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The Harmony Program 1993 - 2002

The Harmony Program 1993 - 2002

This is a 2002 rendering of the original 1993 The Harmony Program by Silvia Hartmann, which concerns animal behaviour and which revealed the existence of an invisible substance being exchanged between social mammals that had a dramatic effect on health and behaviour.

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The Harmony Programme

The Harmony Programme

DRPs Strangle Love

Understanding The Structure Of Attention Seeking Behaviour

Tutor Comment: The Attention Seeking Behaviour Evolution

The Cure For Attention Seeking Behaviour Disorders

Tutor Comment: Animal Autism

Tutor Comment: Trance Behaviours & Repetitive Behaviours

The Harmony Programme In Brief

Harmony In Action

Positive VS Negative Energy Interactions

Re-Connecting The Love

* Exercise 1 – Falling In Love

* Exercise 2 – Magic Moment

* Exercise 3 – Remember ...

* Exercise 4 – The Love Connection

> Tutor Comment – The Fear Of Love

Healing With Love Energy

* Exercise 5 – Ray Of Hope

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