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GoE13-07 Creativity for Kids with Ilka Wandel

  • Available: Wednesday, 5 April 2017 to Friday, 5 May 2017
GoE13-07 Creativity for Kids with Ilka Wandel

Ilka Wandel presenting on Creativity for Kids at the GoE Energy Conference 2013

Ilka writes: People who have observed children playing in nature know about the power of their joy and a kind of magic that dwells in them, and deep in us something seems to remember, how the earth is smelling, how the air feels on our skin and how all the system resonates to this moment in this place, because we were connected with ourselves and the energy is flowing freely and joyful. We had fun just like the children we observe today.

What if we just could play "trauma" away? What if we could lead a child to his whole potential and connecting with his own creativity, by playing or doing things that nourish deeply the spirit, what ever it might be?

Babies learn how to play before they are born, we are programmed to have fun before we take our first breath.

There is a link between having fun, potential and creativity. I would even go so far to say that we can only live our potential and our creativity, if we have fun.

If our Energy system is blocked or injured, our creativity is stuck and this special gift, that is within all of us, gets lost. The more the energy Flow is stuck, less creativity will be accessible. The more the energy is flowing, the more the Creativity grows, and what would be more adequate for a child than to evolve energy flow, by playing?

Let's play and gain creativity....

About Ilka:

Ilka Wandel is an GoE Trainer and plays with Energy EFT, Positive EFT, Energy Hypnosis, EmoTrance, Genius Symbols and Project Sanctuary. She created with "Soquaki" a Project for children based on modern Energy Work to connect children with their own potential and creativity by playing and applying Modern Energy Work to other activities, like surf, theatre, dancing, painting or simply playing with balls.

© Ilka Wandel & GoE

Files For Download

  • GoE13-07 Creativity for Kids with Ilka Wandel
    Audio File - Audio Download, MP3, 71.0MB, 77 Minutes
  • GoE13-07 Creativity for Kids with Ilka Wandel
    Presentation Notes - Document, PDF, 197KB

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GoE13-08 Resolution Magic with Olivia Roberts

  • Available: Wednesday, 19 April 2017 to Friday, 19 May 2017
GoE13-08 Resolution Magic with Olivia Roberts

Olivia Roberts presenting on Resolution Magic at the GoE Energy Conference 2013

Discover Resolution Magic - an exciting new programme of mental exercises and techniques that has made many different unwanted feelings and physical symptoms disappear (e.g. migraine, IBS, backache and depression). Presented by Olivia Roberts, author of the book, ‘Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions Resolution: Make Unwanted Symptoms Disappear’.

Resolution Magic - Make Unwanted Symptoms Disappear!

Olivia Roberts suffered from daily migraine, pain, IBS and fatigue, 26 years ago, until she created an unusual programme of mental exercises that made her symptoms disappear. The presentation describes how the programme was developed, and explains the three parts of the programme.

The three parts of the programme work on i) changing the over-activity of the neurological system, ii) changing unwanted feelings, and iii) changing the effects of past experiences.

In the first part of the programme, a programme of exercises reduces the over-activity of the nervous system. Olivia believes that the cause of almost all physical and psychological symptoms is the production of strong electrical pulses that cause pain and symptoms wherever they are discharged from the end of a nerve.

The second part of the programme uses a simple procedure to reduce unwanted feelings like irritability, dread, fear, panic, anxiety, worry and over-analysis. This 3-second exercise is truly astonishing – imagine how you could use it to change an unwanted feeling of reluctance attached to doing the ironing or doing the paperwork.

The third part of the programme changes the effects of even the most horrific past experiences in the most delightful way - without causing further stress.

Olivia describes how the programme has been used for unwanted feelings and ailments, taking examples from over 350 case studies. Resolution Magic has worked for a wide variety of symptoms like chronic pain, backache, depression, SAD, anxiety, tinnitus, PMT, period pain, fibromyalgia, and many, many, more. 

About Olivia

Olivia Roberts MPNLP. SQHP. GHR Reg. is an NLP Master Practitioner, Senior Hypnotherapist, Resolution Magic practitioner, International speaker and Author.

Olivia, now age 61, spent many years as a pharmaceutical representative, trainer and manager until 2003, when she completed her studies at the Dominic Beirne School of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, and began a new career as a full-time practitioner. Combining her personal experience of illness, professional medical knowledge and an unusual understanding of how the brain works, Olivia soon created a successful programme that reduced unwanted emotions and symptoms until they disappeared. Olivia now coaches her clients from all around the world by telephone, guiding them through the mental exercises of the programme.

Olivia began to write in 2005, recording many case studies of clients who had used the programme for a wide variety of unusual symptoms. These remarkable stories became the backbone of her book. As Olivia observed the aetiology of many conditions, she developed the ‘Theory of Neurological Wave Syndrome’© that explains how neurological waves of electricity create physical and psychological symptoms.

Olivia is an experienced speaker having presented on radio and live television and at many events and training courses, including the World NLP Conference in San Francisco in 2012, and The Vitality Show in London in March, 2013.

© Olivia Roberts & GoE

Files For Download

  • GoE13-08 Resolution Magic with Olivia Roberts
    Presentation Notes - Document, PDF, 54KB
  • GoE13-08 Resolution Magic with Olivia Roberts
    Audio File - Audio Download, MP3, 49.8MB, 54 Minutes

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GoE13-09 Project Sanctuary - Infinite Creativity with Silvia Hartmann

GoE13-09 Project Sanctuary - Infinite Creativity with Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann presenting on Project Sanctuary - Infinite Creativity at the GoE Energy Conference 2013

  • Available: Wednesday, 3 May 2017
  • Audio File: Audio Download, MP3, 46.7MB, 51 Minutes
  • Presentation Notes: Document, PDF, 1.57MB
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