightmare, psychosomatic illnesses, dreams, feelings, creativity, give to caesar what is caesars, zen state, lucidity

Time and time again, invisible realities and all activities designed to find out
more about their nature are being denigrated, demonified, forbidden, made to look crazy, stupid, immaterial, unimportant.

66 Planes Confusion

many planes, many levels, material, physical, plane, the hard, energy dimensions, deficiencies, energetic problem, energetic solution,

All you need to know to make it work is to understand that an energetic problem requires an energetic solution.

67 The Spiral Secret

spiral secret, spirals, circle, circles, vicious circle, evolution, untruth, open spiral systems, evolving, forward flow, unfoldment, bereavement, loss, wisdom, experience, the new

Instead of sadness, bereavement, loss and endless pain a force is born and a whole new KIND of strength, wisdom and experience.

68 A New Beginning 

wonderworld, abstract philosophy, complete, scare, death, degradations, old age, depression, contact the creative order directly, primary systems, miracles, feelings, real, decadent intellectuals, luxury, survival,

What I have told you in these pages is not abstract philosophy, it has no
religion, and it isn’t something you might be doing for half an hour or so or if you haven’t got anything “more important” to be doing instead.


61 - A Piece Of Paper

In order to give these astonishing energy gifts to yourself, to other people and to the whole world, do we need to have “an active imagination”?

Actually, no.

Quite the reverse, because imagination is to create illusion.

What we are doing is REAL. We are translating the energetic data stream of the energy mind into pictures and ideas and we are training our conscious minds how to ask for such a data stream to be delivered, and when it has been delivered, how to receive and decode it correctly and logically.

It is fascinating to consider that the standard ideas of what exactly lies, illusions, deceit and delusion is, and what is actual truth, are often completely reversed.

The poster on the walls of the conscious universe, those are illusionary in nature; the messages from the energy mind are actual reality.

Instead of hallucinating like the proverbial lunatic we need to begin to ask INTELLIGENT questions and to decode the answers correctly, and this second part is perhaps even more important than the first.

Are you familiar with the old joke of a stranger in a different country? He doesn’t speak the language at all but he has a dictionary. So he spends ages looking for the words that make the phrase “Where is the station?”, finds a native who will stand still for long enough to listen to his pathetic attempts at pronouncing the unfamiliar sounds.

The native laughs his head off but then after a few repetitions, he understands and then he answers – in a flood of fast sounds and unfamiliar gestures that are entirely incomprehensible to our poor traveller. Of course!

When our energy mind sends us data streams of information, we really need to learn how to interpret these correctly, how to understand them consciously so we get to make USE of that information.

One of the things that the conscious mind needs to re-learn is to think more, and much, much faster than it was used to.

Here is a simple yet most interesting experiment for anyone to try who has an interest in such things.

For the most basic version of this we need a blank piece of paper and a simple pencil.

When we conscious minds look down at a white, virginial piece of paper, we usually don’t experience this as an exciting invitation, an opportunity to experience something wonderful and new. To many people, it feels more like a form of mini-torture as all the old insanity programmes begin to churn.

What do you want me to do here with this sheet of paper?

But I can’t draw!

I don’t know what you want me to write!

I can’t write anyway! Even if I did, my handwriting sucks, and even if it didn’t, I still wouldn’t know WHAT to write, and even if I did write something, it’s bound to be total crap that you couldn’t give to anyone at all because it wouldn’t be good enough ...

It is extraordinary but a fact that a simple piece of plain white paper can produce such psychotic outbursts in seemingly well adjusted adults!

Perhaps it would be better for all concerned if we just made a paper airplane from the sheet of paper and throw it out of the window ...

But we don’t need to partake in such insanity any longer.

The first thing we do is to take a real deep breath, and then we remind our poor conscious mind that all those thoughts and all those nasty feelings are nothing more but the indicators of disturbances in the energy system.

So we can just sit there with our sheet of paper, as long as we need to resolve those contracted muscles and knots in the neck, the churning in the stomach, the blocks in our backs, legs and even in our toes, to warm them, to soften them and to flow them, until the energy runs cleanly through our systems once more.

Now the piece of paper appears different – it is no longer a battlefield from which we crawl away after having expended our very heart’s blood in defeat, yet again.

It’s just a piece of paper.

Turn it by 90 degrees so that it has the other orientation.

If there is still anything which hurts you or troubles you, flow it away.

Heal your various injuries, blockages, and note that as you do this, your THOUGHTS become clearer too, calmer, more LUCID in the process.

When you are ready, pick up the pencil.

Put the tip of the pencil on the paper – our first question, or first decision, the absolute starting point for everything that could or would happen next.

And now we have to give control of our hand to our energy mind and the rest of us just gets to watch where the hand wants to go, and what it will do. Swirls, circles, spirals, perhaps a word or a sentence, we don’t know yet. Perhaps the hand will write a number or a note, or perhaps it will draw some geometric figures.

But all of that is unimportant.

This is an exercise in allowing the conscious mind to step back, and the energy mind to take charge, and to let something flow quite simply, rather than to have to “make everything happen with will power”.

This something that flows is a first charge to circuitry which is built into every human being by design but which has been lying fallow and forgotten for so many years; the pathways which are being used here are an example of TOTALITY PATHWAYS and any little bit of energy which flows again is like water to a parching desert.

When we re-learn to use these pathways, the landscape of our totality body has a chance to change, to blossom, to become a whole new valley filled with life and luscious existences.

We can’t do this overnight, but every little seed that germinates, every tiny little green blade of grass is proof and sign that we are finally beginning to make things right.

62 - To Solve The Gordian Knot

Gordian Knot Illustration for Gordian Knot Metaphor

There are two different ways in which memories are stored.

The first way is to send them to the energy mind for processing so that they may be placed in their rightful positions, sorted and labelled so that they may be found quickly should they be required to be accessed again, but otherwise packed and filed away very neatly so that they don’t get in the way of the HERE AND NOW.

The other way to store memories is to make energy posters and to keep them in consciousness, which is the equivalent of keeping the photograph of the dead lover on the bedside table “lest we forget”.

When we do something like that, we tie ourselves energetically to the past and can’t get rid of it, as the true past only consists of things we don’t consciously drag about with us as we go through our lives.

Now, the conscious mind didn’t even know, had no idea that it had to pass ALL MEMORIES AND ALL EXPERIENCES immediately over to the energy mind for processing and storage.

All experiences, especially the kind that has caused tremendous change to take place in the totality need to be put into their rightful places in the energy matrix in order for it to work as it should.

All experiences, and especially the very best ones, because to keep these around causes chaos on people’s timelines like nothing else possibly could.

To attempt and “re-live” old and long gone moments of glory and joy is already in the hard world of physical objects a true nightmare, but on the energy levels it is the greatest catastrophe, for it turns our forward flowing timelines into the equivalent of a Gordian knot, a Minotaur labyrinth in which people get lost altogether, with no hope of finding an exit, with no hope of escape, ever.

When something extraordinary is experiences, something that the conscious mind has no experience of and which has never happened before, and regardless of this was an extraordinarily painful or joyful event, it can happen that the conscious mind holds on to these data streams, blocks them and doesn’t let them flow into the totality, but instead, keeps them stuck in the here and now.

This is a reflexive behaviour of the conscious mind and it isn’t designed to prevent damage, but instead, to prevent CHANGE.

Experiences, and especially overwhelming, strong, new experiences of first love, childbirth, first rape, first war are structurally TRANSFORMATIONAL in nature.

A super-experience, regardless of whether it is “good” or “bad”, changes the energy matrix radically, and the totality which has come into existence after that super-experience is not the same totality the conscious mind was PREVIOUSLY USED TO.

The old posters don’t match anymore, and the illusionary world the conscious mind had spend so many ages constructing for itself has simply collapsed.

The world has come to an end.

For the consciousness, this is a terrible, terrible thing and so it always tries to keep its imaginary world-maps the same, tries to minimise any change, any alteration that could cause a collapse in the tenuous and highly unstable map because when that happens, the conscious mind is faced with total chaos and indeed, must then declare itself insane and incapable of action.

But the super-experience from the viewpoint of the totality is not a disaster. It isn’t even unexpected, but it is a part of its necessary evolution in all ways.

A super experience in the totality is a transformation which opens whole new futures, different futures of which the poor conscious mind couldn’t have even begun to dream.

Imagine the type of hell that would arise if the conscious minds got their greatest wish, what they THINK would be the perfect solution, the final answer to all their worries.

To be always 16, completely unchanging, always on the beach, always dripping in gold and riches, always at sunset and always holding hands with the one soul mate, for all eternity?

Every day is Thanksgiving, with the shiny freshly washed and combed children and mommy and daddy who will always smile at each other and never stop?

To sit in your fortress in the mountains and observe the world, and all are trembling before your great power, all day, every moment of every day, for evermore?

To buy up the entire world and to re-make it in your own image, according to what you thought was a good idea when you were five years old?


What would be the point of such a non-life?

There is no point. It’s an incarnation deep freeze at best, and at worst, a living death without a chance of resurrection.

No chance of experiences, personal challenges, no chance to learn or do something important, SOMETHING NEW.

We really have to start to get our life lines into some sort of perspective and to get out of our own labyrinths, cut through our own Gordian knots, because if we don’t, we simply don’t have a future at all.

63 - Life Perspective

I know a good many people who are psychotherapists, their clients, and more often than not, both, and it seems that the following exercise is rarely, if ever attempted.

It is really quite simple.

We get ourselves another sheet of paper, or of virtual paper, and write our own life history down, nicely and linear and in short data format.

That might look like this:

1945 – Born in Denver, Colorado. Parents librarians. Twin dies at birth.
1945 – Spent two month in hospital for failure to thrive.
1946 – Raised by grandmother after death of parents.
1947 – Falls out of 1st story window after learning to walk.
1949 – Grandmother dies. Learns to play piano in orphanage.

... and so on, until you reach today.

You can leave it for a week or so in case there’s something which needs to be added as you think of it.

And when you have your entire life on a piece of paper, you can simply, gently and slowly run your fingertip across those dates, that data, from beginning to end, and make the resolution to have things put in their rightful places and return a rightful order and sequence on as many planes as possible.

One could also, if one was to become aware of injuries in the energy body which are always expressed by physical emotions to stop and engage in some self healing until all flows clearly, until all is calm and lucidly aware.

One could say when that has been achieved, “Well that was the past ...” and throw the paper away, into an ocean, a dust bin or burn it instead.

And begin to turn our attention towards the now, and a whole different future.

64 - Life Experiences

Did you know that you can create memories and experiences which have never happened?

That is an amazing thing which only human consciousness can do; it is a gift from the creative order and animals, for example, weren’t thus endowed.

Animals only have their own linear life experiences.

A dog can’t tell you in behaviour and state that it was beaten with a stick by a man in a black hat ten years ago if that did not actually happen.

But we can.

We can go way beyond simply making up lies, for we can create energy forms from nowhere and nothing, evoke them and strengthen them, until they have the power to re-write our own energy matrix and that will then become exactly as though these events were TOTALLY REAL.

There are thousands of cases of “false memory syndrome” where such memories were practically, hypnotically and magically evoked and turned into reality – a reality so real that the owners of these “false” memories have all the symptoms, all the behaviours and the physical illnesses you would expect, and their fathers, grandfathers, uncles and brothers, who did nothing at all in actuality, are still to this very day sitting in very real prison cells.

That is an indicator of the power of consciousness to CREATE reality.

We only ever become aware of just how much power for such things we actually all do carry when something goes massively wrong, as was the case with the “false memories”.

But as always, we can turn this right around and see that of course, if we can produce terrible, cruel and damaging memories of satanic abuse, then we can produce fantastically wonderful memories of angelic love and care (likewise never experienced in actuality!) just the same.

It isn’t at all difficult if it is approached correctly and there exists the will to stop being driftwood in the river of our own memories and instead, to re-educate ourselves, to re-parent ourselves if necessary, and to have exactly those memories of events BACK THEN that we need RIGHT NOW to make our lives really happen.

It is just as amazingly simple as it was to make the old “false memories” because all it takes is for someone to ask, “What happened exactly?”

In order to work with such a question we need to create a thought form – at first a rather weak and nebulous one but it is now here – SOMETHING must have happened.

To strengthen this thought form, to make it more and more real in every way, we simply ask for more and more detail, and with each detail, the form becomes more rounded, more alive – more REAL.

“WHEN did it happen?” gives us a point on the timeline, just as we found a first point for the pencil on our blank piece of paper and much in the same way.

“WHERE did it happen? Inside, or out? What was the weather on that day? What did you wear? Who was that person? What did they wear, what were they like, what did they say, what did they do? What did you think?”

Every question strengthens the thought form automatically, every little detail fills in more and more blanks.

If you play this game with a second person who can help you out these thought forms get so dense so quickly that after a couple of sessions it becomes virtually impossible to distinguish between a “real memory” and a hand crafted thought form.

Is that a bad thing? No, not really. It only turns into a bad thing if we use it to make bad thought forms that hurt us and disturb our own systems even further.

I have personally used this system so that I might have finally a GOOD memory of a first sexual experience with a man. The “reality” of the situation was really quite unfortunate in every way and had led to a very disappointing 30 years of non-sexuality.

I sat myself down and just as you would in “false memory therapy”, I started to ask myself the right questions which would set the process of thought form creation AUTOMATICALLY in action. “So, how old were you when you had that first, transformationally beautiful and amazing sexual experience?”

Sure, to begin with you have to move the “actual memories” a little off to one side and just get with the programme. “I was 14 years old.”

“And where did these amazing events take place?” – “In this man’s house, in his bedroom.”

“And how old was this man?” – “I think he must have been around 35, 40 years old.”

“How did you come be there? What did he wear? What did you wear? What happened exactly? What happened first? What did it feel like? What did he say, what did he do? What was the room like, where was his house? Who was he?”

And so it unfolds, all by itself, and the more details are asked for, the more real the thought form becomes.

It also helps to tell others about the thought form, and to treat it in all ways as though it was a real memory – I remember that colour of his silk sheets, russet brown and shiny they were, and whenever I see silk or that colour, I am reminded of him. I am reminded of him when I see autumn leaves, and I remember his touch when I get undressed and in the shower, so gentle, loving and profoundly exciting ...

The act of actively creating such memories consciously and with volition, to install such experiences is one of the many truly astonishing and immensely HEALING things we can do when we get the conscious mind and the energy mind to work together as they should.

This is far more than just mere freedom from the past.

If your mother never told you that she loved you and you think you need to have heard this, experienced this just once in order to be able to function better, create the event energetically instead. Where was it? When was it? What did she wear? What was it like for you to see the tears in her eyes as she spoke those words? What did that do for you?

Make it real, make it more and more real until you are in tears yourself and you can FEEL that experience, FEEL AND KNOW the reality of that experience in your mind, in your body, and in your energy system as it CHANGES for you.

And thus, thought has transformed reality practically – which is, after all, the heart of magic.

In this way, you can treasure your memories of love and care, experiences of getting assistance and help, support, unconditional regard and when you are ready, let these things flow through and out, so that they are no longer held in consciousness but instead become correctly inscribed into your energy matrix which is easily great enough to store much more than just a single lifetime’s worth of memories.

You can give yourself right now what you have always needed always longed for and you are no longer reliant on other conscious minds which don’t even know what needs to be done to actualise a human totality.

And what is even better than that is the knowledge that we can finally get free from ancient goals that tie us to the past and instead of trying to chase after “getting my mother’s approval” we get to find NEW GOALS that are really out there, in the as yet undiscovered future.

65 - Prejudices

The biggest problem which gets in the way of the reunification of the human consciousness, the energy mind and the wider totality is that of prejudices.

“The invisible realms are not important, they are not REAL.”

And on the other hand we have the idea that only things which are hard are important for survival.

To engage with thought, dreams or to figure out things by talking to yourself is bad, and to work all day in the fields is good.

If one plays with invisible friends, it means that one is such a useless person that we can’t find real, important hard friends.

Time and time again, invisible realities and all activities designed to find out more about their nature are being denigrated, demonified, forbidden, made to look crazy, stupid, immaterial, unimportant.

But as real reality consists of BOTH hard AND invisible components, this approach can never produce the right results and people who live with such prejudices can never get a handle on the real “real world” of many planes, can never understand it or even try to control it correctly.

Slowly and with much embarrassment, the conscious minds have allowed a few invisible things back into the Hard – in high-rise office buildings, where the workers were constantly sick with depression and migraines, a few “motivational posters” are being affixed to the blank, grey walls. The workers are once again “allowed” to bring a few metaphors from home and put a teddy bear, a picture of a loved one on their desks. Perhaps they are even allowed to wear their own clothes and a few choice potted plants are positioned in strategic places.

And even with such pathetic little admissions to the reality of the energy dimensions a rise in productivity and a fall in sick days can be measured – in nice hard black, red and white on the balance sheets of the company.

But that kind of thing is not beginning to be enough. It isn’t even a real start because they are only doing some things right at last AGAINST their own will and judgement, and ONLY because they are forced into it because of the symptoms of illness of the people who try and exist in such environments – not because anything has really been learned or understood, or stemming from any kind of real desire to make things right, to re-aligned the planes, to work with the truth of the universe once more.

The true challenge for us all is to begin to undo a lifetime’s worth of brain washing and to start giving the invisible realms and all their many manifestations and messengers EXACTLY THE SAME ATTENTION as we would give a bank statement or a wad of money without fail.

A nightmare is simply a red, red, red bank statement which is designed to alert us to the fact that a system is on the brink of total collapse.

Our emotions are the bailiffs, banging on the door, who will take our TVs and personal possessions away.

Psychosomatic illnesses are the loan sharks who will very practically break your legs and your nose because we haven’t paid our dues on time.

We have to make the change and take notice of these messages, of these warning signals.

The principle is simple, yet again – we should spend EXACTLY the same amount of time thinking and acting on hard environmental stimuli as their invisible counterparts.

So, for example, if someone lies awake at night and thinks for one hour about their job, their holidays and the new kitchen, they should also think for one hour about dreams, feelings, creativity and the universal order in all its manifestations, or else they are not being fair and haven’t managed to balance the planes in their life as yet.

It is a very nice and simple calculation – and it functions perfectly in reverse, as well.

If someone ONLY dreams, thinks of God or invisible things, they are also out of balance and should give exactly the same amount of time to things of the Hard – such as bank statements and fitness programmes, for example.

For every hard friend we should have an invisible one to balance the situation; and that is a simple method to ensure at the beginning that we give “to Caesar, what is Caesar’s and to Jupiter, what is Jupiter’s” without annoying either of them and having to face the painful repercussions of prejudice and neglect.

This is a beginning, to be sure.

The real challenge is of course, not to think about the Hard and the energetic dimension one after another, sequentially, but to have them BOTH be PRESENT and at the same time – simultaneously, in other words.

That is a star state of absolute lucidity, a Zen state from which we then can observe true causality across the planes.

From here, the true Zauberwelt may be partaken of as well as observed and thought about all at the same time, and from here, we get to play with cause and effect for ourselves, to play with our own lives, in order to find out just who we are and what we can become.

66 - Planes Confusion

Shape Sorter Illustration for Planes Confusion chapter

I have already mentioned many times that the real Zauberwelt is made up of many planes, of many levels, not just from the material or physical plane which I call “the Hard” for short.

We have discussed many examples which have shown us how we cannot ever truly understand or navigate the real “real world” if we go on pretending that the energetic dimensions don’t exist, simply because we can’t see them through our hard eyes.

It’s a fact that if there was ONLY the hard and nothing else besides, life would probably be a lot simpler and a lot of things would work a lot better.

The biggest problem for people with their consciousnesses happens when they get their planes confused.

An example of this is to try and pump more milk into a baby that is crying because it is starving for energy.

When this sort of thing happens, and it happens all too often in conscious-driven societies, the child learns something very, very dangerous, something fundamentally WRONG – namely, that energetic deficiencies and requirements can be filled by hard food. This is completely FALSE, it doesn’t work, cannot work, will NEVER work, but if that wrongful lesson is integrated, it leads to an adult who will constantly seek more and more hard food – and no matter how much they eat, their hunger remains the same.

This is an example of a serious and often even deadly planes confusion.

Hard food is the first thing to be misunderstood in this way, but there are other things, symbols such as money, which are being constantly confused with a necessary energy, something that makes you feel good and will make you smile. Then the problem transfers to secondary objects you can buy with money – cars, houses, diamonds.

Uniforms, guns, whips and diplomas are being constantly confused with real personal power, and replacement actions, such as running away from home, are being confused with true personal freedom.

All these essential human needs, such as happiness, freedom, power, health, love and excitement ONLY come into existence when the right conditions in the energy system are present.

These states cannot be bought, they cannot be produced by the acquisition of objects or people who might stimulate the emergence of such states, and to fail to understand this is a very serious problem.

So we need to start to sort out our planes and work out what belongs to Caesar, and what should be in Jupiter’s domain.

This is once again surprisingly straightforward and logical. All you need to know to make it work is to understand that an energetic problem requires an energetic solution. A really good example is that of emotions, where we really feel “as though someone punched us in the stomach” but there’s no hard fist at all which could be responsible.

That kind of thing is blatantly an energy occurrence, and as soon as we know this, we can also know that it therefore cannot be cured with hard medication, shopping, jogging, mowing the lawn, alcohol or even more food.

As soon as we understand that energetic occurrences cannot be dealt with by doing, planning, building PHYSICAL things, we can at least stop wasting our precious time on trying to get even more food, even bigger houses, more items for our collection or even more cats.

When we stop chasing after the wrong things (and the wrong people!), then we can take a deep,. deep breath and sit down for a while, what ELSE we might be doing in order to get those experiences, those states we want and need.

When we take a break from the old rat race, we have a chance to consider afresh just how one might get to have more luck, more joy, more pleasure on a daily basis.

This also gives us far more time to play with some new things, to try out some new things, this or that, to have an idea if it is going in the right direction.

This is the old child’s game of “cold, warm, hot – yes! You’ve got it!”

For many people it is a surprising discovery to find, once they’ve stopped running madly towards their illusionary material goals and sat down for a moment by the side of the road, that the sky is really quite amazing, the small flowers in the verge are actually quite pretty, that they don’t cost a thing and that they’ve ALWAYS BEEN THERE – only we were way too caught up in our mad races and couldn’t see them for all that tunnel vision stress.

Such things are doorways into the true Zauberwelt.

These doors are EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME – they don’t just exist in monasteries, on the top of mountains, on holiday or in outer space.

If we can calm down enough so that we can think a little more clearly and see a little more precisely again, EVERYTHING AT ALL can become your personal doorway to the Zauberwelt and we are ready to step into real reality once more.

67 - The Spiral Secret

Triple Spiral Of Creation Illustration for Spiral Secret chapter

A real, deeply hidden and forbidden secret knowledge of the one Zauberwelt is that thing about spirals.

In real nature, in the proverbial real “real world”, there is no such thing as a circle – truly nowhere, absolutely not and never at all.

There really are no vicious circles with endless repeating tracks from which there is no escape – circles are one of those insane ideas of the lonely conscious minds.

In the story of the Lion King, for example, there is much talk and even song of the “eternal circle of life” as the old lion holds up his newborn son who will one day replace him as the king of all.

But that is total and utter, errant NONSENSE, for this young lion is not and will never be the old king.

The empire he will inherit when he has grown will be a totally different empire. Not one single grain of dust, not a single blade of grass, not one individual creature will be in the same place or the same state as it was when his father was that same age. Not a single cloud formation will ever be the same, and not a single thought the son will think will be exactly like his father’s.

That is the TRUTH about nature – it is a constant EVOLUTION, never a circle, but instead, it is a SPIRAL which swings on and on, upwards, higher and higher still, ever changing, where not a single thing remains the same from one loop to the next, forever and ad infinitum.

Wherever human consciousness started painting circles instead of spirals, there is UNTRUTH IN ACTION – and untruth translates very practically into pain, and suffering, and misery, and chaos, and destruction.

Let’s consider for example the so called blood circulation. Ladies and gentlemen all, the blood absolutely does not CIRCLE around in our bodies. This is an OPEN SPIRAL SYSTEM, like everything else of the one true real Zauberwelt, where constantly renewing and changing things are being transported and which is constantly EVOLVING.

It is really quite crucial to “get our heads around this” because if conscious minds think that breathing, for example, is a “in and out”, “back and forth” movement instead of it really being an evolutionary spiral movement, it causes massive interference and can even destroy such systems altogether.

The Zauberwelt is in FORWARD FLOW, must flow forward because it was never designed to stand still and sink into chaos and atrophy.

We can’t “turn the clock back” on a disease or try to restore a real human body, which is under the universal laws of evolution, somehow to a past state, or as though nothing ever happened at all.

Every disease is also an evolutionary spiral and if one understands this, one may stop to try and tear a natural spiral unfoldment apart and force it to become a repeating circle, or a snake that eats its own tail, and instead, we may start to consider how we can ASSIST THE SPIRAL UNFOLDMENT so it can flow as elegantly as possible through the disturbance and out the other side, onward and upward, so we get to go onto the next swing of the spiral ladder from where the disturbance is now in the past and the system is DIFFERENT as it was before.

To understand the spiral secret is something truly wonderful, something very healing, very reconciling, and especially in the realms of personal experiences.

When a happy, carefree young man goes to war, and returns with wounds and different thoughts and behaviours in all ways, a spiral unfoldment has taken place. If one can consciously align with this spiral event, instead of mourning the passing of the old, or to think that they happy boy got “lost”, a fascinating effect occurs that is comparable to leaning on a motorbike deeply into the pull of the curve, rather than to try and fight it.

Instead of sadness, bereavement, loss and endless pain a force is born and a whole new KIND of strength, wisdom and experience; and further, there will be new abilities of which our innocent young boy could never have even dreamed.

The new man is not just OTHER but he is MORE NOW than the boy could have ever been.

This is the truth, and this the true wonder of the spiral secret.

It opens the door for all those who have recognised it and who now, instead of fearing and believing that they are becoming less and less, will move into the turn, use it to let it catapult us out and upwards, towards the new, towards true evolution.

This is not only true and a real law of nature in the Zauberwelt, but also a very comforting thought – perhaps even the only one that will still work when we lie on our own death beds.

68 - A New Beginning

So now, here we are at the end of this introduction to the Zauberwelt, a wonderworld composed of many planes and many levels, and one of which we know so pitifully little.

What I have told you in these pages is not abstract philosophy, it has no religion, and it isn’t something you might be doing for half an hour or so or if you haven’t got anything “more important” to be doing instead.

It is the truth and reality of our current lives, of our days, of our hours in our current incarnation as multi-dimensional beings in a multi-dimensional, living universe.

We must awaken and begin, and we must be willing to become children of this living universe.

That a not a luxury for the chosen few or decadent intellectuals, but a matter of SURVIVAL for human beings.

Without a basic understanding of the COMPLETE world, the truly wonderful Zauberwelt, we are really condemned to live our lives in hell, lives that are too short, too painful and too pointless by far.

We cannot help others, we cannot help ourselves and we will sink into grey depression, and scare ourselves to death most literally as we wait for the degradations and pain of old age to come.

That is NOT life.

That is NOT AND NEVER what the creative order wanted for us, and by God, it is not what I want for myself.

To speak of lives of suffering or valleys of shadow is a lie, an old lie that was born from misunderstandings, fear and superstition and it is already at least ten thousand long years past its sell by date.

We can no longer afford to leave our destinies, our lives, our experiences, our very real pain and everything else we are STILL HOPING TO EXPERIENCE ONE DAY in the hands of OTHER PEOPLE – no matter how long they may have been dead, no matter how many others say that they are great authorities.

EVERY HUMAN BEING has the right and the duty even to CONTACT THE CREATIVE ORDER DIRECTLY, to ask their own questions directly from reality itself, and to learn directly from the all-there-is in return, without any human or human made proxy getting in the way.

We have to conduct our own experiments and we must begin to start paying attention to our own primary systems, to listen to them, to believe them and to understand that their cries for help are real and that they can be met. This holds true for every part of the human totality – the body, the energy body, the conscious mind, the energy mind and all those many other levels we don’t even know anything about as yet.

So many things we had been wrongfully taught to think of as “miracles” are nothing other than a lightning strike from the one true universe that lights for just a moment the environment, let us see that there IS MORE, that the world REALLY IS far more complicated, far more beautiful, far more wild and for more enchanting than our dreams of poverty would have ever let us suspect.

And when the lightning strikes reveal the Zauberwelt, we have to be steady and calm our fears so that instead of running away and hiding behind the grey walls of illusion, we get to celebrate and cry with joy, for when it becomes truly revealed that the world is NOT what people think it is, that is the greatest blessing of them all.

In closing, I’d like to say something very personal to you, my courageous reader.

You already know EXACTLY that I am right about the Zauberwelt.

You have known this on some level for as long as you can remember.

You were RIGHT to be disappointed, to have wanted so much more, to have been angry and sad, and to have asked yourself so many times how it can all be so wrong, feel so wrong.

The feelings you have had are REAL, they are really there, and they have a good reason, they have a purpose and logical, causative reasons for their existence.

The crazy thoughts and ideas in your head are also LOGICAL in their own structure, and were there for their own reasons too, just as your emotions and your feelings.

You were ABSOLUTELY RIGHT to think that you are something special, something important, and that there were some very important things you needed to have done before you died.

You are not insane, or at least no more insane than all the rest of us, no matter who or where we were born, and no matter what happened to us since.

Just like everyone else, you too have tried to do what you could, to the ends of your own strength and then beyond, have tried to make it work somehow and gave your best each and every day, no matter how hard it was. How hard it still is.

You are still HERE, and you have never really given up at all.

Give yourself a medal. You truly deserve it, after all of that.

But from this day forth, things are going to get better.

From this day forth, and no matter how small the steps, how tiny the achievements or how carefully we begin, each one of us, to cautiously move back towards the true reality of life in the Zauberwelt, life will become OTHER.

Larger, more expansive, more beautiful and with every tiny movement in the right direction you will be able to feel the relief, absolutely real and absolutely practical, in your body, in your emotions, in your thoughts and in your actions.

The Zauberwelt is there, it is there for EVERYONE and it can never get lost.

When we begin to pay attention again and really declare our will to return and to let ourselves be enchanted by reality, then creation itself is there for us, greets us with open arms, us poor people who went astray and now, finally, finally, cold, shivering and half starving have returned to stand once more at the threshold.

The Zauberwelt is here.

The Zauberwelt is real.

The door is open.


Step inside.


Silvia Hartmann
05. 08. 2004


Zauberwelt © Silvia Hartmann 2004. All Rights Reserved.

Posted Jan 12, 2017   
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