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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 102 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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GoE Trainer's Guide

GoE Trainer's Guide

The GoE Trainer's Guide is now ready for all our trainers to download free-of-charge. It is crammed full of advice for trainers at all levels and explains the support and procedures we have in place to help you succeed.

How To Download

Login to this website before clicking the download button below. If you need us to email you your password, click the Resend Password button:

About The GoE Trainer's Guide

Topics include:

  • Welcome from Alex Kent, CEO GoE
  • First Steps to Success
  • Trainer Mentoring
  • List of Trainer Mentors
  • Apply to be a Trainer Mentor
  • Zoe Hobden - GoE Global Member Support Manager
  • Connecting With Other Members & Trainers Online
  • Member Group
  • Trainer Group
  • Establishing Yourself In Your Community
  • Who To Contact
  • Run Introductory Trainings
  • Write a GoE Newsletter For Your Region
  • Instructions
  • Download Talks for Energists
  • Marketing for Energists with Silvia Hartmann
  • Setting Yourself Up to Succeed
  • How To Run Successful GoE Trainings
  • Choosing A Venue
  • Before Your Event
  • Pre-Event Checklist
  • During Your Event
  • After Your Event
  • GoE Course Prerequisites
  • GoE Course Requirements
  • Availability of Required Reading Books
  • What To Do If Prerequisite Books Are Not Available
  • Information for Trainers Wishing to Translate Books
  • GoE Course Minimum Pricing
  • GoE Certification Procedure
  • GoE Professional Membership
  • GoE Standard Membership
  • How to Submit New Members
  • GoE Certificate Seals
  • GoE Certificate Seal Discounts
  • GoE Training Manuals
  • GoE Training Manuals
  • Standard Delivery
  • Expedited Delivery
  • Ordering in Bulk (20+)
  • Ordering DragonRising Books - 50% Discount for Trainers
  • Using Your Own Printer
  • Translations
  • Course Summary Matrix
  • Detailed Guide to Courses and Course Pathways
  • FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
  • What Trainings May I Teach?
  • Who May I Teach & Certify?
  • Minimum Age To Be Professional Member
  • Foundation Trainings - What Certificate should I award them?
  • Where can I downloads forms, templates and presentation slides?
  • Who do I contact if I need assistance?
  • What promotion material is available to me?
  • Will The GoE advertise my trainings?
  • Premium Promotion Help
  • GoE Legal Structure
  • GoE Long Term Plan
  • What is the GoE Rosetta Tool?
  • What to Include in Booking Terms and Conditions
  • Next Steps: Become an GoE Trainer Trainer
  • Trainer Tips: What the Trainers Say!
  1. 31st December 2015 - Original Document
  2. 26th January 2016
    • Includes New Course: Energy EFT Foundation
    • Updated: Information on Translating Manuals
    • New FAQ: Information on Name Change from GoE -> GoE
    • New FAQ: GoE Rosetta Project
    • New FAQ: GoE Legal Structure
    • New FAQ: GoE Long-term Plan
  3. 15th February 2016
    • New Document: Links to GoE Flyer Templates
    • New Section: Ideas for starting GoE Meetup Group
    • New FAQ: What Software Do You Recommend?
    • Update Section: Training Manuals. Include information on GoE printing and shipping manuals direct to students for trainers who do Skype sessions.
    • Update Section: UK training manual printers decrease their print turnaround times from five working days to three working days.
    • Update FAQ: Long-term plan - added case study on British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).
  4. 16th February 2016
    • Update Section: Training Manuals. Faster print times at all international printers.
    • Update Section: Training Manuals. Added new international printer in Singapore.
    • Update Section: Training Manuals. Request for help finding a short-run printer in Turkey
  5. 10th May 2016
    • Update Section: Training Manuals. Faster print times at all international printers.
    • Update Section: Training Manuals. Added new international printer in Singapore.
    • Update Section: Training Manuals. Request for help finding a short-run printer in Turkey.
    • Update Section: Training Manuals. Energy EFT Foundation manual now available in English, Turkish and Dutch with French, Spanish and Portuguese on the way.
    • Replace course badges with GoE 2016 logos
    • New FAQ: Do I Have To Upgrade My Trainers License?
    • GoE Merchandise: New “It’s all about Energy!” popup banner
  6. 26th July 2016
    • New Section: Legalities regarding your trainer license
    • Printing Manuals in India
    • Energy EFT Foundation Manual now available in Portuguese & French
    • New Course: Modern Stress Management Foundation
  7. 22nd June 2017
    • EEFT MP manual is now available in German language (2012 edition)
    • EEFT MP manual is now available in Portuguese language
    • MSM Foundation manual is now available in Turkish
    • EEFT F manual is now available in Spanish
    • EEFT F manual is now available in French
    • New Course: SuperMind Master
    • New Course: Modern Energy Coach
    • New Course: Modern Energy Healer
    • New GoE Course Matrix
    • Added information about the GoE Digital Library
    • Made Trainer’s Guide print friendly by writing out web links
    • Added information and contact details for members of GoE Staff
  8. 3rd November 2017
    • New Section: “Finding a Venue” added to the GoE Training Checklist.
    • Modern Energy Healer and Modern Energy Coach now available in Turkish
    • New Courses: Modern Energy Tapping Foundation, Modern Energy Tapping Professional and Modern Energy Dating Coach
    • Updated course matrix
    • Detailed Information On Each Course plus Course Pathway Diagrams
  9. 7th Feb 2018
    • Clarified 50% discount that can be offered to EEFT MPs upgrading to MET Pro.
  10. 19th June 2018
    • MSM Pro. Clarification on who may teach this course.
    • Lowered price for Modern Energy Dating Coach.
    • Updated Address.
    • Added “How To List Yourself As A Trainer On Facebook” FAQ.
    • Updated Trainer Training 2019 details.
  11. 1st Feb 2019
    • Added link to Silvia Hartmann’s Trainer Masterclass video
    • Updated course certification prices
    • MEH is now available in French
    • Added Turkish Trainer Training 2019 details

Copyright Information

This document is for the private use of licensed GoE Trainers only.

All rights reserved. Please do not show, distribute, duplicate or translate without the written authorisation of Guild of Energists Ltd.

All details, dates and prices are believed to be accurate at of time of publication so if you need clarification please contact us. Likewise, we welcome updates to the text so if you have any feedback then also please contact us.

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