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Star Matrix Summit 2021

UPDATE: The Star Matrix Summit will now be part of a Global GoE Modern Energy Summit!

Welcome to the Star Matrix Summit!

Welcome to the Star Matrix Summit 2021!

Star Matrix is the absolute breakthrough in personal development we have all been waiting for. 

Star Matrix finally ends the nightmare of trauma, unlocks our inner resources and empowers us profoundly. 

Star Matrix is life changing, literally. 

At the same time, Star Matrix is profoundly simple, entirely natural and it ripples. 

First presented in October of 2019, we will be discussing the effects of Star Matrix on real people, real families and real life. 

Star Matrix is the most direct and most powerful form of personal development you can undertake. 

Star Matrix is a gift for life that keeps on giving. 

Star Matrix is also a powerful transformational tool for practitioners, therapists and trainers. 

We are here, right at the beginning of a true revolution in human empowerment. 

Join us for the Star Matrix Summit of 2021!

Welcome To Star Matrix!

with Silvia Hartmann

Creator of Modern Energy & Star Matrix

Join Us - Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th November 2021

The online summit will start on Saturday 13th November 2021 at 10am in the London timezone. If you need to find out what time this is where you live, simply google "When is 10am in London?".

Each unit will go live at different times throughout the weekend and they'll all be available to catchup for ten days afterwards.

The summit will start in:

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th November 2021


Discover Star Matrix!

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Non Members

Non members are most welcome to join the summit for £39.97 GBP per year, which includes a fantastic package:

  • Full access to the GoE Star Matrix Summit 2021
  • Star Matrix eBook by Silvia Hartmann (Adobe PDF) - worth £23.00 GBP - more info
  • Star Matrix Foundation qualification and downloadable certificate upon completion (comes with Star Matrix eBook)
  • Annual subscription to the GoE which you can cancel at anytime
  • GoE Modern Energy Foundation online video course - worth £47.95 GBP - more info
  • Full access to the GoE Digital Library - hundreds of ebooks, videos and audio files
  • Full access to GoE member support groups
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