๐Ÿ’› Renew Your GoE Subscription

This page contains information on setting up or renewing your GoE membership subscription. For further information on the different types of GoE membership (Standard, Practitioner & Trainer) and the privileges, benefits and discounts of each please see:

The cost of GoE membership is presently:

  • GoE Standard Member - ยฃ39.97 GBP / year
  • GoE Professional Practitionerย -ย ยฃ60.00 GBP / year
  • GoE Professional Trainerย -ย ยฃ120.00 GBP / year


  • GoE Professional Trainers may downgrade their membership to Professional Practitioner or Standard Membership if they are not currently active in taking trainings
  • GoE Professional Practitioners may downgrade their membership to Standard Membership if not currently practising


Setup Or Renew Your GoE Membership Subscription


  • GoE Professional Members and Trainers - By setting up a membership subscription, you agree to adhere to The GoE's code-of-conductย which governs your professional and ethical practice. Standard Members are not required to adhere to the code-of-conduct.
  • GoE Professional Membership - Only available for professional practitioners who have been trained and certified by The GoE or other recognised bodies.
  • Right To Cancel - You may cancel you PayPal subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal account. Please note we are unable to issue refunds for payments already made. Term & Conditions