1 Million Hits - And The Winners!

1 Million Hits - And The Winners!

Congratulations all around - Congratulations to EmoTrance.com on its first 1 Million hits and congratulations to the winners of our special competition.

Here is the list of our WINNERS!




The Winners of the 2006 First Million EmoTrance.com Competition are:


First Prize:

The ULTIMATE EMO Distance Learning Package - A Value of ยฃ325.00!

1. Full EMO Practitioner Certification Training Distance Learning Materials, Plus Support Documents:

* The Enchanted World Reference PDF
* Oceans Of Energy Reference PDF
* The EMO Healing Circle For ETPs Only PDF
* Complimentary Discount Voucher $50 For Live Trainings Conference
* Full Certification Fee (Sidereus Foundation)
* 1 Year EMO Practitioner's License Fee
* Plus LIVE Tutor Support.

Value: ยฃ150.00


2. The COMPLETE Gatwick Live Audio Recordings MP3 Library

Listen in to a real EMO training - Self Help and Practitioner Training with Nicola Quinn, Silvia Hartmann & Sandra Hillawi.

Value: ยฃ175.00

And the first prize goes to:

Elizabeth Boyd, Australia


Second Prize:

3 lucky runner up winners will receive The Complete EMO Techniques Manuals I, II & III Oceans of Energy, Living Energy and Energy Magic in eBook format.

Value: ยฃ45.00 each set.

The Second Prize Winners are:

Maryam Webster, USA

Judith Pauley, USA

Third Prize:

10 copies of "Oceans Of Energy" - The Original EMO Manual in eBook format.

Value: ยฃ20.00

The 3rd Prize Winners are:

Patzia Gonzalez, Mexico

Sasha Stein, USA

Inga Jurida, Holland

Ahmet Kocel, Turkey

Neo Ming Ping Nixon, Singapore

Catherine Maguire, Australia

Dave Wilks, Spain

Jerry Burnett, USA

Tina Eames, UK

Paul Dunne, Australia



"May the joy and blessings of EMO transform many more lives in the days and years to come."

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