GoE2016 - P16 - New Aspects Model, Timelines, Essences and Homeopathy

GoE2016 - P16 - New Aspects Model, Timelines, Essences and Homeopathy

In this presentation Fiona Dilston covers and explains the use of the new Aspects Model as a way of supporting Homeopathic Treatment. In addition she explains the importance of a Timeline, extremely detailed questioning, and what she calls "digging" for information to get to the root cause of the situation.

Cases will be described to show this methodology in action and how it works along with the use of accurately chosen Homeopathic remedies, or Essences which can be intuited and accessed by means of Essence cards.

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~Β Fiona Dilston is a registered Homeopath, GoE Trainer, Modern Stress Management Professional and Findhorn Essences Practitioner based in West Yorkshire, UK. Fiona’s practice covers the whole of England and Scotland, with international work via Skype.

  • Run Time: 52 minutes
  • Includes: Adobe PDF file to download and study at home
  • Recorded live at the GoE Energy Conference 2016, Eastbourne UK
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