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GOE Energy Conference 2016

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The GoE Code of Conduct

Agreement Date: 31st August 2007

This code is designed to encourage responsibility and integrity in the practice of Meridian & Energy Therapies. It may form the basis for discussion in the event of a complaint against a member.

Full-members adhere to the code-of-conduct, which is a contract between themselves and the Guild of Energists Ltd t/a The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies.

Disregard or breach of the Code Of Conduct may lead to exclusion from The Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies.

  • Membership of the Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies does not constitute a qualification to practise therapy, nor does Membership imply a license to practise therapy. Members must be qualified professionals in their own right in order to treat members of the general public.
  • All practising members must have full up to date indemnity, malpractice and public liability insurance cover.
  • All practising members must be operating fully in accordance with the local laws and conventions in regard to their practice of Meridian Energy Therapies.
  • Member shall respect confidential information obtained in the course of professional practice except where disclosure is required by law.
  • Members must not prescribe drugs or advise a client to discontinue medication unless specifically qualified to do so.
  • Members must not claim or promise cure of physical disease.
  • Members should conduct themselves in an honourable and moral manner at all times.
  • The clients ideals and beliefs must be respected at all times and the practitioner should not attempt to impose his/her beliefs on the client.
  • If a member wishes to publish, in any form, a case history or part of a case history, the clients written authority must be obtained if it is not possible to maintain anonymity.
  • A clear statement of fees should be made before the commencement of treatment.
  • Members must respect and actively support the integrity of the copyrights of existing materials and including The AMT training materials in the field.

N.B. This code is not a substitute for those of professional bodies to which a member must belong. Members are encouraged to further their personal and professional development by updating their training and conferring with colleagues with a view to increasing their knowledge and awareness


I understand that the Practitioner Agreement represents a commercial agreement and does not infer transmission of rights, ownership of The AMT marks and materials nor represents a license to practice therapy. I understand that the duration of the Practitioner Agreement is for 1 (one) year after which time I will either renew the agreement or cease all and any usage of The AMT marks and materials.

I have further read and understood the Code Of Conduct and I agree to adhere to the Code Of Conduct.

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