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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 87 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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Which Membership Level?

Which membership level is right for you?

This page contains information on setting up or renewing your GoE membership subscription. Prices start from the equivalent of just £2.50 GBP per month. For further information on the different types of GoE membership (Standard, Practitioner & Trainer) and the privileges, benefits and discounts of each please see:

The cost of GoE membership is presently:

  • GoE Standard Member - £30.00 GBP / year
  • GoE Professional Practitioner - £60.00 GBP / year
  • GoE Professional Trainer - £120.00 GBP / year


  • GoE Professional Trainers may downgrade their membership to Professional Practitioner or Standard Membership if they are not currently active in taking trainings
  • GoE Professional Practitioners may downgrade their membership to Standard Membership if not currently practising
  • Discounts are available to members in eligible countries - click here for information


Setup Or Renew Your GoE Membership Subscription

Please choose your preferred level of membership and then click one of buttons below to complete a secure PayPal payment:

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.

£30.00 GBP P/A

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.

£60.00 GBP P/A

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.

£120.00 GBP P/A


  • GoE Professional Members and Trainers - By setting up a PayPal subscription, you agree to adhere to The GoE's code-of-conduct which governs your professional and ethical practice. Standard Members are not required to adhere to the code-of-conduct.
  • GoE Professional Membership - Only available for professional practitioners who have been trained and certified by The GoE or other recognised bodies.
  • Right To Cancel - You may cancel you PayPal subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal account. Please note we are unable to issue refunds for payments already made. Term & Conditions

💳 One-Off Card Payment Renewals

You can also make a one-time payment to renew your membership by card online. You do not need to create a PayPal account:

🇹🇷 Live in Turkey? PayPal is not currently supported in your country so please contact your GoE Turkey Member Support Manager for alternative payment methods: Cumasiye Ozgur.

Quarterly Subscriptions

To help our members balance the books, we also accept quarterly PayPal subscriptions for Professional and Trainer Membership. Click these links to setup a quarterly subscription with PayPal:

Alternative Renewal Methods

If you do not wish to set up a PayPal Subscription and don't mind paying annually then we accept these alternative payment method

  • UK Bank Transfer - Bank: HSBC, Sort Code: 402006, Account Number: 32111306
  • International Bank Transfer - Bank: HSBC, SWIFT/BIC : HBUKGB4104C IBAN : GB32HBUK40200612111292 
  • PayPal - PayPal your renewal fees to our email address: payments(at)goe(dot)ac
  • Cheque – We no longer accept Cheques or postal orders. Please use one of the other options above.


Energists Research Group

Energists Research Group

Current GoE Members are invited to join the Energists Research Group led by GoE Director of Trainings Silvia Hartmann.

As an additional bonus, all members of ERG will get early access to all GoE Special Reports before they are available to the public.

Price is £9.99 per month. Click the PayPal button below to subscribe:

Discounted Membership

GoE members residing in the following countries are currently offered a 50% discount on their annual membership fees:

  • Afghanistan
  • India
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Nigeria
  • Syria

GoE trainers may apply to have countries added to this list. See - Goe Trainer Guide

Members that qualify for the discount by living in the listed countries full-time can renew via the "Alternative Renewal Methods" above or by using the PayPal button below. Just make sure read and agree to the current current code-of-conduct, choose your current membership status and then choose the relevant subscription amount below:

Renew as (50% discount):

£15.00 GBP£30.00 GBP£60.00 GBP