Modern Energy Tapping Foundation

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The  Modern Energy Tapping  Foundation course (aka Energy EFT Foundation), created by Silvia Hartmann , is a live training and distance learning course, that is powerfully focused on healing yourself, covers self-help, as well as using Modern Energy Tapping with friends, partners, family and groups. You'll discover inspiring exercises, tips and techniques, and is the perfect course for energy tapping beginners, or for professionals looking to learn the updated tapping method. Notes:  By attending this course, you'll gain the prerequisite knowledge and experience for enrolling on either  Modern Energy Tapping Professional or  Energy EFT Master Practitioner  courses. The "Modern Energy Tapping Foundation" course is also known as "Energy EFT Foundation".

Modern Stress Management Foundation

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The GoE's Modern Stress Management Foundation course, created by Silvia Hartmann, is a four unit, one day live or Skype training that teaches you the fundamental techniques needed to take back control from stress and help yourself, friends, family and groups.  ** This course is highly recommended as the perfect introduction to modern energy work! **

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation

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The Energy Course is a five unit online video course presented by GoE President Silvia Hartmann. It is suitable for you if you are interested in how Modern Energy approaches can work for you. Presented over four hours of online training, this course covers: EMO Energy in Motion , MET Modern Energy Tapping , SM SuperMind Enhanced Creativity and MSM Modern Stress Management . ⭐ Free Bonus Unit: Also included is an extra special bonus presentation by Silvia Hartmann and Alex Kent on " The Energy of Relationships " which is for anyone either looking to meet someone special, or would like to bring the energy back into an exsiting relationship. ⭐ New: Course Now Includes Certification! ⭐ Special Offer: Signup for Modern Energy Foundation and get the MONEY!!! Course for free

The GoE MONEY!!! Course

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The BRAND NEW GoE MONEY!!! Course - Take YOUR MONEY!!! Life To The Next Level! Includes the complete program of four full length video presentations by Silvia Hartmann, over 32 MONEY!!! themed exercises, a comprehensive online course manual, certification and The GoE Modern Energy Foundation Course as a special bonus.

Der Energiekurs

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Erwerben Sie sich das Zertifikat im Energiekurs: Der Grundkurs in der Modernen Energie. Lernen Sie die Prinzipien der modernen Energie und viele interessante Möglichkeiten, mit Energie zu arbeiten, einschließlich die Moderne Energieskala, Modernem Energietappen, EMO Energie im Fluss und SuperMind Methoden. Der Energiekurs beinhaltet 4 x 1 Stunde Video, ein ausführliches illustriertes online Kurshandbuch, ein Support-Forum und ein ausdruckbares Zertifikat.