Modern Energy Tapping Foundation

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The  Modern Energy Tapping  Foundation course, created by Silvia Hartmann , is powerfully focused on healing yourself of stress and giving you more energy. It also covers using Modern Energy Tapping with friends, partners, family, children and groups. You'll discover inspiring exercises, tips and techniques, and is the perfect course for energy tapping beginners, or for professionals looking to learn the updated tapping method. Notes:  By attending this course, you'll gain the prerequisite knowledge and experience for enrolling on either  Modern Energy Tapping Professional or  Energy EFT Master Practitioner  courses Modern Energy Tapping Foundation is available as both a live training, or as a distance learning course The "Modern Energy Tapping Foundation" course is also known as "Energy EFT Foundation"

Modern Stress Management Foundation

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The GoE's Modern Stress Management Foundation course, created by Silvia Hartmann, is a four unit, course that teaches you the fundamental techniques needed to take back control from stress and help yourself, friends, family and groups.  ** This course is highly recommended as the perfect introduction to modern energy work! **

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation, 2023 Edition

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The Energy Course is an eight unit online video course presented by GoE President Silvia Hartmann. We recommend this course for anyone wanting to experience a wide range of Modern Energy techniques. We also recommend GoE members revisit it periodically as a refresher. Presented over four hours of online training, this course covers: The Modern Energy Chart🆕 ,  Star Matrix🆕 , EMO Energy in Motion , MET Modern Energy Tapping , SM SuperMind Enhanced Creativity , MSM Modern Stress Management & The Power of the Positives🆕 . ⭐ Course Includes Certification 🆕 ⭐ Course has been updated for 2023 and now includes new units on The Modern Energy Chart, Star Matrix and the Power of the Positives 🆕

Star Matrix Foundation & Star Matrix Book

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Star Matrix is Silvia Hartmann's new and revolutionary techniques for developing more positive and happy lives, which in turn is passed on to others. All you need to do to gain your foundation level Star Matrix qualification is purchase Silvia Hartmann's Star Matrix e-manual and complete the online multiple choice test to download your personalised certificate. As an added bonus, on completion you'll also receive three months GoE subscription including all the videos, ebooks, audio books and downloads in the GoE Library archive.

The Modern Energy Art Course

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Discover a new way to create powerfully positive, uplifting works of Modern Energy Art which will enlighten, heal and transform the artist in the creation process with Silvia Hartmann's beautiful Modern Energy Art. Notes: This course is now available to gain the MEA Foundation Certificate. Existing GoE Trainers can teach this course both live as well as by distance learning upon completion of the Master's certification requirements.

Energy Protection

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Silvia Hartmann's GoE Energy Protection is a free video course on energy/psychic protection for GoE Members to enjoy, be inspired by and stay protected. Created during the Covid 19 pandemic these skills are invaluable for the future ahead.

The GoE MONEY!!! Course

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The BRAND NEW GoE MONEY!!! Course - Take YOUR MONEY!!! Life To The Next Level! Includes the complete program of four full length video presentations by Silvia Hartmann, over 32 MONEY!!! themed exercises, a comprehensive online course manual, certification and The GoE Modern Energy Foundation Course as a special bonus.

Visibility: The Modern Energy Way

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Silvia Hartmann's "GoE Visibility: The Modern Energy Way" is a free video course for GoE Members for increasing confidence in being heard and seen on YouTube, social media, video calls and more.

GoE Community Energy Healer

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New for 2023! The GoE Community Energy Healer Course written and developed by Silvia Hartmann is an entry level course that will teach you how to become an Energy Healer in your community.

The Power of the Positives

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We're delighted to offer this course for FREE! The Power of the Positives  is about giving you that massive energy boost you need right now!